Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fastest Flying Month Of The Year So Far, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      Can you believe, darlings, that today is the last of July????????  Seems like yesterday we were greeting my favorite of the Summer months, awaiting the arrival of July 4th, and the trip to my sister's and father's.  Now, all that is behind us, with August looming ahead, and with it my 40th High School Reunion, which is unbelievable that so much time has passed, even more wonderful that I will be accompanied by the most wonderful escort imaginable--my own, beloved Monsieur!!!!!!!!!--so what could go wrong?  Well, old resentments are starting to service, I am wondering whether or not I will at least be given the Time of Day from Roberta, not to mention I never felt as warm and fuzzy about this time of my life as my classmates, as I was convinced, from kindergarten on up, that I really did not belong in school with them!  A feeling which lasted, until I began college, where I DID belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                           But I am getting away from the issue, and that is this is Farewell to July!  It has been a fabulous month, and I hope that August is the same, although we already have some excitement lined up already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                              Bye bye, July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You were great, as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, It Was As Though The Years Melted From Me, And I Was Completely Enraptured!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 It has been a long time, darlings, since I first read "Penmarric."  The first was sometime in 1975 or 1976, when I was in college.  The edition I read was the paperback one, pictured above, and which I just finished, having found said edition in a used bookstore, in mint condition.

                                                    On that initial reading, my favorite character had been Phillip Castallack, because he, like me was struggling with the actuality of his sexuality, though, even in less enlightened times than these,  but moreso than Phillip's, my struggle was more rebellious than his.   As soon I as re-encountered Alun Trevose, this time around, it all came back to me about Phillip, including the incipient tragedy.  I had forgotten how much tragedy permeates "Penmarric." While the central female figure, Janna Rosslyn, lives well into her seventies, she loses, while alive, five of her six children--sons Stephen, Marcus, Hugh, and Phillip, plus daughter Marianna.  Only Jan-Yves, who starts out as the least interesting, and the one most unlikely to become Master of Penmarric--the 19th Century type Cornwall mansion by the sea that everyone in the novel seems to be vying for ownership of--but then, the most unlikely do turn out all right in the end, sometimes, don't they?  A point I need to keep in mind, as I approach my 40th High School reunion, which is maybe why it was serendipitous, at this point, that I re-read "Penmarric."

                                                       I believe this was my third reading.  Along with this, and her second saga novel, "Cashelmara," Susan Howatch set the Gold Standard for this type of novel, culminating in such other works as Taylor Caldwell's "Captains And The Kings," and Helen Hooven Sanatmeyer's "...And Ladies Of The Club."  Howatch writes most like the Victorians, and it is very likely my taste for that period of fiction was further enhanced by Howatch.  Having reread "Cashelmara" several years before, I can say why both represent the Best of Howatch, I think "Penmarric" has the edge, overall.  Its character examinations are penetrating, its having a homosexual man take center stage was daring even for 1971, when it was first published.  I suppose I shall always carry a sentimental feel to Phillip Castallack; my first real gay hero, or role model, (if you want to call him that!!!!!!) though, even in Phillip's times, with my Scarlett O'Hara nature, I could not see myself taking the same crap he did!!!!!!!!  A marriage of convenience??????????  No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         I was enraptured by "Penmarric" as much as though reading it the first time.  When I got off the train last night, and had less than ten pages to go, I knew I would not stop until I finished it.  In fact, I walked down the street, reading, proceeding into my building, up the elevator, through the door, and into the nearest chair, and I did not stop, till I had completely finished.

                                                           Such is the power of "Penamrric," darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!  You owe it to yourselves to re-discover it, and if you never have, then what on earth are you waiting for?????????????

                                                              You will be swept away, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Only I Went Viral, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could You Imagine??????????????????

                                  Last night's episode of "Rizzoli And Isles," entitled "Someone's Watching Me," was somewhat of a comedown, after all the Hope-Paddy Doyle drama of the past season.  Not that this was not entertaining; it was.  There was enough to enjoy, be annoyed about, and it introduced a character that I, personally, would love to see more on the series.

                                      That character is Leroy, a 79-year-old hoarder of choice collectibles, who lives alone, and whose murder of his friend, Danny, kicks off the episode.  But what really sets it in motion is Jane's starting out to have a bad day, which, girls, I can relate to.

                                          First, she has no running water in her condo.  The manager, Gil, comes to take care of things, but all he seems interested in is Jane's cleavage, when the poor woman has not yet had a shower--or worse--with no running water, cannot make coffee!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you know what would happen to me, if I could not make coffee at home?  I would be an Absolute, Fucking Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Which Jane pretty much is, when she gets to her local Starbucks, and, first, it seems as though everyone ahead of her is being served first.  In New York, that is a way of life, darlings, unless you are Anna Wintour, or, like me, act like you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, once again,  I could relate to Jane.

                                                  But when this mentally unstable spaz thing bumps into Jane, spilling the coffee all over her, Jane suddenly becomes known as Mean Detective Jane, when the whole thing goes viral on You Tube, and she is a local celebrity whom everyone hates!!!!!!!!!!!!  Poor Jane!   Though I liked the
"B-B-B-Bitch!!!!!!!!!" edit on the video!  How applicable that would be to me!

                                                    This is when Jane gets the call to investigate Danny's murdered body in the basement of Leroy's house, where he keeps choice collectibles.  Leroy is not the most stable, so Maura, and eventually, Jane, charm him, and before you know it, he is helping them.

                                                      Actually, he is more of a help than Frankie and Frost.  Frost is just funny, but Frankie, with his hangdog appearance, is downright annoying; he should not be a detective, or get him off the show.  I blame him for what happens, when all he and Frost want to do is check out the assets of their newest female rookie, named Charlotte, or Charlie, for short, plus playing around with some of the antique toys in Leroy's collection!  Grow up, boys!!!!!!!!!!  And get Frankie off the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         Thank God Lorraine, as Angela, was on hand, to make coffee, and stir up support for a defense fund for Jane, when the city, through a combination of circumstances, fails to support her payment of a lawsuit by the deranged coffee patron, who is claiming second degree burns!!!!!!!!!!   Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                            Everything turns out to be domestically related.  The coffee woman is the girlfriend of Gil, and they live on the first floor in Jane's building, and want her out of her third floor pad, so they can create a duplex!  Well, they get hauled off for fraud!  And Leroy's neighbor turns out to be a collector, pilfering Leroy's stuff, and selling it on E-Bay!!!!!!!!!!  Leroy is returned home safely, and to his own, private world.  I hope we get to see more of him.

