Saturday, April 20, 2019

I Had The Craziest Dream Last Night, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               See the book pictured up front?  "The Little Red Caboose?"  I owned that book, when I was a child.

                                 I owned a lot of books--some were of the Wonder Books brand, some were enlarged picturizations of Disney films, but my favorite ones of all were the Little Golden Books.

                                  Early in life, unbeknownst to me at the time, my path was mapped out.  I would either be a performer, or a library worker.  What I did not know was that I would go on to try and combine both.

                                  One of my earliest memories is periodically shelving my two tiered book shelf==small enough for me to reach, and even more when I sat down--with my huge collection of Little Golden Books.   This was before I knew the Dewey Decimal system existed.  And, now, sadly, it is becoming quickly outdated.

                                   Within the dream, I was back in my childhood home, in the room where the bookshelf was, and arranging my Little Golden Books.  I used to do them in order of which were my favorites, or sometimes, I would do so according to the artistry of the illustrations.  Yes, darlings, I was that critically astute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      However, in the dream, I was not my childhood self, but in the present day??????????

                                       What could this mean?  A predictor of Alzheimer's?  A wish to return to childhood?  But, then there would not be my beloved David, as he had not appeared yet.

                                          The answer is complicated.  It has to do with April being a tragic month for me, and that haunting Sondheim lyric from "Sweeney Todd," "If only angels could prevail, we'd be the way we were."

                                           Only I don't want just things as they were, because I am so happy in the present.

                                            I want things both ways is what the dream means.

                                            And that is a conundrum.

                                           But it was fun, even in my dreams, spending time with those books again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get Out Those Easter Bonnets, Dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Queens, of all types, love to dress up, and Easter is no exception.  The Easter Bonnet has been a fashion staple since long before Irving Berlin immortalized it in his song, "Easter Parade."  Of course, being gay, darlings, we have to have the gaudiest Easter bonnets out there.

                                    If I could have one  of my own, custom designed, of course, it would have a front frame, depicting the logo from David Byrd's original poster for Sondheim's "Follies."  Atop that would be a replica of the human Christmas tree, which has never been used, since, from the original, 1959 production of "Gypsy."

                                     I wish I could show you a picture, girls, but I haven't any.

                                     So, girls, let those creative juices flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Meanwhile, here are Judy Garland and Fred Astaire to define the tradition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, It's Holy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              This is actually the quietest part of Holy Week.  All the drama and happenings have taken place, now it is a rest period until the Resurrection.  So, visit a church to pray, attend an Easter vigil, watch a religious film....whatever suits you, on Holy Saturday.

                                Of course, Mary Magdalene is getting ready for her big moment, which takes place tomorrow at dawn.  I guess people arose earlier in Biblical times.

                                 My wish for all of you this Holy Saturday is peace and safety.

                                 And may whatever or whomever you believe get you through your days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 19, 2019

After Seeing A Movie Like "Diane," A Viewer Needs A Fun Film, Like This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Read this post carefully, darling, because everything morphs together.

                                    It all started in 1940 with the film, "The Devil Bat.  Bela Lugosi played Dr. Paul Carruthers, a vengeful chemist who seeks to get even with employers whom he feels have cheated him, by raising giant sized bats to attack people.  It is a hoot, and the bats are kind of cute.

                                   Six years later, George Zucco starred as Professor Andrew Forbes, in "The Flying Serpent," and brings back, from New Mexico, the title character,  which is actually a  Quetzalcoatl.  He uses it to wreak vengeance on his wrongdoers.

                                    If this sounds like a redo of "The Devil Bat," is!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then, 37 years later, in 1982, director Larry Cohen sort of remade this as "Q," with an all-start cast like Candy Clark(!!!!!), Michael Moriarty, and Richard Roundtree.  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Are you with me, so far, darlings???????????????????????????

                                    Now, in 1946, along came "Devil Bat's Daughter."  In this film, Rosemary La Planche (who was Miss America, 1941, darlings) played Nina MacCarron, who is actually the daughter of Dr. Paul Carruthers.  Hence, the title.  But it turns out that Michael Hale, as deranged psychiatrist Cliff Morris (Is that even a legitimate name for a shrink? Sounds like someone from a body builder competition!) is seeking to drive her mad, so he can have Carruthers' riches!!!!!!!!
Speaking of bodies, poor Rosemary La Planche.  She wins Miss America, all that scholarship money, and a chance to go to Hollywood, and she ends up in a Grade Z horror flick form Producers Releasing Corporation, who were on the same level as Republic and Monogram Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as years went, 1946 was a big year for recycles.  Universal released a thriller that year called "She Wolf Of London," wherein wholesome June Lockhart is menaced by Sara Haden as Aunt Martha and her daughter Carol (Jan Wiley) so they could go living in the big family manse, which was to have gone to June, as Phyllis Allenby, and does.

Now, eleven years later, in 1957, this plot was used again as "Daughter Of Dr. Jekyll."  Instead of wholesome June Lockhart, we get sexy-wholesome Gloria Talbott, in her bullet bra sweaters, with Barry Fitzgerald's brother, Arthur Shields, trying to drive her mad, to get the estate for himself.

