Friday, December 9, 2016

I Actually Think This Is The Whole "Sleepover" Gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               There is Carly and Ashley, like in the last post. The girl in front is Abigail Mavity, whose brilliant performance as Rita Baxter will always live on as long as the episode is available for people to watch. And I am certain the bigger girl in big is the brilliant Daveigh Chase, who was so brilliant as Ariel Shuman, I hated her!  But she doesn't look at all a bit menacing here. Nor does Abigail look like she is being mistreated, as was Rita.   Just girls having fun, needing a break from shooting what is a very disturbing episode.

                                How could I not see that Ariel was, plainly and simply, a sociopath?  Maybe because my hatred of her blinded me to the truth. And my compassion for Rita.

                                 I salute these actresses. Without knowing it, they contributed something that could aid in the prevention of bullying, by showing the consequences.

                                  "The Sleepover" should be required viewing at American middle and high schools!

                                      Thanks, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look! It's Brandi And Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Actually, darlings, those are actresses Carly Schroeder and Ashely Rose Orr, on a break from shooting their roles, back in 2004, in the "Cold Case" classic, "The Sleepover."  In the story, they are pretty lethal, but here they just seem sweet as anything. And Ashley looks a lot younger here, than when she is made up, playing Tiffany. Remember, she is the one who wanted the strapless gown, so don't be in a hurry to go that route, girls, because wait till you see how Tiffany looks up.

                                    Wouldn't you just love to hang out with Carly and Ashley?  I would, and find out all about "The Sleepover."

                                      Sorry, girls. If you want to see their brilliant work, you will have to watch on You Tube. Their characterizations are completely convincing, and the chills are all yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        They were just acting, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Children Love Krampus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Will this infant grow up to be a serial killer?  I mean, looks how he/she pulls Krampus' tongue with such glee--and Krampus seems to love it.  Or else!  I have never seen the like!

                              This kid sure is not afraid of anything.  And once this child reaches school age, all the teachers will be tortured.  Too bad they weren't some of mine.

                                But, thinking thoughts like that could result in a visit from Krampus, and I cannot afford that!  I have to be on my best behavior!

                                  I told you Krampus was lovable, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I Wouldn't Give For "A Long Winter's Nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                              Are the Holidays starting to get to you yet, girls?  They are slowly getting to me: I have to bring in something sweet--besides myself!!!!--for the Christmas Party at work.  Not the big one, where everyone makes fools of themselves, but the little one, which, frankly, is more fun!

                                 Would you believe I haven't seen the Metropolitan Art Museum Tree, yet?  And I have been so addled, with yesterday having been the Feast Of the Immaculate Conception, I should have played "Mary's Boy Child!"  I will make up for that, today.

                                   Yes, the Holiday season is closing in; it is enough to turn anyone into Brandi Beaudry.  But, have a nice layered iced latte, in between shopping sessions.

                                    Merry Christmas, dolls!

                                    And here is the song!  Harry Belafonte, of course!  The classic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Now, Here Is A Nice Outtake Shot From "The Sleepover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                    You know by now how I am about this episode, girls, what with me wanting to be the most popular one--and still do--like Brandi, but was actually treated more like Rita.  While I despise Ariel, I do understand her desperation; her biggest mistake was she was so misguided it led to her selling out her one good friend--Rita.

                                        Here are Kathyrn Morris, and Carly Schroeder, young Brandi Beaudry, on the party set, where the grown up Brandi (Virginia Williams) is working.  I wanted you girls to see it, because, even though they are completely convincing in the episode, Carly doesn't look a bit Brandi at all, but rather charming and sweet.  It was just a part, dears.

                                          I just could not resist this "Sleepover" shot!  Much more upbeat than the actual story!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, HERE Is A Real Life Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          After my post on Victoria Stern, I thought of another bitch I worked with, years before, and decided she would be perfect as this week's winner of The Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award.

                            This Kate Middleton has absolutely nothing to do with the royal one. Not a chance, hon. I mean, she is just some generic Carolina blonde, who migrated to Manhattan from the University Of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill--is that the same as the North Carolina School Of The Arts, where Mary-Louise Parker hails from?  Probably not, because Kate hasn't the breadth and range, let alone career, of Mary-Louise. She look like she should be waiting tables, doesn't she? And between what penny ante jobs she can land, that is what she is probably doing.  And those skin tones are hardening.

                             Kate and I crossed paths in 2001, when I was in the ensemble of a production of a musical I love, and loved doing--"The Pajama Game."  Kate was miscast as Gladys Hotchkiss; she really did not move that well, she was full of herself, and all this was highlighted by the number. "Steam Heat," one of musical theater's most famous show stoppers, being done, not as a trio, like it should have been, but with her backed by two men on each side.  Kate could not pull it off, like Carol Haney.

                                She was one of these blondes who probably were told by their high school drama teacher in some cracker burg, that she was brilliant as Emily in "Our Town," and should go to New York. How many dreams were lost on that old chestnut, dolls?  So, I guess Kate came to New York, but when we met, she came with the highest opinion of herself--one that was not shared by the entire cast.

                                   During a rehearsal break, I noticed her reading "The Witching Hour," by Anne Rice, one of my faves.  I went over to discuss it with her, and got the attitude that she does not associate with the Ensemble, only the Principals.  It's your loss, Kate.  How many stars have come out of Ensembles?  I don't see you making headway, dear.

                                    The picnic scene was brilliantly staged, but in one moment, Kate and I had to lock hands, extend arms and go out and back. I dance full out, with my arms, and the bitch couldn't handle it; she went on to play victim, how I almost ripped her arm off, and even when I politely apologized, from that moment on, we were not happy about this moment.  At the closing performance, as we got ready to do it, she jeered, "This is the last time," as if glad to be through with the show, as well as me.

                                       Well, you never did another musical there, did you, Kate?  Neither did I, but that does not mean it is out of being an option.  At least I know how to behave to fellow cast members, and don't have delusions about being some sort of mega-star, that you obviously still have.

                                         It should have sunk in by now, Kate. Go back to Carolina, where nothing could be fina!!!!!!!!!

                                          You bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, That Nasty Krampus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Today is Bitch Of the Week Day, darlings, so Krampus is feeling a bit bitchy, himself.  That nasty thing!  I guess he wants  some rest and relaxation, too!

                               This damsel has no idea what she is in for.  She is going to get the surprise of her life.  She may think she is in control, but when Krampus gets going--look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 No matter what his tasks are, Krampus manages to make them all fun!

                                 Just like Mary Poppins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!