Monday, March 19, 2018

On A Happier Note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Let's get happy about something, girls!!!!!!!!!!  Well, today is March 19, which means not only that it is St. Joseph's Day, but is the day, according to legend, that the swallows return to Capistrano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I know we are supposed to get another some kind of Winter storm, here, dears, but enough is enough, already!!!!!!!!!   The swallows is a sure sign of Spring, and, while Mother Nature may be fooled, one cannot stop, or turn back, Time!  Just ask Cher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                There was even a song written about the swallows, which I will try and post on here.

                                Here is Pat Boone's romantic rendition!

                                 Spring is here, girls, no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Cautionary Tale For All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            I was also saddened by the suicide of 17-year-old Eric Verbeeck, from Tampa, Florida.  Eric was at his high school peak, an honor student, and, according to reports not bullied.  He was uncomfortable with being male, felt he would be more comfortable as a female.  His parents were supportive, sent him to a psychologist to talk it over.  He had even started hormone therapy.

                              So, what went wrong?????????

                              Well, for starters, Eric lived in Florida.  If one has these kinds of issues, hon, the first thing to do is get the hell outta there. Even if it is the more citified Tampa, than the rural swamp regions.

                                 Eric's parents, Patricia and Peter Verbeeck, said they were accepting.  So, what is this about Patricia eventually moving to South Carolina with him, where a house with a pink bedroom--go, Eric!!!!!!!!!--was waiting.  But nothing about dad Peter moving.  What is that all about, hmmmmmm?????????  I have to ask, and wonder.

                                   On March 6, almost a month before his 18th birthday on April 14, Eric penned a sucide note to his parents, which began--"Dear Mommy and Papa, I am so sorry to do this to you."

                                    On March 6, Eric took his life.  How is not known.  But it almost does not matter.  Because the reason is the most tragic thing.

                                     Eric, who planned on changing his name to Hope--great symbol, and hey, Hope Lange!!!!!!!!!--lost faith in the process.  He was still a teenager, and I am sure he was told this process would take time.  But he was still a teenager, and that meant he was impatient.  He wanted things to happen NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I am sad this seems to be the reason Eric took his life.  I have been in that place, wanting things to happen, when I want them to.

                                        But often the waiting is well worth the want, when it comes.

                                         I wish Eric could have realized this.  I wish it for his family.

                                         And I hope future struggling teens out there do realize it.

                                         May you find peace on the other side, Eric/Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Here is Sarah McLachlan's heart rending song, "In The Arms Of An Angel."  My wish to Eric, and his family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What A Sad Day For The Theater, And For Me, Personally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            And to think this happens, barely a month after my father's passing, which has some bearing on the story I am about to tell.

                             Because of my father's death, I have been hesitant about seeing the forthcoming revival of "Carousel."  Not because it lacks quality, but because, I know myself well--there are individual moments, even phrases and melodies, throughout this show, where I know I will lose it, and weep copiously.  And that is on a good day. It can only be worse, in the face of my father's passing.

                               Still, I do want to see it.  I mean, there is that score, and the fabulous Jessie Mueller, whom I had seen do Carrie a few years back at the NY Philharmonic, is now doing Julie Jordan!  Oh, my God!  She is following in the career steps of Barbara Cook, who did the same thing.

                               I went to Broadway World, looking for articles, and especially, maybe, a video, which I hoped would entice me into summoning up the courage to see "Carousel."

                               But I saw something else that floored me.

                               On the morning of March 17, Sammy Williams, one of the Big Six in the Original Cast of "A Chorus Line," passed away, at the age of 69.  He is the fifth member of that cast to pass on--all of them men--and the first of the famous Big Six.

                                 What worries me is no cause of death was given, and that always saddens me.  If the reason is familial privacy, I can respect that, but  when this is done, my mind goes to some of the darkest places, which I hope was not the case with Sammy.

                                   My father and I are connected by this show.  We saw the Original Cast at a Saturday matinee, on October 25, 1975, a date I treasure forever.  I was enraptured by the whole show, but Sammy's Paul monologue was not only brilliantly written, and performed, but telling.  I had a secret of my own, at the time, and, during the monologue, I kept looking over at my father to see if he had any idea. I don't think he did.

                                     Earlier that week, at college (I was 20, then) I had had my very first sexual experience. Of course, it was gay, darlings.  What else would you expect?????????????

                                     "A Chorus Line" has seeped into my bloodstream.  I have seen close to 40 performances of it, and will be seeing another a week from Wednesday, which I regard as a tribute to my father, and now Sammy.

                                        I can do some of the steps.  But not that opening "step-kick-switch" thing.

                                        But I am sad about Sammy's passing.  First, because it was too soon. Second, because he was one of the best male dancers in the cast, and a hell of an actor.  I am sad, again, the cause of death was not given.

                                          Mostly, I am sad it has been given very little coverage.  Not in The New York Times, not anywhere but lower end and social media.

