Monday, June 30, 2014

Farewell To The Sixth Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

               I opened this month with "June Is Bustin' Out All Over," and it certainly was, and did!  From Gay Pride, to "Stage Fright," to dinners with Ellen and Chris, a jaunt with Auntie Alvin, Jessie Mueller winning the TONY Award, and us seeing "Violet" yesterday--more about that on another post--June was a Happening Month.  Not to mention all the birthdays--Jennifer, Jonathan, Millie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                So, now we segue  into an all-Summer month, July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who knows what will happen then, but lets' hope it is fun, starting with the horror movie, "Deliver Us From Evil!"

                See you in July,  loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

I Saw Her Again, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        As I believe I wrote on here, every neighborhood should have its own drag queen.  While doing errands on Bay Ridge, last Friday, I saw our resident one, whom I shall now dub--what a perfect drag name--Gloria GloryHole!!!!!!!!!!

                        Miss Glo was sashaying her chassie along Fifth Avenue, near the Chase Manhattan Bank, to which I was headed  I am not sure what world she was existing in, but she was having a good time, doing it, delivering her own monologue, which, I know, in just a short time, and from previous sightings, would lead into song.

                        So, a belated Gay Pride salute to Miss Gloria GloryHole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        And guess what song I am adding on here??? You better believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Happens When Someone You Thought You Knew Rejects You For Being Gay??????????????????

                            Yesterday was Gay Pride, darlings, and, as is often said at Christmas, why can't the feeling last all year??????????

                              Which, of course, is idealistic, I know!  But what if people you thought you knew suddenly reject you, simply because you matter of factly tell them you are gay?????????

                               I want to share two examples of this, which happened to me. One was in 1998, and the other was just this year.  The latter was actually more hurtful, as will be told.

                               Back in 1998, I reconnected with a fellow I was friendly with, in college, named Gary.  Back in our freshman year, we were thrown, by chance, into the same English class, sharing an interest in theater and literature.  We were also,  early in the semester, taken out of class, and put in accelerated ones, because of our abilities.  Gary was extremely bright.  He had been valedictorian of his high school class, and he was the same, in college.  It was clear then he was headed to academia, and not only did he go into it, he has succeeded at a time when it is virtually impossible to do so!

                                Now, back in freshman year, I came to college with a load of baggage.  I was shy and withdrawn, and thought of myself as one step removed from Laura Wingfield in "The Glass Menagerie."  Even though, inside, I was bursting to make all those Life discoveries!

                                  Gary, at the time, made me look like an extrovert.  I remember him always looking down, never at anyone in the eye.  I wondered what made him so withdrawn.

                                    But that was then, this is now.  Or, at least, 1998.  I came across a published book, with Gary's name on it as author, and, curious to see if it was he, got on the Internet and searched.

                                    I got my answer.  It was  he.  I also found out some pertinent details, which I will share, because of their importance, in the context of what happened.

                                    I contacted Gary first--email.  He wrote back, excited to know I was still out there, saying how over the years, he wondered about me.  He even said he makes occasional forays into New York, and could we go to the theater?

                                       But--he also said he was married, to a woman he had been engaged to--get this--for 14 years!!!!!!! (What was that all about, I wonder?  That is longer than some marriages today!!!!!!) and had four sons--all of whom were adopted!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        I had to wonder about all this.  Anything was possible.  I just chalked it up to Life Experience.  But, when it came my turn, it was a much different outcome.

                                          In detailing my life then, I mentioned, outright, that I was gay.  I was dating someone at the time, who turned out to be one of my classic mistakes, but did not stop me from being gay, or wanting a relationship. At the time I wrote this, things were peaceful on my front.

                                           I sent what I thought was an honest email.  A week went by, and I suddenly realized I had not heard from Gary, who, up till then, responded almost immediately.  My suspicions went up, but I decided to give it another try.  Nothing.  To this very day.

                                            Looks like Gary had some issues he could not deal with!  But why condemn me for what are his faults?????????????

                                             That was Gary, in 1998.  Now, I offer Linda, in 2014.

                                             If you read on here regularly, you have met Linda, when I wrote about my tragic classmate, Roxanne.  Linda--Linda Johnson, that is--was the one from whom I first heard about Roxanne's problems.  During the time this was consuming me--about three months ago--I got in touch with both Roxanne, and Linda.  I kind of expected not to hear from Roxanne, and I did not. But that did not bother me, because I felt I had an understanding about her.  All I wanted to do was what I felt was the right thing by reaching out to Roxanne.  The rest was up to her, and I accept that, and still do.

                                             But Linda was something else.  Almost the same thing as Gary.

                                             I contacted her on a high school alumni site, because we actually went through K-12 together.  Her response was enthusiastic, and she filled me in on what she knew about Roxanne.  Of course, she asked me about my life, if I was with anyone--and the word "partner" was used, which I felt gave me an opening of acceptance.  So I told her how happy I was, living in Brooklyn, with my beloved, where I worked, etc.

                                            Then it began.  First, a non-immediate response.  When one finally came, she made a point of saying it was "no big deal," my being gay, because I was a "wonderful person."  She said she would write more later--but she didn't.  A month went by, and, around Memorial Day, I gave it another try.

                                              To me, this was worse than Gary, for several reasons. She had used the word "partner," so, in today's parlance, to most it means a gay significant other.  The other was her making such a big deal of supposed acceptance, as if she was trying to justify it in her limited mind.  It is here I should add something.  She wrote that, during our adolescence, she had a sort of crush on me, which I was aware of, but did not know how to handle, because, for one, I was gay, and, for another, I was too busy trying to deal with my own issues back then.  I recall having been to parties and outings with her, always in a groups, and having a good time, but I always enjoyed social contact.  I was looking for nothing more.

