Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Thirty Days Hath September.................."

                             So, goes the old rhyme?  Can you believe we have come to the end of September, girls????????  A month that saw Summer end, Labor Day, the Tyler Clementi Anniversary, the same for 9/ll, and, of course, me finally being filmed, in front of the Waverly, singing "Frank Mills."

                              It was a Hot September, and a cold one!  No theater except for that turkey Cady Huffman was in, and, by now, has forgotten.  And once you have been through childhood, one never ceases that Back To School feeling from September; as adults, we hunker down for the Long Winter ahead, and the Holidays attendant. And street fairs.

                                Yes, darlings, it all happened in September.  When next I speak with you, it will be October, and there is plenty lined up, already!

                                  Heaven get me through the dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What A Bitchfest, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            I never, ever expected to reread "Harvest Home," again.  I did, when it came out in 1973, back when I was eighteen.  I never bothered watching, at the time, the 1978 TV miniseries made from it, because, for starters, I had never pictured--and still don't!!!!!!!--Bette Davis as the Widow Fortune, and I resented the title change to the more obvious, "The Dark Secret Of Harvest Home."
Those two words, "Harvest Home," alone, are creepier, and more effective.

                              So, when I came across the novel at--of all places, Villa St. Martha, in Dowingtown, PA,, where my father resides,  I thought, why not?  Though why this decidedly anti-Christian story should be amid the shelves of a decidedly Catholic place remains a mystery.

                                You are going to hear a lot about "Harvest Home" on here, girls, because, when I finish watching the miniseries, as I now plan to do, I will give an accounting of that.

                                  What occurred to me, while I was reading it now, was how naive I was when I first read it. What a difference 40 years makes.  For while the novel is clearly well written and compelling, it is clear Tryon was influenced highly by three authors--Shirley Jackson, Ira Levin, and James Frazer.  The novel, with its village rituals, recalls Shirley Jackson's short story classic "The Lottery."  The shift from a society where women are valued over men is an inversion of both Levin's "Rosemary's Baby," and "The Stepford Wives."  As for Frazer, well, once upon time, in colleges back in my day, when American Literature got taught properly, in the first quarter students got a healthy dose of "The Golden Bough" by Frazer, which talks about ceremonies such as those depicted in "Harvest Home."

                                   But before going there, let me say, oh my God!  The men--all of them--are so DUMB!!!!!!!!!  And the only two sympathetic women in the tale are a corpse, whose back story is told, leading the so-called hero, Ned Constantine, to a realization of the truth, and Sophie Hooke, wife of Harvest Lord Justin, who hangs herself on the day of Harvest Home.  Her reason for doing to is painfully sympathetic, but the thing is, having been raised in the village, she has known this would happen for seven years, ever since her husband was crowned Harvest Lord.  Which is why the villagers--and this is the only time I think they are right--don't think it is a good idea for the Harvest Lord and Corn Maiden to be married.

                                     The whole thing harkens back to female worship of the Goddess Demeter.  Every seven years, a healthy male specimen is chosen Harvest Lord, and for seven years gets the Royal Treatment, because, on Harvest Home Night, once he has, in front of everyone female, fertilized the Corn Maiden with his seed, he is sacrificed to the Goddess, by having his throat cut with s scythe!!!!!!!!!!
And the Harvest Lord knows this, for seven years, and accepts it??????????  Nuts, huh?????????

                                       But that Tamar Penrose, she is one grade A bitch!  She is not just the town postmistress, but the town, slut, and she throws herself at just about anything male.  She never gets her chance to sink her claws into Worthy Pettinger, who, at the novel's start, has just been chosen Harvest Lord, so he knows what he is in for, and tries to escape.  But he is found, and ceremoniously murdered for his troubles.

                                          Other men, who stumble on to things, like Robert Dodd, or Jack Stump, are either blinded by the women, who gouge out the eyes, or have their tongue cut out. In the case of hero Ned, it is both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             I kept asking myself, why would reasonably intelligent men accept such nonsense, which demeans their sex?????? Sexual Politics has gone overboard in this town, darlings; the men need a dash of their own.  Even Robert, when he reveals his blindness to Ned, showing that his eyes were gouged out upon discovery of what he had seen, accepts it!  I would have slapped his wife Maggie,across the face, and walked out on her!!!!!!!  Bitch!!!!!!!!!!  And that goes double for Tamar Penrose!!!!!!!!!

                                                How, I kept asking myself, could the Widow Fortune accept her lot; her husband, Clem, whom she apparently loved deeply, was a Harvest Lord sacrifice too, many years ago, and she is fine with it???????????
Something inhuman has gone out of the women in this town.  They may cry maternal, but they are NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     And that Beth Constantine!  Turning over she and Kate to this cult, betraying her husband; what a bunch of prize bitches!  The town should have been called Bitchville!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                       The most fascinating character is Tamar Penrose's mysteriously psychic daughter, Missy. I am telling you, when I first read the book, I said if this were made into a movie, this is the part I want!  Tracey Gold, from "Growing Pains," plays it, and I have already heard Missy does not get the screen time she gets in the book!  Mistake number one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         As for the high handed antics at Harvest Home, it reads like the Dance Of The She Demons! And when the women all gather around to touch "the living malehood of the Harvest Lord!," (that is how it is written; no kidding!!!!!!!!!)  I had to laugh!  It is really almost CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!  Jacqueline Susann must have had a good chuckle over this one!

                                                           Which is why "Harvest Home" should have been filmed for the screen; it had to be sanitized too much for TV!  The campiness will never rise to the level of the women touching "Justin's rooster!" (Another eloquent phrase!!!!!!!!!!!!)  Or it should be remade with MERYL as the Widow Fortune, Julianne Moore or Amy Adams as Tamar, and I am telling you it would be a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                               This was Tryon's follow up to his almost award winning, "The Other."  That remains his masterpiece.  The same poetic, elegiac prose is used here, but the results
are more entertaining than psychologically impacting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                  And proves men are dumber than women!  To think this was written by a gay man!  That's right, darlings, Tryon was gay.  In fact, for Theater Queens, his lover was Clive Clerk, who originated the role of Larry, the Dance Captain in "A Chorus Line" back in 1975.  When that show began to kick into gear, it was Tryon who realized its value, reminding Clerk, "Don't you realize what you are IN?????????"

                                                                   All of which proves, as a character in the novel "Valley Of The Dolls" says, "Fags have pretty good taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


You Didn't Think I Was Going To Get Away, Without Talking About THE WEDDING, Did You???????????????????????????

