Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fastest August I've Seen Yet, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          It started with "King Lear" at the Delacorte, and will end with a dump cake made by both Baby Gojira and myself, replicating Cathy Mitchell!  That's the kind of August it has been--wild, crazy, and unpredictable.  A bit of high drama, a fair share of birthdays, the return of my beloved Cujo, and a new Fall outfit for Baby Gojira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So. a farewell to August, and, unofficially, Summer from all of us here, plus Baby Gojira!!!!!!!!!  Wishing you all a warm and comfortable Fall, darlings!!!!!!!!!!

            See you in the song says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look Who Has Become The Hottest Gay Activist On The Scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                 No one is more proud than I, darlings, of all the work the Clenentis have done in the wake of the tragic passing of their son, Tyler.  It must still amaze all of them, even at this point, to find themselves on the forefront of gay activism.  A position they never expected to be placed in.

                  But who would have thought James would become such a hottie?????????   A recent video, which I saw, and will try and get to you, has some bulked up and in a flannel shirt, which shows he is getting closer and closer to the gay scene, darlings!!!!!!!!!!  So, why is he still single????????  And why doesn't one of my gay girls go for him?????????????

                  James is literate, articulate, and has lots to say to help those disenfranchised gay youth avoid the mistake made by his brother, Tyler, a tragedy not soon to be forgotten, and for which those responsible should have paid more for than they did.  But maybe living with it, the rest of their lives, is a payment of sorts.

                   So, listen to what James has to say.  And you single girls, ask him for a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    The Raving Queen continues to be proud of both James and the Clementis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something To Look Forward To, This October, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         This being the last day of August, October will be here, sooner than we think!

                          Remember "The Conjuring," last year, darlings?????????  Where Lili Taylor, that former A-list actress, goes flying through the air, arms and legs splayed, hair flying, tongue practically hanging out, in one of the greatest displays of career humiliation I have ever seen?  She was supposed to have been possessed by an supernatural entity, but I think she was more upset about what her career has come to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Anyway, the opening sequences of this film, which  were actually the best, centered on a haunted doll, named Annabelle.  When we came out of "The Conjuring," I said to my beloved, and to my girls on here, that Annabelle should get her own movie!!!!!

                            Well, someone must have read or heard me, darlings, because she is!!!!!!!!!!!!  The movie, entitled "Annabelle," will be released on October 3.  It centers on what happened prior to "The Conjuring," so it is a prequel, meaning Lili and Company will not be in this one!  Instead, we get to see what kind of psychological damage Annabelle, who is possessed of a malevolent entity, can do.

                             I mean, just look at that face!!!!!!!  It just creeps me out!!!!  I cannot wait to see all of my girls, at the opening of "Annabelle," on October 3!!!!!!  It will one of the key events of the Fall Season!!!!!

                              Be there, or be square, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Send Our Best Wishes To Joan, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Girls, I am telling you, it should never have happened.  Joan Rivers, whom we all just love, was getting a routine throat surgical procedure, when she stopped breathing, and was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, having gone into cardiac arrest and a medically induced coma.

                                At 81, Joan is a fighter, but we are all standing by, with thoughts and prayers, for she and Melissa, and grandson Cooper, who have the most special relationship with Joan there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  If we lose Joan, it will be a tragedy.

                                   Gojira, that lovable reptile, has peeked in through the window, to give Joan a tender get well kiss.  I understand he is going to head to Sister Camille's convent out in Glendale, LI, where he will wear his nun habit, and the two will say a Rosary Novena for Joan!  Hey, help comes from where it does!!!!!!!!!

                                    And, of course, I will keep you posted of any developments, on here!

                                    Joan was the one sure thing that could always get me to laugh. That, and the 1938 movie, "Bringing Up Baby," with Katherine Hepburn, and Cary Grant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     If Joan should depart, I guess it is up to me to talk about rotten, miserable tramps!
I've known my share!

                                       And not all of them were gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

This Bombshell Is One Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I am telling you, darlings, Joan Rivers had a point, in her rant about the Palestinians, not to mention Selena Gomez, and her reflection on America's educational system.

                               The winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award is a 23-year-old young woman, named Aliana Tsarnaev.  She happens to be the sister of the accused Boston Marathon Bombers. She resides in--get this--North Bergen, New Jersey!!!!!--and has been accused of phoning a woman in Harlem, threatening to send people to her home to bomb her!

                                 What kind of sick family is this?  And what is the nature of this dispute between a woman from Harlem, and one from North Bergen????????  Could some stalking be at hand??????

                                  Younger brother Dzhohar Tsarnaev was apprehended, and is safely incarcerated. Older sibling  Tamerian was killed in the attempt to capture him.

                                    But, with Aliana about--are we really save?  I thought these women were supposed to be submissive to their man. This babe sounds anything but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Get her off the streets, fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       But, you have to admit, she is perfect for Bitch Of The Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm Not A Bit Surprised, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Frankly, darlings, I have never understood all the fuss about Neil Patrick Harris. He is a bit too glib and efforful to succeed in my book as a musical theater performer.  The trick is to make it seem effortless, despite all the work.  With Neil, one is always seeing the work.

                          Which is why I preferred John Cameron Mitchell, the original 'Hedwig,' years ago. My admiration for him, as an actor, was the only reason that got me to the show, and got me through it, in the first place. He was fabulous, but the show did not blow me away, like it did some folk, and obviously continues to.

                             Despite my reservations about Neil, he does appeal to a certain audience, so I am not surprised there has been a 43% ticket drop at this show.  I mean, who the hell is this Andrew Rannells??????  He was in "The Book Of Mormon?"  That overrated piece of crap? Shows how musical theater is going down the tubes!!!!!!!!!  Where is Elizabeth Swados and Josie De Guzman when they are needed??????????????