                                              So, I had to wonder if this is what triggered her non-acceptance?  Having a crush on a gay man?  Not being able to see that I was?  Well, I have news for Linda.  At the time, I myself could not see it. Or, more likely, did not want to.

                                                As I said earlier, Linda's reaction hurt more than Gary's because we had much more contact, having known each other from kindergarten.  And I was very kind to Linda, at times when others weren't.

                                               When we were in the lower grades, kids did not want to sit next to Linda, because, for reasons I cannot fathom, she gave off a "fishy" smell.  Kids being kids, she was soon being called either "fish," or, because of the popularity of Mrs. Paul's products, "fish sticks."  Linda would often plop herself next to me, and while, at times it was uncomfortable, I never let on.  As I recall, by the time of, oh about fifth grade, this condition stopped, and surely it was gone by high school.

                                                 But anyone with Linda during those years would remember this.

                                                  So, Linda, who I thought would be the most accepting, turned out to be the most hurtful.  I can only be fascinated by someone being thrown by what, especially now, in our late Fifties, should be so trivial a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                   What do you think, girls????????  All I can say is to expect the unexpected, and that the truth, while it may set you free, can also reveal who your real friends are.

                                                    Or,  in these two cases, aren't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can You Believe We Are Halfway Through 2014??????????????

                         Girls, I am telling you, it seems like yesterday, we were celebrating  my beloved's birthday, which is on New Years Day, at Chadwick's, and the wind was howling outside every day, because of the most horrendous Winter we have had in ages, seeming as though Spring would never come!!!!!!!!!!

                            And now, Summer is here, Gay Pride was yesterday, and we have come to the halfway point of 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              From toasting in the New Year in a Brooklyn Heights apartment, to this??????????? Where does the time go???????????????

                               And my hair, my face!  I have to do something about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              The big 6-0 is closing in!!!!!!!!!!!

                              As Judy Collins says, "Who Knows Where The Time Goes??????"

                              But, here, let Judy say it herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Gay Pride, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Where Do We All Want To Go Today????? "Loveland," In "Follies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                  What better image and locale for Gay Pride Sunday, girls???????????  I heat he NYC Parade is the largest in the world, and, having been there and done that for decades, we are going to be Theater Queens today, and go see something on Broadway--hopefully Sutton Foster, in "Violet!"  I will let you know!

                                   However you celebrate this day, try and remember what and whom made it possible--the Stonewall Riots, and Judy Garland!  The two are connected!

                                    So, whether you are marching in the street, or strolling along the Rialto, have the happiest of Gay Prides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         And here is "Loveland" from the one and only ORIGINAL 1971 "Follies!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Saturday, June 28, 2014

For Contrast, How About Shie Labeouf, And "Cabaret?????????????"

                                      Darlings, it is a wonder Shie was not attacked and stoned in the lobby by Vicious Theater Queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         If there is one unforgivable thing that can be done to these folk--as bad as homophobia--it is to interrupt them, during their audience pleasure. And, apparently, that is just what he did--at last night's performance of the revival of "Cabaret" at Roundabout Studio 54, he made loud, disruptive harassing comments during the performance, that resulted in his being removed from the theater!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I just hope it was before it was time to sing "Tomorrow Belongs To Me!"  Imagine, if he ruined Act One's most chilling moment!

                                           They say it wasn't drugs!!!!!!!!  They said it was alcohol!!!!!!!!!  So whaaaaaaaattttttttttt??????????????  A pig is a pig, and this guy should be barred from every Broadway house in town.  I don't want some trash ruining entertainment I paid good money for.

                                              I will never forget,  more than twenty years ago,  the screening at the old Regency Theater of "The Wizard Of Oz."  The film had started, and Judy Garland was just about to sing "Over The Rainbow," when the projector broke down!  You never saw such a reaction!  I thought I would be trampled in a riot, and the projectionist and staff would be killed!

                                               Not only was the problem remedied, but, because of the audience they were dealing with, they understood they had to start the film AGAIN--from the very beginning, the roaring of the MGM lion!

                                                  Shie got off easy!  But he better watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have You Heard About Amy Adams, Darlings??????????????

                                           Isn't this a stunning shot of our Miss Amy?  Since when doesn't she take a stunning photo????????

                                            Girls, I am telling you, when you are mentored by the Divine MERYL, it is very easy to go from being an actress to a humanitarian!  And this is just what Amy did!

                                             Traveling to Los Angeles--First Class, of course!!!!!!--from Detroit, and the set of "Batman Vs. Superman--Dawn Of Justice," the radiant Amy saw a lone American soldier, sitting by himself in coach--and gave up her First Class seat to him!!!!!!!!!!  Giving him the chance for a little, much deserved luxury, and Amy the chance to travel in coach!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Can you believe it, girls!  Amy Adams in coach?????????????/

                                               She even had the generosity to take a shot with her coach seatmate, Ernest Owens!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a class act Amy is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                Of course, part of this is her father's influence--he was a career Army officer, and Amy herself was a self-described "Army brat!"  So her generosity is laced with empathy!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  Amy Adams has always been beloved on here, but now she is more so!

                                                  If only she would appear with MERYL in "Into The Woods!"  Someone has to somehow save that potential screen mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Would You Like To Be Touched By This Angel, Girls????????????

                            Or maybe even touch this angel's butt??????

                            Happy Pride Saturday!  Can you believe Channel 13 is not showing anything appropriate?????  The least they could have done is given us Angela Lansbury in "The Manchurian Candidate!"

                             But all is well at home.  Baby Gojira is decorated for Pride in a beautiful pink cowboy hat, which looks so adorable atop his wee head.  And Ramsey is wearing a rainbow barrette/collar around his neck; he is loud and proud, and this is one lamb who will not be silent!