                                       From all the hoopla attendant to George Clooney's wedding to Amal Alamuddin, (my God, what a name!!!!!!!!) you would have thought it was the biggest thing since Lady Di and Prince Charles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          MERYL was not there. Nor, I don't think was Amy Adams.  Or Blythe Danner.  So, how could this wedding be so important?  Even more astonishing, I was not there, loves!!!!!!!!  Hell, I was not even invited!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like Maleficent, the evil fairy in "Sleeping Beauty," and the Angelina Jolie film of the same name!   And you know what evil fairies do, when not invited to something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             But, even more important, girls, let's talk about Clooney, whom you and I both know we have all had crushes on for twenty years, ever since the early days of "ER!!!!!!!!!!"  Can you believe it has been that long, darlings??????????????//

                                               He was 33 when he began in that series, and now, he is getting married at 53!!!!!!!!  Uhm, hmmmmmmmmmm!  Let me tell you something, they may look as cozy and attractive as Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones in their early days, but, come twenty years she'll look like Mama June, and his looks will be fading.  And I doubt whether they will still be married.

                                                   Why????????  Because, loves, despite the magic of Venice--a perfectly romantic place for a wedding; hell, I wouldn't mind having mine, there!  I am sure the couple stayed at the Albergo Caldo, Numero Cinqua Cinqua!  Cinqua!  Cinqua!!!!!!!!!!--this is a Hollywood front!  That's right! Clooney has, at 53, reached the point in his career and life, where his advisers have told him to get married--just like MGM officials ordered Vincente Minnelli!!!!!!!!  That's right, darlings!  I am saying that Amal Alamuddin is not so much Clooney's wife, as his Beard!!!!!!  There may be children from this marriage, but it won't be the usual way, it will be scientific, because Georgie boy ain't giving up dick for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!  Remember, you heard it first here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      But, come on, who's kidding anybody!!!!!!!!!!  We, and everyone there know this!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been known for years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                        Let's leave pretending where it belongs for a change--in fantasy!!!!!!!!!!!!


It Is Disgraceful How The Anniversary Of This Film Is Being Handled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Girls, as soon as we reached January 1 of this year, I knew, as I am sure every queen out there did, that this year was the 75th Anniversaries of those two gems of 1939, and two of the most perfect films of the last century.  I am, of course, talking about "The Wizard Of Oz," and "Gone With The Wind."

                           I have not seen a word about 'Oz," which, let me tell you, I am pretty pissed about.  But, over the weekend, my movie informed friend, Chris, stated there were some screenings coming up. of GWTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Well, he was right, but guess what?  The screenings are so limited that who the hell can go to them?  On Sunday, at the Union Square Stadium Theater on 14th Street, there was a 2PM and 7PM screening.  The 2PM would have been perfect, except I did not know about it.  So we ended up going to the Atlantic Antics, instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Now, at the same theater, there is also the same schedule of screenings tomorrow, Wednesday, October 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That happens to be a work day, which means I would have to cut work--and in another time, when younger, I would have--or we would have to go to the 7PM screening, which means we do not get out till 11pm, on a work night, and, if lucky, get home to Bay Ridge by midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   I could do that thirty years ago, but not now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    What the hell is Turner Entertainment thinking?  I have a good mind to name this organization Bitch Of The Week, though I am waiting for something better.  Bu, really, why such limited screenings?  And so few?  Don't they realize that the bulk of the film's fans, some of whom, like myself, will ONLY see it on the screen, want their chance, but cannot have it?  Why can't more screenings be scheduled?  Why only four, tops?  What is it with these people?

                                        And how about "The Wizard Of Oz?????????????"

                                         Here is the opening sequence of credits to the film, to whet your appetite, and inspire all to petition Turner Entertainment for more screenings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            Because we all GIVE a damn, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Paula Kept Us Awake Last Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can You Believe It??????????????

                          Usually we wind down the weekend by falling asleep to "On The Case With Paula Zahn."  She often acts like a sleeping aide, and we miss most of what goes on anyway.  But this week, we were riveted, not just because Paula's outfit--a simple black dress, showing very little cleavage; I mean, come on, it's not like she has some outstanding rack, though I gather she thinks so; and the outfit needed a bracelet around her neck, other than that cheap looking gold thing she seems to always wear, which she probably picked up from a booth on Canal Street!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             But the savagery and sadness of the story compelled us to watch.  It turned out to be three stories in one, which added to the interest.  The story mainly focused on was the tragic rape and murder of 14-year-old Michelle Walker, in of all seemingly calm places, Yonkers.  On June 5, 1987, she went shopping for her mother--groceries and such.  She made it to the store, and a local pizza parlor, but never made it back to her home, in an apartment building.  The next day, June 6, her body was found by an 11-year-old neighbor, (who was looked upon as a suspect for awhile; but how could someone prepubescent commit rape, now; come on!!!!!!!!!!!)  in back of Michelle's apartment building, about 300 yards away.  While walking home she took a short cut through a wooded glade known as the Old Croton Aqueduct, and was
ambushed from behind, and dragged to where she was found.  The irony is on that initial investigation, the police were led to a teenager named Patrick Baxter, who already had a history of violence against women.  But his alibi checked out--then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Many years, and much searching later, the murders of Lisa Gibbens and Patricia England several towns over--three murders in a three   year period!!!!!!!!!--led them back to Baxter, who had been in his teens when he murdered Michelle.  She was strangled; the other two were gunshot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This sicko just kept "updating his methods."  But the bodies were arranged in similar fashion.

                               But the motive was always the same--sexual gratification.  It was thought all three women--one of whom he met at a New Years Eve party--had brushed him off, and he took out his rage by killing them.  Several years before Michelle's murder, Patrick had captured and sodomized an 8-year-old girl--who just happened to live in Michelle's building.  Hmmmmmmm......coming and  going from there, maybe seeing Michelle by chance planted the first notion.

                                Baxter was tried at once for all three murders, found guilty, and is in jail till he reaches the age of 108, which means he does not come out, till he is in a pine box!!!!!!!!!!!  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

                                 But justice was done for Michelle, Lisa, and Patricia.  And Paula kept us up, despite her droning, schoolgirl delivery, demonstrating a sense of boredom and disconnection with her job, where she just reads from script handed to her.

                                    Yet we stayed awake!!!!!!!!!!  Who would have thought??????????

It's Official. Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Year Is Winding Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        The first sign, as I have said on here, is when we transition over from August into what I call the "ber" months, when things seem to speed up!!!!!!!!!!!!  The second, and more official, sign is when I see
the poster for the New York City Ballet production of "The Nutcracker," and that happened last week, on September 24 (exactly three months before Christmas Eve,) when I spotted it on the premises of Lincoln Center, en route to a doctor appointment.

