Saturday, March 31, 2018

It Was A Long Month, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 But we made it!  Can you believe we are one fourth of the way through 2018?????????

                                  Time has slowed down, since my father's death, on February 12.  We still await the funeral service on April 10.  But, during March, Spring arrived--though it is hard to believe still--Cujo made some appearances, Seamus was the star of the St. Patrick's Day Parade, in Bay Ridge, Sparky sparkled at Paws Truly, and Seamus celebrated his 11th birthday on the Ides Of March.  And no one was murdered.  That I know of.

                                    'SVU' aired "Send In The Clowns," sure to be a highlight of this season.  David and I had a memorable experience both at, and on the way to and from, "A Chorus Line," I read my way through my grief, and was grateful that I could maintain the concentration to do so.

                                      And now we are on the cusp of April, said to be "the cruelest month" by T.S. Eliot, and, by my family's standards, he is right.  Add my father's funeral to the list of its cruelties.

                                        But tomorrow is Easter, which means hope for all, and the annual screening of "The Song Of Bernadette."  May hope be delivered to us all.

                                        I will see you tomorrow, girls.  Which, by the way, is also April Fool's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Are we just April Fools, darlings?????????????????????????

Some Final Words About "Send In The Clowns" On 'SVU'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Ever since YouTube posted the climactic scene from this recent episode of 'SVU,' people, including myself, have been writing and commenting like it is nobody's business.  I am  not going to repeat myself, except to say it culminates in a wave of social class resentment, and incest.

                                   But.  A lot of things about this episode have been tried before, in other episodes.

                                   For example.

                                   The final shot on Haley's face, (excellent job by Mallory Bechtel) revealing her sociopathy, is a redo of Lilli Reinhart, as Courtney Lane, at the end of "Lost Traveler."

                                    The shame of having a father being blue collar was rendered in both "Dominance," (with Frank Langella) back in 2003, and in "Pride And Joy," (featuring a young Lauren Ambrose) back in 1993.  Both men in these episodes were apartment building superintendents.

                                      Incest figured, too, in "Dominance," as Billy, played by Jason Ritter, was in an incestuous relationship with his brother, Charlie.

                                       I could not help noticing all these similarities, having watched and commented on YouTube numerous times.

                                        Poor Chris Sadler.  His wife and daughter deserve every rotten thing they get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And keep an eye of Wendy Hoopes, as Anna!  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Unfortunately, I cannot post the scene.  But watch it on YouTube, for some brilliant acting by all.

                                            There is nothing wrong with reworking episodes, unless it is done effectively.  This one is a rare example of being effective.  There has not been one of this dramatic caliber, lately.

                                               No wonder chicks are talking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Word On The Street Is It's Not So "Loverly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                            Sad to report, girls, but it is true.  I am hearing so much dissatisfaction surrounding the 2018 revival of "My Fair Lady," at Lincoln Center's Vivian Beaumont Theatre that all my initial suspicions are now being confirmed.

                               For one thing, because of this debacle, Lincoln Center is now being called "Stinkin' Center."  And if this show is allowed to open, and flops, that moniker will stick with that place, which I once called home, for a long time to come.

                               Two people are primarily to blame.  Bartlett Sher and Lauren Ambrose.  I have heard reports she is too old for Eliza. and the guy playing Higgins too young.  What then, of Colonel Pickering, I wonder???????????

                                Of those two, Bartlett Sher is the one I blame more. What an egotist!  Despite all his triumphs, many of which I have admired, how can a seemingly straight (though I suspect closeted) man  pull off musical theater?  What do straight men know about musical theater?  I mean, like, shit!!!!!!!!!!

                                 In a way, I feel a bit sorry for Lauren.  Bartlett has got it into his head that she is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and is building up everyone's expectations so high that when the bubble eventually bursts, Bartlett will end up on the Island Of Misguided Directors, like Julie Taymor and Diane Paulus, and Lauren will end up on the Isle of Whatever Became Of...........?"

