Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last Night Was The REAL "American Horror Story!!!!!!!!!"

                         Did you see the debate last night, girls?  Oh, my God, it was not a political event; it was a social travesty.

                           Someone in Hillary's camp had the good sense to fly in some fags from New York or Los Angeles--where else?--to gussie up her make-up, hair and wardrobe, to look presentable enough on camera.  I mean, let's face it, she is not Blythe Danner. But she almost pulled it off last night.  I wonder if ANNA had something to do with it?

                             In contrast, there was the Donald.  He looked sub-human at the start, but, as time went on, he seemed to evolve into some sort of disgusting animal.  Like in Orwell's "Animal Farm." At his age, and drinking so much water, he must have had a catheter inserted up his urethra, so he could piss whenever he pleased. And I bet he was wearing Depends.  Good thing Hillary kept their distance.

                                Her composure in the face of idiocy was remarkable. And, unlike the other one, she talked about issues, and answered Lester's questions directly.  The other merely repeated ad nauseum his evasive rhetoric.  Though his message came through--if you are not WASP and well off, you do not belong in this country. Yeah, Trump??????????  Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Even Hillary lost her composure by the end of the evening. Remember the Little Rascals segment, where they are putting on "Quo Vadis," with that spinster looking drama teacher, and Chubby ends up hitting his mother in the face with a pie?  I thought it was going to come to that, before things ended!!!!!!! And the sad thing is, it would have been a fitting end.

                                     That episode has one of my favorite lines, "You shall die on the horns of the Sacred Bull!  Then bring on the Sacred Bull!"  To call Trump bovine is to insult cows everywhere; I don't know what species he is evolving into, but it it is not human.  The man cannot comb his hair, is ugly, always looks rumpled--thank God Hillary kept her distance.

                                       And what is wrong with Hofstra?  Doesn't anyone in the tickets office know that the name Hillary has two L's????????????????    The whole thing was an embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        My beloved said he dreads watching the second debate.  I told him to save himself the time and trouble!  It will only be more of the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Trump was a chump, and Hillary shone!!!!!!!!!!!  Need I say more????????

This Book Just Whisks You Off To Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Imagine flying to Naples, or staying in Venice, at the Albergo Caldo, Numero Cinqua Cinqua!  Not since Donna Leon's mysteries has anyone evoked the romance--visually, poetically and cuisine-wise, like Elena Ferrante.  Her novel is almost Proustian in scope, the first of a quartet, with characters galore, but the language is more accessible to Proust. And this is someone here who HAS read Proust, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        It starts out with the earliest of life stages, childhood, ending at the point of young adulthood, when Lila gets married, and Elena (could this be a thinly disguised autobiography) decides to pursue an academic path.  Nothing wrong with that, but her family, being provincial, has other ideas.

                                          Don't let these covers fool you, as I did. These are not "chick" novels, but seriously thought out literary constructs.  I loved the continuous reference here to education, especially the study of Greek and Latin. Makes me want to study the Classics, one of my few regrets.

                                             I had no regrets reading this book, darlings!  The only one I have now is I have some stuff to get through, until I tackle the second  volume!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Until then.....arrivederci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

What Has Happend To Casting Directors???????????? Why Can't They Cast Golde In 'Fiddler???????????????'

                          When I heard Jessica Hecht was initially cast in the now current revival of "Fiddler On The Roof"--due to close on December 31-- I could sort of see it.  I mean, in the Delacorte's "King Lear," her Regan was practically Borscht Belt, which really did not make sense for the most dangerous of Lear's daughters.

                             But for Golde--well, it has been done before, by Maria Karnilova, who was superb. Besides, Golde does not require musical theater chops, as the only major moment she gets is the duet with Tevye, "Do You Love Me?," which is kind of recitative.

                               OK, so now Jessica is parting the show.  To, as I found out, take on a role in the Roundabout revival of Arthur Miller's "The Price."  Sounds perfect for Jessica.

                                  So, who do they get to replace Jessica?  Judy Kuhn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Judy Kuhn, late of "Fun Home?" She, with the gorgeous voice?  Why cast someone with a glorious voice as Golde, unless Judy wants to take on the role. It would kind of book end her role as Bella in "RAGS," which was thirty years ago.

                                    I may even see the show, because of Judy.  I just love her work.  But is this really a good showcase for her?

                                      Only Judy knows, for sure. But what has happened to the art of casting?
Or, more to the point, when did casting become less of an art????????????/

                                        It's a wonder they didn't get Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Now We'll Know," Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              For years, I have been hearing about this "Merrily We Roll Along" documentary.  Now, finally under the title "Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened" ( a paraphrase from the show's song, "Now, You Know!") it is due to premiere at the New York Film Festival, and, rumor has it, in selected theaters, on November 18.  Which just happens to be my birthday.