                         So, now it is time for my Head Polchinelle to get in gear, and to think about getting tickets.  Especially this year, because I am not sure my beloved has ever seen this live--I mean, my God, how can you NOT?????????--and this production and I share something in common--we will be celebrating ur 60th Anniversary.

                         That's right, this 'Nutcracker,' created by the great George Balanchine, was first done in 1954, the year I was born.  So, both of us will turn 60, though I reach it before the masterwork, as my birthday is in November.

                           This has become the Gold Standard against which all other 'Nutcrackers' are measured  Just can't wait to see that Mother Ginger!!!!!!!!!!!.  The Sixtieth Anniversary year is sure to be a sellout one, so I suggest making your plans and getting those tickets ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Time, like the Sugar Plum Fairy , waits fro no one, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy Seafood Restaurant, Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              This is where I was dragged to last night, girls!  In a neighborhood that made Goat Alley seem high class!   And you should have seen the tramps walking down the streets, at night!  Vaseline Alley, I am telling you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                The restaurant was more a clip joint, than serving place, with rolling tables, and waiters banging them, which frazzled my already delicate nerves.  Nothing was what I am accustomed to, in a Chinese restaurant; there was not even Moo Shu Pork, on the menu!!!!!!!!!!   What would Liza have done?????????

                                  The Hot and Sour soup opened up my sinuses, but wasn't what I was used to, or served in the kind of bowl to which I am accustomed.  I am a Creature Of Habit, remember!!!!!!!  The Orange Chicken was not crunchy enough, nor did I see those spicy orange bits garnishing them.  What kind of joint is this?

                                   Well, I will tell you.  The kind where whole families are living in the kitchen.  As we left the restaurant, going on 10PM-- I ate dinner so late last night my blood levels were all out of whack, darlings, and so was I!!!!!!!!!!--I could see them clearing the room.  I know what was going on.  The main dining room would become a screening room, where they would run the weekly screening of Bernardo Bertolucci's 1987 "The Last Emperor," while, behind the scenes, they  run a Licky Licky Joint!  You better believe it, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      It may be called the Happy Seafood Restaurant, but that is a misnomer.  There may be happiness, but not on account of the food!

                                        It should be called the Happy Endings, or Ho Chi Minh Endings, Restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Licky Licky, indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can You Believe It, Girls??????????????? We Have Another Reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      This is absolutely amazing, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!  It seems like only yesterday, I got a new reader, when now I have another.  I cannot tell who the New Reader is, but to them , I want to bid welcome--to this page, and the crazy, often harried world of the Raving Queen!  Goes great with morning coffee, let me tell you!

                       Sorry, I haven't been on here of late, but I have been busy rereading "Harvest Home," which I will have plenty to say about!  And October begins this week, so watch out for Tricks and Treats!!!!!!!!!!!

                         So, let us welcome another reader to The raving Queen.  Read, but feel free to drop in, and comment!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Deconstruction #8--Mary Stuart Masterson Singing "My Husband Makes Movies" From "Nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                 What with Seth Rudetsky trying to compete with yours truly, publishing a book, yet still refusing to recognize great songs and performances that merit attention, it is time for me to step in again, with another Musical Theater Deconstruction!!!!!!!!!!!  So, here we are, up to number 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   This choice begs the question can another performer surpass the originator?  In the case of "My Husband Makes Movies," yes.

                     Now, as my girls who are Theater Queens, know, Karen Akers origniated this song, when she played the role of Luisa Contini in "Nine," when it was first staged, back in 1982!!!!!!!!!  That was 32 years ago, darlings; can you believe it??????????  The show and score were so magical, I saw it three times; at one of those performances, I even stood, just to watch it!

                        I did not see David Leveraux's revival of "Nine," when it was done at the Roundabout, back in 2003.  But I can recall being in one of those record stores, where you could listen to CD tracks aided by headphones, and how blown away I was by Mary Stuart Masterson's rendition of "My Husband Makes Movies."

                        There is no question that Karen Akers' voice is more technically proficient.  It may sound better, but for her characterization, it made her just a bit regal and icy.  Masterson's sound is more natural, having that quality of spontaneity and discovery I occasionally find in singers of lesser vocal technique, but which gives them greater acting quality.  Mary Stuart's is a more feeling, emotional rendering of the song, and Leveraux understands this by how he stages the song, having Masterson circle the stage, remove and replace her glasses at crucial emotional points, giving her characterization more emotion than Akers, and dressing her as simply as possible.  It is a perfect  rendering of the song, and the first time I heard her get to the part where she muses, "Guido Contini, Luisa Contini..." I actually had tears in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        This is not only an exceptional rendering of a great song, but one that stunningly  surpasses its originator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           But, let me stop talking so you can hear for yourselves!  Here is Mary Stuart!!!!!!!!!!!

Matthew Pearl's Latest Is A Gem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          "Latest" may be a bit exaggerated, as I believe this came out in 2012.  My literary consciousness tells me I was aware of it when it did come out, but I am so backed up on my reading--an occupational hazard!!!!!--that I put it aside, and blocked it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           But then I came upon "The Technologists" at a local library, and when I saw Matthew Pearl's name on it, I knew I had to read it.  Having read all his other books, I was not about to miss this one, and I am glad I did not, because, girls, this is is his best, since "The Dante Club!!!!!!!!!!"  That's right!  It was so enthralling I spent yesterday afternoon reading the last 100 plus pages, not moving until I finished.  This is something I have not done since first reading "Special Topics In Calamity Physics," by Marisha Pessl.   Yes, darlings, it is THAT enthralling.

                           The novel takes place in Boston, three years after the Civil War, in 1868, and involves members of the first graduating class of a then new school called MIT!!!!!!!!!  That's right!  Not only was the school battling the notion of technology being evil--an issue still bandied about today!!!!!!!!!!!-- the school had the audacity to admit  to its freshman class a female member, Ellen Swallow, whose gender demanded then she be sequestered away from the men, and taught individually, not with the others.  I have nothing against one-on-one instruction; in my case, involving math and the sciences, I could have benefited from it!!!!--but not on the basis of sexual discrimination.