                               If the producers want to keep this thing running, they need to do some creative thinking. Now, if, say, Martha Plimpton, were to step into the role, I would be there in a minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 But, in a culture that casts Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone, does poor Martha stand a chance???????????????

What Is It With These Singing Nuns, Darlings????????????????

                         Forget Julie Andrews and Debbie Reynolds.  Forget Soeur Sourire.  Even the casts of "Nunsense."  The singing nun to outdo them all is Jessica Lange, in her pre-convent days, before she became Sister Jude. Then, she was Judy Martin, a very promiscuous night club singer. She would go up to all the men between her sets, shake her bootie in a red  (of course!) dress, and purr, "You wanna dance with me?"
This is like something I would come up with, girls!  I am ashamed I did not!

                            She was also an alcoholic.  I mean, are there distinctions between promiscuous night club singers, and cheap cocktail waitresses????????  Well, one; the former is an artist. I mean, no one could accuse America's most notorious cheap cocktail waitress, Alice Crimmins, of having any talent.  As for Ellen Barkin, well, either she just got lucky, or maybe she gave great head.

                              Bet Judy Martin did so, in her day.  But, once she becomes Sister Jude, she becomes Sister Bitch On Wheels,  maintaining that "mental illness is the fashionable explanation for sin," unaware she is its High Priestess.  Wonder if Jessica does a couple of sets in her habit?  I cannot wait to watch her on "American Horror Story," and find out!

                                 Nuns sell tickets; there is no doubt about it!  Sister Jude must be packing them in, darlings, at the asylum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   You just can't keep a good/evil nun down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This Is One Evil Nun We Just Love, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Gladys Cooper, as Sister Vazous in "The Song Of Bernadette," scared audiences, because she was the real thing. But Jessica Lange, as Sister Jude, on "American Horror Story," is so over the top, camp, and fun, she can't help but be loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               The first thing I want to say about Sister Jude is that, while Jessica does a great job, why wasn't I, who specializes in evil children and nuns, seen for this part?   However, after seeing Jessica recently as the emotionally struggling Ginny Cook in "A Thousand Acres," it is a pleasure to see her go full range in the other direction.  And isn't she great at it, darlings????????????????

                                 Why not take a look at Sister Jude at her bitchiest?  Here she is!!!!!!!!!

                                   This is one Twisted Sister, girls!  Which is why I just LOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

After Seeing This, Girls, You Just GOTTA Love Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              As long as we are on the subject, darlings, I should let you know that the most important magazine issue of the year--the September issue of New York VOGUE-- is out on the stands, and you had better grab up a copy if you want to be in the fashion set this Fall Season.  Just in time for Fashion Week, arriving at Lincoln Center!

                             Anna Wintour must have the most envied job in Manhattan. She not only runs the fashion empire that is VOGUE, she IS the empire, telling us what to wear, and how it should be worn??? What would this town do without her?  With Lauren Bacall's passing, the Golden Age of Glamour is fast going, so thank God we have Anna, Grace Coddington, and a few others to keep it hanging on.

                             But, imagine, of all people, Anna Wintour taking the Ice Bucket Challenge?   Not even I have done it, darlings; my system probably couldn't absorb the shock!  I am surprised MERYL STREEP has not done it, but I am not counting her out, yet!

                                You just gotta see it, to believe it, loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good To The Last Drop, Darlings????????? Maxwell House, Definitely!!!!!!!!!!! But Not Elephant Dung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            During my early teens, girls, I read all the Joy Adamson books; you know, the ones about Elsa, the Lioness--"Born Free," "Living Free," and "Forever Free."  Photos accompanied the text, and in one of them was a photo described as "Elsa rolling in elephant droppings."  Apparently, these were supposed to be very good for her skin; the Lioness' choice of skin moisturizer.

                              This time in my life also coincided with my becoming a confirmed coffee drinker.  But who would think the two would ever combine??????????

                                 Well, have you heard the latest, darlings?????????????//

                                   Apparently, someone out there has gotten the bright idea of manufacturing more quality, high end coffee, by harvesting the beans from elephant dung, after the pachyderms have consumed them.  To give the coffee a richer and...ahem...fuller bodied flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Plus the price for this coffee is going to skyrocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                     Remember what P.T. Barnum said, "There is a sucker born every minute," and anyone who falls for this scheme deserves to be labeled such.  Just because Divine ate dog shit in "Pink Flamingos" does not mean we all should become coprophagous.

                                       I admit the photo with the elephant and the woman drinking coffee is cute. I wouldn't mind drinking my coffee with the elephant.  But if the elephant knew what the source of that coffee she is drinking was, he (or she) might label her a bigger fool than anyone.  And I would not blame the elephant one bit!

                                         This is one idea that--pardon the expression!!!!!!!--is full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         It is said an elephant never forgets.  I say, let's forget about this whole thing right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           I mean, this could bring back Sanka!  Or maybe, that is what they are trying to do!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Now That I've Written About "Make Way For Tomorrow," I Am Ready To Take A Look At "Into The Woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                      The news is bad, girls, as I feared.   When I saw the first images of the "Into The Woods" movie, my first thought was it looks like outtakes from "Maleficent."  The second is that none of the music is stressed, which signals to me we are going to get truncated Sondheim.  The magical score of the stage work will be jettisoned for special effects crassness and visual movie magic that looks as fake in this so-called age of technology, while the innovations in the 1939 "Wizard Of Oz" remain as fresh and exciting as ever!

