Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girls, Let Us Celebrate The Miracle of Donna McKechnie


I am telling you there is no excuse for such scurilous filth on the Internet. Today I discovered, going back to August 22, 2006 this article on the then forthcoming revival of "A Chorus Line" by this ersatz writer/dancer named Toba Singer. Girls, she has her own website, and she looks like a cow! I am talking Totie Fields, only without the true artistry that was Miss Fields.

This two ton Tessie Tura has the nerve to criticize Donna McKechnie. How many shows have you stopped, Toba? How good do you look in a red skirt? And just how flexible is that body of yours?

It seems to me Singer is the one with the fixation--on Priscilla Lopez. She goes on to talk about she and Priscilla studied together at the High School of Performing Arts. THEN she has the sheer audacity to committ one of the greatest faux pas in theater history--to violate confidentiality that even Priscilla Lopez has kept all this time as to the true identity of Mr. Karp in "Nothing." I have known many actors who studied there who knew but there was alway a tacit agreement not to reveal him. And so we get it first hand from Tubby Toba!!!!

Says how she studied dance with Phil Black. Sweetie, didn't we all. So did Trini Alvarado!
According to Toba what "A Chorus Line" is really about is she and Priscilla, and not, as she phrases it "Michael Bennett and his morbid fixation on Donna McKechnie."

Excuse me, Toba? Were you part of the creative process of ACL? Were you a member of the original cast. How dare you claim the show is about you! Honey you couldn't do a time step, let alone walk across the street.

As for Mr. Bennett and his morbid fixation on Donna McKechnie, let me tell you this Michael is fixated for the same reason as the other Michael--we both respond to Donna's emotionally impassioned style and artistry, the perfection of that bodily symmetry that, darlings, you know we all want to have, but which only Donna can own!!!!! Donna is a true miracle; while at home recuperating from a shoulder disc slip up and listening to her CD, I heard that inner voice of Donna that all us dancers hear say "Honey, if you can get on your feet--dance!" Before I knew it I was dancing "The Music and The Mirror" full out and feeling no pain!!!!!! The miracle of Donna is how she reaches all artists whether she is present or not. How many artists has Toba Singer reached? With the piece she has written she is sure to alienate more than she will reach.

Michael Bennett, God love him, had a reputation for being a theatrical bitch, but he is no longer with us. But THIS Michael is still here, so let me speak for him--Miss Singer if you say one more scurilous thing agst Donna you will learn from me the true meaning of the word B-I-T-C-H.

Hope everything is beautiful at your ballet, darling!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Girls, We Just LOVE Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid!!!!!

"You're soaking in it.
Relax, it's Palmolive!
Really mild?
And it softens hands while you do the dishes."
--Jan Miner as Madge the manicurist

Girls, who would have thought that Palmolive would pave the way for the fashion industry
and Hollywoood? The other night while washing my dishes with said product I noticed how
the color clearly resembled Keira Knightley's gorgeous "Atonement" gown. Darlings, I am
convinced the costume designer of "Atonement" was inspired to create the gown while
washing dishes with Palmolive! If only Jan Miner were here to see how Madge paved the
way for fashion iconography.

So, girls, scrub up tonight with Palmolive as it points you the way towards Hollywood
glamour. And the next time you bitch about housework, think about what product could
be the next trend setter. Maybe Clorox????

Love you all, girls!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy VD Day, Girls!


Ever stop to wonder that the initals for Valentine's Day are VD??? What is that about, hmmm? Are the Christian right using this day to protest promiscuous sexual practices by scaring the bejesus out of its youth. Because I am here, girls to tell you on Valentine's Day to love, love, love,
whether that is curling up with your honey, a DVD of "Fatal Attraction" or dinner for two at a romantic hot spot like One If By Land Two If By Sea. Girls, I vote for the latter except no man to take me, nor even the prospect of one. Huhhhhh...........

Nevertheless girls I am out on the prowl tonight, a walk on the wild side to get some VD of my own...but only the right kind!

Later, girls!!!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Girls, Sometimes We Want To Be Nurse Ratched!!


Don't you just love Louise Fletcher as Nurse Ratched? With that vampire hair style and institutional white uniform look she is the bitch we sometimes need to be. Just love to control our inmates and make them squirm. In fact Louise makes a career of making us squirm; just adore her as Grandma Olivia, who slaps Christine silly and then cuts her hair in the name of sin in "Flowers In The Attic," not to mention her star turn as science teacher Mrs. McKelchy in the 1986 remake of "Invaders From Mars" where she devours a frog in front of her students. My high school science teachers deserved to eat far worse!!!!

Girls, we need to get in touch with our inner bitch sometimes, and thank God we have Louise Fletcher to channel us into it. So have yourselves a Louise Fletcher film festival this weekend and pay tribute to one of filmdom's top ranked bitches!!!!!