                           Ellen Swallow is actually based on a real woman of that name, who went on to teach at MIT, and two of the male students existed in real life; one of them also going on to teach at the school.  The fun comes when they get embroiled in a mystery involving murder, vengeance, and intellectual arrogance, which could make a difference in the existence of the school.  Boston is shaken by a series of chemical disasters that kill hundreds, damage others, and it is up to these enterprising students to figure out not only what is being done, but by whom, and why.  Pearl's research is skillful, as is his suspenseful plotting; I was truly shocked when the true identity of the killer was revealed, which says Pearl knows as much about literary roots as he does about squared ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          "The Technologists" is not only perfect for those who love science and mystery, but for readers desiring something they can  just sit back and enjoy, yet is so well written as to not insult one's intelligence!  I bet even Mama June and Sugar Bear would enjoy it!

                            Matthew Pearl scores another triumph, and I cannot wait for his next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Something To Cheer You All Up, After That Last Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           We all need a break, darlings, after that last post!  Imagine what it took out of me to write it!  Another thing passing through my mind lately is the classic song "City Of New Orleans," which I occasionally sing.  I always thought the song, made famous by Arlo Guthrie in 1972,  had  been written by him  as well, but that distinction goes to someone else.

                             That would be a lesser known singer/songwriter named Steve Goodman.  Interestingly, considering the last post, there is an autobiographical component to this song. It came to Goodman during the late Sixties, early Seventies, as he was riding the Illinois Central Line to visit his wife's family.

                              The composer actually recorded it himself on an album named for the song, back in 1971.  No one remembers that.  History was changed, though, when Goodman met Arlo Guthrie, at Chicago's Quiet Knight bar.  He approached Guthrie, asking if he could play something for him.  Guthrie agreed, provided Goodman buy him a beer, and if he did, Guthrie would hear the song out, for as long as it took him to drink the beer.  I guess Guthrie thought this was another green-behind-the-ears kid.

                                Well, no one knows if Guthrie finished that beer, or not.  What is known he was so impressed by what he heard, he asked Goodman if he could record it.  I am sure Goodman was thrilled to have so renowned a performer record his song.  It was included on Guthrie's 1972 album, "Hobo's Lullaby."  The show business irony  is that, while the song came from Goodman, it became Guthrie's signature song.   But this was no Diana Ross-Florence Ballard bitch thing, because Goodman would perform it, up until his death at 36, (so young!) from leukemia, in 1984.  And Arlo had no problems with it.  And I  am sure Guthrie's rendition garnered more money for Goodman, as the song went on to become a classic, being recorded by others.  I don't know if Arlo Guthrie still performs, but, if he does, I bet he cannot finish a set, without singing this song!

                                   Now, I know, girls, you would love to hear my rendition, but that is just not possible at this time.  So, here is Arlo Guthrie's classic rendition for you all to listen to, and enjoy!

                                    "All along the South bound odyssey," darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Mother From Hell Makes Bitch Of The Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Girls, I am telling you, there seems to be no shortage out there of Mothers From Hell, both in fiction and real life.  Fiction's top prize goes, of course, to Margaret White, created by Stephen King, in his novel, "Carrie."  But don't forget that piece of work, Charlotte Bayes, in the "Cold Case" episode "Churchgoing People," (who has been discussed on here) not to mention Shelley Winters as the despicable Rose-Ann D'Arcey in "A Patch Of Blue."  The prize winner in real life is Catherine Pelzer, mother of healer and inspirational speaker Dave Pelzer, author of "A Child called IT," which chronicled the abuse he suffered at the hands of this hellish woman.  To this list, there are others I could add--Sante Kimes, Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, and Magda Goebbels, wife of top Nazi, Josef, who, when Germany was clearly losing the war, and they could see it, killed all six of her children, suggesting they would be better off dead.  But not herself.

                       Then there is this week's winner of the Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, who straddles both fiction and real life.  The fictional winner is Alice Curtis, played by actress De Ann Mears, in the 1976 TV movie, "The Loneliest Runner."  But Alice was based on Peggy O'Neill, whose married name was Orowitz, wife of Eli Maurice.  Living in Forest Hills, Queens, in the Thirties, they gave birth to a son, who was named Eugene Maurice Orowitz, but grew up to be the successful actor and TV personality, Michael Landon.

                          Let me explain.  While recently discussing the subject of childhood bed wetting with my sister, who was a nurse, the memory of that movie, "The Loneliest Runner," came into my mind.  It was first aired on December 20, 1976, (I saw it then!) and there was one horrific scene that remained with me to this day.  The movie tells the story of a fictional  Olympic runner named John Curtis, (played in two bracketed scenes by Landon, and, for the bulk of the film, told via flashback, by then child actor Lance Kerwin) who, as a youngster, suffered the problem of overage bed wetting, doing, at first, everything to hide it from his parents.  When discovered, his mother, in the horrific sequence, hangs the soiled sheet out his bedroom window, for all the neighbors, and his father and friends (in that initial scene) to see!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          That moment had stayed with me for the intervening 38 years since I have seen the movie!!!!!!!!!!!   When I watched it again, a wave of discoveries flooded over me.  Butt first, a bit more explanation.

                            What gave the movie emotional resonance at the time was its dealing with a subject that was out there, but hardly discussed.  It was propelled by Landon, who produced, wrote, and directed the film himself, because the fact of being a bed wetter was autobiographical.  Before he became an actor, even before "I Was A Teenage Werewolf," Landon had been a champion javelin thrower, with Olympics aspirations.  But an arm injury in college ended that dream, so he turned to acting.  And didn't do too bad, at it.

                            As it turned out, Landon's real life situation was almost worse than the fictional John Curtis. The real life Alice, Peggy O'Neill, actually did hang those soiled sheets out the window for all to see, but she practiced more insidious emotional abuse, which included making him wear pieces of those sheets to school.    Michael had an older sister, Evelyn, whom the mother doted on, while seeming to hate her  male child.  She was  suicidal, and made several attempts, one while the family was on a vacation.  Michael saved her from one of the attempts, and it was thought his bed wetting was in part attributed to his fear of his  mother committing suicide.  The father, basically, ignored him, as he was probably cowed by his bitch wife, so Michael had no support from anyone.  On his eighth birthday, after sending out invitations, buying gifts, ice cream and cake, his mother cancelled the whole thing on the moment's notice, stating hatefully she did not like eight-year-old kids!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you imagine???????????

                              Revenge can be sweet, and in "The Loneliest Runner," he really skewers the mother.
Now, Landon was no world beater as an actor or director; he was certainly no Altman, but he did have an ability to work with actors, because he gets Emmy caliber performances from Brian Keith as the father, Arnold Curtis, De Ann Mears, as the mother, Alice, and, most especially, young Lance Kerwin as John.  All should have received Emmys for their work, most especially Mears and Kerwin, as, during their scenes, the heated emotions of their characters--one the hating mother, the other the despised child--comes through so palpably.  As does Kerwin's pain and desperation, whether running, literally for his life, or painfully hiding his  shame from his parents, at one point forfeiting his lunch daily to wash and change his bedding, so his parents would think he had stopped.  This kid just could not get a break.