                      Of course, with the Divine MERYL on hand, as the Witch, things cannot be all bad, but I want to hear her sing some of the stage songs.  And what I have seen so far does not emphasize that.  In fact, if you are not a certified Theater Queen, and are coming to the trailer fresh, you may not get that "Into The Woods" is actually a musical!!!!!!!

                       Now, how sad is that, darlings??????????????????

                       Here is the trailer. Obviously, MERYL is the selling point, and her appearances will lift the film from the mundane.  But, once again, Rob Marshall is jettisoning the magic of the musical work for crass movie commercialism.

                       Instead of making ersatz musical films, he should go fuck himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        But, does he have the talent for it??????????????????????

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Last Thing I Need To See, Darlings, Is A Gay Version Of "Make Way For Tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                         I had originally planned to put on--but I could not find one--a shot of Beulah Bondi looking in on Victor Moore, seated on the train, as it pulls out of the station and they wave goodbye to each other, at the closing of "Make Way For Tomorrow," knowing full well they probably will never see each other again.  I mean, if you think the farewell scene between Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones at the train station, in "Since You Went Away," was something,  it has nothing on the scene from the 1937 film.
Which is why the scene is so heartbreaking, as is what leads up to it.  But the DVD cover, in its own way, conveys the sadness of this film, one I cannot watch ever again, not only because it is so heartbreaking, but, as I age, it presses into all my fears.

                         Everything I have heard about the new film, "Love Is Strange," starring Alfred Molina and John Lithgow as  an older gay couple, points to it being a gay version of "Make Way For Tomorrow."  The film, and actors, have been lauded, and, after seeing Lithgow's 'Lear,' and knowing Molina's work, I am sure it is deserved and exemplary. But no one has tipped off the ending, which they say produces hankies.  If it is as dismal and bleak as "Make Way For Tomorrow," I do not want to see that. Gays have enough problems without having to watch their inner anxieties dramatized for them.

                            No matter the orientation, the universality is there, as Japan proved when it redid the McCarey film in 1950 at "Tokyo Story."  I have not seen that either.

                            So, I think I am going to skip "Love Is Strange."  If anyone out there can tell me the ending produces some hope, I may reconsider. But I have enough anxiety of my own; I don't need drama to replicate it.

                              Times have changed since "Make Way For Tomorrow."  So, I would like to think there is some hope!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Triumph For The Clementis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       With the fourth anniversary of Tyler's death looming--a sad one, indeed, as this would have been the year he graduated, and embarked on his own life journey of career and onwards--the Clementis have become a force on the forefront of gay activism.  Both Joe and Jane Clementi, and their son James (who is also gay) have done more to keep the awareness of the tragic senselessness of Tyler's passing alive, to make others aware of the hazards of bullying, and to insure such a tragedy does not befall another family.

                        On Tuesday, August 19, the Clementis received the Essex County LGBT Award, during its Pride month, for all the good work the Tyler Clementi Foundation has done toward making this world a safer and more tolerant one for gay youth.  The award is deserved, but with a tinge of sadness; come on, they'd rather have Tyler.  But their efforts, rather than shutting down, or burying their heads in the sand, have made them advocates and role models to whom struggling gay youth can turn to, via the Foundation.

                        My congratulations to the Clementis, as my admiration for them continues to grow.  May we all find peace in helping another struggling gay youth out there not to make the tragic decision Tyler did!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Hail to the Three J's--Joseph, Jane, and James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What About Performers Winning Oscars For Singing A Single Song??????????????????????

                          Thinking of "Dreamgirls," darlings, I could not help thinking of Jennifer Hudson.  She did a wonderful Effie, but not a brilliant one; maybe the piece needs to be live on stage to ignite the passion it has in the previous video on the last post.  There are any number of great musical film moments--let's start with Judy Garland, doing "Over The Rainbow!"  But that is followed by a full out, character performance.

                            There are so many of these to choose--Liza and Joel in "Cabaret", Julie Andrews in "The Sound Of Music," Judy Garland, again, in "A Star Is Born," BARBRA in "Funny Girl," Robert Preston in "The Music Man..." and I could go on.

                              Then there are film performances where the musical moment so dominates it becomes the entire performance.  And that is what made me think of Jennifer Hudson and Anne Hathaway.  Both did admirably in the acting department--especially Anne as the tragic Fantine--but, let's face it, if their big numbers had been eliminated, would they have won the Oscar???? Hell, no, they would not even  have been nominated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Am I saying there is something wrong with this?  Absolutely not!  I am just saying there are some roles with musical moments that, when transferred to film, the moment BECOMES the performance.  Jennifer and Anne are two that come first to mind; there are others, I am sure, and if you can think of more, feel free to comment on here!  But please--not Madonna in "Evita!!!!!!!!!!!"  I won't even talk about that, just like I am not yet ready to look at the footage of the Rob Marshall "Into The Woods."

                               Take a look, and see what I mean, darlings!  The moment IS the performance here!

                                Now, if only someone would write a TONY or Oscar inducing song, for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's Talk About A Revival Of "Dreamgirls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                           Even the camp classic "Valley Of The Dolls" gets it right about the often cruel aspects of show business.  Two  classics of the Broadway musical stage dealt with them, head on--"Gypsy," in 1959, and "Dreamgirls," in 1981, twenty two years later.

                            Much has been said about "Gypsy," since it seems like it never stops getting revived.  Who will we get next???? Lady Gaga?  Or, hopefully, after some time, Martha Plimpton??????