All of these films offer their own special brand of fun, but "Devil Bat's Daughter" is a hoot, what with Rosemary La Planche's inexperienced acting, and that Rita Hayworth wannabe hair style!
Here is the 1940 film, "The Devil Bat," if you want a look!And here is "The Flying Serpent!" Here, darlings, is "She Wolf Of London!"

How I wish I could have given you "Daughter Of Dr. Jekyll" to look at.  If someone at the Film Forum was smart--now, an inconceivable thought--they would link these five films together to have a Quintet Of Camp Horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, don't you feel better,  darlings???????????????

Something To Cheer You Up, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Nothing cheers me up like a crescent moon.  I would decorate my place with as many as I could find, if I could just find them.

                                               But how reassuring that Moon Pies are still here.

                                               The vanilla/banana one resembles this crescent moon, but I, of course, prefer the chocolate ones.  Yum.  And the best thing, I can cut out this logo, when the box is finished, and put it up somewhere.  I feel just like Amy Sedaris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Nothing like a Moon Pie and happy crescent moon to raise one's spirits!
From me, to you, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Good Friday, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Not only that, but the first night of Passover.  I have to dash into a church, and then attend a Seder this evening.  I must be doubly blest, or torn at both ends!

                                      Staying with Good Friday, which I was raised on, let me again say--John Wayne was NEVER beneath the cross of Christ.  Yes, he said "Clearly, this man was the son of God," but, again, THAT was in George Stevens' 1965 all-star Biblical epic, "The Greatest Story Ever Told."  That film played fast with history.  But, then all Biblicals do.  For the one with the most reverential tone, stick to 1959's "Ben-Hur."  The crucifixion, and the miraculous cure of leprosy--oh, my God, darlings, you will cry real tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I always do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Here is that evocative moment from "Ben-Hur!"  Oh, my God, Martha Scott and Cathy O'Donnell, as Miriam and Tirzah!  I am getting tears just writing about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        And what better song for this day than Yvonne Elliman's "I Don't Know How To Love Him!"

                                         Whether you fast or feast on this day, joyous wishes to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

"The Good Girl" Was Bad 'SVU'

                              That I am beginning, rather, have been, procrastinating so much on writing about 'SVU' for this blog, lately, indicates a losing interest I am having with the program.   No matter how much dramatic energy Kelli Giddish and Peter Scanavino inject into the proceedings, the inferior quality of the writing, and the sheer predictability of things has not been managed to be overcome.

                                 The first problem I had with "The Good Girl" was believing that guest star Eowyn Young, as Mackenzie Tolliver, was thirteen years old.  Come on, Central Casting, this is The Raving Queen--whom do you think you are kidding?  This girl is on the far side of her teens, believe me!  So, her plight was not as compelling had it been cast with a child that age.  I knew there was some hanky panky between the girl and her stepfather--isn't there always, here?  Let me say, this is one show where straight men never get a break.  Not with Olivia Benson/Mariska Hargitay running the show.  This castrating bitch wants to cut all men's penises down to size, and tries to do so every week--metaphorically speaking.

                                   I have a feeling this is why Philip Winchester, as Stone, is leaving.  Pity.

                                   Of course stepdaddy and stepdaughter were having sex.  Like, who did not  know that.  The big surprise was they were married--and Mackenzie was OK with that?????????  All right, maybe she was in the throes of Stockholm Syndrome, I concede that.

                                     But lying about the drama teacher, Quentin Dreyfus (J.D. Taylor) the, of course, gay drama teacher, who becomes the show's most expendable character, as he is murdered by Mackenzie's stepfather, Derek Cecil (a delightfully cowardly and arrogant Garrett Howard), and his murder goes unnoticed around everything else, even though his partner relates they were steps away from being married????????

                                        I accuse this episode of homophobia.  Why did it have to be a drama teacher?  Why, in the 'SVU' world, are all drama teachers gay?   Let me tell you, darlings, I have met plenty of straight people, teachers, and actors, in the theater, and they are just as talented as their gay counterparts.  Homosexuality is not a requirement to go into theater.  It is a reason.
Look at this photo!  It reveals why things are as they are, in the 'SVU' universe!   Because everything is from the Point Of View, or Gospel According To, Olivia Benson/Mariska Hargitay, who just cannot stop injecting herself into peoples' lives when they are unwanted, telling them how they should live their lives.  That last scene, when she is telling Mackenzie how to care for her baby, I wanted to rap Olivia in the teeth.  I cannot blame the writers, because they are probably just writing the dialogue, as ordered by Mariska.  Give it a break, lady, or otherwise someone is going to come along and slap you across the face!  Which would be refreshing!

I keep thinking with this behavior, the show will never make another season, yet it keeps doing so, in spite of, or because of, Mariska.  Her supporters are probably symbols of the dumbness of America; you know, the type who end up as litigants on "Judge Judy."

I have just one last thing to say to Olivia/Mariska!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady, fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!