                             What struck me about the family dynamics this time was that, while the movie was about the young John Curtis, and not his mother, it is made clear that the mother actually hates her child. But since the movie is not exploring her, the reason why is never made clear.  If bed wetting had not been an issue, she would have found another way to go after him.  Brian Keith plays the father, Arnold, as a more sympathetic figure than Landon's own father, but one who, for most of the film, is cowed by his wife.  I hated him when he caved in, supported his wife just to get her off his back, and slapped Kerwin,saying what the mother did with the sheets was right, and would continue!  From the way it is played, you can see John understands; this is not his father, but some other person.  Which makes the scene doubly painful.

                               De Ann Mears' performance has been compared by some to Mary Tyler Moore as Beth Jarrett in "Ordinary People."  I never actually hated Beth; I pitied her.  All she had to maintain her was the illusion of perfection, and when that was taken from her, she became emotionally stunted and shut down.
She was emotionally stunted, and did not lash out harmfully, like Alice Curtis, who was definitely a Borderline Personality Disordered monster.  Just like Karen's (the Dinah Manoff character) mother in "Ordinary People," which is quickly established in that film with a few brush strokes, and where the dynamics there went unchanged, leading to their daughter's suicide.

                                This Mother From Hell does get her comeuppance, but not enough. The climactic part of the film has John racing his neighbor and potential girl  friend, Nancy Rizzi (played by Melissa Sue Anderson, in a good performance, but, basically, Mary Ingalls in 1950's garb!!!!!!!!!) home, riding with her father in a new car he has bought,  so they won't see the sheet.  But they do..  What is interesting, in the scenes afterwards, none of his male friends, or she, say anything about it, suggesting they understand his shame.  I wonder how realistic that is.  Just as the mother has no idea that by doing what she does, what she is saying to the neighbors about her household, her marriage, and most especially, about herself.  Such actions today would be grounds for calling Children's Services.  But there was nothing like that in place during the Conformist Fifties!!!!!!!!!!!

                                With Nancy seeing the sheet, the ultimate humiliation, John runs away from home.  He is finally discovered hiding out in a department store, where he wistfully runs through the place, in a football helmet.  He had given up the team, due to his mother's evil training device, but built himself up so much through running that by now he has been offered the chance  to run with the Varsity track team.  But there is the problem of those sheets, and that mother.

                                  Whose concern for her son's disappearance does not at all seem genuine.  If something had happened, she would not have been sorry over losing a child, but how it would reflect on her!  Bitch!  The store finally contacts the family, saying he spent the night in the store, nothing was damaged, so no charges will be pressed.

                                    In the next pivotal scene, it all comes together.  John tells his father how he slept on a big bed in the bed department--and did not wet.  All during the movie, his mother was having the pubescent boy still  sleeping in a child's armed bed!!!!!!!!!!!!  The father then confesses that when he was his son's age, he too wet the bed, doing it till he was 14. (The age when Landon actually stopped.)  The look of relief, compassion, and understanding on Kerwin's face is so real, as it is with Keith, coupled with sorrow and regret. During this scene, the mother is going on abusively, non-stop, when Arnold says, "Alice, will you please shut up?"  "I will NOT shut up!," she fires back, at which point he screams at her, "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!"  The look on her face is priceless--a mixture of hurt, surprise, maybe some pride;  it is hard to determine, but it is clear a change has taken place.  Father and son march out the door, embracing, consciously ignoring the mother, who stands there, motionless, not knowing what to do.  Then, after what seems a long time, she opens the door, and follows.  Clearly, the movie implies, there has been a power shift in that house!

                                  This is the movie version of her getting her comeuppance.  It is deserved, but not enough.  Now, divorce was practically verboten in this era, and, for a woman like Alice, it would have been a scandal!  But we all know personalities like these don't change overnight, so, after a time, the mother would return to her abusive ways.  Let's hope now the father steps in.

                                     However, what should have happened, and I would like to have seen, was for the family to get home, with John going to his room, knowing he is going to be getting an adult bed.  The father drags Alice, screaming at HER now, into their bedroom, throws her on the bed, removes a suitcase and clothes from her closet, throws open the front door, throwing them out into the street, and her with them!!!!!!!!!!  And telling her never to come near him and his son again!  That  is what bitches like this deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             To get an idea of how hateful this mother is, take a look at this clip.  I wanted to get her at her worst, the scene in the doctor's office, but almost any scene De Ann Mears is in will do.

                               Getting back to real life for a moment, Michael Landon died 15 years after this movie, in 1991, at the age of 55.  His hellish mother died ten years before, in 1981, while his older sister, Evelyn, died in 2003.  Both lived to see their family skewered in this movie, though I doubt whether either of them watched it.  What I find interesting is, once he became a success, Landon took care of his mother and sister, helping them out financially.  However, he never spoke to them.  Interesting, isn't it???? But those bitches took his money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                The ending is chillingly ironic.  When asked what he owes his Olympic success to, Landon, as the adult John Curtis, says, "I guess I owe it all to my Mom and Dad."  Which sounds, on paper, like a typical Landon/Family Values ending.  But the way he delivers that line, coupled with the story having just taken place, gives this moment a chilling irony.

                                   "The Loneliest Runner" is about bed wetting, but also about one of its catalysts, Alice Curtis, the Mother From Hell.  I find her to be one of the more hateful winners of this this award since I started the Bitch Of The Week column.

                                       Hell holds a special place for you, Alice/Peggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Don't Let It Be Forgot, That Once There Was A Spot, For One Brief, Shining Moment , That Was Known As....Spamalot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                           Yes, darlings, I know the last word should be "Camelot," which I also know is a much better show than "Spamalot."  But I am not here to argue musical theater quality, which can always be saved for another time, but to advocate basic human decency, and artistic freedom.

                          In my recent post, on the murder of Janet Walsh, I questioned what I called these "Podunk places" in Pennsylvania.  Well, another such place has reared its ugly head.

                          A controversy is erupting in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, that makes the exposure of the town's hypocrisy deserving.  High school drama director, Dawn Burch, had secured the rights to stage the musical "Spamalot"--which has been done in other high school across the country!!!!-- next Spring.  She had even gone so far as to have the school's principal, Jesse Smith, send a check for $1,935--yes!!!!--to cover theatrical licensing costs.  A week later, he sent Burch an email saying he was not "comfortable" with certain scenes in the show, and, later going so far as to say what he was not comfortable with were what he called the show's "homosexual" themes.  Now, I have never seen the show, but, apparently, a very small portion of it involves the satiric portrayal--this is Monty Python, remember!!!!!--of Sir Lancelot as a closeted gay man, who comes out of the closet, and gets married.

