Monday, February 29, 2016

One Sixth Through 2016, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Today we finally come to the end of the period I am not fond of.  Though I have many loved ones born in both months, January and February are not my favorite months, and the weather they often bring is reason enough for that.

                                  Not that March is always smooth sailing.  It can either be a Lion, or a Lamb.  But with March, the days grow even longer, the Spring comes, if slowly, and before I know it, it will be Easter, and time for the annual screening of "The Song Of Bernadette."

                                     Still, February was a pretty interesting month for us, and may March be kind to us as well.  Nothing will top those mutual Valentine Day cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       When I speak to you next, girls, we will be headed into a new month, and soon a new season!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Farewell, February!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There Were Some Oscar Surprises, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!! And The First One Was "The Revenant" Bear Sitting In The Audience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      I have to confess, girls, it wasn't on my dance card to watch the Oscars, last night.  I hadn't seen enough of the films to get excited, there was no MERYL--unthinkable!!!!!!!!!--and so why should I invest my time in what would turn out to be a long, boring, evening, when I could watch some nice, relaxing serial killers on ID, and then the high jinks on "Judge Judy????????"

                                        My beloved kept reminding me of the obligation I had to my girls, on here.  Added to which he said my gay card would be invoked, if I did not tune in, and then where would I be?  It certainly would not be straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           So, I was pleased by the surprise of the bear being on. That perked me up a bit.  But so did Mark Rylance winning for Best Supporting Actor; I have not seen "Bridge Of Spies," but having seen Rylance on stage, I know what a fine actor he is, so it is richly deserved.  As was "Spotlight," for Best Picture, which was something I did not expect to hear, but, really, darlings, it WAS the movie of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            Now that Leo finally has an Oscar to call his own, I hope everyone shuts up about this overrated thing getting an Oscar.  He can act, but his acting does nothing for me.

                                              But, oh my God, girls!!!!!!!!! Did you see that stunning, red Dior gown Charlize Theron was wearing???????????  Who wouldn't want to be seen in that, except, who could look as good as Charlize in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the gown of gowns, darlings, was the Armani Prive one, with a floral pattern, worn by Cate Blanchett, whose hair was styled the way I would like, too.  How I would love to dash into the Palm Court, for tea with Hayley Mills, dressed in this!!!!!!!!!!!!  But, who could better wear it than Cate?????????

So, see, there were some Oscar perks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better luck, next year, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Head For The Hills, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Martha Clarke Is At It, Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Oh, my God!  Martha Clarke!!!!!!!!! Thirty years ago, when I was young and venturesome, I made my way down to the Public Theatre, where, at the Newman, where "A Chorus Line" was originally performed, (just that was enough to excite me!!!!!!!) I rushed to see something everyone was talking about called "Vienna Lufthaus," by Martha Clarke.

                                Of course, I had heard of Martha Clarke.  I mean, I knew of "The Garden Of Earthly Delights," and until I saw 'Lufthaus,' I was curious to see this other work.  But the one I saw cured me of Martha.

                                  The imagery in "Vienna Lufthaus" was stunning.  My memory recalls it as a series of moments of poetic tableaux.  The problem was it did not move much.  People arranged themselves on the stage, but they did not seem to dance.  Martha was later what I called in the Susan Stroman tradition; both know how to block out stage imagery, and make it look impressive,  But the movement and feeling that other choreographers bring to their work is always missing with them.

                                     Let me tell you, there is NOT an island big enough to house Martha Clarke, Julie Taymor, and Diane Paulus.  The egos are just too much.

                                      Now, the latest is that Martha has gotten together something at the Signature Theatre  she calls "Angel Reapers."  My God, it looks like a cross between  the musical "Plain and Fancy," and "The Crucible" done as a dance piece!!!!!!!!!!!!  Heaven help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     I mean, this is what all the fuss is about? And the run of the thing has been extended at the Signature!  Don't you realize it is time to hang it up, Martha?

                                       Remember what Martha Scott, as Adelaide (standing in for Lucia Chase) said in "The Turning Point--"  "Dearie, even Emma has to move on.  Just like the rest of us."

                                         Wise advice to follow, Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A "Detective Story," Circa 1963!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Remember the Broadway play, "Detective Story," by Sidney Kingsley? It was a police procedural, covering a day in the life, circa late forties, early fifties. The 1951 film version was unforgettable, and featured a scene stealing turn by Lee Grant, as the Shoplifter!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Well, much more goes on in Gann's novel, which is like Kingsley's vehicle, updated to 1963. Which means there are lots of references to homosexuals no one would dare use today. And the precinct in question here is San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            Here, everyone gets a scene stealing moment.  Like a teen-aged girl named Harriet, crying out to be played by a Bonita Granville type, who makes rape allegations because she does not like living with her aunt and uncle. Cute, huh?  Then, there is Lawrence Potter--a florist; uh-huh!!!!!!!!!--who is homosexual and cannot control his impulses. Good luck with that in this era, Larry; hope you hung on till the Harvey Milk era. And then there is John Barbee, stifled by  demands from a wife worthy of Lady Macbeth, who attempts suicide.  I think he succeeds, and while that saddens me, the thought that he escaped the wife makes me feel better. I would have felt better if she had jumped off the Golden Gage Bridge.

                                             The authority figures in this book are all representative types--blue collar, Irish, either extremely noble or extremely corrupt.  This is the first Gann book I have read.  I know he is known for "The High And The Mighty," which was in my house growing up in New Jersey, though I never read it.  "Of Good And Evil" makes me think it was written on the quick; Gann owed his publisher some kind of manuscript, so he cranked this out pretty fast, without fleshing out the story to the level of some of his ore successful books.