                               Congratulations to all my Advanced Placement Bitches!  Let's cap off the week by a look at a Supreme Bitch--Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Eleanor Shaw Iselin, in "The Manchurian Candidate."   Maybe this inspired Sante and Kenny Kimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                So, have a Great Pride, darlings, what ever you do, or watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday, June 27, 2014

Now, Girls, Tonight's Advanced Placement Bitch Assignment Involves Extra Credit, Because You Are Dealing With Two Characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Darlings, I simply could not let Gay Pride go by, without some reference to "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?"  It would not be Pride Week, without it!

                                I also realized this would be perfect for your course work.  So, the assignment for today is to write an essay on "Who Is The More Evil Sister--Jane Or Blanche?"

                                 I am sure you will understand my thoughts on this!  As far as I am concerned, it is Blanche!  First, she was played by Joan Crawford, who, we know now, was one big, old, duplicitous bitch!!!!!!!!!!  Second, Blanche had the ax to grind longer!

                                   Remember the scene when Gina Gillespie, as the child, Blanche, says those immortal lines, "I won't forget!  You bet I won't forget?"  Then we see the accident, and we know someone was injured, but not until we move into the present do we see who it was.  And with Jane, by this time, more than three quarters around the bend, it is easy to imagine that she was the one who ran down Blanche.

                                    But, then, there's that beach scene, where Blanche not only confesses she did it, but she made Jane into the psychotic monster she was.  She delivers that zinger, "You weren't ugly, then.  I made you that way.  I even did that!"

                                    Blanche was some evil bitch!  In the novel, she even says, "I threw your life away, Jane...." saying how if she hadn't done what she did, Jane might have gone on to marriage and children.  But then she finishes, with, "I knew what it would do to you, living on my charity.  I had lived off of yours, long enough!"

                                    What a fucking bitch Blanche was!  And a masochist!  Because all the abuse and torture Jane gave to   her she took, because it was only what she deserved!  She asked for it!

                                       So, my vote is for Blanche!  Let's see if I can prove it!

                               'Baby Jane' is the perfect gay film, because, in Jane's childhood is seen the one so many of us wanted.  I am speaking for myself,  here.

                                But watch out, if getting even in adulthood, darlings!  Like the program title says, karma can be a bitch!  Don't screw yourselves, the way Joan/Blanche did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's Celebrate Being Gay This Pride Week, With.............The Dog From "Pink Flamingos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                          I tried, girls, really, I tried to get a more tasteful representation of this canine creature, who, through no fault of its own, is forced into Gay Icon History.  I was looking for the shot of the dog looking at Divine, which is what saves the viewer from vomiting during this entire scene, but this was the best I could do.

                            As some of you may know, in "Pink Flamingos," (a film I have seen only once, and plan to keep it that way!!!!!!!!) Divine claims to be "The Filthiest Person Alive!," and goes about trying to prove it!  The film is brightened by a pair, The Marbles, (played by David Lochary and Mink Stole) who go around licking furniture, and by the great Edith Massey, who plays most of her scenes in a playpen, dressed in a diaper, delivering the famous line, "Oh, Babs, I don't know when the egg man's coming!!!!!!!!!"  The whole thing builds to a climax, in the final scene, when Divine, as Babs Johnson, performs coprophagy, on the fresh product of the dog.  In other words--he eats dog shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         This could have been done with the actual stuff being fake.  But the scene makes it clear that this is real, especially when Divine opens his mouth, with the stuff inside, and swallows on camera.  I can't imagine!  It is bad enough having to swallow that stuff one takes to prep for a colonoscopy!!!!!!!!!  But this!!!!!!!!!!

                         As I said, when Divine pops the stuff into his mouth, there is a cut of the dog, who is looking up at Divine, which must be strange enough, let alone the action, with a look that seems to be asking, "What the hell are you doing?"  It saves anyone watching this scene from throwing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       So, now that I have ruined your appetites for the day, remember what this poor dog went through!  How disrespectful!  But it earned him (or her) a spot in Gay History!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         This definitely comes under the rubric, "Don't try this at home!"  Cathy Mitchell's dump cakes and dinners may look like shit, but they are safer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Happy Pride, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Here Is Tonight's Advanced Placement Bitch Homework Assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Your assignment tonight, girls, has to do with Rhoda Penmark, and "The Bad Seed," which when it comes to bitches and bitchery, cannot be beat!

                                      You are to write an essay on the following topic--"Would Claude Daigle Have Turned Out Homosexual, If Rhoda Had Not Killed Him?"

                                        Darlings, let me tell you--OF COURSE!  When your mother is an alcoholic ridden Eileen Heckart, and your father a nebbishy Frank Cady, plus you are menaced at school by a juvenile, Swiss Miss dressed bitch, of course you are going to end up homosexual!  And being taught in school, by that repressed lesbian, Miss Claudia Fern, who definitely had the hots for Nancy Kelly, as Christine!  She and Leroy might have gotten into a fight over her!!!!!  Now, going by 1956, when the film takes place, Rhoda and Claude are both 8, meaning they were born  sometime in 1947 or 1948.  If alive today, both would be 67 or 66. Senior Citizens.

                                           Just think about it, darlings!  If Rhoda had not been a sociopath, she and Claude might have become friends, and she his first role model and Fag Hag!  By the time he had matured, Claude might have gone off to New York or San Francisco, where he would have cracked the gay scene, maybe ended up on drugs, as his mother was an addict, or maybe he would have had artistic talent, and ended up in a company of "HAIR!!!!!!!!!!"  Then he could go to all the cast reunions, with Shelley Plimpton, and everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          As Stanley Kowalski might have said, "Oh, his future is mapped out for him, all right!"  It would have been a better one, had Claude been allowed to stay alive!

