Saturday, June 30, 2007

Girls, Can YOU Believe It?

The first half of 2007 is done. As Lena Olin says as Masha in "Enemies:A Love Story"--"After all I have been through, what does it matter?" Well girls it matters that we have to get out there and support our girls in "Evening." Vanessa and Meryl, just think of it! And Patrick Wilson, who is so fine as a sex object--the guy we girls all want, the guy all guys want to be! How great can it get.

Of course I still want to be Donna McKechnie which is why I am doing stretching and Yoga and leg raises to "A Chorus Line" sound track. After about a month I will be ready to leap into the air like Baayork Lee doing "Turkey Lurkey Time" from "Promises, Promises".

It's turkey lurkey time.
Tom Turkey flew away but he just came home.
Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Poosey!

A great niece, a cancer scare, death on all sides--how great can 2007 get. And still I get out of bed. This is a testimony to the power of my survival and brilliance. The milk of human kindness flows in my veins--room enough for all God's creatures--except those who would try and upstage me!!!!!

So congrats on making it through the first half. Everything is beautiful at the ballet, darlings!!!! And isn't the current company of ACL simply FABULOUS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The Queen loves you all!!!!!