                                                It is interesting reading it because of its time.   But its literary worth is left behind in that time. Good for historical perspective, but that is about it, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Leap Year, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Can you believe it is already February 29?????  The first we have had in four years, back in 2012?  Today, my sister actually has a REAL birthday; she would be 19, so go ahead and do the math!!!!!!!!!!  All of us have passed the ingenue stage, dears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  If you are a Leap Year Baby, there is plenty to celebrate.  But, how does one celebrate Leap Year, if you are not?  Are there Leap Year traditions?  It seems to be one of the most heralded, but least known about, days.

                                    So, I will wish everyone smooth sailing, like the frog here, for this current Leap Year!  Whether it is your birthday or not, celebrate in some way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, Shelley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              As long as we are talking of Sixties icon, darlings, it can not be forgotten that today is Shelley Plimpton's birthday.

                              Shelley, original child of the Aquarian Age, who introduced my favorite song, "Frank Mills," in the musical "HAIR," turns 69 today!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it??????????  Which means that next year she will be..............GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Of course generations beyond mine may have no idea who she is, beyond being the mother of that wonderful actress, Martha Plimpton.

                                  I am sure Martha is happy for her mother. And so we wish Shelley another happy birthday, a great year, and then on to a new decade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Let The Sunshine In, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    And for real, early Shelley, listen to this!  This was at the Public Theatre, the way Shelley introduced the song to the world, on October 7, 1967, when she was only 20.  The tempo is faster, but the sweetness, as always, belongs to Shelley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     It set a role model for me, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, No!!!!!!!!!!!! Yoko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Long before that thing called Madonna showed up on the scene, Yoko Ono pioneered the art of self-promotion.  An artist, and activist, and skilled manipulator, she hitched herself to the coattails of John Lennon, and they became a team.  One that was sadly broken by Mark David Chapman, back in 1980.

                           Back in the day, I held she and Linda McCartney responsible for the break-up of the Beatles, but those days now so long past, I don't  know how I feel about that one, anymore.

                            I was horrified to hear Yoko was rushed to the hospital last night.  In fact, she was rushed to Mt. Sinai West, which used to be St. Luke's Roosevelt.

                             The word on the street was that Yoko, having just turned 83 nine days ago, had had a stroke. Now, they are just claiming flu-like symptoms, dehydration, and that she may be discharged later today. What I want to know is, how do you dehydrate at 83?????????  Drink, darling, drink!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Yoko may look cunning and inventive in this photo, girls, but she is no Baayork Lee!  Yoko can't dance a step, so she does not know how to put herself together, like Baayork. She can posture all she wants, but I have seen street shots of her where she looks like some bag hag!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Nevertheless, Yoko is wished well. Any relic of the Sixties which us baby boomers can cling to, we are grateful for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Girls, Will Black Phillip Land A Spot On "The Stephen Colbert Show????????????"

                            The media juggernaut of stardom surrounding Black Phillip, the goat being hailed for his breakthrough performance in Robert Eggers' "The Witch" continues to grow.  There is actually a trailer featuring his scenes exclusively, with quotes from critics, raving about his spectacular performance!

                               I am telling you, not since Algebra, the donkey (or was it mule???????) in "The Little Rascals" has there been such a furor over fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Black Phillip even has his own Twitter feed, so the value of his fur is going to go sky high, for his services.

                               It would not surprise me if he ends up as a guest on "The Stephen Colbert Show."  Or maybe as a guest host on "Saturday Night Live!!!!!!!!!!"

                                I bet MERYL wants to work with him.  And, if Ryan Murphy is smart, he will sign Black Phillip on for the forthcoming season of "American Horror Story!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                 This goat is on his way!  I wish I had the career options he had!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  But no bus and truck tours of "The Sound Of Music," please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Here is the trailer, featuring Black Phillip!!!!!!!!!!  See what I mean????????

Darlings, Vivien Cardone Sure Livened Up Things On 'SVU' Last Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Remember Vivien Cardone girls???????????  She was unforgettable as the deranged ballet aspirant Paulette Bartol--we just LOVED Paulette!!!--on "Law And Order, Criminal Intent," back in 2010. So, it was a delight to have her show up on last night's 'SVU' episode, entitled "Star Struck Victims."  She walked off with the evening as Kristi Cryer, who turned out to be more interesting than Craig Bierko as the sleazy Bobby D'Amico, and James Madio, as his sidekick, Noel Panko.

                            I thought this would be a ho hum reworking of the Cosby thing. It turned out to be much more.

                           I connected with Kristi instantly, because, like me, she is a blogger, whose life is her beat, and who records everything shamelessly.  Which is where she and I differ. There are definitely things on here I do not talk about, and going down on someone in  a bathroom would be one of those things. In actuality, Kristi is more than a blogger, she is a vlogger, meaning she does not write about everything; she video records it.  I get the loyalty to her followers she espouses, I even understand her airing her rape message that went viral, but as for the sleazy sex she sought out that led to it, well, girls, in my book, that is what is called a tramp!!!!!!!!!!!  Kristi did not deserve to get raped, but she definitely made the wrong decision, when she stepped into that bathroom with D'Amico!!!!!!!!  Do you think I would do such a thing, girls???????? And with such sleaze?????????  Please!!!!!!!!!!!  I may not be Bernadette or Jacinta, but give me some credit for taste and discretion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Poor Olivia is having problems.  She cannot control her staff, and they are running rogue on here.  Bad supervision, maybe?  Lack of leadership skills?  Hell, I know all about that, first hand.  But I cannot fault Amanda for what she did, and wasn't it great when, just when one thought she was actually going to be raped, she turned the tide on those bozos, but good?????????  I hope Panko lost both his balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           And kudos to Mike Dodd, played by Andy Karl, for leaking the rape video to the media.  He is going to pay the price by going up against his disgustingly corporate and arrogant father, brilliantly played by Peter Gallagher, but I am sure, like me, he will feel it was worth it. Unfortunately, this may be the way to get Dodd off the show; scheduled to star in the Bill Murray role in the Broadway bound musical. "Groundhog Day," unless he goes on Judy Garland's drug regimen, I don't see how he will have the time or energy to do both. So, this could lead to his bowing out of 'SVU,' which is a shame, because he is beginning to grow on me.

