Saturday, December 29, 2007

Girls, Let's ALL Be The New Year's Baby!!!!!!!!

Girls, we just wanna stay young, and there is no better time to acknowledge this than on New Years Eve when the clock strikes midnight and we pop out naked as the New Year's Baby. Let's face it, who the hell wants to see Old Man Time naked????? If you were Old Man Time--which none of us reading this are, dear--would you want to be seen naked? Would you even want to see yourself naked???? Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But a bouncy naked New Year's Baby can be loved by all, so darlings start 2008 right by parading naked in your living room and celebrating your emancipation of eternal youth!!! Because no matter what the New Year holds it has to start right!!!!!!

So let's all make an agreement, girls, this year we are ALL going to be the New Year's Baby!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Darlings, We LOVE Mother Ginger!!!!!!

There is nothing quite like Mother Ginger and Her Polshinelles. And they were on display last night at the NYC Ballet's 2000th performance of "The Nutcracker" since my birth year 1954. Girls, I am telling you, there is nothing like it. To float off on a bed of dreams after your Christmas tree has grown to size, to dance with a nutcracker who turns into a handsome prince!
Girls, I want to be carried off to the Land of Sweets where my Nutcracker turns into a handsome prince named Jake Gyllenhaal. MMMMMMMM!!!!!! Nothing swetter than that, darlings!

Christmas, New York, "The Nutcracker." Without, each would be inconceivable.

Have a lovely holiday, darlings, and may all your sweets be under the tree!!!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Girls, What Is The Deal With Briony?????

Girls, we are so psyched for the opening of "Atonement" tomorrow, and darlings I am SO Briony! A country estate, social and sexual scandal, class difference--this story has everything that presses MY buttons, girls; they are popping off my blouse so fast in anticipation, girls, I will have to take them to the tailor.

People are getting all worked up over Briony; they practically want to burn her at the stake!!!!
Darlings, how many of us would not do the same thing in her position. And for that matter, Robbie was not SO innocent. A person of the lower social order--the housekeeper's son, for Heaven's sake--and here he is trying to infiltrate himself into their world by sexually absconding with Cecilia. THIS, after the Tallises paid for his education!!!!!

Darlings, in my world it is just NOT done. This would have been like if back in Highland Park one of the denizens from Goat Alley had tried to work their way onto the North Side. If Briony had been acting for these reasons, I would have cheered her on, but the rest of "Atonement" does not support this. Briony acts the way she did out of youthful indiscretion, and who, with the exception of moi, is NOT guilty of that? But the way people cry "poor Robbie!" He was an opportunisitc upstart who knew what he was doing when he set out to conquer Cecilia. He was not just trying to buy her affections, he was trying to buy himself into her world....a crime for which I can NOT forgive him!

Girls, I cannot wait. Have you seen Keira in the green gown??? I want to wear it!!! I should look so good on my BEST day. Sweeties, after a screening of "Atonement," we should all fly
British airways to London, shop at Harrods, buys books at Hinscher's, have tea at Brown's and dinner at Simpson's!!!!!

See you at the movies, girls!!!!!!