                                                              But good riddance to bad rubbish.  The nice thing about this show is that you can always count on scum being hauled off to the slammer.   As for Jane, and her bad day, I can still relate.

                                                                 In just ten days, darlings, I face my 40th High School Reunion!  More shall be reported there, sweeties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Looks Like Pope Francis Listens To Sister Camille Every Sunday Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   I am not sure if the Vatican can tune in to radio station 1010 WINS here in New York, but, if it can, then that is one of the first miracles worked by our present Pope. And I am convinced it is, because, like all of us, in our house, Sunday morning is not complete without a cup of coffee and listening to the commentary on said station made by Sister Camille D'Arienzo, of the Sisters Of Mercy.

                                    Sister Camille, in her own, quiet way, tells it like it is, and she is no Gladys Cooper type nun. She wants to get rid of that image fast!  As, apparently, does the Pope, whose comments about gays having more inclusion  in the Church, and being judged less harshly, has delighted many Catholics all over, while riling some, I am sure.  To those latter, I say, get with it, folks--the times, they are a changing!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I was so thrilled to see Jeff Stone, whom I know from Dignity, interviewed about this on TV last night.  Jeff looked fabulous, in front of the LGBT Center, and I can tell he was thrilled, too!!!!!!!!!!  We have a long way to go, darlings, but it is a small step!  Which we never thought would have been made, back in the 1960s.

                                        So, thanks to Pope Francis, and, I have no doubt to Sister Camille!  Wonder if the Pope listens to BARBRA?

                                         I bet Sister Camille does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Pittypat Would Be Appalled, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Is the KFC Company so in danger of going under they have to resort to cheap publicity, like this?

                                      That is one of several questions I have about this giant bucket which has been placed on the front lawn of the Hendricks family in Waynesboro, Georgia!  I am not surprised this happened in the South, but I am telling you Aunt Pittypat, Scarlett and Mammy would not stand for it!

                                        The first thing I want to know is why would someone take and waste the time to create such a monstrosity?   And how?

                                          Second, why do the Hendricks merit this kind of attentnion?  Why are they being singled out, as opposed to other families in Waynesboro??????????

                                             It reminds me of trips to Red Bank, when, deep in South Jersey, we would pass the offices of the Lbby Company, which had a giant Dixie cup on its lawn.  I used to fantasize about the thing being filled with a gigantic  chocolate (or, as I prefer, black and white) milk shake, and I would be dropped in it to swim around, and then slurp up as much of the sweet, tasty mixture as I could.  To fantasize about this much Kentucky Fried Chicken would only lead to high blood pressure and clogged arteries!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Maybe it is some kind of medical ploy????????????

                                                Could it have something to do with "Honey Boo Boo????????"

                                                 Get that thing off the Hendricks lawn, and at least place it in the parking lot or front entrance of the nearest KFC Franchise, where it belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  Cluck, cluck, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

This I Absolutely Will Not Allow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I could care less about "The Tommyknockers," girls, but can you imagine the nerve--the sheer NERVE--of NBC, trying to do a miniseries remake of "Rosemary's Baby??????"

                                        I wish Ira Levin were alive; I bet this would not be happening!

                                         No matter what you think of Roman Polanski's morals, (and I am not advocating them, darlings!!!!!!) it cannot be argued--he took Ira Levin's novel and made from it what is arguably the finest sound horror film of the Twentieth Century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Anything else would be less. So, why even bother???????  I can't wait, though, to see how they are going to cast this. Oh, and wait till you hear this, 'Rosemary' mavens--the action is being shifted from Manhattan to Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If that alone does not give cause for concern, then I do not know what does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            As the song in "Gypsy" says, "You Gotta Have A Gimmick," so I wonder what they will come up with?  Will Mia Farrow make a special appearance as.......what????????  It's anyone's guess. Though, after her appearance in the abominable remake of "The Omen," I would think twice, if I were Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             What WOULD be interesting, with regard to "Rosemary's Baby," would be not so much remaking it, but dramatizing the stories surrounding it--the Trench Sisters, Keith Kennedy and Pearl Ames, the story of Adrian Marcato, how son Steven met Minnie, and the whole Laura Louise-Dan thing. Did Dan die of natural causes, or......?  Even Terry's story prior to the Castevets finding her would be more interesting than rehashing a story that has been told better than it ever could be a second time.

                                                 So, help me, girls, if NBC goes ahead with this, I will personally pluck the feathers off that peacock's tail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, Here Is Another Piece Of Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             That Elizabeth Haysom!   I am telling you, darlings, she is one Missy who should have been sent to bed without supper earlier, and often!  Now she is in permanent limbo, serving a 90 year prison sentence at the Fluvanna Correctional Center For Women, in Troy, Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             This presumptuous Princess was the product of Derek and Nancy Haysom, a well-to-do Canadian couple.  Both had been married before, and, between them, had five other children, many of them grown, on their own, and doing well. Elizabeth was their own baby girl, and they showered her with everything, even after they retired and moved to Lynchburg, Virginia. Elizabeth was privately educated (at Wycombe Abbey, an English boarding school!!!!!!!), and, being an exceptional student, won for herself a scholarship to UVA--the University of Virginia, where Katie Couric graduated.  Who knows, if Elizabeth had tapped into her potential, she might have gone as far as Katie.

                                               But she made two dumb decisions.  One, was to get involved with drugs, and the other was to commence a relationship with fellow freshman Jens Soring, son of a German diplomat.  The mistake was a perfect storm; both were sociopaths with high degrees of entitlement, and when these two came together, a time bomb was created.

                                                 Things happened gradually.  Elizabeth brought Jens home to meet her parents, who were less than impressed.  This made her royally pissed at her elders, and she continued the relationship, against their wishes, and in open defiance of their expectations for her, in a highly codependent, pathological symbiosis.

                                                   Being sociopaths, the two come, eventually, to an irrational decision--that Elizabeth's parents are standing in the way of their happiness, and the only way to remedy this situation is to get rid of them.  Sound familiar, darlings?????????  I bet you know what is coming!!!!!!!  I'll say this for Romeo and Juliet, or Tony and Maria--neither thought of murder as an option!  Even in the midst of passion, they had some sense.