                            When I read "Playbill's" recent article of musicals people think should be revived, I was overwhelmed, not only by how many said "Mame" or "Hello, Dolly!," but no one said anything about, say, "RAGS" or "Dreamgirls."  And that got me thinking.  The aforementioned Jerry Herman shows are war horse classics, and 'Dolly' has been revived a couple of times.  "Mame" is a trickier proposition, because that original cast is just too good to surpass.  And there has never been a child to match Frankie Michaels, before or since; I doubt if there ever will be.  "Mame" is certainly a favorite of mine, but, having seen a revival that closely approximated the original, back in 1983, with some of  the originals playing their roles, I don't know if such a stellar cast could be assembled today.  The people who scream for a revival of this show are those who have never seen it.  To them, I say--be careful what you wish for, because you might be disappointed.  Better to do what I do--listen to the glorious 1966 cast recording, stage the thing in your mind, and live out your musical theater fantasy that way. Let's face it, Angela and Company just cannot be topped.

                              "Dreamgirls" had a pretty legendary cast, too, or at least one that became such--Jennifer Holliday, of course, Loretta Devine Sheryl Lee Ralph, Clevant Derricks, Obba Bababtunde--but its reputation has always been built around the mistaken notion that this is a one-song show, and nothing else.  Yes, the entire first act builds to "And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going," which, combined, with the lead-in "It's All Over," done as a musical scene, presents the on stage disintegration of Effie Melody White, one of the cruelest scenes depicted; up there with Emil Jannings' breakdown in "The Blue Angel."  And, just as "Gypsy" was inspired by real folk, so, too was was "Dreamgirls."  More significantly than in "Gypsy," the specter of Diana Ross and The Supremes hangs over the 1981 show; the elimination of Effie is a microscopic presentation of what that bitch, Diana Ross, did to Florence Ballard!!!!!!!!!!!  That's right, hons!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know if Deena blew Curtis in back seats of cars going 90 miles per hour, but I do know Miss Ross choked on Berry Gordy's big Black dong this way, as a means of advancing her career, at everyone's expense, which turned out to be Florence's death!  She even sucked off bathroom janitors at Motown, honey!!!!  It is said by some Florence did not die of natural causes, she was murdered, and let me tell you, sweethearts, Diana may not have done the deed, but she set it up! She sent some hit man to Florence's to get her out of the way, because she knew Flo would talk.  So, she had Flo killed, so she could act like Meryl Streep at Florence's funeral, thus focusing the event on her, not Flo.  Listen, Diana, you rotten, murderous bitch, don't you even think of meeting up with me in some alley, because if you think you are going to blow me, with your skanky 70-year-plus body and ho' mouth, you have another thing coming, sugar, because I am going to smack you across the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just like Flo will, when you cross over!

                            Originally, "Dreamgirls" was going to follow the Ballard trajectory, and have Effie die, but Jennifer Holliday objected to that, and I agree with her.  Michael Bennett faced the same dilemma here, as he did with Cassie in "A Chorus Line."  Yes, the truth is Cassie would get turned down, or Effie might die, but you cannot do that to an audience with a character they have come to care for.  So, while the ending of "Dreamgirls" is pure musical fantasy, it is a fantasy all of us--not just Theater Queens--love!!!!!!!!!!

                              The destruction of Effie is wonderfully crafted, but heartbreaking to watch.  And while no one will surpass Jennifer Holliday in the role, there is plenty of Black talent out there that can handle "Dreamgirls'" material.  Likewise, the breakdown of James Thunder Early (beautifully played by Cleavant Derricks in a TONY winning performance!!!!) is equally heartbreaking.  With the lights fading on him, as he goes into obscurity, with the voices intoning, "Show's just show biz" repeatedly, it was as impacting a moment, as Effie seated at the table, holding her final note, as she fades off, and The Dreams come on.  Show business has never been seen as cruel as it in in the treatment of these two tragic characters, two of the most tragic on the musical stage.

                              Especially with Jimmy eliminated, it was crucial to bring back Effie, so that audiences did not come out of theaters wanting to slit  their wrists, like Sylvia Plath.

                              As I said at the start, many audiences don't get this, with "Dreamgirls."  Listen to the cast album; it plays almost like a Black "Merrily We Roll Along," another 1981 show.  In fact, like the Sondheim show, if you listen to it backwards, it h as a chronological synchronicity.  And the songs--"Move," "Steppin' To The Bad Side" (the transition song), " Cadillac Car," "Ain't No Party" and, of course, "One Night Only," are neglected gems.  Listen to the underscoring when Curtis sing s the lines "Deena, this is only the beginning....."
Oh, my God, if you can't recognize this as brilliant musical theater writing, then what do you think is?????

                             It is as high time "Dreamgirls" got a full scale Broadway revival, as it is that Miss Ross gets that smack in the face!!!!!!!  Nerts to you, Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              But wait!  I have more to say!  Here, for you all to see is the musical scene I call "The Destruction Of Effie," done on the 1982 TONY Awards. Take a look at this brilliance, and tell me it does not deserve to be re-examined again.

                               And Right On!  to all the Effies  out there, struggling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Haven't Talked About This Week's "Rizzoli And Isles," Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   What with all that has been going on this week, darlings, there hasn't been a chance to discuss the recent "Rizzoli And Isles!"   This past episode, on Tuesday, was aptly entitled "Phoenix Rising," though the reason for the title was not made clear, till well near the end.  When I heard they were going to examine a cold case, I thought maybe they are trying to go a bit in the direction of that now classic former crime series.   And the opening sequence did start in what was the past, though that really was not made clear.

                                In the opening scene, someone is seen dousing a house, and setting it afire.  There is a woman and two children in the house, but the boy manages to slide down a tree outside his bedroom window, and survive.

                               The house belonged to the Sullivan family, and its patriarch, Rick, was convicted of the crime, and given a Life sentence.

