Monday, January 15, 2018

I Am With Jodi All The Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Call me crazy.  People have, and will, over much more than this.  But I am not so sure about Jodi Arias killing Travis Alexander.  I am sorry for his family, but, face it, Jodi or not, he was a hypocritical sex pig who wanted bits on the side, and so came to a bad end which I am not altogether ready to not admit he did not deserve. He violated core tenets of his religion, Mormonism!!!!!  Remember, I was with Rosie on the miniseries, "The Slap!"

                                         I learned two things about Jodi Arias. from the ID program last night.

                                         One, that there is a possibility her detractors may be right.

                                          Two, that, if they are, she is the most brilliant sociopath on the planet.

                                           I will say this. Throughout all the footage I have seen of Jodi, her composure is remarkable.  She speaks with refinement, and delicacy, demonstrating she is no dumb piece of trash, but a very intelligent woman.  Jodi knows how to work a room, no doubt about it.

                                           I wish I knew her secret.  But the dark haired look was a smart one, Jodi.

                                           Whatever hair color, Jodi, even by gay men's standards, is a striking, attractive woman.  She was too good for trashy Travis, but the thing is, with her looks and personality, Jodi could have had anyone she wanted!  She didn't need Travis!  She did not need to kill him!  Jodi, girls, could have taken her pick!  And still can, as she still looks stunning!

                                             Mark my words.  In the future, Jodi is going to be vindicated!  She will get her own television show!  She will be on Colbert!

                                               And I will be having the last laugh on everyone!

                                               By the way, Baby Gojira supports Jodi, too!

                                               We want to have coffee, or tea, with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess Who Has Come To Town??????????? Hayley Mills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Yes, loves, Hayley is in town--and I have GOT to have tea with her!

                            It may be tough, because she has a pretty hefty schedule, being here on assignment.  After a sold out run in Ireland, Isobel Mahon's comedy, "Party Face," has come to Manhattan at City Center, Stage 2, where it will run from January 22, till April 8.

                            Of course, there are other good actors in it, but, hons, I am telling you, every queen from each side--Jersey and Long Island--of the Hudson, every Baby Boomer raised in the Sixties, is going to flock like pilgrims to a shrine, just to see our Hayley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             And I have no doubt many will be clutching their Hayley Mills memorabilia, for her to sign at the stage door!

                               I look forward to seeing Hayley, and all my girls, at the performance I attend of "Party Face!"

                               " Hayley, Hayley, mend my shoe, because I've got a lot more dancing to do!"

                                  Hope to see you at tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Look At My Hands! Mother Said You Could Always Tell A Lady By Her Hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                            Speaking of "Gone With The Wind," darlings, Suellen had a point here.

                             I can't begin to tell you what this cold Winter has done to my hair and skin!  My hands look like Suellen's, and I surely have not been out working in the fields.  In this weather?  It chills my bones right to the marrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Yes, a lady can always be distinguished by her hands!  But what is one to do in such extreme weather?  There are times during the day, and evenings, when my hands are so creamed I dare not hold on to anything.  Or anyone.   This hand primping is cramping my style.

                             But we have to keep at it, girls!  I certainly feel better when my hands are smooth and silky.  They are healing.  But then the weather gets cold, so it is back to the slathering.

                              The O'Haras had the other extreme.  Instead of hypothermia, they had to worry about heat prostration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I am telling you, "Gone With The Wind" is a mantra for living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, I Am Telling You, You Have GOT To Read This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      "Pachinko," by Min Jin Lee, is the first great read of 2018, and the first book that truly merits a place on The New York Times Ten Best Books Of 2017 List.  If I had read it in 2017, it certainly would have been on mine.

                                         Imagine--in this day and age, girls--a panoramic, Japan-Korea "Gone With The Wind" type epic, with scope, sweep, memorable characters, incidents of high drama--and all beautifully researched and written.  I did not think such a thing was possible in this day and age, but "Pachinko" proved me wrong.  In fact, now I want to go back--later in the year--and read Lee's first novel, "Free Food For Millionaires," which, at the time, I dismissed as Asian Chick Lit, on the level of Lisa See.  Whom I have read, and is not bad, but not as a steady diet, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Sunja is one of the most memorable heroines in fiction.  The novel spans over half a century of time, in the twentieth, and from the memorable opening sentence, "History has failed us, but no matter," the reader is swept away into a story that takes one's breath away.  Along with the story, much is learned about both the Korean and Japanese cultures.  Mysteriously, Gojira fails to get a mention, but if you thought, as I did, that the novel's title refers to a character's name, you have a lot to learn.  And you will.

                                             This is one of those novels that gives pure pleasure on all levels.  The kind that holds the reader so breathless and in thrall that one's spouse--and mine did--will have to extract the book from one's hands to get anything else done.  I held on tenaciously.

                                              "Pachinko" is not to be missed.  Get a copy, settle in, and give yourselves a treat!