                                 She is a fine dramatic actress, but if she could not cut it for "Funny Girl," how the hell is she going to reach the heights in "My Fair Lady?"  Of course, the possibility exists that I could be wrong, and she will surprise everyone, but, from what I have seen and heard, I doubt it.

                                  You know what I say?  Keep an eye on whomever is Lauren's understudy.  It has been exactly forty years since Judy Kaye went from understudy to star, thanks to Madeline Kahn's lack of vocal strength for the "On The Twentieth Century" score.  History might very well repeat itself, here.

                                  So, Bartlett and Lauren, dear, enjoy the ride while it lasts.  Because sooner than later, both of you are going to have to kiss your careers goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Did I Miss This One??????????????????

                                      I could not help noticing, on the ID program, "Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil," that the actress playing Tracey Richter was hot looking, like a dark haired version of Stephanie March.  Someone like that could conceivably lure a victim, but look at the real Tracey!!!!!!!!!!  You have GOT to be kidding me, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       She is evil, as the eyes can tell, but she is no looker.

                                        And, as the story unfolded the other night, I realized I had seen this story before, on another program; most likely "Deadly Women."

                                         Tracey, psycho to the core, had it in for her ex-hubby, due to child custody issues.  She originally pulled a Susan Smith, saying intruders broke into her house, attacked and tried to strangle her.  But, darlings, I noticed right away those ligature marks were in the wrong direction for someone who was strangled from behind.  When the truth finally came out, it revealed the sickness of this woman.

                                         Tracey planned and enacted the whole thing.  There was no intruder, just a victim she lured into her web.  That victim was a young man, Dustin Wehde, who was actually the son of Richter's real estate agent.  Why Dustin did what he did will become sadly apparent.

                                          Susan, who had at one time befriended Dustin, then ditched him, when it became too much trouble to maintain the friendship, invited the young man, then 19, to her home on December 13, 2001.  Presenting him with a pink notebook, she sat him down at a table, and requested he write in the book exactly what she tells him--that he, Dustin had been hired by Richter's ex-husband to kill Richter and her 11-year-old son.

                                             Why this fellow went along with this  will eventually make sense.  Maybe the show I had seen it on forget to mention the fact, or maybe I forgot, but it turns out that Dustin was what was called a Special Needs kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               That is right!  She took advantage of a handicapped young man!!!!!!!!!!
How sick is that??????????????

                                                The poor thing was so grateful for any show of friendship, no wonder he complied.  If Susan had allowed Dustin to walk away, she still would have been a bitch, but not a monster.

                                                  Instead, she lured Dustin up to her bedroom, and shot him with a gun nine times, killing him!!!!!!!!!!  With the children in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This took place in Iowa, but not the Iowa of "The Music Man," darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  Richter was convicted, and given a Life Sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                   Watch out, darlings!  America's Midwest is not so bucolic, after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where Are There Cotillions Like This, In Bay Ridge??????????????????????

                              One of the sideline highlights of our trip, and a chance to escape Elizabeth, for a time, was the rest stop at McDonald's in Bayside, Queens.  It was sometime after nine in the morning, and, darlings, I walked into a social cotillion!!!!!!!!!!!  Tables of men, gathered in mutual loneliness, to discuss matters as avidly as a gaggle of gals on Virginia Graham's "Girl Talk!!!!!!!!!!"  At another table, a group of white collar guys made the table their office, operating computers, and working on a spread sheet, stretched out across the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  I thought, "What am I missing, with my weekday mornings?" If there is a social cotillion like this, in Bay Ridge, someone please tell me where it is!!!!!!!!!  This is the hot morning spot in Bayside, but that is too long a trip for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   I wanted to join in, but could not miss the show.  At least I got some relief from Elizabeth.

                                   But, darlings, where in Bay Ridge, is the morning cotillion held?????????????????