                           Not to worry. There is still neurotic, obsessive Olivia, ready to battle with anyone--Caprisi, Rollins--until she works herself up into a Blanche Du Bois type breakdown, and gets hauled off to the loony bin.

                            Heaven help me, IF this show ever has a FINALE, that is how it should play!!!!!!!!!!

                              And, Vivien, thanks for livening things up!  Come back, SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gojira Just Needs Some Loving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                See how lovable Gojira is???????  Who wouldn't love him?

                                 That's why I want all my girls on here to send out waves of love to Gojira. He is just a bit put out with all the media attention being focused on Black Phillip, the  scene-stealing ghost in Robert Eggers' film, "The Witch." So, he is feeling a little insecure.

                                    Now, Gojira, honestly, do you think a goat could upstage YOU?  Black Phillip (more on him, later) does an impressive job in the film, but I don't think he has a six decades old film career ahead of him. Hell, he probably won't even live that long!!!!!!!! What is the life span for goats, anyway??????????

                                    Our lovable reptile friend is also upset, because, over on Infant Island, Mothra is chuckling over all this, with glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Hey, Mothra, you bitch, how many movies have you made, lately?  Is anyone clamoring for your services????????  I do not think so, nor do I see pictures of you  in the media, like Gojira, here, or hear that you have, not one, but two, major movies coming out, soon!!!!!!!!!!!!  Which Gojira does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      So don't worry too much over Black Phillip, Gojira.  He will have his day, like Bridget Fonda, then kind of just disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Or, if his career hit the skids, as did Kate Hudson's, maybe he will simply start a fashion line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        We love you, Gojira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This Sex Sick Thing Is One Sex Sick Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Nothing is as random as we think it is, darlings!  On the night of January 28, 1983, Michael Cade, then 21, now about 53 or 54, and, already as a youth, with a history of break-ins and violence, since this entitled bitch did not have to do anything, living with his parents, claims he selected the Duffield home in Olanthe, Kansas, to perpetrate his mayhem on.

                                      This mayhem, which included rape and murder,  was heaped upon Janelle Duffield, a 12-year-old girl, who was not only bludgeoned to death with a hammer, but raped!  Raped! At the age of twelve!!!!!!!!!!!!  Paul Duffield, age 15 was sleeping on the couch, and was bludgeoned, but not enough; he ended up being the survivor of this mayhem, which helped convict Cade, who, needless to say, is the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, to a Life sentence. Though he is up for parole in 2018, but when you hear the rest of this, girls, this piece of filth is not going anywhere. Nor should he!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       The noise awoke the eldest daughter, Kelly, who was then 17.  It was later surmised, around town, after the incident, that Cade had been obsessed with Kelly, stalking her so unobtrusively, she was not even aware of it. Which is why I say his decision to hit the Duffield home was not especially random. It was right on target.

                                         Kelly was kidnapped, and taken from her home. By that point, father John--who had been a suspect, till cleared--awoke around 5AM to the horror he was confronted with.  His wife, Carole, was on duty at the local hospital. He got Paul there fast, and called police about Janelle and the missing Kelly.  Kelly was not found until ten days later; her body in a drainage ditch, near Frisco Lake, where Cade had beaten and raped her, then left her there to die!!!!!!!!!  What scum!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          It killed the Duffields, who died prematurely, John in 1998, then Carole in 2011.  The mystery is why he went only after the children?  Collateral damage?  Picking on the weakest? Had he no idea there was at least one parent in the house, so why did Cade not go after John??????   Carole was at work, which is why she survived.

                                           The whole thing makes me think he had it in for the Duffield children, particularly.  One can only guess why. Even this sicko may not know.

                                            But sicko he is, and when I heard this story I could not think of a more appropriate Bitch Of The Week. You dumb ass, Cade. You robbed those children of their lives, but Paul lives to spite you, and you robbed yourself of a life. Which was going nowhere, fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             A truly rotten bitch, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

See???????? Even Gojira Knows About The Importance Of Good Health Insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  See how lovable and helpful Gojira is?  He is showing his associates the necessity for good health insurance, even if one is billions of years old.  Maybe even especially.

                                   He is organized, and he plans ahead.  And he is instructing others to do the same.  Even if one does not have a major movie career like he does, Gojira says there is no excuse not to have some kind of health coverage.

                                    I am sure we could learn much from Gojira's classes.  If I knew where they were being held, I would register immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Remember How Simple Life Used To Be???????????????

                               This Kid Flash story, which I recall vividly from my childhood, was a rich depiction of what I then expected from my youth--to hole up in a joint somewhere, listening to vinyl material that makes you say things like "It's way out! I'm in orbit!"

                                Even Theater Queens would screech with glee (before it became a horrible TV show) over the latest cast albums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 It's just looking back on a time that, now, seems more innocent than it did, back then!

