Monday, August 29, 2016

Her Name Was Stinky, But She Had Sweetness And Style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    It was a sudden, unexpected shock. There we were, David and I, along with our friend, Judy, walking down 77th Street, to home, in Bay Ridge. When we passed number 315,  I saw that Bacci was out, and called out to him. One of the homeowners told us he had bad news--that sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning, Stinky died.

                                     I cried instantly; Stinky was so cute and lovable. Holding, hugging, scratching and getting a kiss from her just often made my day.  And David's, too.  I shall never forget the day Roxy was clamoring for attention at the gate, fell onto Stinky's back--and she carried him up the stairs, where she would be safe. Such strength in such a tiny dog.

                                      And to think, as we found out, Stinky was all of 12 years old.  She never looked or acted it.  So, it is with extreme grief I write this post.

                                        You will always have a place in our hearts, Stinky. Now spread your love in the next world, to those who need it!

                                            Like Daniel Fitzpatrick!  If anyone can make him feel better, Stinky, YOU can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good News For Insomniacs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Yes, girls, as of last evening, Sunday nights will be easier to fall asleep, because Paula Zahn is back "On The Case."  Nothing much has changed--still the droning delivery that viewers have come to expect, and, my God Paula's appearance is still being handled by straight men--hair barely combed, and that square cut black thing she  has worn countless times.  Well, her fan base is made up of sex addicts, so the market has to be satisfied.

                                      The case was a happy one.  Because the girl survived.  The Romanek  sisters, Katie, 12, and Elizabeth, 16, were home. in Lodi, California, which happened to be up for sale.  Elizabeth was babysitting for her sister, who had a friend over, and they were playing "Operation."  You remember, darlings!  The electric game, where YOU are the doctor?????? This was as technological as games got, back in its day.

                                         This was back in 1992; almost a quarter century!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Anyway, this strange guy comes to the door, clad only in cut off jeans, and maybe shoes and socks.  Mr. Sex Dude, to be sure.  He says he wants to look at the house, because he wants to buy it, but Liz does not fall for that, and slams the door in his face!  Good for her!

                                           But, when she leaves the girls alone, while she picks up a pizza, he comes back, breaks in, ambushes the girls, with the friend hiding a closet. When Elizabeth returns to imprisons her, tied to the bed in her room, and brings Katie in, asking which one of them should he rape!!!!!!!!!!!  Sick, right???????? Of course, to protect her sister, Elizabeth subjects herself to this trauma, with Katie watching!   Nice, huh?  Then the predator abducts Katie, and runs off. The friend comes out of hiding, unties Elizabeth, and the search for Katie begins. The parents are notified.

                                           The good news from all this, is that, in spite of a burning car, Katie is found alive, her predator being the son of a neighbor down the street, barely weeks out of prison, a 25-year-old drifter/loser and sex sicko, named Steven Reece Cochran.

                                               This was as much of Paula as I saw before I fell asleep, but I can tell you that this guy was convicted, and is now serving a hundred year sentence, in a California prison.  He will never come out into civilization, except in a box.

                                                   Katie is lucky to be alive.  And I was lucky to have stayed awake through this much of Paula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     Sunday slumbers are back, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Don't Forget Trailer Trash Barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Did you know there is an exhibit of Barbie, and her history, going on in Paris, at the Museum Of Decorative Art?  It has been running since March, and ends on the 18th of September--which is closer than you think--so all us girls had better fly over, to see this dazzling display.  I bet Anna Wintour has been to it, already.  Maybe she uses Barbies as models for her photo shoots, before going to actual humans!  I wouldn't be a bit surprise.

                             I really do hope Trailer Trash Barbie is included; she was my favorite!  But, where Matel missed the mark was during the Seventies, when Patty Hearst was kidnapped, and transformed into "Tania!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Imagine "Tania" Hearst Barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You know I would have bought that one, and now would have  a collector's item I could retire on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              None of us needs an excuse to fly over to Paris, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just think--Barbie, and then lunch at Tour d'Argent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

                              As Peggy Lee would say, it just gives me "Fever!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Do You Actually Want A President Who Has Skid Marks In His Underwear?????????????????

                                It is a known fact, darlings, that sexist pig males do not know how to take care  of themselves.  Which is why their wives are little more than the White "ROOTS;" scrubbing the skid marks in the underwear under the sink every day, until the wear through, and she has to buy a new pair, because these types haven't the sense to clean or change their underwear.