                                                     But they also weren't drug addicted sociopaths.  The story goes that, on the weekend of March 30, 1985, the couple drove to Washington. D.C. and while Elizabeth stayed in some lodgings, Jens drove up to Lycnchburg, charmed his way into the Hysoms' home, and murdered them.  Their bodies were found on the morning of March 30, and it was a scene of brutal carnage and butchery.

                                                        Now, here, girls, is where things get dicey.

                                                        When Liz and Jens were apprehended, in London, six months after the murders, (they had fled shortly thereafter) they were charged with check fraud.  Back in Virginia, both turned on the other, with Jens still proclaiming his innocence.  He was charged with the murders, and serves a life term, and she with accessory, before the fact.  To this day, Jens proclaims his innocence, but let me tell you one thing, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                            Not for one minute do I think either one is innocent.  And not for one minute do I think Elizabeth stayed in D.C.  She was there, in Lynchburg, with Jens, and she did just as much stabbing of her parents as he did, probably getting off on getting out her sociopathic hatred.  Don't believe Elizabeth for a second!  She is as much of a murderer as Jens, and I would tell this to her face!  And if she wants to challenge me on here, she better watch it!  This bitch can take care of another bitch, you can be sure of that!

                                                              I hope the other five half siblings pounced on the money, so that Elizabeth never sees a red cent!  Another one who should have been alive and convicted during the Salem Witchcraft trials!  I am telling you, darlings, they were good for something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                 However, being in prison for 90 years, if she lasts that long, should wither her away, like the Leech Woman!  Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Paula, Honestly! You Are Just TOO Much!

                        Monsieur and I were back "On The Case" last night, with Paula Zahn, as she covered the horrifying murder, in Nashville, Tennessee, of Marcia Trimble, who vanished on February 25, 1975, while selling Girl Scout cookies in her neighborhood, (uhm-hmmm!) and whose body was found in a neighbor's garage on Easter Sunday of that year.  But the neighbor did not murder Marcia, and it was not for 33 years, thanks to DNA, that Jerome Sydney Barrett,  62, in 2008, but 29, in 1975, came upon Marcia while trolling her neighborhood, by chance, for victims he could exercise his sexual predatory lust on!

                          Poor Marcia, but she got justice, because Jerome is now in the slammer for good!
But poor Paula!  Still spewing out those monologues like a an underachiever at the Lee Strasberg Institute, convinced she is on the journalistic level of the New York Times, completely unaware that she is trolling the Trash Journalism Circuit, simply to keep herself afloat!

                         Most of which I have pointed out before!  But last night, while watching, and, this time, managing to stay awake through Paula, I had a brainstorm of an idea!

                           If Paula could develop a sense of humor, or be made to aware how her act of seriousness verges on self-parody, "On The Case" would make one hell of a one-woman Broadway show!

                            That's right, darlings!  Either have Paula herself, or someone playing her, do a mono comedy-drama just like the show.  Cases mentioned onstage would have to be fictionalized, and there would have to be humorous twists and turns to make the grotesque palatable, but, hey, if "Sweeney Todd" could do it, why not Paula Zahn???????????????

                             This would be a hoot, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If Paula did it, it would be a goldmine for her; if another actress (who, I wonder,?) were cast, it could be that actress' career stepping stone!

                               I really think I am on to something here!  Maybe Charles Busch should get to work!

                               We love you, Pula, but wake up and smell the coffee--you are one step closer to "Petticat Junction," rather than "60 Minutes!"

                                 And, girls, just to be safe, I would not go about, selling Girl Scout cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darlings, Lili Taylor's Aerial Act In "The Conjuring" Is The Best Since Mary Martin As "Peter Pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                    Girls, I wish that I could tell you this morning that "The Conjuring" is a horror masterpiece.  I wanted it to be, and I think the filmmakers did too.  It was directed by James Wan, and has his customary visual style associated with his films, most especially the underrated, and far superior, "Dead Silence!"  As soon as I saw the opening shot of the evil doll, Annabelle, I thought this was going to be special.
But then................

                                    Imagine, horror star Vera Farmiga playing the most restrained character.  That is quite a novelty in itself, but then Vera's character does not need hysterics, because everyone else around her compensates.  Especially Lili Taylor.  Poor Lili Taylor.  When I heard she was in this, I said, "Where has she been?"  Once a promising actress on the indie fast track, Lili's last film that I saw was the 1999 remake of "The Haunting," and that was an embarrassment to everyone.  And while Lili might have been in things after that, I , for one cannot recall anything.   So, she tanks with a horror film, and now tries to come back with one.
However, I have a feeling, after this one, Lili won't be working for a long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     But she's a good sport, as she allows herself to be tied up, covered with a sheet, then goes about levitating, then bursting out of the chair, and flying through the air, hair sticking out in all directions, screaming, grimacing, and finally having blood spurt out of her mouth!  And when one of the daughters takes off into flight, well, I figured they were trying to do a macabre homage to "Peter Pan!!!!!!!!"  But we Theater Queens know best--Mary (Martin) does it best, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        And how about the embarassing homage to Hitchcock and "The Birds?" Pigeons of the world should be insulted by this!!!!!!!!  And there is no reason for it!
                                     So, how can this film be taken seriously?  Even with the expert cinematography, the set piece of artifacts from the Warrens' other cases, the crazed, possessed mother who kills her child, and is descended from the Salem Witches...........honeys, I am telling you everything is thrown into the mix.
Oh, and the last line is a glib reference to the Amityville Horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      For, like that, this is purportedly based on a true story!  And Earl and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson (still looking good, girls!!!!!!!!!!) and Vera Farmiga, are real people.
As are the family shown in the film.

                                        You would never guess it, from how the film is executed--like some sort of fun house freak show!  It might be loads of fun, and at times is, if only it weren't, at other times, so ponderous and slow moving.  "The Conjuring" wants to have it both ways--serious horror and high flying camp--but it can't.  It would better have settled for one or the other!
                                         But you will just LOVE Lili's high flying, aerial act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Girls, You Have GOT To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Even with a throbbing canker sore, and an outbreak of hives leaving my lips, for a time, looking as siliconed as Angelina Jolie, I risked all, and drove, with Monsieur and Ellen (in a gorgeous ensemble, of course!) to the Spumoni Gardens, where I discovered distraction so enchanting that, thanks to it and Benadryl, I am about back to normal!