                                  And Wally West as Kid Flash was the cutest!  Though I liked his yellow costume best!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is Martha Plimpton Selling Out Her Quirkiness For Television???????????????????????

                                   I have to confess, lambs, that when this poster began popping up all over the place, I did not recognize the woman on the right. It took my beloved to make me realize it was none other than Martha Plimpton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Martha Plimpton as the matriarch of a straight arrow, sort of lace curtain, Irish family?????????  Huh????????????

                                   Now, I have loved Martha, since she was a little girl. And her mother, Shelley, whose birthday is in just several days, is a musical theater icon of mine.  But Martha has always had an edginess and quirkiness to her work that makes her...well, Martha Plimpton.  No one played White Trash with more humor than Martha. She was actually better than Mama June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     But this?  Are we going to have Martha in church wearing doilies on her head, and saying the Rosary?????????  That would be too much for us, me included, to take.

                                      Martha, no one is judging you for grabbing onto the brass financial ring that TV offers. But, darling, please keep that wonderful edginess and quirkiness of yours.

                                       It's what we love most about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So we will be watching!!!!!!!!!!

Give That Goat A Contract!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Darlings, not since the days of Lassie and Toto has there been such talk over a Hollywood animal star.  It is the con census of critics, including yours truly, that Black Phillip, the goat, steals every scene that he appears in Robert Eggers' stunning new film, "The Witch."  He interacts with children, attacks the father, and speaks in tongues.  I am telling you, girls, I have not seen this kind of an acting range since Linda Blair in "The Exorcist," and that was forty three years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             In fact, Black Phillip acts better than Jennifer Lawrence. And he has more presence, to boot.

                              Everyone is wondering what his next project is going to be.  The rumor is that it will be a big screen adaptation of Edward Albee's "The Goat,or Who Is Sylvia?." in which the script is rewritten, so the goat does not get killed, gets the best lines, and the man-goat relationship scene is depicted in all its glory. There is even a confrontation between the goat and the wife that is straight out of "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?"

                                 Pity the poor, hard working actors in "The Witch."  Playing second fiddle to a goat!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  No "Sound Of Music-Lonely Goatherd" roles for Black Phillip.  He is up there in the bigwigs of drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    I hear Marcia Gay Harden cannot wait to work with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

"The Witch" Is A Bitch, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Robert Eggers--whom I have no idea if he is related to the overrated author Dave Eggers--is an assured director.  His film, "The Witch," is a triumph of style over substance. Through his script, allowing for a series of brilliant acting performances from every member of the cast, art and set decoration and cinematography that elicit a genuinely creepy atmosphere, evoking both a period style, and an ambiguity recalling "The Blair With Project"--but no hand held cameras, in this one!!!!!!!!!--to a story that has been told many times before becomes especially compelling.

                                   I loved it. My beloved did not.  Which is why I make all the  artistic decisions in our home!

                                    More to the point, I have to tell you, girls, this film has the second best performance ever given by a goat on film.  The first was the white goat, that just basically stood before the camera, and looked menacing, in Dante Tomaselli's 2002 film, "Horror."

                                      It has taken fourteen years for a goat to command the screen again, and the one here, aptly named Black Phillip, is brilliant, interacting with the actors in ways never before seen. Come next year, Black Phillip should get an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor.  I mean, if  we are talking about diversity, dears..................

                                      But this goat is matched by everyone in the film.  Ralph Ineson, whose deranged religious hypocrisy allows the entrance of evil onto his place, Kate Dickie, at times looking like an emaciated Vanessa Redgrave, who will follow whatever her husband says, however wrong it is. And the three who play their children--twins Mercy (Ellie Grainger) and Jonas (Lucas Dawson) who do some pretty difficult work here. None more so than their oldest sister, Thomasin, played by Anya Taylor-Joy) whose haunting performance carries the film.  And raises the question--when the baby, Samuel, is abducted and never found, evil has entered, but who brought it forth--Thomasin, or her father????  I say the latter, though Thomasin's choice at the end, and the final shots, replicating paintings of the Crucifixion and Mary's Assumption, have got to be seen to be believed.

                                       Except for the scene stealing by Black Phillip, nothing in "The Witch" has not been done before.  But it hasn't been done as dramatically, compellingly, and stylistically, in recent memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         See it, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         And here is Black Phillip in all his glory, girls!!!!!!!!!!  A star is born!!!!!!!

Timeless, As Always; Especially Timely Today, In Light Of The Presidential Campaign, In That Who Can Tell The Real From The Unreal???????????

                                   The distinction has always been at the heart of "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers," but its brilliance stems from its ability to fit the socio-political zeitgeist of any given moment.

                                     It took me years--I saw the 1956 film on TV long before I knew it was a literary source--to realize that Jack Finney, the same man who wrote "Time And Again", which so many, save myself, revere, wrote this alien classic.  And it is interesting how similar and different from the movie the novel is.

                                      The writing style echoes the original film's (the Gold Standard!!!!) black and white tones.  The principles are pretty much the same, as is the dehumanization of a town in California--and possibly the world--by a group of pods floating in space, whose existence and arrival are explained in ways comprehensive and scientific, yet fitting into the fictional confines of the story being told.

                                        This I did not expect. Nor did I expect the hopeful ending, given the novel, which I will not reveal here, but insist you read.  It satisfies on the printed page, though the image of a paranoid Kevin McCarthy banging on car doors is more indelible, cinematically speaking.

                                           Who knows why it took me so long to read "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers?"  But I am glad I did. Those who only know any of the films, should read the story. A few surprises are still in store.