                                           Alas, he wasn't without whom, Rhoda would never have become one of our iconic bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Let's see your essay top this, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's Celebrate Being Gay This Pride Week, With.........Dorothy Gale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             For so many of us, it begins watching Dorothy in "The Wizard Of Oz." The idea of getting caught up in a cyclone, and whirled away to a Technicolor MGM Neverland fuels in those of us who feel out of step with the environment we are placed in, a desire for escape.  Later, as we mature, and puberty fuels in that interest shifts to icons like Judy Garland herself, and, to some, drugs, which is how so many gays end up like, or relating to, Neely O'Hara.

                              But "The Wizard Of Oz" is where it all begins.  I cannot wait to see it on the screen this year, its 75th Anniversary, though I suppose I will have to watch it in 3D!  Watch for it in theaters, come September. Meanwhile, enjoy yourselves, and have a Gay Pride Summer.

                                And here is that magical scene, that shows us how to escape, and to where we would like to escape!  I still recall, how, when I was about six or seven, one summer evening a tornado was predicted for our area at 8PM.  We  never got it, but that did not stop me lining up my bed by the window, so I would get knocked on the head.  Wonder who the Witch I would have seen might have been?  Probably that dumb Norma Brodsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Instead, I escaped, as many gays do, across the Hudson, to New York City!

                                 All thanks to Dorothy Gale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Took Eight Years To Catch This Bitch, But He's Not Going Anywhere, Now!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Robert Anthony Jones, this week's winner of the Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, was just 29 years old when he committed the deed that landed him this distinction.

                             On June 22, 1987, pretty, average 16-year-old Kari Nixon, walked to the convenience store, just down the road, to purchase some things for her family.  She never returned, and for eight years, until her body was found, no one knew what happened.

                               Now, the thing about Robert Anthony Jones was that this was the Crime That Got Him Caught.  He had been facing imprisonment for a bank robbery, in tandem with his wife, a piece of trash if ever there was one, and a real Bonnie and Clyde pair. And I have the feeling Kari was not his first victim; had he not been apprehended, she would not have been the last.    For leniency to her, so she could take care of their two children--isn't is amazingly hypocritical, how these murderous, women hating scum, turn out to have wives and children?????--he agreed to tell them what happened to Kari Nixon.

                                Around the time of Kari's death, Robert was visiting his parents, who lived not far from the Nixons, and had a lot of land.  He had confided to friends his fantasy about raping and killing a woman, and he wanted to put that plan into action. He and his trash wife had been having martial problems; he insisted she was cheating on him; she maintained she was not.  I say good for her, if she was, because her adulterer might have turned out to be less of a scum than her husband.

                                  The night of June 22, 1987, Robert was driving about, visiting local hangouts, having drinks. On his way home, he drove through Kari's neighborhood, and saw her walking.  She was about one thousand feet from her own home, but the opportunity was there, and Jones seized it. Sporting a gun, he abducted her, got her in the car, took her to  a cabin on his parents' property, and raped her, promising to take her home, afterwards.  Which turned out to be false; he lured her into the woods, strangled, and then shot her. Kari was dead.  For no reason at all but pure evil selfishness.

                                     I hope Jones' wife had the sense to divorce him, and estrange herself and the children from him.  I hope he rots in prison, and then the Hell he belongs in, for what he did to Kari.  What a lovely girl she was!

                                         That Robert Jones, Bitch Of The Week, snuffed Kari's life out! When he gets snuffed off soon, I hope he sees Kari in the Afterlife, and she smacks him across the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Rot in Hell, you scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Your Advanced Placement Bitch Assignment For Tonight Is................

                                I want you enterprising girls out there to write me an essay entitled, "The Value Of Veda!"  You know I just love Ann Blyth in her signature role; some say I am just like her, though I have not killed anyone...yet!!!!!!! Heh! Heh! Heh!

                                 I am not dumb that way, like Veda.  But people don't just get her. She was a poor, misunderstood girl, who had goals, in an era when girls weren't supposed to have goals of their own.  Unless it was submitting to a man.

                                 You might say Veda was the Jodi Arias of her generation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Here she is, at her dramatic best!  Start writing, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's Celebrate Gay This Pride Week, With............Tracy Turnblad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              As played by the one and only Ricki Lake in the one and only 1988 "Hairspray," directed by John Waters. Tracy may be straight, and a hair hopper, but she knows what is "in," and the value of being an individual. Which, when it comes down to is what being gay is all about--celebrating your own individuality, no matter the nay sayers.

                               Which makes Tracy an ideal candidate to celebrate Pride Week!  Many of us wanted to look like her, or dance like her, when the movie first came out. And, as each new generation sees it, new Tracys  are born. May the Mashed Potato live forever.  It will, thanks to this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Here is the opening, with the wonderful title song, to this classic that introduced Tracy to the world!!!!!!!!  Tracy, and the 1988 film are ageless!

                                   But Amber Von Tussle is NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Nail In The Coffin Of The Art Of Acting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Eli Wallach, who could truly be called an "actor's actor," died on June 24, at the age of 98.  He was born on December 7. 1915, so he was eight months younger than my father, so had he lived, he would have been 99.

                                    Remember the TV ad he did, where he said, "They say there is a broken heart for every light on Broadway. But what about all the broken lights?"  Well, on the night of June 27, at 7:45 PM those lights will be dimmed for one full minute, in honor of Eli Wallach, an actor who won a TONY for playing the lead in the original production of "The Rose Tattoo," with Maureen Stapleton.