                                        Depending on how one views things this wonderful establishment, located at 2725 86th Street in Brooklyn, is either in Bensonhurst or Gravesend.  Wherever, it is wonderful. from the elaborate outdoor setting that greets you, to the cozy friendliness inside.

                                          This place, family owned, has been around since 1939, and it still has that period feel. Nothing fancy, but some of the best Italian food I have eaten in Brooklyn!  Their lemon oil and vinegar salad dressing is like nothing I have had before.  Their bolognese dishes have more meat in them than I have ever seen and creamy sauce that is mouth watering.  Monsieur and I went that route, Ellen had pizza with some seafood salad, and Auntie Alvin had a dish made with broccoli rabe and pasta that looked yummy.  I could not even do desert. But I had an espresso.

                                             Girls, I might become a regular habitue there, if only I can figure out how to get there on my own.  But, I am telling you, if you are ever in Brooklyn this is the place you have to try.  Get there early, so you don't have to wait!  And if you do wait, it is well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                Nerts to you, Demarchelier!!!!!!!!!

The Tragedy Of Justine Moritz

                                              What on earth possessed me to think about this, darlings, you might ask?
I think Justine popped into my head when I saw Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame, is set to appear as Igor in something called "Untitled Frankenstein Project. Then I thought back to the REAL "Frankenstein" story, which, as defining as the 1931 Universal classic is, is not it.  That film gets the visual atmosphere of the Shelley novel, but not the narrative scope.

                                                 So, if you have never read the novel "Frankenstein," or even its rather good adaptation in Classics Illustrated Comics, you have no idea who Justine Mortiz is.  Her appearance in the story is brief; she gets less time than Fantine in "Les Miserables," and while she does not  hang over the story like that character, hers is impacting nevertheless, especially on the monster's creator, Victor Fankenstein.

                                                    Justine was the daughter of a friend of Victor Frankenstein's mother.  At some point, orphaned early, I think, she was taken in by the Frankensteins, and raised as one of their own.  She becomes almost a mother figure to the youngest household member, William, especially after his mother passes on.

                                                      Later in the story, William, older, but still a child, is murdered by the monster.  He tries to befriend the lad, but, repelled by his appearance, the child rejects him. What seals his fate is when he mentions that he is one of the Frankenstein family, a name the  creature has come to hate. So, both to keep him quiet, and out of a sense of hatred for the entire Frankenstein family, the monster murders William, in a wooded area, strangling him, taking with him, some trinkets of a personal nature the boy had on him.  While moving on, he finds Justine under a tree asleep, and calculatedly, plants the evidence on her.  When William's body is discovered, and the evidence is found on Justine, the result is inevitable--Justine is arrested and condemned to hang for murdering the child.

                                                           Justine knows she is innocent, but no one will believe her.  Nor, can she prove how the stuff got there.  Elizabeth, Victor's fiance, with the kind of loving devotion found by women in 19th Century novels, believes in Justine's innocence.  But there is one, above Justine, who knows the truth--Victor Frankenstein. He knows who the real murderer of his youngest brother is, and a word from him would save Justine--but he says nothing, out of a combination of fear that the creature would come after others he loves, (he is right there!!!!!!!!!) that nobody would believe him about this creature, and thus he would be thought mad, and remorse over not being able to tell the truth. This remorse is something he has to live with after Justine's passing.  She is hanged, and in the Classics Illustrated comic version, there is a panel showing Justine's body swinging on the gallows at sunrise, while a crying Victor calls out--"I shall never know peace again.  May the Almighty God have mercy on that poor, innocent, girls's soul."

                                                           In Kenneth Branagh's 1994 film of "Frankenstein (with Robert De Niro playing the monster) the execution of Justine is depicted most distastefully, as she is pushed from a podium high up from the jail, her body swinging across, then back and forth in the air, till it settles, rigid, above a cheering,
 bloodthirsty crowd.  Nothing could induce me to sit through that film again, and this segment is the main reason why, as it veers on being voyeuristic sadism.

                                                           Justine's tragedy is twofold--she is truly innocent, and thus a kind of sacrificial lamb, and she is a reminder to Victor evermore of what he has done.  Make no mistake about it, Victor is as much Jusitne's killer as the monster, and, as far as I am concerned, his inability to speak up, forever seals his culpability.

                                                              So his inner torment, and his pursuit of the creature, even to the reaches of the frozen Arctic, is his way of atoning for what he has done.  And when he dies on Robert Walpole's ship, it is with hope that he is finally at peace.

                                                                 Justine is not the moral and emotional center of the story, like Fantine in "Les Miserables."  But she is the catalyst in bringing Victor's obsession with science to a point of everlasting tormented anguish.

                                                                   The novel would be lost without her.

                                                                     And, darlings, if you haven't yet, get out there and read it!
Discover for yourselves how brilliant the real thing is!!!!!!!!!!!!  You will never view "Frankenstein" in the same way again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Has To Be Seen To Be Believed, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         First of all, girls, I can assure you, the photo is air brushed, and what an act Miss Christine Quinn is putting on here.  You know the famous line about the lesbian vs. the Killer Whale?  Well, Christine, unlike the whale, does not have a sense of humor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Your senses of humor will be tickled by the latest commercial she is airing, which. I am telling you, has got to be seen!  It is a laugh riot, and the best side splitter I have had all week.
Christine, on camera, comes on like Miss "I Care About New York," the champion of the Middle Classes, when all she is championing, darlings, is Christine Quinn.  Despite the fancy dress and smile you can still hear in her voice what she truly is--some Queens bred low class low life, who should never have risen above the level of barmaid, because that is exactly what she sounds like.  Queens may have let Ellen Barkin escape, but they never should have let Christine Quinn outta there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            And I love all this talk about "Gay Mayor, this, Gay Mayor that!"  What, everyone is forgetting about Ed Koch?  He was the first Gay Mayor, and don't you forget it, darlings!!!!!! He may not have been pretty, but he is prettier than Christine, and he could be kinda lovable, just like our (Monsieur's and mine) Auntie Alvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              I would love to see Auntie Alvin at City Hall, rather than Christine Quinn!  Then, maybe I could chair Cultural Affairs!!!!!!!!!  This city would rock, then, darlings, let me tell you!!!!!!!!!