                           Come on, darlings, it's not like Robert Goulet is suddenly screwing Richard Burton, or, more likely, Roddy McDowall, on stage, back in 1960!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Now, get this, dolls, South Williamsport just happens to be the home of the annual Little League World Series, so you know what kind of folk live in and around there--homophobes, probably Republicans, whose message is "nothing faggy in Straightsville!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                               Fuck you all!  Ms. Burch had the balls to challenge Smith, but, of course, the district Superintendent of Schools, Mark Stamm, defended Smith's stand, resulting in Burch being dismissed, due to "job performance!"  I have just two words for you, Dawn--Law Suit!!!!!!!!!  Go after them!!!!!!!!!!!
And I have words for the Messrs. Smith and Stamm--had I not bigger fish to fry this week, you would have both been named tomorrow as Bitch Of The Week!  In any other week you might have been, so consider yourselves named!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                The bad thing is these are all small town assholes.  The good thing is that their anti-gay hypocrisy is being exposed, and the media is jumping in.  I hope this turns into a feeding frenzy for the community, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 This issue has reached the attention of as noted an organization as the Dramatists Guild, with one of its members, the renowned composer-lyricist Stephen Schwartz, voicing what I consider to be the best response.  He said--"Would you cancel a school production of 'The Diary Of Anne Frank' because of concern over the sensitivities of Holocaust deniers and those with anti-Semitic views in your community?
That seems unlikely.Why then are you so solicitous of homophobia?"

                                   Mr. Schwartz is spot on, with one exception.  I have no doubt there are plenty of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites in South Williamsport!!!!  Homophobia is just the tip of the iceberg, there!  These are the kind of folk who would think they are being forward thinking by staging "Show Boat," keeping its opening line, "Niggers all work on the Mississippi."  Who are they kidding?

                                  This is why Garrison Keillor and his ilk make me sick when they idealize small town values.  I never swallowed that Lake Woebegone crap when I read it, and I still don't,.  To Mr. Keillor, his ilk, and the community of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, I say--FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Rock on, Dawn Burch!  "Spamalot" may not  be a great show, but it has a right to be performed!  Hey, you bitches, you can't shield your town's children form world truths forever!  Truths you might be surprised some of those children--maybe even yours!!!!!--know already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    On with the show, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


L'Shana Tova, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         As the commercial some of us old enough to remember, from the Sixties, said, "You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's real Jewish Rye.  The same goes for the High Holidays, and the New Year; this week, only, I am Jewish, off from work, and having a wonderful time.

                         So, I will start by wishing all of out there L'Shana Tova.  It took me a long time to be able to get that right; I used to say "La Shana Toya," with my beloved reminding me this is a Jewish holiday, and not about La Toya Jackson!  "Just think of Tovah Feldshuh," (one of my favorites) he would say, and eventually it became easy.  So, L'Shana Tova, to you, too, Tovah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         While I write this, dinner is cooking away.  My beloved is  at services--I decided to sit this one out--and when we get back, we will have company, and a lovely dinner.

                            However your celebrate, may the Holidays be joyous and happy for one and all!

                            L'Shana Tova, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Welcome To A New Reader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       Amid all the happenings this week, I discovered yesterday The Raving Queen has a new reader.  Welcome,  Wicked Warrior, to my Cyber Kaffeeklatch, of sorts, where I do my best to be both humorous and informative.  And occasionally dark.

                          Feel free to drop in anytime, or comment as you please.  The Girls and I are glad to have you, and hope you have a great time on here!

                           So, WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Support The Opera Protesters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Poor Lincoln Center!  They've taken it in the mouth so many times, girls, one should feel sorry for them!  Only this time, I don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            You cannot mix Art and Capitalism!  You cannot mix artistic types with corporate ones.  Believe  me, I know!

                              Dahlings, I looooooooof arteeeeeeeeeeeeeestic freedom as much as the next person.  But what kind of administrators are holding the reigns when, amidst a time when key world places, including the city of New York, are potential terrorist targets,  you offer up, as the season's coup, a story about a disabled man being tossed overboard a ship in a wheelchair, powerless to do anything to save himself--and the terrorists know this?????????????

                               Such is the case with the Metropolitan Opera, who, next month are offering "The Death Of Klinghoffer, by John Adams.

                                Protesters claim the presentation, and Peter Gelb's decision to let them go on, are acts of anti-Semitism. I agree.  I also feel it will incite terrorist arousal in the hearts and minds of those so inclined, and could result in a blitzkrieg of attacks; the last thing any of us needs.

                                 What is the Met trying to prove??????????  That  it is daring????????????  That it can take on controversial subjects????????  That is fine; but there still has to be an audience who wants to view it, and who would??????????  And, of course, I am advising all my girls to boycott, and, if there is another rally, as I am sure there will be as performance time grows closer, to attend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Hey, Peter Gelb, I have news for you!  If you want to reap a profit, create controversy, and still pacify those Vicious Opera Queen, commission some composer to write the Joan Crawford 1964 classic, "Strait-Jacket," as an opera!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am telling you, the "Dueling Lucys Aria" will be the most talked about scene in opera history, since the mad scene in 'Lucia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

                                       A pamphlet I was given yesterday at the rally depicted a drawing of the Met Opera building.  Atop the roof was a terrorist, about to push a man off it, in a wheelchair.  I would never suggest such a thing; however, after the Russian anti-gay backlash last season, I would say that perhaps several administrators should be pushed not off, but out, of Lincoln Center, if such horrendous decisions are being made, that have nothing to do with cultural enrichment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Push them out--NOW!!!!!!!!!  Time will tell, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Is Even Sicker, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           I am telling you, girls, ain't nothing' but Blood Justice in Texas.  The story of what happened to Roxanne Reeves and her son, Kristopher sounds straight out of a Cormac McCarthy novel.  Forget Edna Ferber and "Giant," hons; after this one, I am steering clear  of the Lone Star State!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Roxanne was a divorced woman, raising her son as best she could.  On December 23, 1981, she had taken the day off, to celebrate what was the child's fifth birthday.  It would turn out to be his final day on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               What happened was, while readying for a day excursion, Kristopher was carrying a red tool box, to his mother's car, when he was approached by George Washington Hicks, who happened to be hanging out in the apartment complex where Roxanne and Kristopher lived.  No one knew the guy was a noted sex predator.  He abducted Kristopher, Roxanne saw, tried to intervene, putting them into the worst of situations.  Hicks abducted both,drove in Roxanne's car, took mother and child out on a dirty road, ten miles out of Dallas.  He raped Roxanne, then, in execution style, took out a gun, and murdered the poor mother and this innocent child.  Hell waits for this guy!  But he is not the only one, as will be revealed.