                                       Anne Jackson, the actress, and his wife, is still alive at the age of 87.     But Eli was incredible in things like "Baby Doll," with Caroll Baker, "The Magnificent Seven," and the performance for which I think he should have won the Oscar, but was not even nominated, "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly," for which he did not even receive an Oscar nomination!!!!!!!!!  Can you imagine????????

                                           He was also a Mr. Freeze on the Adam West "Batman" series, and he was brilliant as Arthur Mason,  Maxie's father, in 1970's "The People Next Door," by J.P.Miller.  I still think he should have killed Sandy, in front of his parents!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            There are not many actors of Wallach's caliber left. For this, and for the loss of his artistry, he is mourned, but will be remembered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Real Life Tragedy That Touches My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 I did not exactly know John Cocchi personally, but I recognized his picture instantly, from having a customer service relationship with him. He was a quiet, matter of fact sort, who always knew what he was about, how to go about finding it, and never gave anyone a bit of trouble.

                                  Imagine my shock over what I learned, yesterday.  First, that he had been missing since April 16.  He was 74 years old.  Two months later, on June 16, his dead body was found off the coast of Sandy Hook, in New Jersey.  The biggest shock to me--he lived in Bay Ridge, which is where I am, only he lived further up, on Gelston Avenue, which, I think is in the Eighties, in the vicinity. of Century Twenty  One.

                                    John was a cineaste and film scholar. He wrote for an entertainment magazine (probably now defunct) in Mid-Manhattan.  He was  also the author of a film quiz book, and one on B-movie

                                    According to a sibling, he suffered greatly from depression, ie; bi-polar disorder.  Suicide, sadly, seems likely; I cannot imagine anyone who would want a cineaste dead. Now, if he had an undisclosed copy of, say, the lost version of Lon Chaney's "London After Midnight," that might give someone a motive. But they would have to know that he had it.

                                      And a true cineaste would keep something like that to himself.  Believe me, I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       What a sad end for this film scholar and Bay Ridge resident. Film scholarship and Bay Ridge won't quite be the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           And I shall miss John's visits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Was The Saddest "Rizzoli And Isles" I Have Ever Seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              And, hopefully, there will never be another!  When Art and Life come together, the results can sometimes be joyous and brilliant, or they can be horrifically tragic.   Last night's episode was the latter.  I do not know its title, but it might as well have been called "Loss."

                               As some of my girls know, the show was sent into a tailspin last Spring by the real life suicide of actor Lee Thompson Young, who played Detective Barry Frost. The 29-year-old, who seemed to have it all, also suffered from bi-polar disorder, which caused him to end his life.

                                 How was this to be dealt with, on the show?  It would have to.  The previous season was curtailed somewhat, because of the devastation left in the wake of Young's passing.  The crew needed a chance to regroup, and figure out a way to respectfully deal with his death.

                                  The Season Opener, last week, which was exciting, hinted initially, that Frost was on vacation.  The segment ended with Korsak getting a call, confirming Frost's demise in a car accident.

                                     This week's episode dealt with it, head on.  Writing an actor out of a show is one thing, when the actor goes on to other projects or careers. It is an altogether different matter, when the real life actor is dead, as is the character.  It made the audience feel the characters' grief in a more intense way, and I truly believe that when the actors, all of whom did, broke down on camera, that was not acting; that was the genuine thing.  It must have been hard for everyone to film this episode, and my hat goes out to all of them.

                                        This was kept in check by a young girl suffering another kind of loss--what turned out to be witnessing the death of her boy friend in an execution by a drug dealer. In spite of the tragedy, Rizzoli got this piece of scum.

                                          The church scene was almost painful to watch. The coffin draped with the American flag.  The bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace."  Better that than "Danny Boy!"  I agree!!!!!!!!!!
Angie Harmon's eulogy was touching, but nothing matched her break down at the end.  I just wanted to turn the TV off, after that, and went to bed.

                                             But my beloved, who comforts me in ways small and large, reminded me it was time for "Judge Judy," our nightly laugh before bedtime!  It did the trick!

                                               Kudos to "Riizzoli And Isles" cast and crew for an extremely moving episode.

                                               May they never have to go through something like this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 And Lorraine, as Angela, made lasagna!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dig The Hot Guy, In The French's Mustard Commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I don't think it is any coincidence at all, girls, that this ad becomes more noticeable and visible, during Gay Pride Week. Mmmmmmmmmmm, what a specimen!  Check out his hot dog!!!!!!!!!

                               To think that French's, America's foremost manufacturer of dehydrated and prepared foods, (many in the 60's were fooled into thinking the French's potatoes they were served for dinner, was actually real!!!!!!!!!!) might actually turn out to be gay friendly.  Even if the ad ends with the mustard splattering onto the burger bun of a female, the camera certainly dwells a lot longer on him, than her!!!!!!!  Uh-huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They know what picnic audience they are courting!

                                And, while he may be Aryan, darlings, he is not some neo-Nazi, about to sing "Tomorrow Belongs To Me," like the Pillsbury Strudel Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

                                 Wouldn't we all love to have him at our barbecue, and cut the mustard?????  Miss Lucy was right about Boss Finley, but she'd be wrong about this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    He is one Sweet Bird Of Youth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How About Taking My Class, Darlings???????????????????

                             Just recently online I read this article, written by a teenage girl, who should know, debating the pros and cons of Advanced Placement classes, something which was a given in my time, though most of my issues, as you know, stem from  the teachers at my school being so stupid as to not even to put, or recognize I belonged in such classes.  Not even English, which should be obvious from the brilliant treatises you all read on here!