                                      But this shot, with Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter, will always define the story for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Soon-To-Be Saint Is Honored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Yesterday was the Feast Day Of Blessed Jacinta Marto.  She was the holiest child of Fatima, and the first one Mary took to Heaven.

                             Her brother, Francisco, followed shortly thereafter, while their cousin, Lucita Santos, remained on Earth for nearly a century, in religious servitude.  But it was Jacinta, the youngest of the visionaries, who epitomized the spiritual innocence at the core of Fatima, and who endured deprivation, and physical suffering, including an operation minus anaesthesia, the pain of which she offered up to the Mary, the Lord, and the sufferings of others.  All this, before she was ten years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Yesterday was the anniversary of her death.  And it is said that, next year, which is the Centennial year of Fatima, the three visionaries will be canonized as saints.

                               I hope so.  And I am sorry I did not get to  post this yesterday.

                               So, remember Jacinta, and what she did for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               A remarkable child, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We Have Lost A True Daughter Of The South!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               "He would be there all night, and he would be
                                                    there when Jem waked up in the morning."
                                                --Harper Lee, "To Kill A Mockingbird."

                                         Those words still choke me up, almost fifty years after having read the book that put Harper Lee on the map.

                                           "To Kill A Mockingbird."

                                           When Harper Lee passed away this past Friday morning, I was truly.  She had been a part of my life for so long I thought she would be around forever.  Of course, in a manner of speaking, she will be, because of the legacy she leaves behind, one of the most important works of American fiction of the twentieth century.  Thomas Pynchon, be damned!!!!!!!  And a classic film, to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Harper Lee defined the quiet graciousness of Southern gentility, where tales out of school were never told, and private opinions were kept to herself.  She never set out to be a "literary star," but the power of her lyrical book was too strong to hold back the fame that came to her. A man tle she wore, with humble acceptance, and a touch of amazement.

                                               She was 89, at the time of her death, and all over America people are saddened.  I did not hear of her death, until a friend informed me.  I bowed my head; we have truly suffered a cultural loss.

                                                 Harper Lee lived life, on her own terms.  And she left behind a book that will endure when others have turned to dust.  A book beloved by most.

                                                   Rest In Peace, Harper.  You will be missed, but the way you lived your life can always be found in 'Mockingbiord's' pages.

Friday, February 19, 2016

This Idiot DARES To Attack The Pope???????????? The Pope??????????????????

                              Is this Catholic Bashing Week, darlings???????  First, Jean Stein, or whomever she chooses to call herself, goes after Jennifer Jones in "West Of Eden--An American Place," now The Donald attacks the Pope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Actually, the most interesting thing about all this, in fact about the entire campaign and everything leading up to it, is that this is the first time it is impossible to tell the real people from the performers who are spoofing them!!!!  I chose this photo, because I imagine it is Donald Trump, but can I be sure?

                              That said, I would like to point out there is ONE thing he is on the mark about. He is right when he says that Jeb Bush pees sitting down. This is because Mother Babs pees standing up, at a urinal!!!!!!!!!!!!  She was always the one with balls in that family. When George married her, he was castrated, and when the boys were born, they were gelded at an early age, too.  So only Babs pees standing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  And with tomorrow being the Feast Of Blessed Jacinta Marto!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mouths better be kept shut, tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Where is Paddy Chayefsky, when needed? If he were around today, he would see that what he would have called fiction in his day is becoming more and more of a reality.

                                       And that is the scariest thing of all, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Often, Hons, Do I Read Non-Fiction??????????? Well, This Was Worth It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         I have always loved Christopher Bram's fiction, so I had to find out what his non-fiction writing was like.  It is compelling enough; however, the amount of knowledge one gains from "Eminent Outlaws" is dependent of what one already knows.  In my case, darlings, it was too much.

                                          He starts with Gore Vidal, Truman Capote, and Tennessee Williams, writers I cut my teeth on when young, so there was not much to learn there.  A lot follows, involving Allen Ginsberg and "Howl," which is interesting, not to mention the ambiguous fascination of pretentious and macho Norman Mailer with anything homosexual.  Norman, is that you?  What the hell is up with that?  Guess Norm had issues he never explored.  But, hell, who would want him, anyway????????

                                            Christopher Isherwood is the author handled best in the entire book, and the development of "Cabaret" will be quite fascinating to Theater Queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           When the book moves away from this, to things like Donald Vining and "A Gay Diary" it is at its most interesting.  Indeed, the least notorious, most marginalized writers come off as the real heroes of this history, as they did not get the attention they sought, and yet have somehow managed to endure.  Modestly, Bram gives himself short shrift, even though there is so much more to him than "Father Of Frankenstein."  And he faces the impossible task of trying to restrain mentioning Larry Kramer, a man  who refuses to be restrained.

                                              But that Edmund White. What a pompous, overemphasized pig. His writing is only so-so, yet he gets more mention than David Leavitt.  I mean, hang it up, Ed!  You've had your days in the sun, like Grizabella--and I never found them so glowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               For me, this was a cursory history.  For others, less attuned, it may be more definitive.  But Bram's writing never flags; even when his subjects do.  And how about that William F. Buckley?  With that attitude, and his teeth, he was a Borderline Queen!  But, like Mailer, who would have wanted him?  Those teeth; ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 Of course, I prefer Bram's fiction.  But, on its own "Eminent Outlaws" has his equally fine style, and serves a purpose, even if it is the only game in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ned Abraham Finally Gets What Is Coming To Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Talk about bitchery and sexual hypocrisy.  Something must be in this post-Valentine's Day air, darlings, because I have not written about anything else all day.  And so is added last night's marvelous 'SVU' episode, "Collateral Damage."