                                It is my good fortune to be caught in the middle with my relationship to the show. In addition to having sung its songs, and met some of its cast, I was also of an age to view the show as a young enough youngster, and now old enough to be the older characters looking back and reflecting.
My first viewing, of the Original Production blew me away with its score, and some of its engaging performers, chiefly Ann Morrison and Lonny Price.  Lonny, by the way, put this film together.  But, in 1981, the idea of being 43 was alien to me, so when the kids started singing "How did you get there from here, Mr. Shepard?" I completely related.  Seeing the ENCORES presentation, some thirty years later, I understood how he got there, the regrets, the compromises, the choices we are forced to make, and then question which have been the right ones.  In 1981, "Our Time" lifted my spirits.  When it was performed at ENCORES, it broke my heart.

                                Suffice it to say seeing this documentary will be quite an emotional experience for me.  Anyone who was of age to have seen the original production of this musical, cannot help responding viscerally.

                                   I cannot write about 'Merrily' without including another personal aspect of my life.  While picking up my tickets for the initial performance--which I saw on Halloween, which was 1981, and a Saturday night--there was a man in front of me, doing the same, and we struck up a conversation, that turned out to be a friendship lasting 29 years, upon his passing.  This was David Semonin, of New York, by way of Louisville, Kentucky. It is impossible for me to hear or view this show without thinking of him, and I know I will, when I see the documentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Which I cannot wait for, darlings!  The only thing that could be better than seeing it was having lived it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Or was it?  We will know, in time, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Girls, I Have To Say Something About Brangelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Considering this blog, how could I not?  But, what could I possibly add?  Ah, that's where The Raving Queen comes in.

                                 This feeding frenzy will give the couple headaches a' plenty, yet they will go on working, because now they will have to. Even if their box office appeal fails. There is always cable.

                                   The attorneys will have a feast, because all this will go on for years, so, whomever is assigned to this, will, at the end, be rich, Rich, RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     But what fascinates me more than anything about Brangelina is, of all things, Jennifer Aniston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Jennifer Aniston?????????  That's right, dears, Jennifer Aniston?????????//

                                       The other day, as I made my way through the subway passage getting me to the BMT, I passed a news stand that had a paper--I think it was The Post--featuring nothing but what looked like a drawing of Aniston, beaming her exultation.

                                         For the moment, I forget Jen was now married to Justin Theroux.  I remember how she suffered during the Brad breakup. So, I first thought she was gloating, because now she would get Brad back.  I always thought--and still do--that something stalkerish exists in Jen relating to Brad Pitt. And it has not gone away, so Justin, keep close tabs.

                                         The whole thing is a mess, and who cares?  But I would be derelict in my duties if I did not report on this. Brad and Angelina, go have yourselves a nice, quiet divorce!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            But that would be impossible for two such media ho's!!!!!!!!!  Especially Angelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belated, But No Surprise, As Bitch Of The Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 As soon as the explosion happened in Chelsea on Saturday night, and I first heard the perp's name--Ahmad Khan Rahami--I knew I had found a possible Bitch Of The Week. But when he was connected to incidents as far away as Seaside Heights and Elizabeth, both in Jersey, where he resides, there was no question who would take the prize this week.

                                   And so, here he is.

                                   He is scum. He wanted to be more. But he is a loser.

                                    The last is our good fortune. Because the devices he put together seemed so amateurish, and luckily did no do much damage, it shows this was a novice just starting out.  And now, fortunately, he will go no further. Whether he was connected to other organizations will be determined, I am sure. My guess is he connects himself, for whatever demented reason, to this political cause, and felt he had to take action.

                                       Well guess what, bitch?????????? The joke is on you!  You are sailing up the river--for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I am surprised this bitch did not turn up in Queens!!!!!!!!  Just think how many more of his type are out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            You know what I say? Throw him in a cell, and toss a Milton Bradley Time Bomb at his head! Ka-Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

How Far Have We Come In Six Years, Girls???????????????

                                    Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Tyler Clementi tragedy. So, at 8:50 PM, this evening, I am asking the gay community out there for a minute of silence--wherever you are. To remember the alleged time when he took an irrevocable step that ended his life, his family's, and changed the way bullying is looked at in this country.

                                      The Clementis have done more than a crackerjack job with their speeches and the Foundation. But there are still miles to go; look at the recent suicide of Staten Islander, Daniel Fitzpaatrick, or  the overturning of scum Ravi's conviction.  He will get his.

                                        Today, let us focus on Tyler...what he accomplished, has gone on to accomplish, and might have accomplished, had he remained.

                                          And, above all, pray--that such needles tragedies will be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          That is the legacy of Tyler Clementi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!