A Tale Of Penitence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               "What's to tell about the Bronx?  It's uptown,
                                                      and to the right?"-- Diana Morales, in
                                                "A Chorus Line."

                                        Girls, this has been the week of weeks!  Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday, then Reconciliation Monday, Spy Wednesday, (which is when I recount what I am about to happened) Holy/Maundy Thursday, Good Friday/Passover, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and, of course, the annual screening of "The Song Of Bernadette!"  I am telling you, the world is moving so fast I can hardly keep up.

                                        Now, long before we had any idea of what was going to happen to my father, David and I made plans, on March 28, to take an L and M bus tours to see the show "A Chorus Line," at the Westchester Broadway Dinner Theater.  I will see that show anywhere it shows, where I can get to it.

                                          Leading up to this trip, as mentioned, my father died on February 12.    So, I knew this particular viewing of the show would be a deeply personal one for me, being that, back on October 25, 1975, at Manhattan's Shurbert Theatre, on Broadway, my father and I saw the original production, with the legendary Original Company.  Also, Sammy Williams, of the Original Cast, a very personal component of the Original Cast for me, passed away on March 17.  So, I knew this performance would be emotionally fraught for me.  One to honor both my father, and Sammy.

                                            All this was expected.  What wasn't was the experience we had, both going to the show, and coming him from it.   This is where the penitence comes in.  On the bus, seated directly across from us, up front, were a trio of women whom I am calling the Gorgon Sisters-- Elizabeth, the group leader, and her acolytes, Barbara and Christine.

                                            Had Elizabeth not been there, Barbara and Christine might not have been so troublesome.  But Elizabeth!  Darlings, have you ever been trapped in a confined space for hours, with a filthy, crude, loudmouthed character?????  I have no doubt women sometimes talk as vulgar as men do, but I have never heard such before, as, I believe, they generally do it among themselves.

                                             Elizabeth and her cronies acted as though they were the only ones on the bus, forgetting there were 22 other people.  This was one of those small buses, so everyone on board did not miss a bit of Elizabeth's schtick.

                                              Here is a sampling.

                                              She talked about her "addiction to men."

                                               She mentioned her "wet vagina."

                                               She delivered a monologue about having to wash out the skid
                                                 marks of the underwear of all her husbands.

                                         Sweeties, I am not kidding.  Added to that Elizabeth was, to put it kindly, a full figured gal.  She had a loud, Bea Arthur/Elaine Stritch voice, and claimed she had been a Vegas show girl for 38 years, and that she was in stage four of brain cancer.

                                           I swear, I did not know whether to believe anything she said or not.  Two hours of this, non-stop all the way back.  I zoned out, and so did David.  By the time we got home, I had a headache, and went straight to bed.  I could not read, or take it anymore.

                                          One thing is sure. Elizabeth will never be forgotten. And that is not a compliment.

                                           Even her inane reworking of show tunes--"I feel cunty, oh so cunty!"--Yes!!!!!!!!!!!--which she and her acolytes thought so witty showed them more as a trio of lowlifes.  I would love to see Elizabeth on "Judge Judy."  She would be perfect for it!

                                            Oh, the show!  I had almost forgotten about that.

                                             The magic was there.  I felt my father's presence with me, so during Paul's monologue, and "What I Did For Love," the tears flowed freely.  The meal served before was nice.  I had turkey and trimmings, David had Chicken Marsala.  The desert was like an Apple Brown Betty, with vanilla ice cream.

                                              But, as a "Chorus Line" aficionado, I noticed  some things about the staging that only someone like I would notice.

                                               The cast was considerably scaled down.  No, all the principle roles were represented, but when Zach dismissed those who did not make the line, only one young man exited the stage.  As the show went on, and the line formed and re-formed, I was pretty sure that the actor playing Mike was not there.  I wondered, at one point, where he was.  I began to realize that the length of the stage was not big enough for the show.  In the opening number, the boy and girl combos are usually done in groups of four; here there were only three, sometimes just two.