                              This being Gay Pride Week, I am going to offer my own Advanced Placement Class.  It is called Advanced Placement Bitch!  Now, look at this photo--I never realized there was so much green and black in this imagery. That is Patty Duke, as Neely O'Hara in "Valley Of The Dolls," who, of course, being a star, and wanting fame, is my role model.  Of course, she turns into a monster, which I don't plan to do, but, let's wait till I actually become famous, and see what happens!

                                Now, this is a clue to your assignment.  For homework tonight, I want you to peruse "Valley Of The Dolls," book or movie, depending on which you own; and if both then both, and write me an essay, in Comments on what character you feel you would like to be, and why!  I can't wait to read your crap....I mean comp!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 And here is a little visual inspiration, for all my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Good Luck, loves!  Class is in, and Teacher wants it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's Celebrate Gay This Pride Week....With Sheila Bryant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    As many of you know on here, darlings, I have seen MANY Sheilas in my time, but none will ever match, the one and only, the Original, Kelly Bishop.  When I first saw "A Chorus Line" back in 1975, there were many epiphanies, as I watched, but one of these was, "Every gay man is Sheila....or at least thinks he is!"

                    I am not sure how Sheila, or Kelly would feel about this, but think about it.  Growing up gay is all about escaping the conventionality into which one feels having been mistakenly placed, especially at the hands of overbearing relations, who feel they have the right to tell you, or your parents, everything that is wrong with you!  And that extends sometimes to cousins, as in my case!

                    Sheila had to escape.  For her, it was ballet.  For me, it was "The Wizard Of Oz," movies, theater...all the Performing Arts.  And, of course, now writing about it.

                     I knew there was a lot of Sheila in me when she began her monologue, and I began to understand--REALLY understand--the song "At The Ballet," the first time I heard it!  It became an anthem for a lot of us, even if we did not follow the ballet path!

                      And Sheila, of course, is a survivor.  And gay men LOVE survivors, from Scarlett, to  Judy Garland, to Sheila.  I love the look Sheila gives Zach as she walks off at the end. Proof actions speak louder than words.

                        So, this Pride Week, let us celebrate Sheila Bryant, and thank Kelly Bishop for bringing her to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A source of inspiration for all gays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          "And smoke? Can the adults please smoke?"
                              ---Sheila Bryant, "A Chorus Line"

Here's A First Look, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             When I promise my girls things, I deliver, so here is a first look at the film version of the Stephen Sondheim musical, "Into The Woods."  You recognize those eyes, of course.  They belong to Meryl Streep, aka the Divine MERYL, who is playing the wWitch in the film.

                                But, when I saw this photo, my initial reaction was, "What kind of shit have the Hollywood designers come up with?"  Even in her crone stage on Broadway, Bernadette Peters never looked this ugly.  From the way the director has her positioned in the tree, MERYL  looks like she can't make up her  mind whether she is Fantine about to deliver "I Dreamed A Dream" (which is something all us MERYL worshipers would love to hear!) or an aged version of Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker!"

                                 Not to mention that this show, so magical in its original engagement on Broadway, is about to be Disneyfied.  Meaning the song "Any Moment" is being cut, the Baker's Wife and the Prince do not sleep together, and Rapunzel does not die!  I mean, what is the point?

                                  Why allow Disney to touch Sondheim???????  If they did "Follies," they would resurrect the old set for the "Mickey Mouse Club," and have everyone dressed as ancient and young Mouseketeers.   Too bad some other company could not get their hands on this.

                                      I understand Sondheim has commented on the collective outrage from the Theater Queen community.  I have not directly heard these comments, so I hope he is not offering a defense. Otherwise, he becomes Franklin Shepard himself, from 'Merrily.'

                                       At this point, I am willing to give Sondheim the benefit of the doubt. But with these changes already in place, I guarantee the film will be crap!  I will see it, for MERYL, but that is about it!

                                         Meanwhile, I hear Musical Legend Ann Morrison is getting ready to play the Witch, I would guess, somewhere in Florida!!!!!!!   My antidote, for 'Woods' mavens is to take a Florida vacation at this time, catch the rays by day, and Ann by night!  There; your problem is solved!

                                          Easier, and healthier, than a Cathy Mitchell Dump Cake, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Gay Pride Week, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            This is Gay Pride Week, the time when even those with doubts at least peek out of the closet!   Somehow, I have to write something on here every week that is "Tres Gay!!!!!!!!", so this is going to keep me busy. There are all sorts of events and parties to go to this week; I can;t possibly cover them all!!!!!!  Besides, my best party is always at home, with my beloved Monsieur!  What could be better than that????????/

                             But do something Gay this week, darlings!  Impersonate BARBRA, or Little Edie!  Rent "Female Trouble," after all the talk I have been giving it, here!  Cook a fabulous meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Decorate your walls in red, or pink!!!!!!!!!!!   Thumb through a Tom Of Finland catalog!

                                 And those are just the usual things!  I am sure my readers on here can things of some things unusual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Nevertheless, Happy Pride Week!  Gay and Proud, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Is One Sick Piece Of Garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        The day Marti Hill and Brian Pennington met turned out to be bad for both.  That day was September 8, 2010, in Prairie Village, Kansas.  Marti's mother had hired Brian, a local handyman, in his late 20's married, with two children, to do some handiwork at her home, and was so impressed she recommended Brian to her daughter, Marti.

                                           But, on that September 8, 2010 morning, Brian shows up at Marti's, unexpectedly, with some bogus story abut having to check something in her basement, relating to the work he was doing.  Well, Marti had no reason to fear for her safety, so she let him in.  They descended to the basement, with Marti leading the way.  Just as she reached the bottom step, Brian put his hands around Marti's throat, and squeezed.  Her jaw was broken, her throat was slit, and she was left for dead. But, luckily because of the way Brian cut, Marti became his worst nightmare.