                                 Now, let's get to the present.  For starters, Jane is still laid up, at Maura's house, with doting mother Angela, and is chomping at the bit to get back to work.  I still cannot believe how calm and level headed Janie is, over having had a miscarriage, and lost what is probably her last chance to have a child!!!!!!!!!!!  Is she just shut down, too, or what?  Hopefully, she will register some emotion, before the season ends.  And she has not even told Casey, the child's father!!!!  When is she going to do that??????????

                               Meanwhile, Lieutenant Korsak has been summoned by imprisoned Rick Sullivan to his prison cell, and asked a favor.  Sullivan still maintains his innocence, and asks Korsak, for his son, Jason's sake, to look into the case, re-examine it, and see if he isn't wrong.  Jason and Rick have been estranged; thinking his father guilty, Jason understandably views him as a monster.  Rick wants to reconcile with Jason.

                                 Korsak agrees.  When he goes to Jason, the grown man, with a wife and family of his own now, turns a blind ear, but says if he can find anything to prove he was wrong about his father, he will consider it.  Meanwhile, Jane is ordered by company policy, not to go back to the office, but she finds ways to work around that, and works on the case.  What they discover leads to what I consider is ultimately an anti-climax.

                               First, it is discovered Sullivan's wife was having an affair; their marriage was rocky.  So maybe the boyfriend did this as a way of not being able to have her.  A fatal attraction, if you will.  But that theory pans out.  Know what the answer turns out to be?

                               It seemed almost contrived.  The Sullivans lived next door to a shady character, who not only drove the same sort of vehicle Rick drove, right down to the color, but was, among other things, a meth dealer, who sold to a local gang.  But something went amiss with this relationship. so, when the team tracks down the former gang leader, who is himself incarcerated, it is discovered that a hit man was sent to destroy the dealer's house--but, with similar cars, the assailant hit the wrong house!  Even the gang leader is sorry and upset about that one, proving some criminals have a heart somewhere.   The whole thing just seemed a cop out to me, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was outraged, the other day!  Couldn't the writers have come up with something better?????????????????

                               Meanwhile, Jane is so happy as a clam to be back at work, you'd think she had never been pregnant, let alone lost the baby!!!  What is that all about, I wonder?  Best of all, there is some hope--or at least, it is hope I want to see--that Frankie may be being phased out.  Maura has been working more closely with Korsak lately, and we have seen Frankie less and less in recent episodes!!!!!!!!!!  So, I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              About the time the writers made a correct judgement!  But Jane and Maura still rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Simple And Unexpected Acts Of Kindness Are Always The Best, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             It is times like these when I am sure God is watching over me.

                              Yesterday, I had just gotten off the Times Square subway stop, en route to work, when I discovered I had no Altoids.  So, I stopped at the little newsstand, near the stairs where the subway lines change and branch out.  The booth was occupied by a guy I had never seen before. I found the small box of Altoids I always buy, and went to pay for them. The guy gave me change--but he also, for reasons I cannot explain, gave me a free box, insisting I take it.  Now, isn't that something?

                                 At work, someone with whom I was not on really good terms, held out an olive branch, by offering me a British horror film magazine, which I had been unfamiliar with.  Who would have thought?

                                   Best of all, this morning, as we passed the house of our beloved canine friend Cujo (real names--Ares!) we saw the terrace door open. and people in a car. Could Cujo have returned?

                                    He hadn't fully returned; but we saw him.  Apparently, one of the owners had come home to check the house and mail, and were heading back to their vacation spot, with Cujo.  We asked if he was all right, and lo and behold, there he was in the first floor hallway, behind a gate, but fully visible!  When I called out, "Hi, Cujo, I've missed you," he answered in a hearty bark!!!!!!!!!!  Isn't that the sweetest, girls?????  Letting us know he misses us, and that he will be back soon!  I cannot wait to give him a hug!!!!!!!!!

                                      All random and unexpected!  The best acts of kindness out there!

                                       Someone is definitely watching over me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I Think Of These Two Bitches, I Think Of The Opening Sequence Of Mario Bava's "Black Sunday!"

                         Stephen Howells and Nicole Vaisey both deserve what happens in that film--to be tied to posts, their face covered with an Iron Maiden mask that disfigures them. their bare backs branded with the mark of Satan, and then their bodies burned at the stake.  Just like Barbara Steele as Asa Vajda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           These two abducted two Amish girls from upper New York State on Wednesday, August 13, while they were selling vegetables near the family home.  Now, I could get into the whole where-are-the-parents?-scenario, here, but I am more interested in branding these two winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award for the Creatures From Hell they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             You look at them, and you know they are scum!  That Nicole Vaisey!   Butter would not melt in her mouth. As soon as both were caught, Friday, she was screaming about how she was the slave in their relationship, and she was made to submit all the time.  Yeah, right, Nicole!  Cry me a river!  Crocodile tears just to try and get you off.

                               I bet you are just as vicious as that Myra Hindley!!!!!!!!!!!   I bet it was your idea to abduct the girls!!!!!!!!!!!  And don't give me this submissive routine; both of you are so fat you make routine trips to the grocery store, even if it is just for beer and Doritos!!!!!!!!!!!  You can't tell me Stephen did not let you do the shopping.  He doesn't look forward thinking or work inclined, to me!  A real sexist pig!!!!!!!!!!!
And a sick perv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sexually abusing two innocent children, and traumatizing them for life!
You will pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   And  here is what happens to people like you! Here is the brilliant opening of
"Black Sunday," in all its black-and-white glory!  If the flames don't get you two on earth, they certainly will get you in the Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Remember, flames are not just for flaming queens, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pure Potokian Pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Reading Chaim Potok is comforting and soothing. One wants to be next to a table, with a cup of steaming hot tea, while taking in every delicious word he writes.