                                                For those with only general knowledge of the show, I don't think this would be noticed.   But I could not help wondering why, if the stage was not big enough, they chose to do it.  At least it was done straight through, without an Intermission. And it was a superb company.

                                                 I have to hand it to the house manager, Susan. When she came onto our bus to explain things, Elizabeth started right in.  Turning to her, and glaring, Susan said, "I see we have a comedienne on board!" Touche!

                                                  I also felt sorry for the bus driver, whom David and I have been with before.  On the trip back, they made fun of his language, his accent, and I am sure the poor guy heard all this. If we could, so could he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    So, I consider the fact that I rode to and from with Elizabeth bellowing all the way, non-stop, my penitence.  David and I were never so glad to get  off the bus.

                                                      The "Chorus Line" experience was worth it.  I don't think even a blog post could approximate the obnoxiousness of Elizabeth.

                                                        I just thank God all of you darlings were not there to hear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Baby Faced Killer, And His Victim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             For some reason, lately, the more disturbing ID programs I have seen of late are on the Internet series "Web Of Lies."  Recently, they did a story about the murder of fourteen-year-old Breck Bednar, of Caterham, Surrey in England.  The first thing that went through my mind was--What is it with crime in Great Britain?  When they go for it, they REALLY go for it!

                             I mean, Brady and Hindley, the murder of Jamie Bulger, and now THIS?????????????

                             This is the adolescent version of the James Bulger killing, and it is just as heinous.
But, first look at the pics.  Both the killer, Lewis Daynes, left, and Breck Bednar, lower right, are so baby faced they hardly seem to be in puberty.  I guess ID was restricted in casting, because the actors chosen to enact Lewis and Breck, were taller, and older.

                            What surprised me about Breck was his gullibility.  It should not have been there.  Because this kid, though a techno geek, had other things in his life going for him---loving parents and siblings, friends at school.  Breck was also in some kind of military training program, with ambitions to be a pilot.

                               He and his school friends would play video games.  As teens in this time will do.  But Breck was seduced--not sexually, but with promises of fame and career advancement and a life in New York. All by someone at first called "Lewis."  Breck's parents, Lori LaFave and Barry Bednar, were suspicious, but something in Lewis--whom the parents thought to be an older man, and possibly a pedophile--  made them question this relationship, the sense of control this guy was beginning to exert over their churchgoing son, and that he was being groomed for something, like sex or terrorism.

                                They had no idea how right a track they were on.  The night of February 17, 2015, Breck told his parents he was spending the night at a neighborhood friend's house.  When he did not return the next day, the parents contacted the friend's house, to discover Breck had not been there.

                                   Instead, Breck went to meet up with his friend, Lewis Daynes, at this seedy looking apartment building, in Essex.  The ID reenactment showed Breck walking up to the apartment.  As soon as he saw the seediness of both it and the neighborhood, which was clearly apparent in the enactment, it should have become apparent to Breck that this was his cue to run.  Had this been myself, I would have instantly asked what a supposedly megamillionaire is doing in a dump and neighborhood, like this.

                                     Even when the door opened, and the fourteen-year-old Breck saw the 19-year-old, baby faced Lewis, he could have fled.  Or said he had the wrong door.  I cannot say. Maybe Lewis would have pursued him, maybe not.  But had Breck, from that point, managed to get himself outside the building, I have little doubt he would be alive today.

                                      Lewis lured him in.  There was some rapport. But, at some point this sick serial killer on the make's demons kicked in.  Breck was tied to a chair, duct taped, and stabbed repeatedly, with Daynes getting genuine pleasure.  Then, he calmly called for the police, saying he had killed someone, and to send a forensics unit.