                                                Don't let Christine's smiley facade fool you!  She is nothing but a goddamn beans n' franks you know what, who should be bar tending in Maspeth this evening, rather than on the campaign trail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  I can't wait for HER sex scandal, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, This Bitch Is No "Baby Sitting Boogie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                Let me say a few introductory remarks about this week's winner, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!
First, she is a piece of work!  Second, I could not find an exact picture of her anywhere--though her partner in crime was all over the place.  What you see here resembles the actress who played her in last night's episode of "Wicked Attraction," but even then I cannot be sure, because the actress looked like an older, weathered, Peggy Lipton type, and this girl is just a bit too fresh.

                                  The winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award is Tina Young!!!!!!!!

                                   That Tina!!!!!!!!!!!  As a teenager, she babysat for her neighbor, Casey Zalenski, when he was a baby!  Eventually, Tina got married, and by the time Casey was murdered on November 8, 2002, he at the age of 16 and Tina at 33, Tina was a mother herself, with three kids, one on the way, and a loving husband.

                                     She had it all, darlings!  But, for whatever reason, she lacked fulfillment, and, instead of turning to Danielle Steel, or even Barbara Taylor Bradford, both of whom would have been better for her, you know what she turns to, dolls????????  Smack!!!!!!!!!!  You know.........heroin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Tina Young transformed herself in no time from Suburban Soccer Mom to Drug Addicted Ho'!!!!!!!!!  The latter was aided and abetted by her sexual enslavement to her drug dealer, Larry Tooley.  On that fateful November night, the two needed money for a fix, and Tina knew the Zalenskis had money, so they broke into the residence.  But Casey caught them, and Larry Tooley gunned him down, in front of Casey's former babysitter!  Who did absolutely nothing to stop it, just so she and Larry could pursue their drug addicted, sexual high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          If this were "The Crucible," darlings, I would say hang this witch!  As it is, she got off easy!  She got 20 plus years in prison, after pleading to third degree murder, and testifying against Larry. He got Life, Without Parole!  Tina should have gotten the same thing.  If she is ever released, and let's hope that day never happens, she will be a 60 plus granny out to score big!  You can't tell me Tina has beaten her habit. Bet she gets it on the inside.  If she doesn't watch her back, she may get beaten herself!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          No, no one is going to shed any tears for Tina.  And when she gave birth to Child Number Four in prison, it was promptly removed from her, thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           When I saw Tina's story last night, I knew she would be perfect for Bitch Of The Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              I'm just sorry I was unable to show all my girls how ugly she truly is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Seems Like Anthony Has Been Beating His Wiener A Little Too Much, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Some men, gay or straight, just can't seem to keep it in their pants!  Whether Anthony Weiner--whose name alone invites ridicule, girls, especially when added to his situation--was actually having real sex, or just some good old fashioned online wanking--Ewwwwwwwww!  First of all, who wants to know about it?  And second, if he is spending so much time pleasuring his loins, how is he going to find time to run a city like New York???????????

                                            At least Eliot Spitzer had the class to back out, and come back slowly.  And whether or not he is still carrying on (and I would not be surprised if he is!!!!!!!) he, at least this time, has learned enough, to keep it out of the media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             But Weiner, and his...pardon me...wiener.....seem to be talking out of...pardon me again, girls.....both heads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is almost like he is saying "I am going to run for Mayor, and if I screw around it is nobody's business," while simultaneously saying, in tandem with his wife, how sorry he is, and how they are working on their marriage!

                                                Well, I will give the wife credit, but it seems the only work Anthony is doing involves his wiener!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  Give it a rest, Anthony!  The wiener and the Mayoral campaign!  Who can take seriously a candidate who just about openly posts sexual messages and pictures of himself?  Which, from what I have heard, Tony, hon, are not all that hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     This is one Big Boy who needs to be cut down to size!  And if he does not back out soon, he will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      Without any help from Lorena Bobbit, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tickets Will Be Snatched Up As Soon As I Post This, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    Good news for all you 'Merrily' groupies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     On the evening of September 2--which just happens to be Labor Day, darlings--Musical Theater Legend Ann Morrison, the original Mary Flynn of "Merrily We Roll Along" (and who OWNS the role!!!!!!!!)  will be doing a one-night stand at the cabaret 54 Below, and I am telling you, we have GOT to be there.  Can you imagine a better way to unofficially end the Summer, than this??????????

                                                       You know the evening will include some Sondheim songs, and maybe even a tune or two from 'Merrily', but hearing Ann sing anything is a treat and a privilege!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have not been to 54 Below, because I have been waiting for the right special occasion, and, girls, I am telling you, this time I have found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                           But act fast!  I believe it is a small space, and I am sure seats will go fast!

                                                             And I would not be surprised if the audience was filled with former 'Merrily' cast members, and theatrical insiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                 Be there, or be square!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, I Am Telling You, The Girls At Henrietta's Must Have Gotten Such A Charge Out Of Seeing Angie Harmon Get Underneath A Car, And Drill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   "Dance With The Devil" had to be the most exciting episode, this season, of "Rizzoli And Isles."  And, yes, while that scene with Angie was a highlight,  (who else could keep their hair and make-up so so perfect, even if that hair was pinned back????) Angie as a Jane took a back seat, Lorraine Bracco as Angela was out of town, purportedly visiting a cousin, and, thankfully, Frankie was nowhere in sight.

                                      This gave actors Sasha Alexander (Maura Isles),  Sharon Lawrence (Hope),  Brian Goodman (Lieutenant Cavanugh) and John Doman (Paddy Doyle) a chance to shine. All do the best work they have in this one episode.

                                        The opening takes place on March 22, 1993.  A mother and her young son have just returned home. She talks to her husband.  Something about the setup tells  us this will be important later.
We see an unknown intruder tampering with the heating system in the apartment building the mother and child were in. Somehow, I just knew this person was Paddy Doyle, though he is not seen.  What eventually happens is that the mother walks in to an ice cold apartment, turns up the heat.........and both she and the child are destroyed in a fiery  explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           We eventually find out that this was Lieutenant Cavanugh's young wife, Linda, and son, Christopher, only two years old, then!!!!!!! . The horror of that tragedy has never left him, and while I was not too keen on him dating Angela, I truly felt for his grief, still present, twenty years later.