                                 When police found the bodies, they were still warm.  They missed the killer by minutes, as he escaped, running away.  People in the area claimed to hear things, saw George, and a Puerto Rican woman (who has never been identified) in the car, and out on the road.  Interesting the woman was never found.  If she even existed at all.  Which I doubt.

                                   Hicks was finally convicted, via DNA evidence, though at the time, he was already in prison in Rosharon, Texas, serving an 80 year sentence for aggravated sexual assault.  He was slapped with an additional Life Sentence for the Jeeves murders, so he is not going anywhere.

                                      Hicks was unquestionably the killer.  But there was another person, who I feel was responsible--and that was Roxanne's brother, Kurt.  He stayed with her in August of 1981, then got a place in the complex, where he was known as a drug dealer.  And yet, he made it to the Army!!!!!!!!!!  What does that tell you about our fighting forces, darlings????????????????

                                          One evening, before the murders, a Black man turned up at her place, knocked on her door, demanding to see Kurt.   Could it have been Hicks???? Many believe on the 23rd of December, Hicks went to Kurt to buy some grass, but the deal went sour, and he retaliated by killing Kurt's nephew and sister.

                                             I'm sorry; I feel Kurt was as much as responsible for the deaths of his sister and five-yer-old nephew, as Hicks.  My wish would be that their anniversary, Kristopher's birthday, just two days before Christmas, haunts him the rest of his life.  But. in a strange twist of fate, just three years later, Kurt was himself murdered, during a drug transaction.  What goes around, comes around, dolls!  Karma really IS a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             So, Justice found its way to Roxanne and Kristopher Jeeves.  But why did the life of a mother and an innocent child have to be taken, to do so??????????????


The Murder Of Janet Walsh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Anyone who read Bel Kaufman's brilliant book, "Up The Down Staircase," will recall that "the theme of 'Macbeth' is that excessive ambition leads to disaster."  What Bel did not tell was that it is not just having ambition, but the kind of ambition that can prove disastrous.  And that small minded ambition can sometimes be  more dangerous than large.

                             Which was the case with Janet Walsh.

                              In the early morning hours of September 1, Janet was found dead by her parents in her home in Monaca, Pennsylvania.  The name alone, hons, should tell you already this is some kind of Podunk place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Janet was a girl with a zest for life.  She was no tramp, darlings, but she liked a good time.  And why not?  She had just divorced her husband, Scott, who, while no killer, turned out to be no prize as a husband, so Janet was playing the field.  Too bad she met up with, in 1979, 33-year-old Gregory Scott Hopkins.  Because, after thirty-four years, he was found (though he proclaims his innocence--HAH!!!!!!!!) to be the killer of Catherine Janet Walsh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            The two had been having a sex buddy relationship, it would appear.  Whether Janet had other ideas is not clear.  What is clear was that, in spite of screwing Janet, Hopkins already had a wife and family.

                              Like I said, Monaca, Pennsylvania is probably some Podunk, small town place, filled with people with small minds, and even smaller ambitions.  Hopkins was one of these types; not delusional enough to have huge ambitions like governor or beyond, just dumb enough to aspire to something as simple as a councilman in nearby Bridgewater--PA, not NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Which he did achieve.  But, back in 1979, when he was starting his climb, he saw Janet as a liability.  Simply ending the affair might cause her to tell others, and he could not have anyone finding out, to rise politically.  So, when he went to Janet's home that evening, it was not just for sex, or to end the affair.  He killed her out of ruthless petty ambition, so she would not ruin his plans!!!!!!!!!!  Sick fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 When Hopkins was finally convicted, in 2013, he was 67 years old.  He not only strangled Janet, but ejaculated onto her back!  Pig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   All to be a small town councilman.  A small fish in a small pond!  Now, he is in a larger one--prison!!!!!!!!!!!  Bet he's not so ambitious now!!!!!!!!!!!!  What good are those goals and aspirations doing you now, Greg?  Except to give Justice to Janet and her family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     What an amateur, and a dummy!!!!!!!!!!!  Next to him, Lady Macbeth was a professional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farewell, Polly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Polly Bergen was long underrated as an actress.  I can still hear her not so exceptional, yet impressive voice, on the Cast Recording of the 1959 musical, "First Impressions," where she played the lead role of Elizabeth Bennett--yes, darlings, Jane Austen's Elizabeth Bennett--in a musical adaptation of "Pride And Prejudice."  Can you imagine????????  The cast also included Farley Granger (Mr. D'Arcy, of course), Hermione Ginglold as Mrs. Bennett, and, as the youngest Bennett daughter, a very pre-"Sound Of Music" Lauri Peters.  She must have gone from one show, right to the other.

                              I also remember Polly for being the object in one of what I consider still one of the most erotic scenes filmed, in the original, 1962 version of "Cape Fear."

                               Back when the Theatre 80 St. Marks was a revival house, I went to a double feature of two of Robert Mitchum's greatest movies--"The Night Of The Hunter," and "Cape Fear."  The latter original was far superior to the De Niro remake!!!!!!!!!!

                                 There was this one scene, where a shirtless Mitchum menaces and sadistically taunts Bergen, dressed in a modest nightgown, but one showing her cleavage.  At one point, he grabs an egg, breaks it in front of her, (symbolizing how he would destroy her!!!!) with the insides running down the cleavage and the gown.  The sexual tension in that scene was so palpable you could almost feel the heat off the screen!!!!!!!!

                                  And they had clothes on, kiddies!!!!!!!!!!  Imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  In some ways, Polly Bergen never had a defined career, but one she was always reinventing.  Which made her perfect, in 2001, to play survivor Carlotta Campion, in the revival of "Follies."   For the duration of a run shorter than the original 1971 "Follies," she was the Toast Of The Town, and Theater Queens and Bergen fans lined up at queues, just to see and hear her sing the Sondheim classic, "I'm Still Here."  Because "Follies" is one of my favorite shows, and one of my acting favorites, Blythe Danner, was playing Phyllis Rogers Stone, I saw it twice, and let me tell you, each time Polly nailed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Because of this, she was on the cabaret circuit for awhile.  I hear she even appeared on "Desperate Housewives, though I was never desperate enough, girls, to watch THAT show!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Polly will be remembered and missed.  And here she is, at the Drama Desk Awards back then, singing the song in which she stopped the show!  Hear it, and weep, dolls!  Another of the real Golden Age troupers gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Rest In Peace, Polly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Is There No Faith In Marriage, Anymore?????????? Even White Trash Marriages Don't Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   Remember, darlings, if you don't hear it first on The Raving Queen, at least you won't hear it anywhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    Can you imagine it?   Mama June and Sugar Bear, of 'Honey Boo Boo,' are breaking up!!!!!!!!!  If this goes to divorce, the consequences could be fatal for all, whose careers are limited, anyway, including Honey Boo Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       Who will get custody of Honey Boo Boo?  Will this turn into a family war, like the Culkins????????  Will they share jointly?  How will this impact the show??????    And how could Mama June and Sugar Bear do this???????????????