                                            The Victim Who Survived, And Got Him Caught!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Thanks to fast thinking on the part of her coworkers, who called almost as soon as it became apparent that Marti, a reliable standby, was not going to show, nor could be reached at her house. And to the medical team that worked on her, restoring her to an active life. And the police and legal team, who put this scum behind bars.

                                               Everyone waxes over the lack of a motive.  Pennington himself may very well be unable to articulate one.  But one thing I can tell you, This guy is both attracted to and repelled by women.  Something happened in his background, to make him this way, because I am willing to bet Marti was not his first victim--there are most likely others not known about--and, had he not been caught, she would not be the last.

                                                What I have to wonder is whether Marti was the intended victim in the first place.  I am sure when he worked for Marti's mother, Brian noticed family pics around, and there must have been some of her 16-year-old granddaughter, Mackenzie, Marti's daughter.  I have a feeling Mackenzie was whom he was after.  Marti was just an incidental opportunity.

                                                   I certainly feel sorry for Marti, but admire her, for both her physical strength and emotional courage.  I also sympathize with Marti's mother, who lives every day with the fact that, through no fault of her own, she allowed a fiend into her daughter's home.  And it must have been frightening for Mackenzie, not only over the possibility of losing her mother, but the notion that is this sicko, Pennington, were somehow not convicted, he might come back for them both!  I know that is what I would have been thinking, in that situation!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    Thankfully, justice prevailed, and this scum will never bother anyone again!!!!!!!!

                                                      Good for you, Marti....and Mackenzie, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                        As I heard on another program, "there is a special place in HELL for people like Brian Pennington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could Cathy Mitchell Be Related To Margaret Mitchell???????????????????????

                        You have to wonder, girls!  First of all, I am pretty sure Cathy hails from the South!  So, does that mean any Southerner with the surname Mitchell is kin to Margaret??????????  Margaret Mitchell may have written about White Trash, (that Emmy Slattery!!!!!!!!!) in her Monumental Southern Epic (which everyone on here should know is "Gone With The Wind!") but in real life, I believe Margaret was appalled by such, and I think she would be appalled by Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Yesterday was supposed to be Dump Sunday in our home.  The kitchen was going to be turned over to me, and I was going to make a Dump Dinner, and Dump Desert!  Just dump; then eat and dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or then some, depending on how the meal turns out!

                           But I did not go through with it!  A reliable source informed me, based on people he has known who have attempted such, that there is no guarantee they turn out right.  So, that was that!

                            However, later that evening, while watching my killers on ID, Monsieur snuck into the kitchen, and made what he called a dump cake, though he did do some mixing, which makes me question the authenticity.  I haven't tasted it, yet, but  I will let you know, and I can attest--all last evening, a distinctly White Trash smell was emanating from the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               I think Scarlett was better off eating that radish in the garden!  The idea of Dump Dinners and Deserts would offend the like of Mammy and Velma Cruther!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               And Aunt Pittypat!  Though, having a sweet tooth, she would probably secretly indulge!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happy Birthday To The Divine MERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              The longest day of the year, the 45th Anniversary of Judy Garland's death, and Meryl Streep's birthday!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, girls, the 22nd of June is quite a day!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               And quite a day for MERYL; brave woman that she is , I am sure she would not mind a bit if the Raving Queen reveals her age!  Today, she turns 65!!!!!!!!  Can you believe that, darlings?????????  Meryl Streep a Senior Citizen!!!!!!!!!  MERYL STREEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It makes us all want to spend more time in front of our mirrors, if we want to look as good, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                By the way, IMDB posted MERYL's age, before I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                So, Happy Birthday MERYL, however you celebrate it!  Perhaps we ill celebrate it with some cake ourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  And enjoy these LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG days, while they last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, I Am Telling You, Not Since "The Red Shoes" Have I Been So Artistically Entranced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             I swear to God, darlings, if this film got a mass distribution, future generations would talk about this film, the way the aspirants in "A Chorus Line" speak about "The Red Shoes."  Not that it is that much of a masterpiece.  But it's clever by how it ropes in all generations, with its title being a homage to Hitchcock, and its plot an amalgamation of "Glee," "Sleepaway Camp," "Friday The 13th," "Camp" (the movie based on "Stage Door Manor"), "Phantom Of The Paradise, "Carrie,"  and, lastly, "The Phantom Of The Opera!"  I am telling you, girls, after seeing this, you will talk about it for weeks.

                            It also has Melanie Leishman, as this film's Randi Kleiner, though there is no mother here to make dishing Liz Silver as much fun as it was to dish Randi!!!!!!!!!  Melanie is a Minnie Driver lookalike, which is odd, because her daughter, Camilla Swanson, is played by Allie MacDonald (who does not resemble Driver, at all!!!!) as an aspiring ingenue, who is well past the aspiring ingenue stage.  Come to think of it, so is Minnie Driver; in the film's best sequence, the opening, she plays the standin for the Christine Daae role in "The Haunting (wink!wink!) Of The Opera," and is murdered in her dressing room, after a performance.   One gets the impression that Kylie Swanson, Driver's character, was not so much an ingenue, but one past, and desperately trying to stay one ,by appearing in roles she is too old for!  You know, like Bernadette Peters!!!!!!!!!!