                                  Josh Pais has proved himself a marvelous actor over the years, on this show. He has the face of an arrogant, self-righteous pricks, which makes him ideal for playing scumbags. And no scumbag has been lower than bottom feeder Deputy Commissioner Ned Abraham.  Well, for those of us who were hoping Ned would get some kind of comeuppance, the wish came true.

                                     He is caught not only indulging in child porn online, but hiding photos underneath his underwear drawer. Cute, huh?  Added to this he is married--and to a favorite--Jessica Phillips, as ADA Pippa Cox, who handles child welfare cases. They even have two children, ages 7 and 11.

                                      I knew Ned was a scumbag.  A skirt chaser, sure, but a pedophile?  What a sick fuck!  I would love to see a back story which got Ned to this point.  Are we supposed to feel sorry for him?????? Not from the wonderfully unrepentant way Josh played him; even when he was declaring himself guilty, his face was all attitude.  Get corn holed in the slammer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        But, Josh, you are a great actor, did a fabulous job, and livened up the season.  But poor Pippa and those children.

                                          And wait, there's more.  That hottie, Robert John Burke was on, as Captain Ed Tucker, who is always nice to look at, and would warm up a cold winter's night, for sure. The final scene--oh, my God!!!!!!--he is embarking on a romantic relationship with.....Olivia?????????? Is he crazy?????????  Is this just male menopause?????????  He deserves better, like that nice Sonny Carisi, played by Peter Scanavino.  Now, those two would be SOOOOOO fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Is Josh Pais finished on 'SVU??'  Only time will tell.

                                              But cheer up, girls!  I have a feeling we are due soon for a visit from Amanda's sister and mother. What a bitchfest that will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just Look At This Toilet Paper Toting Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Do you know who that is, darlings????????  That is Miss Bitch, Diana Ross, walking out of a store, hoisting so much toilet paper.  Why does she need so much???????  If Flo Ballard were here, hons, I am sure she would agree with me; it is because Diana is so full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Let's face it, she's not some divine creature who does not go to the bathroom. She was from the Detroit projects, where people went to the bathroom in the halls--she probably did, too--and she still produces smelly turds. Excuse my vulgarity, dears. But there is just no other way to describe the vulgarity that is Miss Ross.

                                 She's washed up. She couldn't even play the Barclays, like Bette and BARBRA. She had to open the crappy King's Theater.  Not that the theater itself is crappy. But, compared to the gigs she used to command, this one sure is a crapper.

                                     Guess now she has nothing else to do with her time, but spend it on the crapper!  Or maybe she is going for a colonoscopy!  A lobotomy would be just as well!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Not since Ruth Madoff hauling a shopping cart has there been such a depiction of the mighty having fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        But Ruth was just an inner bitch!  Diana is a bitch to all!

                                         And she killed Florence Ballard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Book Could Be The Bitchfest Of The Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Honestly, it has been nothing but bitch, bitch, this week!  One would think this entire day is devoted to bitchery, and perhaps, it is.

                                      No sooner do I finish re-reading "Answered Prayers," certainly the Bitch Book of the last century, then I hear about "West Of Eden--An American Place," which tragically skewers such folk as the Warner Bros.--whose tale of jealousies and deceptions should be entertaining; the tragedy of Jane Garland--no relation to Judy, remember, hers was a stage name--a child who aspired to be an actress but was destroyed by her parents, and schizophrenia, and even Jean Stein's family; but more on that, in a bit.

                                        What caught my attention was that the book dares to go after the Selznicks, during the period David was married to Jennifer Jones.  The portrait of Jennifer Jones painted is of an obsessed narcissist, who did not care about her daughter, once she was born, and, as she grew into womanhood, the two competed with each other, with the daughter loathing her mother, ending in a tragic suicide. David made Jennifer a nervous wreck, leaving his daughter, Mary, who was ten when he died, pretty much the same.

                                         Now, it is true Jennifer Jones changed outfits several times a day, and had her hair done by a hair dresser every day. But, what's wrong with that?

                                          Who is this Jean Stein, who dares to attack the sacredness of Jennifer Jones???????  Let me tell you something, girls, when one stuns the world, with a performance the like of which Jennifer gave in "The Song Of Bernadette," that sets her for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             I would like to know if Jean Stein is my old nemesis, Frantique Fromage???????  Are you out there in the wilderness, Frantique??????????  Is that you????????  I am surprised you have not contacted me, as you must be delighted by the hatchet job Jean Stein does on Jennifer Jones.

                                               If Jean is Frantique, then new depths have been sunk to.  As is, now I am almost obligated to read what promises to be the West Coast version of "Answered Prayers."

                                                 Jennifer Jones herself visited Lourdes, twenty years after making 'Bernadette.' The city still stands.  So, what does that say about her????????????????

                                                  More to the point, what does this all say about Jean Stein?????  I will save that for when I finish reading the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Do I Keep Saying About Closet Cases, Darlings?????????????????????

                         Doesn't Tyler Deaton look like a smug, supercilious bitch??????

                          That is because he is.  Only, he is more.  Of course, he is a big old closet case, and what have I told you about them, girls?  They do harm to anyone they become involved with, in order to protect the reputations they think they have, but really don't.

                             But, in Tyler's case, religion and murder were what was added to the mix, so this is what makes him the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               When I was a child, I thought IHOP meant International House Of Pancakes.  To me, it still does.  Unfortunately, it can also mean International House Of Prayer.  Did you know there is one in Cranford, New Jersey????????  Yet another reason not to go to Cranford.