                                              This marks a turning point for Hope (Sharon Lawrence, always looking stunning!) who, when she is made to understand Paddy himself caused the deaths of this woman and child,  turns on him.  He always told her he would never hurt women or children, but that was a crock of lies.
Which is why I wanted to see Cavanugh in the men's room take Paddy out.  But we know, girls, that would  not have given him the closure he thinks it  would, and we do not want to see a good man locked up.  So, when Hope agrees to  testify against Paddy, and faces him down outside the courtroom, we know she means business, and Paddy is going down.  Will either character be back?  I hope so.  Hope, definitely.  If Paddy is given the death penalty, I hope he is seen one more time, or we learn of his fate for sure.  I am telling the show's creators now-don't leave us on tender hooks, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 And wasn't Maura's Yoga room just fabulous????????  It should inspire me!!!!!!!!! Maybe I could try doing the child pose again.  I used to be good at it, and I found it comforting.
I would rather have the comfort of my beloved Monsieur, though.

                                                    As Maura says to Hope tellingly, "You made a bargain with the Devil, and now he has come back!"

                                                     But seldom has he been more entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Girls, It Is The End Of An Era!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                           "Chock Full O' Nuts is that Heavenly Coffee,
                                                              Heavenly Coffee, Heavenly Coffee,
                                                             Chock Full O' Nuts is that Heavenly Coffee,
                                                              Better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy."
                                                                 --The Chock Full O' Nuts Jingle

                                             Darlings, in my head, right now, I can hear the voice of Page Morton Black singing that song.  All through the television years of my youth--the Sixties and Seventies--she sang that each time Chock Full O' Nuts coffee advertised its product. It was a part of life.  And while, as a  confirmed coffee drinker, I never gravitated to that brand, (I still drink Maxwell House, which is still "Good to the last drop!") there was something warm and comforting about hearing Page sing that song.  It gave me a feeling of warmth, not to mention a craving for a cup of coffee.  And, over time, I have drank my share of Chock Full O Nuts, and yes, they make good coffee.

                                                 So, when she died, two days ago, at 97, it was another nail in the coffin of memories indigenous to the Baby Boomer (and before) generation.  The fact that she had also been a member of the Parkinson's Disease Foundation (in fact, she chaired it!!!!!!!!!) made me wonder whether this had been the cause of death, as none was mentioned.  But, hell, she was 97!  Just imagine surviving that long--and with Parkinson's, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  She was also noted on the Manhattan  cabaret circuit in the Forties and Fifties, until she married Chock Full Of Nuts founder, William Black, after which her vocal rendering of her husband's product became more famous than any standard she did in clubs.

                                                    I am sure on YouTube or thereabouts, you can find an ad, featuring Page's voice.  It is truly the end of an era.

                                                      "A civilization gone with the wind," darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two More Artists On The Rise, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         What do I know about cultural events outside of New York?  Well, in San
Diego, right now, girls, there is something taking place called Comic Con, which I have a vested interest in, due to the Holm siblings, Jenni and Matt, pictured above, left to right, who just happen to be my niece and my nephew!  So, why shouldn't they get some free publicity from The Raving Queen?

                                             Jenni is Jennifer L. Holm, the internationally known author of three Newberry Honor books ("Our Only May Amelia," "Penny From Heaven," and "Turtle In Paradise," as well as the "Boston Jane" series, " the thriller "The Creek," "Middle School Is Worse Than Meat Loaf," and, of course, the award winning Baby Mouse series.

                                                Matt, Jenni's brother, illustrates (and brilliantly) the Baby Mouse books, which earned them recognition at this year's Comic Con, as "Baby Mouse For President" was named the "Best Graphic Novel Suited For Children 7 And Under."  Darlings, I loved it, too!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                   Some producer needs to get on the ball, and start things rolling on a Baby Mouse cartoon.  Then everyone can enjoy this fabulous character's adventures, and maybe I can enjoy  my one tenth of the action, being as my family, while I was growing up, owned the dog that inspired the Baby Mouse character! Whose name WAS Baby Mouse!

                                                      But that was then, this is NOW!  Having conquered Comic Con, where to next????????  Only time will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         Maybe Baby Mouse will become a clinical social worker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                          Isn't this all just SO exciting, darlings???????????????????

Finally! FINALLY! Jessie Gets A Mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Girls, I am telling you, I have been ready to slap Playbill Online across its face.  Hell, I think I will!  Take THAT, Andrew Gans, Mr. Editorial Director!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                Why??????????  Well, in the last two weeks, or so, Playbill did two articles--one a survey of actresses to hypothetically play the role of Fanny Brice in the hypothetical (at this point!) Broadway revival of "Funny Girl," and another, interviewing performers--actors and actresses--on what musical revival roles they would like to do.  And in each, not once--NOT ONCE--was Jessie Mueller mentioned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  This was inexcusable, because, as far as any potential Fanny Brices out there are concerned, Jessie is IT!  Even yours truly, who has trained for the role since BARBRA did it at the Winter Garden, back in 1964, when I was 9, concedes to this.  I have offered to do the role of Mrs. Brice, opposite Jessie, and, if she needs a night off, to step in then--and ONLY then!!!!!!--as Fanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    As for Broadway revivals, well, how about us getting a look at Jessie as Amalia in "She Loves Me??????????"  Especially after seeing what she did with Carrie in "Carousel."  I don't know if the recent "RAGS" reading will yield Jessie a chance at Rebecca, but wouldn't that be fabulous????????  And can' t you just hear her singing the gorgeous "I Loved You Once In Silence," from "Camelot?????" Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      Well, as I said, finally someone took note.  Because, while the ink is not on paper yet, Jessie has been singled out as a contender for what of Broadway's classic and most sought after roles--Fantine in "Les Miserables."

                                                            Now, I have absolutely no problem with Jessie doing this role.  Never mind that  I dream of doing it, too!  For one thing were Jessie cast, it would get me to that revival of "Les Miz" quicker than anything.  But I have to wonder. Would this production allow Fantine to be played as written, or will it incorporate the movie into it; for example, will she now, as in the film, sing "I Dreamed A Dream," after "Lovely Ladie??????????."