                                                Yes, this kind of fiction is still possible!  Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 12, 2018

I Feel Like I Am Cramming For The Bar Exam, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Yesterday, my Lenormand card set arrived in the mail, and I am telling you, it may be less tricky than Tarot, but right now numbers, images, and combinations are floating through my mind.  And I have only studied three of the combinations!

                                Like the Tarot, the images are lovely, in a Victorian, picturesque way.  There are fewer cards in a deck--36 for Lenormmand, as compared to 79 for Tarot.

                                Now, don't worry girls, I am not turning into Minnie Castevet.  I mean, do you think I want people peeping through their door holes at me, in curlers?  God forbid!

                                  I always felt ashamed I could never master Tarot, so I became interested in Lenormand, which will give me more of a specialty, since more people do Tarot than this!

                                  And, no, I am not renouncing my Catholicism.  Like Mrs. Gardner in "Rosemary's Baby, " I look upon it as an "intriguing pastime."   Although, looked what happened to her.

                                  I am not joining a coven; this is all on my own.

                                  However, by the time I am ready, the weather should be warmer.  So, I may grab a card table, sit out front on my street, and, with Baby Gojira assisting me in a cute wizard outfit, with matching star and moon crescent pictured hat, do neighborhood readings.

                                    I will let you all know when you can make an appointment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just Because One's Mother Is A White Trash Tramp, Does Not A Serial Killer Make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             As a fictitious example, I offer Detective Lily Rush (Kathryn Morris) on "Cold Case."  Her mother, Ellen, brilliantly played by Meredith Baxter Birney, was an alcoholic, a tramp, and specialized in child neglect.  Yet, Lily took the high road, and became a cop!

                             Robert T. Long, also known as Bobby Joe, hated his mother.  It did not help he grew up in the rougher sections of Florida, which seems to be a mecca point for transients and all sorts of killers, serial and otherwise.  What's up with that?

                               He married his high school sweetheart, Cindy Brown, in 1974. Smartly, she divorced him in 1980.  Now, girls, as we all know, anyone who marries as their only goal has trouble ahead, especially if that is all they think they can do with their lives.

                                 While Cindy was married to this guy, and raising their two daughters, her hubby would disappear intermittently for long periods of time, never offering any explanation.  Eventually she, and everyone else, came to realize her husband was "The Classified Ad Rapist," who victimized women, in and around the Fort Lauderdale area.

                                     But wait, it gets worse. When the couple moved to Tampa, a series of serial murders against women began!  That's right; it was Bobby Jo!  Now, he is rotting for Life, in prison!

                                     He claims he hated his mother, so, in a sense, all the women he was raping and killing represented her.  They led a White Trash existence; she was a bar tender, and a tramp.  He supposedly slept in her bed till the age of 15, so what was that all about, hmmmmmmmmmm?  Then he would be kicked out of bed, and exiled to the couch when this slut bought guys over.

                                      Didn't anyone think of calling Child Services?  Is this harridan still alive?

                                       Bobby Joe suffered head trauma as a child--which could have been a contributing factor-- and he grew actual breasts when he reached puberty.  That must have gone over real well, in junior high!

                                        The point is, don't blame it all on Mama!  She may have been no good, but other kids have been through worse, and don't emerge as serial killers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Look at Gypsy Rose Lee!  She became the stripper of her day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No More "Dear Old Golden Rule Days" For This Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   It was a tough day, girls.  I had to do both a Strand run, and a meds run.   But even worse, I sat here yesterday morning, absolutely unable to come up with a Bitch Of The Week, for yesterday.

                                   Then I discovered Kris Burghart.

                                   In the classic "Law And Order" episode, "Killerz," focusing on child sociopath
Jenny Brandt, Dr. Elizabeth Olivett  (the brilliant Carolyn McCormick) observes that, at one time or another, "Everyone has inappropriate fantasies."

                                   She is right.  But what makes Kris Burghart worse is he touted them to the world.  Which makes him the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award.

                                     This eighth grade teacher, at Otho E. Stuart Middle School, from which he resigned, wrote the following on a projector:

                                      "Silent reading....I want to kill children, but I am a loving Christian man who never would hurt a flea, so please sit down and read."

                                         He was caught by a student, who copied it onto their camera phone.

                                         I, for one, would love to know his back story! Is he gay?  Straight?  Does he struggle with pedophilia  fantasies?  Does he try on his wife's panties?  Judging from his Midwestern roundness, (Colorado, to be exact!) he is going to need a deluxe size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          All this aside, who in their right mind would do this?  To put this out there for all to see.

                                          School is out for this bitch, darlings!  Permanently!

                                           The only hope I can see here is he wanted to be caught, because he recognized or sensed something within himself he wanted stopped before it came to pass.

                                             That certainly is possible!

                                              But, outside of that, Kris, you are just some Dumb BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!