                             Ten years later, Kylie's children, having been raised by Meat Loaf, (Can you imagine?????) are kitchen cooks at a performing arts camp, run by him.  To jump start his defunct career, Meat Loaf's character, Roger McCall, decides to revive, with the campers, "The Haunting Of The Opera," directed by the camp's rising Hal Prince, Artie Getz, played by Brandon Uranowitz, (Your Anus is more like it!!!!!!!) and to invite a Broadway producer, Victor Brady, (James McGowan) hoping for a quick Broadway transfer!!!!!!!   Before you can say "Gaston Leroux," the body count is rising, and the blood is flying.  A killer is one the loose!  A killer who hates--can you imagine, darlings???--HATES--Musical Theater!!!!!!!!!!!!  It will be no surprise ruined to tell you that, of course, it turns out to be a heterosexual male!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               And the parent/Daddy issues in this film!  I swear, if I did not know for sure that Sylvia Plath was dead, I would swear she had ghost written the screenplay!  Which never gets the mileage out of the other campers, (so they don't make good use of the whole Randi Kleiner thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and this accounts, despite the action packed description given here, for the movie being rather slow moving!

                                This film was meant to be a classic for future generations of artistic aspirants, after the present one moves on!  I would love to be around to see the effects of this movie on the arts!  No more "Spring Awakening," after this!

                                  Here is the film's Official Trailer, featuring Minnie Driver, in what is her Moira Shearer moment!

                                  The only bad influence is that, years from now, generations will not know who Moira is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are You Ready For The Summer, Darlings??????????? We Kicked It Off, With A Day With Auntie Alvin....And Lived To Tell About It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               When I was a wee thing, girls, and "Romper Room" was the program of the day, hosted always by some menstrual spinster, the headquarters for their products were the J.J.Newberry's stores, which I think no longer exist.  And the home station store was located, as they kept saying at the "beautiful Green Acres shopping center, (the word "Mall" had not come into vogue, then!!!!)  Sunrise Highway in Valley Stream, Long Island!"  I used to think this was some sort of magical place!

                                Moving past the "Romper Room " stage, when I was in, oh, about fourth or fifth grade, my father had a chance to move us all out to Garden City, Long Island.  We ended up not going, leaving me forever to wonder what my life might have been like, had this taken place!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Well, yesterday, thanks to Auntie Alvin, whose birthday we celebrated, I saw for myself not only how non-magical the Green Acres Mall and Valley Stream is, but what would have happened if I had moved to Garden City.  I would have turned out an alcoholic, and a realtor.  Really; on Long Island, there is not that much to do!

                                     It seemed strange, kicking off Summer in this  way, because, for the first time in 24 years, I was NOT at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade.  The group I always go with, could not make it this year, due to a series of reasons that included, in some cases, health problems, and I decided it just would not be the same.  But I honored the tradition in one way yesterday.

                                       Yesterday, we dined, in Freeport at the River House Grille, located along the beach side on Woodcleft  Avenue.  You should have seen the array of LON GISLAND girls, walking along the streets, dressed like tramps--TRAMPS!  Not like my darlings!!!!!!!!!-- with their  teased to the max hair!
Oh, my God!  We sure knew where we were!  And not a beach boy in sight!  Not even a greasy Guido!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          The RHG, as it is called, was superb.  As I said, to honor the tradition, I had a bowl of Linguine , with White Clam sauce!  Heavenly, especially when washed down by two generous glasses of white wine, after which I was saying Taffy Davenport's lines  out loud, and singing show tunes!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Auntie Alvin had paella, and some got on him, while Monsieur had a lobster, with a clam appetizer!  My appetizer was artichokes!!!!!!!!  Fabulous, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Then we got ices, and high tailed it back to civilization!  I am telling you, I breathed easier out of Long Island! Next year, I hope to see all my girls at the Mermaid Parade! Which will mark my 25th Year of attending!

                                              Nevertheless, Summer is here, my loves!  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Darlings, I Just Love "Retarded Brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                         This movie, "Female Trouble" just won't stop providing insights into my life!  I relate so much to Taffy Davenport; it is like a glimpse into my childhood psyche!  No wonder I want to play her!!!!!!  Who wants to be called retarded, but when I wanted to be a brat, I could!  I loved it, and I am not a bit sorry!  I love when Taffy throws the plate of spaghetti against the wall!  I can certainly relate to that!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          So, here is the famous scene, containing my favorite line in the movie, a line I wished I had had the cleverness to use, when I was Taffy's age!

                            Enjoy!  And Happy Mermaid Parade Day, and Pre-Pride Weekend!

                            The Davenports (Dawn and Taffy) are role models!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Sixties Icon Passes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                No sooner are we getting over the death of Ultra Violet, then we learn that, on early Thursday, songwriter Gerry Goffin, the ex-husband of Carole King, and currently being portrayed at the Sondheim Theatre on stage in "Beautiful" by Jake Epstein, passed away of natural causes, at the age of 75!   Doesn't that seem kind of young , for some of us, darlings?????  I bet when the show's cast and crew learned of this passing, they gave one of their most heartfelt performances, which is saying a lot for a show that is heartfelt to begin with, from the moment the lights go down, and Jessie Mueller hits that stage.

                                              Imagine, Ultra Violet and Gerry Goffin in the same week!  Baby Boomers are sure getting a slap in their faces, when it comes to their mortality. The one-time Pepsi generation, who once thought themselves invincible, are painfully finding out they are not!

                                                And my heart goes out to Carole, who, despite his being an ex, has to have some feelings about him!  Complicated, I am sure!  You are loved on here, Carole!

                                                The work both did will become their legacies.  And it is being celebrated on stage right now, each night, at the Sondheim.  One thing to be said--Gerry Goffin certainly did not die, forgotten or obscure!

                                                  How to visually mark this tribute?  Here is Jessie and Company performing some of the material from "Beautiful."   I just LOVE The Shirelles (the actresses doing them, that is!!!!) on "Will You Still Love Me, Tomorrow?"

                                                   Gerry Goffin will be loved tomorrow, and onward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!