                                                               And would Jessie really want to do Fantine?  She is a star on the rise, but it is a lot of work for so small a role.  Patti Lu Pone had already done "Evita," when she did it, back in 1985, she was anxious to work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and they wanted to showcase a "name" in that role.  Jessie has not had her "Evita" yet, so would Fantine be a step back?  Not to mention, hons, it is a killer part!!!!!!!!!!  You are enacting someone's misery and defeat every night, dying of consumption, and singing one of the saddest songs ever composed for a musical.  It has to get to one after awhile.  Anyone playing Fantine has to be in a good emotional place when signing on for this role, or forget it--the part will destroy you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                   Jessie may not want to take this risk, and I for one could not blame her.  It's what makes me hesitate whenever I am asked to sing "I Dreamed A Dream."  Going to that "dark place," in order to do it, is harrowing.

                                                                     Nevertheless, if Jessie is cast, I will have my ticket the moment they go on sale!  Let's just be glad Playbill finally wised up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                        Musically, darlings, Jessie can do just about anything!  So--give her something to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Could Having Seen "Maid Of Salem"At A Young Age Inspired Arthur Miller To Write "The Crucible???????"

                                             You have to wonder about that one, darlings. Now, while I have not seen this Salem Witchcraft story yet (and I cannot wait, because the Salem trials are one of my favorite topics; how come no one has written an opera??), everything I read practically has the characters in this one standing in for those in Miller's play.

                                               Like Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray standing in for John and Elizabeth Proctor. And Bonita Granville, in one of her great, evil child roles (the kind that only I can play, girls; this is MY role!!!!!!!!!) standing in for Abigail, and Virginia Weidler (now, remember, I have not seen the film yet!!!!!!!!!) standing in as either Mary Warren or Betty Parrish.

                                                 But, darlings come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Accusing Claudette Colbert of being a witch???????  Who would believe that??????????   Who could do such a thing?????????  Only Bonita, in one of her great Bonita roles!!!!!!!!!!!!  You have to wonder--was she ever considered for the role of Veda in "Mildred Pierce?"  Not that I would want anyone but Ann Blyth in the part, but, when you look at the rest of Ann's career, Veda, while it might be her signature role, is her only descent into evil.  With Bonita, until she switched gears in the Forties, as she matured, with Nancy Drew, evil was her Middle Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    I cannot wait to see Bonita wreak havoc in Salem, Massachusetts.  I would wager that remembrances of her, plus the McCarthy hearings, combined to allow Arthur Miller to write "The Crucible."

                                                     "Maid Of Salem" has a great cast, including Beulah Bondi!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                       But how come Margaret Hamilton wasn't cast???????  She had already worked with Bonita, the year before, in "These Three," and in a film requiring actors to look like unattractive, prune faced New Englanders, she would have been perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         Margaret had the last laugh though, when she went on, two years later, to play what is still regarded as the Twentieth Century's most celebrated witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                          Heh-heh-heh, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, Without Question, This Could Be The Sleeper Of The Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               I have not seen "Sharknado" in its entirety, yet, darlings, but what I have seen, I can tell you, merits a look!  You have GOT to see this preposterous piece of crap, featuring the veteran, respected John Heard, who must have done this role because his creditors, or drug dealer, or whomever he was in debt to, were furiously knocking on his door!!!!!!!!  Why else do garbage like this?????

                                                  But, who am I to talk? Remember Betsy Palmer, and "Friday The 13th??????" The rest is history, from that one, and the same might eventually be said of "Sharknado."

                                                    What I think it is trying to do is surpass the idiocy of "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes," and "Night Of The Lepus."  I am sorry, but I just have a soft spot in my heart for those gigantic bunnies.

                                                       But when a tornado, or hurricane or tsunami, or whatever it is, rushes through town, and sharks drop from the sky in multitude, like the plague of locusts from "The Good Earth," get ready for some laughs.  The sharks devour everyone in sight, and they all deserve it, anyway, because they are all such rotten actors, working from a rotten script.

                                                           The sky dropping sharks, the rolling Ferris Wheel crashing into and demolishing a building, and the guy being swallowed whole and then chainsawing his way of out of the shark's abdomen,  are the visual highlights.  And they have got to be seen, to be believed.

                                                              Dolls, I just found out about it this weekend, so I wanted to get it to you, as soon as possible.  I will try to include a little teaser, but the rest you have got to see for yourselves!!!!!!!!!

                                                               And the sharks in this movie, lambs, outnumber those in "West Side Story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"That Little Place Just Two Hours Outside New York............."

                                What a weekend we had darlings; so emotionally intense, I had to psychologically decompress!!!!!!!!!!

                                  We started at my sister's scenic house in Audubon, lush with greenery, making the front and back yards look like tropical forests, in this season and weather.

                                     Saturday, we kicked off the day by visiting the world-famous Villa St. Martha, in Downingtown, one of the wildest places on Earth!!!!!!!  (Both St. Martha, and Downingtown!!!!!!!)  My father, still active at only 98, joined us for an excursion to the Brandywine Museum, which was pretty picturesque this season, darlings, and had gorgeous views of the floral landscape, plus the N.C,. Wyeth Gallery (my favorite), not to mention, Andrew, Jamie and all those other artistic Wyeths.

                                         There is the loveliest cafeteria, with a scenic view of the creek; you feel as though you are eating in the most elegant of surroundings, even if all you are just  noshing down is a soup and a sandwich.

                                          Their gift shop is enormous and that is where I was hoping to find the book I have been in search of for ages--the edition of "The Yearling" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, illustrated by N.C. Wyeth.  I have actually wanted to get my hands on a copy that I can own, ever since coming across it for the first time in the Irving School Library, back in the 1965-66 school year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To me, the visualizations helped to define the 1946 MGM movie, and I when I think of "The Yearling, I think of this edition, with the Wyeth illustrations.

But the first book Wyeth illustrated was "Treasure Island," by Robert Louis Stevenson, (of whose works he would go on to illustrate a great many more) so maybe that was why the gift shop was teeming with that volume.  I actually considered purchasing it; "Treasure Island" is one of my favorites, but not so much as "The Yearling," whose illustrations are extraordinarily beautiful.