                                        The apartment Lewis was living in was his, as the building was owned by his grandfather.  Obviously, this kid had a troubled life.  And was a serial killer on the make; he had planned out Breck's murder, buying the duct tape and other essentials, and several years earlier, he had been charged (but I think it was dropped) with attempting to rape a fifteen-year-old boy.  So, if Daynes had not been caught after Breck's killing, this would have continued.  Daynes will be in prison till he is at least 44, but I think he should be incarcerated permanently.  Brady and Hindley were.  The boys in the James Bulger case were released, and one of them, Jon Venables, has been a source of trouble since.  The other, Robert Thompson, has supposedly been a model citizen, but I wouldn't trust him for a second.

                                          So Merry Ole England is not quite so merry, all the time.

                                           It isn't all high tea and Hayley Mills, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What A Sick Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Zachary Snyder, this week's Bitch Of The Week, is not to be confused with Zack Snyder, the actor.  Zack may be a bitch--who knows?--but he is not a murderer, which makes Zachary a bigger bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Of course this happened in Florida.  On November 17, 2009 (the day before my 55th birthday, the evening I went to see "The Wizard Of Oz" at the Chelsea) this sick thing murdered Doris Babcock, who resided at 2180 N.W. 225th Avenue, just northwest of Dunnellon.

                              Doris was a loving soul.  Snyder was trouble from the get go.

                               He was a product of the foster care system.  He was too much trouble at home. But then, look at him, he was probably the product of Florida white trash--you know a crack ho' Mom, and a whoring truck driver Dad. I know how it goes, hons.

                                But, at some place called the Arnette House, she and Snyder connected.  Compassionate Doris sensed a troubled teen, whom she believed she could help--and it almost worked.  He lived with her for almost five years, calling her "Grandma," saying she was the only  living person who would care if he died.  He may have been right.  Which is what makes him sick.

                                His tenancy ended when Doris discovered he had used one of her credit cards to buy something.  He found a place of his own, but I imagine most of that time was spent on the streets.

                                These heterosexual teens cause more trouble than gay ones.  The gay ones just get subjected to trouble.  Because Snyder wanted to date and impress some girl--some tramp, because class was way out of HIS league--he knew Doris had this great car, but suspected she would not allow him to borrow it.  Still, he went back to see her, on that November 17.  I believe he asked her if he could borrow it, and was turned down.  You know what he did then?  He  killed her,

                                  He stabbed her repeatedly,  put her body with other trash in a pit in her backyard, and set the pit on fire!

                                    "So long, Granny!"  All just to impress some dumb slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Well, Zach, bye bye to you, as you are going away for a long time. If there was any justice, the slut would be charged with instigating the murder.

                                       Trash like Snyder is who should have been burned in the pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        This bitch would win in ANY week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Last Thing I Needed, At This Point In My Life, Is Another "Beaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                    I loved Kristin Hannah's novel, "The Nightingale," so, when I came across her novel, "Firefly Lane," detailing the friendship from school on up, of two women, I thought of my friend, Doug, and our school years, and thought the novel would be an interesting character exploration.

                                     It is, and it also reads quickly.  Tully (for Tallulah) and Katie are opposites; Tully is raised by a loving grandmother, but never stops seeking approval from a drug addicted whore of a mother who abandoned her.  Outgoing and popular, she and Katie become unlikely, but genuine friends.  Tully envisions a dream life for them, with both of them as TV journalists.  Katie is from a more traditional, loving and stable family, and, while she goes along with Tully's dream, somewhere along the adolescent line, she breaks off, and wants a more traditional life for herself.

                                     Over the next decades, the friendship goes up and down, as Tully achieves meteoric media success, while Katie achieves martial stability, but constantly wonders why she can't have something more.

                                        Then along comes inflammatory breast cancer.  Katie is afflicted, and from there we have, basically, "Beaches."  The story is not objectionable, it is detailed beautifully and with strong poignancy.  I did not see illness coming down the  road, and, having recently lost my father, I was not ready for this.  Yet somehow, I managed to finish the book.