                                  The one in question, though, was in Kansas City, Missouri.  I know; the Midwest again!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tyler joined this evangelical movement, and formed a tight knit group around him.  He formed what amounted to a cult within a cult, and one of those members was a young woman, Bethany, who had moved to Grandview right outside where what I will call the BAD IHOP was located. She came four years earlier, at 23, having graduated from Southwestern University, in Georgetown, Texas.  By August of that period, she had married Tyler, to whom she was attracted.  Yeah, he was a real smoothie.  I could see straight through him, but Bethany couldn't.

                                     You know these closet cases, darlings!  If a congregant promised donations in exchange for eating her pussy, Tyler would do it.  But that was the least of it.  He had a secret, and how he kept it from Bethany, or how she could not figure it out is disturbing, in both her inability and a certain naivete she must have possessed for Tyler to pull the wool over her eyes.

                                        Everything exploded on October 30, 2012, when, at 9:40 PM, police found Bethany's body, with a convenient suicide note.  Some believed it, some did not.  I did not believe it for a second.

                                           Then, on November 9, another group member, Micah Moore, turned himself in, saying he killed Bethany at the request of Tyler, because he did not want her to expose his secret--that he was having sexual relations with the male congregants. Bethany had been drugged, and had been sexually assaulted by many of the male congregants, including Micah. The joke of all this is that Micah was arrested, tried, and convicted, but Tyler, with that sneer on his face, is still a free man!  He killed Bethany just as much as if he had done the deed himself, to protect his sexual hypocrisy.  And now that Bethany is gone, and Micah locked up, Tyler is so grieving and sorry about Bethany and how he deprived her of a "straight husband."  Give it a rest, Tyler; you would do it again, in a minute.  I know you type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Still a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               I cannot think of a better choice for Bitch Of The Week. But,remember, Tyler, dear, sooner or later it will catch up with you.  I hope Bethany's family gets the justice they deserve.

                                                  And, dolls, if you are invited to an IHOP, make sure the "P" stands for "Pancakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Another "Follies" Of My Childhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               The older one gets, the sooner childhood artifacts fade. Look at the remnants of the arcade in Asbury Park.  My heart breaks at the sight of this, yet my memory perks up, of actually having been inside, when fully operating, at a time when I thought Asbury Park was the most magical place on Earth.

                                 And some of you did not think I was raised in New Jersey?  Come on!!!!!!!!!!

                                  I loved the Skooter Ride and the Twister, inside.  They were wild, and, while small, my father had to go on with me.  Today, with him approaching 101, he could probably still handle it, while that once rambunctious kid, now in his Sixties, probably would get an upset stomach from it. Ah, the ravages of time.

                                   Yet, there is something strangely beautiful about this shot.  Like a set awaiting an outdoor production of "Follies."  Now, there is an idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      But, first I have to stand in the rubble, like Gloria Swanson, and be photographed!!!!!!!!!!!

Can Anyone Out There Find Me A Good Recipe For Souffle Furstenberg????????????????

                                 I will even accept it from Diane Von  Furstenberg.  I wonder if it was named for her?

                                 All I know, darlings, from reading "The Swans Of Fifth Avenue," and "Answered Prayers" is that this was de rigueur at La Cote Basque, and it was a big deal for the staff to make. But if Slim Keith, or Babe Paley, and now The Raving Queen, requested it, make it they did.

                                 It consists of eggs, spinach and Gruyere cheese.  And something where uncooked eggs are poured into the center, so that they cook along with souffle?  Huh?  Can anyone out there supply the correct information?  I am so anxious to try this, and I know my beloved will be thrilled to make it.

                                 In the name of Julia Child--help!!!!!!!!!  Julie Powell, do you know this one?

                                  What a cozy meal it would make. Just like at La Cote Basque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, Here Is A "Follies-esque" Image, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  For nearly a quarter century, this building out near the end of the Coney Island boardwalk haunted me, with its baroque, nautical, yet Gothic detail.  One could imagine "Carnival Of Souls" being redone here.

                                   I used to think it was a public bath house, but it turns out to have been Child's a food emporium, popular during Coney's heyday, where people came to eat.  Now almost dilapidated, it is to be converted into an amphitheater.   I just hope they can do it, without losing the original flavor.

                                    And who will come perform here?  Not that bitch, Miss Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Yet I am glad something is being done.  There is a reason why that building has stood all this time.

                                      It is because people love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Girls Return, Tonight! But, What Are We In For????????????????

                       What will Lorraine, as Angela, do with herself, this season???????  Will Frankie still be on, just as annoying??????  Will either Jane or Maura find fulfillment, beside with each other?

                         Seasoned "Rizzoli And Isles" viewers, like myself, cannot wait for these, and other questions, to be raised.  I hope the overall quality of the episodes go up, because, last season, there were about two that had genuine merit, and the rest coasted on the personalities of its two leading actresses.

                          But Tuesday, usually one of the dullest nights of the week, when it comes to TV, has once more become exciting!

                            And we will all talk about it, tomorrow morning, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Don't Know If This Was Slim's Suite At The Pierre. But It Is Just Perfect For My Beloved And I, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Imagine a two floor suite!  With a living room to serve freshly delivered tea and scones from the kitchen, and sleeping quarters, upstairs.  I could really settle in at The Pierre--and look at the ceiling!

                             Alas, our cozy little suite in Bay Ridge is just fine, until we find a pied a terre like this.  You will all have to come and admire it, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I wonder if I will find a favorite server, here?  Or, if Boris is still at The Plaza, I will just bring him over!

                                Boris was always so attentive, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Spitzer Can't Keep It In His Pants.....Once Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            As I was just saying, girls, who needs "Answered Prayers," when they are right here!!!!!!!!!  How about the latest with Elliot Spitizer, and the "alleged" assault on this "woman" (who is NOT a prostitute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at The Plaza????????????????