                                    But his novels also stimulate the mind and heart. When I first read "The Chosen," when I was in eighth grade, I was ready to convert to Judaism,and spend my days studying the Talmud.  My parents (I was raised Catholic!) were fit to be tied!  And every rereading of this work, which I indulge myself in periodically, still induces that reaction.

                                       Which brings me to "My Name Is Asher Lev."  I had no real intention of rereading it, but when a copy was left on a table at my beloved's workplace, I thought, "Why not?"

                                           Anyone who is struggling with artistic impulse and desire versus familial conflict--be it painting, music, writing, or film making--should read this book, which examines hard choices made by both sides of the spectrum.  Though I will say this, the last sentence, which saddened me on my first reading many years ago, suggests that, while Asher and his parents may know a physical estrangement, between them, there is still a kind of binding love.

                                             Potok brilliantly examines the choices artists make, and the prices they pay, and must be willing to pay, for those choices.  It is the best written novel on this theme that I can think of recommending to everyone, regardless of faith.

                                                The paperback edition that I read, which had the above cover, touted the book as having been "6 Months On The New York Times Best Seller List."  How sadly times have changed.
That was over forty years ago!!!!!!!!!!!  Today, this would never get on the list; not with trash like Weiner and Picoult!  Even prestige junk like "The Arrangement" by Elia Kazan (yes, dears, THAT Kazan!!!!!!!) would never make it today!

                                                 So, read Potok, and return to a time when literature was regarded as literature, unlike much of the crap that is thought of as such, today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Is A Book To Keep Your Eyes On, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    As if I do not have enough to read, darlings!  Having just started Murakami's "The Wind Up Bird Chronicle," I am going to be immersed in matters Japanese for some time.  And it is not like I have enough waiting to be read at home, already.

                                     But, when you are the Raving Queen, you run into people at the strangest times, in the strangest places. So, whom should I run into yesterday, dolls, but author, Musical Theater instructor, and all around gay raconteur, Joel Derfner, the author of "Swish!," an enjoyable, informative read I covered several years back, in these pages.  In fact, I read it shortly after meeting my beloved, and it led to a blog post, and a meeting with Joel, back in 2011,  who has his own site and blog, at the Riviera Cafe, where we dined, like "The Ladies Who Lunch!"

                                     Occasionally, I would tune in to him, but, hard as it is for me to keep up even with myself, it is doubly hard, with others.  So, I knew Joel was out there, but wondered what he was up to!

                                       Well, girls, he has written his recent book, "Lawfully Wedded Husband."  I cannot wait to read it.  For all of us who have husbands, and those of you who hope to, or wish you did, I know Joel's book will be pointed, honest and humorously irreverent.  Not unlike yours truly, darlings, though you get enough info on here!

                                          I told Joel I would pick up his new book, and read it!  So, I want all my girls out there, to do the same!  We will dish it, when I complete  it!  What a coffee klatch that will be!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Hey, Joel, are you still writing musical theater?  Well, two suggestions--check out my taking on Seth Rudetsky, with my personal deconstructions of songs he has not bothered to even examine (the only exception being "At The Ballet!!!!!!!") and write me a musical with a show stopping role for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             How about a musical adaptation of Jane Smiley's "A Thousand Acres," where I play the Regan-inspired role of Rose that Michelle Pfeiffer played in the movie?  You could give me
some great musical histrionic moments!  As opposed to my non-musical ones!

                                                 Remember to keep an eye out, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Special Birthday Blog For Miss Amy Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      What an auspicious day this is!  Not only is it the day of the National Pilgrimage Of The French People To Lourdes, it is Amy Adams' birthday!

                        Now, girls, this may be hard for some of you to take, and I know it is hard to believe, but, today, Amy Adams turns 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        40!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it???????????  May we all look as good as Amy, when we reach that age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or those who will admit to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       Amy looks as radiant at 40 as she did when she first burst onto the scene, in "Junebug!"  That was back in 2005, when Amy was a mere 31!!!!!!!!!!!  We have had nine years of Amy Adams, and every one has been as delicious as the next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        And everyone wants to work with her. Besides Meryl Streep, I believe Gojira is trying to negotiate Amy into his next movie, slated for Summer 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         So, Happy Birthday, Miss  Amy Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!  What kind of cake should we have on this day??????????

                            Why, Angel Food, of course!!!!!!!!!!!   Would there be any other for our Amy???????????


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great Dinnertime Music, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         One thing about having someone to love--for which I am grateful every day--is that they know how to gauge your mood.  As I said, things have been rough lately. so last night we had an Italian dinner, and then put on Eydie Gorme's "Blame It On The Bossa Nova" album, and danced to that song!

                            Troubles seemed to melt away as we danced, though I do not advise doing this in the confines of a ktichen with dining area.  You really need some more dance space to twirl and move!!!!!!!!!

                               But Eydie did the trick!  I may not feel as swirling and carefree as I like, but after this dance, I felt better than I had!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 This is a recommended cheer up remedy for all my girls!  

Why Can't Poor Paula Zahn Face Joan?????????????

                               Is Paula Zahn homophobic?  I have begun to wonder, because, sometimes, darlings, the way she dresses gives one pause.  On her recent current season show, she was in a nicely cut black dress, with  an angular neck that was becoming, as it did not reveal too much, but could have done with a bit of accessorizing around her neck!

                                  But, oh my God!   Earlier, last Sunday, we watched an old Paula episode, where she came on, dressed in a blue sweater, over which she had a light brown leather jacket!!!!!!!!!!  You have got to be kidding!  My first reaction upon seeing it was that she had been distracted, and just buzzed into the studio late, on her Harley Davidson!!!!!!!!!!  Don't let that Paula fool you, girls; she is a wild one!  She is known to sizzle between the sheets!