                                            If you visit the lobby of the Shubert Theatre, currently housing Bernadette Peters and Company, in "Hello, Dolly!," turn around and looked behind you.  There is a gold embossed plaque honoring "A Chorus Line's" original Broadway run at the Shubert, with the line assembled.  And Sammy is there, near the end, on the right, before Priscilla Lopez.

                                              Go and visit this plaque this week, and think about Sammy's historic contribution.

                                                And to those who make the decision, I think Broadway's  lights should be dimmed, in honor of Sammy.

                                                 He was an actor, a TONY winner (for Paul) and helped make "A Chorus Line" the iconic theater work it is.

                                                  That's enough for many lifetimes.

                                                    Rest In Peace, Sammy.   I will always remember you, for your performance in the show, and every November 13, your birthday, when Musical Theater Week rolls around.

                                                     Like all of us, he "did what he had to do."

Time To Welcome Another Reader, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         I have been meaning to do this for days, darlings, because the follower indicator has been set at 71 for quite some time.  I am not quite sure who the new reader is, but I suspect my (ours, really!) good friends, Lynda and Marilyn, whom we visited this weekend.  With all the traveling and shopping we have done, I had no chance to do my hair.  Can you believe it?  Wash and go just had to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          But, no matter who the new reader is, I bid you welcome.  Things can get pretty outrageous on here, so be prepared for anything.  And, as I tell everyone, it goes great with coffee!

                          I have to confess, sometimes I arrive on here, not knowing what I am going to write about, until I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             So, welcome New Reader. And here is the blog's unofficial theme song!


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Baby Gojira And I Are Eyeing A Revival Of "Evita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                   I have been looking around for something challenging, of late, and what could be more challenging than "Evita."  Baby Gojira, who loves to dress up, and right now is getting impatient for Spring, and his seasonal outfit, is anxious to wear this, and other gowns.

                                   And, darlings, like the song says, "I came from the people!  They need to adore me!  So Christian Dior me!"

                                    I wouldn't mind playing Eva Peron myself.  So, here is how it will be done.

                                    At the evening performances, Baby Gojira, who has a higher vocal range, will play Evita.  I will play Che Guevara.  On Matinee days, I will play Evita, and Baby Gojira will play Che.  Maybe with a machete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Just think of it, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The big break both Baby Gojira and I have been waiting for!

                                       Stand back, New York City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever I Pass Here, I Feel So Clean, And Virginal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Whenever David and I go to visit our friends, Lynda and Marilyn, in Morris Plains, the train always stops at Convent Station, by the College Of Saint Elizabeth, and I just feel so good, I want to get off the train, and walk around there.  Maybe get another degree.

                          Instead, I stand by the window, outside the station, and pull my pants leg up, like a skirt, revealing a nifty set of calves, in deference to "Nasty Habits" and the nuns!  Whom I just love!

                            As far back as when I was in high school, I think this was primarily a girls school. But with the online web site, I see boys represented, and, unless they are visiting the girls, I guess it has gone coed.

                             In its day, I am sure the young ladies who went were only those destined for the convent.  I say, bring back those days!  Learn about Catholicism and bodies pain wracked from stone floors.  Don't just watch "The Song Of Bernadette."  Live it!

                              I know, I know. Me, too.  But until they start admitting men to the convent--and why not?????????--I will continue to lift a leg to the sisters, as I travel on my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Bet they would love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              And I get to feel so pure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Oh, My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will Celia Make It To Broadway?????????????????????

                                The minute I heard the news, months before, I suspected there would be trouble, and now there is.  Aaron Sorkin is planning to adapt "To Kill A Mockingbird" for the stage, and it is supposed to open, or at least commence performing, December 1.

                                 But. now, Harper Lee's estate is suing those behind the production, because Sorkin's adaptation deviates too much from the original story.

                                  Which does not surprise me a bit.  When I heard Celia Keenan-Bolger, whom I adore, was cast as "Scout," I said "Whaaaaaaaaa--!"  Is she going to play a child?  If anyone can do it, it would be Celia, but even on stage, wouldn't it come off as a bit awkward??????????

                                     That is when I began to suspect--and I am sure I am right--that Sorikin's  adaptation is combining the story we all know and love with the recent Lee work, "Go Set A Watchman."  There, Scout is an adult, and I could see Celia, playing that.   But the story overall does not stand up to 'Mockingbird,' so I am not sure what they are going for here.  And how will one get the recent work blended in with the story we know and love??????????

                                       God bless you, Celia, I am with you all the way, and will see what ever you do, but I wonder if the powers behind the throne had thought this out before commencing work on it?

                                        And why do artists think they can imprint their own stamp on something already done to such perfection?  I am talking about the 1962 film, directed by Robert Mulligan, written by Horton Foote, and with Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, and Robert Duvall.  Not to mention the haunting Elmer Bernstein score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         How does one improve on that?   Impossible!

                                          So, there is a dilemma. I adore Celia, and want to see her on the stage, but this may not be what I end up seeing her in.  I think Harper Lee's estate should shut the production down.

                                           She, and the 1962 film, have said it all.  Leave them be.