                           It used to be when White Trash got married, they stuck together, either due to ignorance, the fact that nobody else could tolerate them, or a Right Wing ethos that believed in the sanctity of marriage, no matter how miserable you or your children were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              But I am telling you right now, girls!  Better watch out for that Sugar Bear!  If he gets cut lose, lots of gay boys will going after him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Can't get enough of his Sugar Crisps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, We Remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               My heart and prayers go out to Clementis on this day, which will certainly never be forgotten by them, and will be recalled by many in the years to come.  Four years ago today, Tyler Clementi tragically ended his life, setting in motion a wave of debates, actions and initiations all centered on eradicating the kind of bullying that led to his tragic demise.

                                  As long as I will live, I will recall every detail of the incident. Where I was when I first heard.  Where I was when I first saw this now iconic photo.   The pain and empathy I felt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And still do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Four years ago Tyler was a college freshman. Today, he would be entering the real world.  Now, we have that girl Kaitlyn, who got drunk at a party, and the University is under investigation for that.

                                   It begs me to ask.

                                    What is it with Rutgers????????????????????????

What A Time It Has Been, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Do you realize, darlings, that we are into Fall,. already???????  And that Proserpina has officially gone back to Hell for the next six months, while it get Hell-ish after the Holiday Season???????

                         But it has been crazy.  My elegant friend Chris has been having health issues that have me concerned.  My glamorous friend, Ellen went on the Date From Hell, which would be great for ID's "Dates From Hell" series, if only it played like a psycho thriller, and not the porn satire it turned out to be.

                           Yesterday, we made it to the Brooklyn Book Fest, where I came away with some gems--the new David Mitchell, the latest Junot Diaz, "This Is How You Lose Her," and  "A Thousand Pardons" by Jonathan Dee.  Not to be confused with "A Thousand Acres," by Jane Smiley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             When does it ever stop?  And now computer issues, nothing has been fixed....oh well, the day is almost over, or at least it  is winding down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Can't wait to talk with my therapist tomorrow and tell him about my communication with one of my favorite classmates, Roxanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Have You Read This, Girls??????????????????

                        When I came upon this book, darlings, at my local library, I knew it would provide me the light reading experience I so desperately needed. I also knew there was something familiar about the author's name, and, when I perused the list of his other writings, I discovered I had read at least one of his books, " A Murder On The Appian Way," which was set in Ancient Rome!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            This is a contemporary suspense mystery/ psycho thriller, set in Amethyst, Texas. Rue Dunwitty, a young career woman working in San Francisco, returns to her quaint home town for a quiet visit with her ailing Grandmother, when she discovers, from the time she says a photo of a missing girl in the window, with the chilling title question, that all is not right in this town where she once felt safe.

                            Saylor knows how to work present day suspense, and set up the red herrings.  There are at least four people in this book one might suspect to be the killer, and I did not get it on the first try.  Which says a lot for Saylor's skill, and that disappointing movie, "The Calling."  I figured that one out in the first twenty minutes.

                               This novel cries out to be filmed, and I have the cast.  Amy Adams as Rue, Ellen Burstyn as the Grandmother, Ed Harris as Emmett Dunwitty, Rue's father, Jake Gyllenhaal as Dylan, Rue's co-worker and potential boyfriend from San Francisco.  Kiefer Sutherland as Rue's bad boy brother, Reg, is a natural.  But two roles pose problems--Dwayne Frady, Dawn's Brother, and Justin Goodbody.  Javier Bardem would be perfect for Justin, but he has been there, done that, and would give the whole thing away.   Someone big, brawny and hot, but who is out there, girls??????  If you think of anyone, please tell me.  Dennis Quaid,(if he is still looking good!!!!!) maybe??????????

                                 I had so much fun with this book, the next time I need this kind of reading, I am going to reach for Steven Saylor.  You should, too, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Those Brazen Deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   Now, girls, first I have to apologize!  First, from being away from here, and, second, no Bitch Of The Week this week!  How often does that happen??????????????

                   I was on a trip to suburban Pennsylvania--good ole PA--and just got back, yesterday!  I was emotionally fraught, having to contend with a number of matters, involving my elder father, but let me tell you, dolls, it is nothing compared to the brazenness of those deer out there!!!!!!!!!!

                   Now, I know we all grew up loving Dasher and Dancer, etc,.....all the way up to Rudolph.  We all cried at "Bambi," and, some, like myself, cried at "The Yearling."  But after yesterday, it became apparent to me that deer are as nasty as a couple of 1950s bitches, fighting for a prime table, at The Colony Club!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   Such cheek and impunity!!!!!!!!!  As you know, our lovable reptile friend, Gojira, always travels with us for protection.  He sets up a nice space for himself among the trees in my sister's front yard, and never causes an ounce of trouble!  He is so sweet!

                   Well, yesterday morning, as we were arising early to catch an early bus back to NYC, my beloved said Gojira woke him up, because he was miffed--so much so, he was packing already, hurrying us to get back to the city!!!!!!!!!!!  It seems that he was awakened by these brazen deer nibbling on his tail, and it was painful!  Can you imagine???????  Having the gall to nip on Gojira's tail????????  Gojira was in so much discomfort, when he got back to civilized Bay Ridge, he had to put soothing Estee Lauder cream on his tail!  The cheek!  But wait, there is more!

                    While we were breakfasting in my sister's kitchen, a deer suddenly appears in the yard, and without any ado, begins munching on anything it pleased.  My sister is yelling, banging on the window; the deer looks up, practically turns his nose up at her, and went on with his business!!!!!!!!!!  Have you ever seen such crassness???????  Even New York City's rats have a little more decorum!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                       When we left to go get the bus, that deer was still out there, and still at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So cute, but so nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        No wonder we were glad to get back to the city!  This was no Disney fantasy, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!