                                  Which is one of many reasons gay men are so fastidious.  It is another way to rebel, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Donald Trump is not fastidious.  You can tell, just by looking at him, he has skid marks in HIS undies.  If not, DEPENDS!!!!!!!!!!!   So, do you really what him for a president?????????  If he is this slipshod about his appearance, what about the country!  Remember Sterling Hayden, at the close of "Dr. Strangelove?????????????"

                                     I wouldn't even get close to someone as filthy as Donald Trump!  Dump this guy quick, before he takes a dump on us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      He and his supporters are full of shit, anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                Today would have been Daniel Fitzpatrick's 14th birthday, and he should be here, to celebrate it.  Alas, 16 days ago, forces conspired that caused him to make the irrevocable decision to end his life, by suicide.  It is widely known and accepted that every single member of Holy Angels Catholic Academy, just a block away from I in Bay Ridge, carries some of the mantel of blame; some more than others of course, like the actual bullies and administrators.  But those who stood by, and did nothing, are complicit, too.

                                                 Some of my earlier readers may be surprised to discover I have not written as much about Daniel on here, as I did with Tyler Clementi.  It is not that I have not wanted to.  The reason is Tyler's case was more clear cut; with Daniel, there have been allegations related to his home life, and, to be honest, I don't know enough about those matters to make me certain enough to write about those.  And I certainly do not want to crucify a family who has been crucified enough!

                                                   So, I am complying with his sister, Shannon.  I saw an article on the Internet, and, getting off the train last night, was reminded of it, when I saw a sign taped to the nearest lamppost.

                                                  Here is my offering to Daniel and his family.  May Daniel rest in peace, his tormentors be brought to justice, and his family get some kind of closure.

                                                And shame on you, Holy Angels Catholic Academy!  I hope your enrollment drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Not The Stunner I Expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                There were surprises, to be sure, but "All The Missing Girls" did not turn out to be the stunner I had expected.

                                  The gimmick, which had the author been consisted, might have worked, was to tell the story in reverse. The problem is that within certain chapters the reader goes back and forth in time simultaneously, and this makes for a lot of confusion.

                                      The premise is all very simple.  Ten years before, when the narrator and her friends were still in high school, a girl named Corinne Prescott vanished, never to be seen again.  What happened to Corinne?

                                         Ten years later, another girl, Analiese Carter, who was the same personality type as Corinne, also goes missing?  What happened to her?  And are the two disappearances connected.

                                           There is one revelation I did not see coming, but it makes sense, in retrospect.  You read to get answers, and you get the answers you want.

                                            Unfortunately, the gimmick of going backwards makes what should be a fast moving mystery rather plodding.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Is The Witch The Bitch? Or Is The Bitch The Witch????????????????

                                   "Hansel And Gretel" is a story long overdue for examination in the Bitch Of The Week column.  I had always thought of the Witch as being the bitch; one who, deservedly, gets her comeuppance.

                                      But there is another bitch lurking in this story; one that has been as much of a fairy tale component as witches.

                                        The Evil Stepmother.

                                         Hansel and Gretel's father was a widower, and he remarried this scold.  Economic times hit them hard, and she came up with the idea of luring the children into the woods, and abandoning them, so they would have only their mouths to feed.  This makes even Cinderella's stepmother seem benign; at least Cinderella was allowed a roof over her head!

                                           What always got me ticked off with this was how dumb the father was.  I mean, it's not like the woman he married is some sex kitten.  She is a cold, heartless, scold, who, if the story were to carry forward would either physically or psychologically castrate him.

                                               She is hateful.

                                               But wait!

                                               There is a theory, popular among some genre scholars, that the Stepmother and the Witch are one and the same.  This makes sense in terms of getting rid of the children, but if this were really true, the Witch should have made herself more desirable and alluring as the Stepmother, in order to ensnare the father.

                                                 So, I think they are two different individuals.

                                                 Both are evil bitches, but I think the Witch is the worst of the two.
At least, the kids have a fighting chance in the Woods.  The Witch, who is the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, may very well be a female pedophile, luring the kids with the Ultimate Candy House, imprisoning them, torturing them, until Gretel gets her act together, and tosses the Witch into the oven.

                                                  I actually forget how the story ends.  In one version, I recall they go back through the woods, and embrace their father, who loves them.  The Evil Stepmother is now gone.  Does that mean she was the Witch?  Darlings, you are free to think so.

                                                   I think Daddy finally came to his senses, saw how cold and ugly she was, and threw her out into the street.

                                                     Which is what becomes of all Evil Stepmothers!  Or should!!!!!!!!!