                             And to think I was thinking of going to The Palm Court for tea!!!!!!!!!!!  Look what I would have missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              The most amusing this is the allegation that the young woman, aged 25, is not a prostitute.  So, even if she is not (which I do not believe for a second!!!!!!!!!!) that makes it OK for her to be alone in a swank hotel, with a married, political figure??????????  Come on, now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I can guess what happened.  Spitzer wanted a blow job, and when he took out his unclean, and foul smelling thing, she did not want to go near it--can you blame her???--and so he knocked her around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I wish someone would knock around Spitzer!  Or at least force him to take a bath!!!!!!!!!

                               I know these types. They think they're not rank, physically or otherwise, when, actually, they are.  And because Spitzer is such a pig, she probably would not let hm eat her pussy, so he got nothing for his trouble, poor baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Hang your junk up, Spitzer!!!!!!!!!!!  No one even wants it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                All I can say is, Poor Silda!  When are you going to dump this pig onto the street???????????

This Blog Owes A Lot To "Answered Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                       Even though it has only been two years since my last reading of it, once having completed Melanie Benjamin's "The Swans Of Fifth Avenue," what better work to follow it with than Truman Capote's a clef masterwork?

                                          The sad thing is Capote did not realize that the book he wanted "Answered Prayers" to be had already been written over a decade before--and by a lesser author.  That would be Jacqueline Susann's "Valley Of The Dolls," which, incidentally, turns 50 this year, and is read, and, in some cases, even taught!

                                          As great as "Answered Prayers" is, the only ones who seem to read it are Capote devotees and gays and others of a certain age, who understand fully who the people being written about are, and are as fascinated by them as I am.  Whereas more read 'Valley,' understanding who the people therein are.  I know Truman once referred to Jackie as "a truck driver in drag," which there may be some truth to, but Tru, honey, Jackie got to where you wanted, first, and I think, unfortunately, her book will endure longer.

                                        Which does not mean that 'Valley' is the better book; it's not. "Answered Prayers" is brilliantly written, lyrical in spots, and encapsulates the New York that some of us, when young, yearned for.  And, in my case, got to experience a little of.

                                            But Jackie had the grand roman a clef success Truman saw for his book.  Which is why I feel a little sorry for him.

                                              Whether or not you read Melanie Benjamin's book, you should read "Answered Prayers."  And if you have not read it in awhile, do so again.  'Valley' stays firmly planted where it is, but Capote's work, like fine wine, improves with age, as we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  Who knows, darlings, it may answer some of your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            For us, girls, the fun started almost as soon as we got up.  After listening to Sister Camille, I went and filled out my very elegant card to my beloved, which I knew would make him happy.  I signed, sealed it, and handed it to him.  When he saw the envelope, he burst out laughing.  I could not understand it.  Then, I looked over at my night table, where rested a similar looking envelope!

                            Yes, inconceivable as it may sound, we had each given  the other the exact same Valentine's Day card.  What does that about us?  I guess we are on the same page,and true love reigns, of course!

                              But, what to do with the rest of the day, being  so cold outside.  Only Chloe would venture out in this, and that was early this morning, you can bet!  Now, she is in her house, to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                So, I don't how Valentine's Day will turn out here.  Besides, we have a luncheon date tomorrow, with Uncle Ernest, now 85, as of yesterday, which should be good for several stories.

                                 Whatever you do today, darlings, have a Happy Valentine's Day!  Even if you just play the Original Cast album of "She Loves Me!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                   Meanwhile, here is a classic Valentine moment from The Little Rascals.  I am sure many of us remember it!  Forgive the color; I had no choice!  These should remain in black-and-white!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Winter Of Our Discontent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Now, darlings, it does not look as nearly as pretty as Varykino, outside, but it sure as hell feels like it!!!!!!!!!!  What am I supposed to do???????????   Tea at The Palm Court??????????  Who the hell wants to go into the city on a day like this, endangering everyone's respiratory system.  And mine!  My God, what if I am needed to sing Fantine??????????

                           So, I think I am just going to curl up, and read.  What could be better than the bitchiness of "Answered Prayers;" and who knows what kind of an influence it might have, on future posting, so watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             To think that tomorrow is Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it??????????

                              The winter will pass.  So, keep you cool, darlings, in this freezing cold!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Calories!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What Has Happened To Anna Deavere Smith???????????????

                           Now, darlings, I know we all cannot be Blythe Danner--and more's the pity, and I should know--but I have to confess, when I saw Anna Deavere Smith, an artist whose work I revere, but have not seen in a long time, guest starring as the warden on 'SVU,' I was initially shocked by her appearance.

                           I mean have you seen that annoying Weight Watchers commercial, where a still, shall we say not petite Oprah, extols its joy, and that she loves bread, and eats it every day??????????  Oh, my God, give it a break, Oprah!!!!!!!!!  And what about your blood sugar levels???????????

                             Not only was I shocked, when I saw Anna, I was concerned.  I was also shocked to discover she is 65; she is till a good looking woman, and she sure does not look it.  But, she sure as hell cannot wear Balenciaga!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Oprah and Anna need to switch places.  The former needs to shut up, and the latter needs help--get Kiristie Alley; look what she accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                You stuff that bread, all you want Oprah, if it makes you happy!  But I don't see Anna Wintour knocking on your door!

                                  Please Miss Smith, take care of yourself.  You are of too much value to a rapidly dwindling artistic community!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  And, Oprah, you keep eatin' that bread, honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!