                                          In the acknowledgements, I found out why the illness was written in--the author's own mother died of this type of cancer, and she wisely wanted to get the message out to all women, because this is a tricky form of breast cancer.  I was sorry to hear of Hannah's mother, but I am glad she got the message out.

                                           And the message is contained within a highly readable novel, most of which I have revealed to you.  I was disappointed that the big reveal of what happened between Tully's grandmother and her daughter, Dorothy (Tully's mom) was never made.  And, as I said, I did not see tragedy coming.

                                           If you have recently lost a love one, stay away from this one.  But if you want a genuinely satisfying read, this delivers.

                                             I just loved Tully and Katie, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

"And Michie Wants To Go To The Sea..........!"

                                   I may not have wanted to go to the sea, as the line goes in "Creque Alley," which I was listening to the other day, to cheer me up, but it brought me back to those days, girls, when we all wanted to look like Michelle Phillips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Hard to believe Michelle is 73 now, and I am sure she does not look like this, anymore, but she did, once, and wow!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am sure lots of us did not look like this, at that age!  Let alone sang with a group, like The Mamas And The Papas.  I always had the hots for Denny!!!!!!!!!  Who know, if I had not had such a cloistered upbringing, I might have ran off to San Francisco, and made history!  Instead, I now make history online!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Not only did Michelle have looks, she had a voice. Those perfect harmonies of she and Cass in "California Dreamin'.........."Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Girls, we may not get our chance to look like Michelle, but we can always look our best!  And cherish the artistry of The Mamas And The Papas.

                                       Here is the group singing "Creque Alley" live.  Dig that Cass and Michelle, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        No wonder Michie wanted to go to the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Have Some More Things To Say About The Nicole Lovell Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  While watching footage of this story, I heard it alluded to a number of times that some felt Nicole herself was responsible for her own demise.  I want to say to these folks, "Are you out of your minds??????????????"

                                   It is true that, had Nicole not ventured out, she would still be alive.


                                  Nicole is the victim here.  Have some compassion.  She is as innocent as Rita Baxter in the "Cold Case" classic, "The Sleepover."

                                  Nicole had a hard life, up till then.  She was also riding the wave of unpopularity and bullying many do during their middle and high school years.

                                   Then, someone out there throws her a safety raft, offering the kind of acceptance and recognition she craved.  She was a teenager.  She ran to it!!!!!!!!  Most would!!!!!!!!!!

                                     David Eisenhauer had a handsome appearance, and I guess, if Nicole said she was 16, then the age difference was of no concern.  She just wanted to have fun, like the cool kids.  Should she be blamed for that?  No.  Did she know what she was in for?  No. Did she even know Natalie Keepers existed?  I am not so sure about that one, but my gut tells me no.

                                      The only thing Nicole could be blamed for was acting like a typical teen.

                                       She might have deserved punishment and curfew from her parents, but  not what she ultimately got.

                                        Now, as to the parents.

                                        Nicole's are tragic. I feel for them.  I am sure they kept as much an eye on her social media actions as could be done.  But teens can and will be tricky.  They might have disapproved, and air their objections, but teen impulsiveness is hard to overcome.

                                          I wonder about the parents of David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers.  In cases like these, I feel these parents should be charged, for raising such monsters.  And, darlings, if I could see the narcissism in David's film footage, why couldn't anyone else?  Why weren't signs of unusual behavior found in David and Natalie, as they grew up?  In Natalie's case, I would have looked for social isolation and self-withdrawal, as this would make her the perfect acolyte, which she did evolve to, with David.  And I can tell you, had David not happened along, it would have been someone else.

                                          I maintain David's parents, or even peers, noticed things about them, as they grew up.  They just, in typical fashion, brushed them off, or felt they would grow out of it.

                                           Had more attention been paid, Nicole would still be here.