                                   If she is too phobic to get in touch with gay personal assistants, then she needs to contact Joan Rivers and the Fashion Police.  I am telling you, Joan will give Paula a good going over!  I would bet anything she has been dying to, and let me tell you, that is something I would like to see!!!!!!!!!!!
After the Joan treatment, Paula would never make any fashion fauxs again!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Just like Selena Gomez will never make another spelling error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Can You Imagine Anything More Disgusting, Darlings????????????????????

                        I absolutely cannot stand that disgusting Triscuit commercial, with Martha Stewart!!!!!!  Every time it is aired, I just want to slap that phony bitch across the face.

                          And she is so phony. Let's start with the way the whole thing is photographed--in glowing Technicolor, suggesting someone studied Vincente Minnelli's artistic palette.  As though Martha and her surroundings look as fresh as an MGM movie musical.  If you believe that, kiddies, then I have a big sink hole to sell you.  Two, actually.  They are called Florida, and Staten Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Martha never looked this good, in her life!

                            The very idea of the contest--creative cuisine design on a Triscuit!!!!!--is distinctly Middle Class!!!!!!!!!!!!  From what I have heard, only two people have actually entered the contest!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Of course, having a recipe selected for note is an honor, of sorts. But the carrot she his dangling out at people is a chance to come to New York, and meet with her.

                                 Anyone who believes  this deserves what they get.  The meeting will certainly not be in bucolic surroundings, like above. It will probably be a five minute encounter, no better than a quickie with a prostitute in some hotel tryst, that will take place in a hotel lobby, where Martha grabs the prize winner, and dumps it, quickly shakes hands, and gives the winner whatever cash or trinket is being offered, and then goes on her selfish way.  Anyone expecting an all-paid sit down, leisurely lunch with Martha, where you get to girl talk, had better get that idea out of their sad illusions, or else they will end up like Blanche Du Bois!!!!!!!!!

                                  Now, I would prefer to meet with Cathy Mitchell. She is more genuine, and I bet I would get a free dump meal out of it.  As well an an all-expense paid GI series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Wouldn't that be better than Martha, darlings???????????????

Let's Start The Week On A Right Note, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 We are supposed to get rain later in the week, which can put a damper on lots of things, so I cannot think of a better way to begin the week than with a rendition by early BARBRA--I mean, this goes back 50 years, to when I was just a prepubescent grade school thing; yes, dears, I really was!!!!!!--of that classic song "When The Sun Comes Out."

                                   I was going to include it yesterday, but decided it did not go with the cheeriness of Hayley Mills singing "Cobbler, Cobbler."  Once I listened to it, yesterday morning, I thought it was the perfect thing to go with inspiring one for the oncoming week.

                                    So, here is BARBRA at her early best!  Just like I want to be, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     That "Funny Girl" revival still has not been done, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Just In, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    The latest recent news from Hollywood, darlings, is that there is going to be another Godzilla (aka Gojira!!!!) movie, in June of 2018.  The lovable reptile's film this year took in so much money this Summer that filmmakers and audiences want more of him!  And why not?  After all, he is so cute, and a hero for our times!

                   Casting has not been announced, though I would like to see Ken Watanabe's character return, and, maybe, if they are still alive, the two "Mothra" girls, now playing tiny hags!!!!!!!!!!!

                     But Gojira will have none of co-starring with Mothra. The two have had a contentious relationship ever since "Godzilla Vs. The Thing,"  50 years before, where, in an unscripted moment, Mothra knocked Gojira on the side of the head!  How can anyone be so nasty??????????????

                   Gojira . for years, has wanted to work with Meryl Streep. and I understand the Divine One is desperately trying to clear her schedule to make this opportunity happen.  She feels it would an honor to work with so esteemed a star, and Gojira has always been one of her biggest admirers.

                    So, tune back here in four years, girls, when it may the the Summer Of Gojira And Meryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

When We Need Some Cheering Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            What a week we have had, girls!  Emotional lows, the passing of both Robin Williams, the shooting of Michael Brown, Joan Rivers spouting off (rightfully) about Palestine; what does one do, when needing to be cheered up???????????

                               The answer, of course, darlings, is Hayley Mills!  Now, back in the 60's, when she was Disney's Biggest Star, I so wanted to be her!  Especially after seeing her play twins in 1962, in "The Parent Trap," which featured the hit song "Let's Get Together," that became such a hit on radio I memorized it, sang it, and owned a 45 RPM of it.  On the "B" side, one day, I discovered "Cobbler, Cobbler," which was not used in the film, but Hayley's cheery, sprightly delivery was so calming, during this recent period of time, I found myself thinking back to it.  And I realized it was something I wanted to share with all my readers.

                                I listened to this the first time I got up, this morning, and it did the trick!!!!!!!!!!

                                Who among us doesn't need cheering up, no matter what your week was like?????????

                                So, here is Hayley Mills, whom I and many my age, wanted to be, when we were children, to cheer you up, whenever you feel blue!

                                 Enjoy, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deconstruction # 7--Larry Kert and Carol Lawrence Singing "Tonight" From "West Side Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                         When you talk about great musical theater songs dealing with romantic attraction, two are so neck-in-neck, it is hard for many to choose.  They are "If I Loved You," from "Carousel," and "Tonight" from "West Side Story."

                             How does one winnow the best from the best????????  It is not easy, but I am going to go out on a limb, and say that while both are indisputably great, "Tonight" has the edge.  Here is why.