From there it was just a short hop to suburban Downintown, and a lovely visit with my nephew Jonathan, his wife, Mandy, and their two lovely children, Fiona and Alexander.  From superb barbecued chicken to high drama, the evening flowed, till it was time to pack my father in at his comfort station at the world famous Villa St. Martha's!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all, it was quite a weekend, darlings!  Yesterday, it was necessary for me to psychologically decompress; I was so emotionally exhausted.

And both of us were tired!  We even slept through the last part of "On The Case With Paula Zahn!"

Paula will never forgive us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Girls, So Help Me, I Am Telling You, It Was That Slant-Eyed Miss, Christina Eddington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Every suburban neighborhood seems to have its own version of Barry James. In mine, there was a whole constellation of them--Barry Levine, Ronald Axelrad, and, a block over on North Eleventh Avenue, Harold Baum.  These are guys who basically never leave home, and live with their parents till they die, then live in the house until they themselves eventually do.  Call them male spinsters, if you will.

                                            But there is often something creepy about them.  In the case of mine, there definitely was.  And many of these types do not work.

                                            Barry James was one of those types.  He was something of a high achiever, even if he did cling to home, earning both a Bachelor's and Master's Degree, working locally, then, when health problems forced him to retire, working part time at a local funeral home. And he had a strong belief that if you are born in a certain town, you live there, until you die.  Watch out for that attitude, girls.  It always seems to get its proponents into trouble!!!!!!!!!  Weird choices, yes, but nothing fundamentally wrong with them.

                                               Additionally, Barry was a help to his aged and ailing parents, Charles and Rita James, he 91, and she 87, both of whom had lived and raised their two children, (they also had a daughter, married, with a family, who did not live there) in that house, since first moving there, in 1941.

                                                  They were the Old Guard of their neighborhood, and all week when this story was being advertised on "Fatal Encounters"--the ID program that dramatizes confrontations spun out of control, always ending in death--I had the idea, from what I saw, that things would go this way--some aspect of Barry's behavior annoyed his younger neighbors, they confront him, he feels he can do whatever the fuck he wants, and so, the younger male neighbor is killed by gunfire.

                                                     But that is not what happened at all.

                                                      Now, let me tell you something about Jonathan Eddington.  If you like those intellectual, nerdy, straight types, darlings, I suppose you could say he is kinda cute.  But, beware, these types are not often what they seem to be.  Back in college (he got a Bachelor's in Engineering from Syracuse, and a Law Degree from Fordham, so she was no dummy, darlings!!!!!) he got into a bit of trouble. Jonathan is one of those types who, occasionally cannot control his rage, and so, when he walked passed a table with a girl sitting advocating Planned Parenthood, and handing out brochures, he just could not take it, and berated her and her beliefs, knocking over everything in sight.

                                                       This tells me a couple of things, darlings!  It tells me, first he is a Pro-Lifer, which means he is some card carrying Republican, who thinks women should be baby machines!!!!!!!!
And this is pretty indicative by the time he marries Christina; she is a stay at home wife, and during  every academic installment--grad school, law school--Jonathan has Christina popping out a kid.  If things had not gone down the way they had, Christina might have been  saddled with five offspring, at least, by now!

                                                           Another thing about Jonathan is, for all his high ranking academic achievement, he can't seem to score as big in the law profession as others; his job is poor paying, long hours, and the young man is stressed with job and financial worry.  The last two are legit concerns, and create a modicum of sympathy, but his inability to land anything better speaks volumes about his personality, or lack thereof.

                                                             I am telling you, the whole thing was started by that bitch, Christina.
One day, at her kitchen window, which faces across the way, into Barry James' bedroom, she can see him in the nude.  Nothing appetizing, I am sure.  Barry, who had heart and diabetes problems, at 59, was simply cooler and more comfortable au naturel, and so he was just relaxing watching TV.  And, no, girls, there was no evidence to suggest he was watching porn, or choking the chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                             This annoys Christina no end, and her annoyance builds.  I have to wonder, darlings, if that had been, say, Jake Gyllehnaal across the way, how annoyed Christina would be.
She finally tells Jonathan, and his idea of dealing with the problem is to go over to the house with a pipe, banging with  it, outside Barry's window, but to no avail.  Christina eggs him on; the window is also visible from their two-year-old daughter's bedroom window, and she can see Barry.  Which bothers Christina, more than the kid.  Police are summoned, but the James parents do not understand--Barry has committed no crime, and the police agree.  Of course, if Barry, or the Eddingtons, had had the sense to put up strong curtains and shades that can pull down, everything would have been solved. Then he could have jacked off to his heart's content, if he so desired!  You have to wonder about the stupidity, and the accountability, of both parties here!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                               Jonathan's rage finally snaps, when Christina, on hearing words her toddler has put together, probably from what she has picked up at home, states that the child claims Barry entered her room, and molested her.  So Jonathan pops into Barry's bedroom window, stepping, first onto the car (already damaging another's property) to propel himself in.  Instead of confronting Barry, and before the older man can utter nothing beyond "I don't even know your daughter," the knife wielding Right Wing vigilante stabs Barry a total of 16 times. Oh, and in front of his mother!  Nice, huh?  While Jonathan  dashes home to wash the blood off him, the parents are left to deal with the trauma of losing the son they depended on.

                                                                 The end result was Jonathan was convicted and imprisoned, but is not a bit penitent.  His wife refused to cooperate with the investigation (which speaks volumes about her, and wait till you see how ugly she is!!!!!!!!!) the James parents are helpless (thank God they have another daughter!!!!!!!!) and two families are torn apart over allegations, after much examination, that turn out to be false.  I am telling you, darlings, this is like "The Children's Hour" by Lillian  Hellman, taking to the extreme.

                                                                    Except the Mary Tilford here is not the toddler, but the toddler's parents.  Christina, who I think should be held culpable, gets off free, even though she set the whole thing in motion.  She created the situation that not only ended Barry's life, but put her own husband in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                      And just look how fat and ugly she is!!!!!!! But, popping out all those kids, no wonder!  You know what would have happened?  Jonathan would have worn her out after about the ninth child, then would have traded her in for a younger model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                       The pure, unadulterated arrogance of these Right Wing small towners, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know those types!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                        It is always the unsuspecting you have to watch out for!!!!!!