                                            How dare anyone blame Nicole????????????????

Thursday, March 22, 2018

"Send In The Clowns.....Don't Bother, They're Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                This is really what the title of last night's 'SVU' episode should have been, because, aside from the detectives, everyone involved in this case was a loser, and a criminal.  And talk about bitches, I had no sympathy for Haley Sadler, as the story wound up.

                                 All that said, let me say this could not have been pulled off by a less than superb cast of actors.  None of them, except possibly one, I had heard of, but all made the story one of the more exciting episodes I have seen in awhile. And I think the writers are beginning to catch on to how tired folks are of Olivia, as Philip Winchester, as Peter Stone, is given the last shot.  That made me so happy.

                                  But the actors made the episode--Mallory Bechtel, as Haley Sadler, Will Sasso, as her father, Chris, Wendy Hoopes (whom I feel I have seen elsewhere, in the franchise) as her mother, Anna, and, in two chilling performances, Eric Tabach, as Vincent Drago, and Erik Jensen, as Music teacher, James Turner.

                                     The clown theme was beautifully introduced at the start, with a positive clown representation, surrounding an office birthday party for Finn, given by his son, partner and adopted grandson.  Sweet.

                                        Contrast this with the sadistic clown faces at this downtown club on the Bowery, where Haley, and her friend Jenni Hanson (well played by Molly Brown) are partying. They are part of a group of high school students from somewhere in Nowheresville called Beartown, PA, so how do two 16-year-olds from the sticks have enough navigational skills of the Big Apple to find their way to the Bowery?  I don't get down there much, but even  I, having lived here over thirty years, still get confused, when I go.  Which, at my age, is less, rather than more.

                                           So, Haley and Jenni are clubbing.  Haley meets up with some creepy clown guy, and spends time with him.  The more sensible Jenni,  aware they are on curfew, goes looking for Haley--but she is gone!!!!!!!!!!!  Where???????????

                                            This sets the story in motion.  When Vincent Drago is tracked down, (he was the creepy clown guy, with Haley) the chilling way Eric Tarbach plays this role suggested two things to me--at that point, he looked good for it, but even more, he is clearly a sociopath, and while he is not the perp, his performance was enough to impress upon me to suggest the writers come up with a substantial role for this guy.  He is one scary dude.  And a loser--cutting up meat, in a Brooklyn slaughterhouse.

                                              So, who abducted Haley?  Vincent goes so far as to be indicted, but there just is not enough evidence. That he got this far it was surprising.

                                               But, afterwards, when everyone is outside the courtroom, and the camera lingers on Music teacher, James Turner, alone, and musing, I knew he had something to do with it--the old student-teacher relationship.  And I was right, but with a chilling difference.

                                               Will Sasso's performance as father Chris Sadler was truly moving and heartbreaking.  He realizes he and his wife are losers, living in a Podunk town, but he is smart enough to realize Haley's gift, and wants something more for his daughter than the small town life he and his wife have. Now, Haley's mother, played by the familiar looking Wendy Hoopes, is some piece of work, and turns out to be the Lady Macbeth of the piece.

                                                  Things start to come together, when Alan Hubert, a former colleague of Turner's (wonderfully played by Don Stephenson, either as a flaming queen or a brilliant parody of one) is tracked down. He admits when young he and Turner wrote a commercial jingle that had a modest success, but that Turner was not cut out for it.  It was a Mozart-Salieri thing; Hubert went on to success, while Turner did  not have the talent for it. When the less successful teacher runs into Hubert in town, at a bar, he asks for a favor--to hole up in the man's Oyster Bay, Long Island, manse, to think things out, as he is having martial problems.

                                                    So, is Turner's wife, who initially gives the info on Alan Hubert, but she has no idea the problems she is in for!!!!!!!!!!  Oh, boy!  Another loser, and stupid, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     The team races to the manse, and, of course, sixteen- year- old Haley is in bed with forty year- old James Turner.  They actually look ridiculous as a couple!!!!!!!!