                              "West Side Story" is a show about young people, and, for many young people drawn to Musical Theater, it is the show that draws them.  For me, the celebrated photo above was instantly an iconic image that stood for something Manhattan was, and, for many Summers, when I was younger and sprightlier, girls, I would march down to West 56th Street--the area is still standing--and do my Carol Lawrence run, which made me feel like Carol, even if I was not wearing that now iconic dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  As for "Tonight," as a song, it is, for me the litmus test that determines if any production of "West Side Story" is going to work.  As the strings build, and Tony and Maria get to "Always you, every thought I'll ever know...." to where their voices blend with "All the world is only you and me," when the strings soar then fall back, allowing us to fly into the magical stratosphere of their romantic world--a moment that always sends chills down my back on the cast album--if the chills are there, I know the show is working.  But to anyone undertaking this show, I say to you, if this moment fails to deliver, you've not only got trouble on your hands, you've lost your audience.

                                 From the opening strings to the mounting underscoring, tensions rise, as though the music were in syncopation with Tony's and Maria's rising hormones, attracting them to each other.  Which makes the song so iconic,, and gives it the edge--it pulsates with sexual tension like no other musical theater song ever written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Just listen to this, darlings!  Larry Kert and Carol Lawrence, still in their twenties, remain the Gold Standard for this song.  I regret this excerpt does not feature that incredible lead-in, but keep your eyes on these performers' passions--generated both by their characterizations, and their vocal connection to material they realize is a once-in-lifetime assignment to be handed to them!   No matter how may timed I watch this, the tears still come!

                                   Find me such artistic passion today,  dolls!  Maybe if we get that revival of "RAGS," with Jessie Mueller, but not before!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    "Tonight" is truly a singular treasure of Musical Theater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm From Missouri?" Not Something To Be Proud Of These Days, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Missouri used to be such a state to take pride in, darlings!  Actress Ermadean Walters, who played Marie Soubirous in "The Song Of Bernadette," was born in St. Joseph.  Henry Bellamann derided his home town of Fulton, in his bucolic and psychologically disturbing novel, "King's Row."  And, who of us, girls, can forget the perfection of "Meet Me In St. Louis," that gave a perfection to that city, and Missouri that could only be realized collectively by MGM, Judy Garland, Vincente Minnelli, and, of course, Margaret O'Brien!!!!!!!!!!!

                           But that was then, this is now!  After the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown last Saturday morning, by Officer Darren Wilson, (looking real good as a BOTW candidate, girls) I am afraid to set foot in Missouri, let alone deal with law enforcement.

                            OK, even if the kid was a robbery suspect, even if he resisted arrest--and I have no idea what that means; did he point any weapon, like a gun, pipe or bat, at Wilson?????--is that any reason for a person to be shot?  It makes me fearful, not only of Missouri, but even my town, New York!!!!!!!  If I so much as disagree with an officer, am I going to become target practice?  And since when does carrying a gun give a person, law enforcement or not, the right to shoot someone, on a whim?  Which is what I believe happened with Michael Brown.  Too many cops are so trigger happy their gun usage should be limited to community theater productions of "Annie Get Your Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  How many more Black kids have to die?  Thar said, who says it is going to stop at Black kids?  What about other disenfranchised communities--Hispanics, gays, lesbians, the various types  of Asians--will the eventually become fodder for this legally sanctioned, "Hunger Games, " like violence???????????????

                            I hope not!  I would love to hear Joan Rivers on all this.  I am sure she would right to the  point??????????

                            Remember when Joan used to talk about her "high school classmate," that tramp, Heidi Abromowitz???????????  She dissed her deep, but she never raised a finger to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Let's all  take a lesson, from Joan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Dreamed A Dream, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Lauren Bacall came to me, last night, in a dream, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I am telling you, it was a spiritual experience!  On this post-Assumption eve, I truly believe Mary and Lauren were watching out for me.

                                         In the dream, we had a conversation; she was elegantly dressed in plaid, just like above, and she revealed to me that she was my aunt!

                                          I should be so lucky!!!!  None of my aunts--some of whom were my favorite relations!!!!--ever looked like Lauren Bacall!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not even close!

                                           I think this was a sign from On High.  Having been going through a rough emotional patch, recently--but not with my beloved; never; you can believe that!!!!-- I think, once she passed on, Mary told Lauren to keep an occasional eye on me!  Which is what I believe she was doing.  She was telling me to persevere.  I appreciate the support.

                                            Is Lauren Bacall my actual aunt?  I think that would be pretty amazing to suddenly find that out, after all these years!  I cannot imagine a family connection.  There were no Perskes on either side.  And none of us were Jewish.

                                             I feel honored having had Lauren visit, and I thank both her and Mary both! They will keep me going, in my time of need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             And, remember, girls, if you have no "spiritual aunts," you can always reach me on here, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Congratulations, Mary, On Your Special Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Well, one of them, anyway!  I am certainly no Bernadette, but I do talk to Mary, often.  And Mary hears a lot.  She has perhaps gained more insight into the gay community from me than anyone who talks to her.  And the nice things is, she listens. When you are the BVM, it is a 24/7 job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    So, this is to wish her well on that special day, known as the Assumption.  This was the day on which, when Mary left this Earth, she went straight up to Heaven--no ifs, ands, or buts!  Few of us will have that distinction, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe Sister Camille!

                                       As for Sister Camille and her girls, I am sure they have huge plans for this day. And our lovable reptile friend, Gojira, is going right over to celebrate, wearing a veil, too modest to reveal that in June of 2018, he will be coming out with another movie of his very own.  I don't think that Mothra will be in it, but since the first film did so well this Summer, Gojira is right in the thick of the Hollywood market. As well he should be.

                                         So, thanks Mary, for listening to all my lamentations, and many happy returns, on this, one of your Very Special Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            Another coffee klatch, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!