                                                       But Haley defends James, saying she loves him, they were meant to be together, and all that, with James supporting her every word. They go crazy over each other, as they are separated, but the real reason for watching this, comes in the climactic encounter by all, at the precinct.

                                                        Anna Sadler knows she is a loser, working, I believe, in a supermarket, as a cashier.  She demonstrates little love for Chris, and even Haley, which is more disturbing, once all is revealed.  She knows Chris is a loser, and resents it, so she goes and has an affair with James Turner--resulting in the conception of Haley.  Yes, darlings, Haley is James' child, and the guy was not only committing stuatroy rape, but incest!!!!!!!!!!!  He was fucking his own daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         Everyone then goes at each other, and I think the squad should have just walked away, and let everyone tear each other apart.  They deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chris, a garbage man, has been cuckolded by his wife, loving a daughter he did not know was not his.  James has been nurturing a talent he had no idea was inherited from him.  And Anna, basically hating her loser husband, whored herself out, so she could have a superior child.  What a dumb slut!!!!!!!!!!  Sleeping with James was fortunate that Haely turned out a musical prodigy, because nothing is guaranteed.  I mean, Meryl Streep's parents were a pharmaceutical exec, and, I believe, an educator. They had no theater background.  And look how things turned out!

                                                            But there was no guarantee in Haley's case, so if Anna had not had a prodigy child, she would have really been dumb, but also Haley would have ended up emotionally traumatized over lack of maternal love.

                                                             Not that Haley isn't going to suffer trauma, anyway.  In fact, she might bring on some, because, in her final shot, just like Lili Reinhart as Courtney Lane in "Lost Traveller," Haley shows herself to be something of a sociopath, and a snob, when she smirks and says, "I knew my father could not have been a garbage man."  Bitch!  Hates her father her entire life for being what he is, and seemingly not fazed by having slept with her biological father.  Maybe she is a bit like Daisy, in "Girl Interrupted," played in an award caliber performance by the late Brittany Murphy.

                                                               Haely's final shot, after that line, should have been getting smacked across her little bitch face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                 Wait till admissions gets hold of this. She can kiss Juilliard goodbye.

                                                                  Haley's Hell will be to be trapped in that small town everyone was trying to get her out of, but only succeeded in embedding her further within!  They nailed her shut in a suburban coffin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                      Sick bitch deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Future Brady And Hindley Are Apprehended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Brady and Hindley, are, of course, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the iconic Moors Murderers in Yorkshire, during the early Sixties.  Their sick story was first brought to my attention when I read "The Monsters On The Moors," by John Deane Potter, back in 1968.  Oh,  my God, that is fifty years ago, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Brady and Hindley are no longer on Earth.  They are in Hell, where, I hear, Satan would like them taken off his hands, but who can he palm them off to? So, he is stuck with them.

                                  Well, let me tell you, if David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers had not been caught, they would have become their generation's, and America's version of Brady and Hindley.  I have no doubt about it.

                                    The two grew up near to each other.  Eisenhauer was from Columbia, Maryland, and Natalie from nearby Laurel.  Both were bright, and opted for the engineering program at the University of Virginia, where they met.

                                       I have seen footage of Eisenhauer.  He is lean and mean in his track outfit, and I hope, once he gets to prison, those inmates ream his ass, but good.  Well, they will do more than that, once I get into the crime.

                                         On said video Eisenhauer talks about his plans for the future, and goals, with an unmistakable sense of narcissism.  This is someone who not only feels he is owed everything , but will get it, simply because he is deserving of it.  Really, Dave??????????

                                         Natalie was less conspicuous.  An honor student, attractive, the whole high school thing, I wonder, as I do about Myra Hindley, if they had not crossed paths with these male cohorts, would Myra and Natalie have gone along with these deeds? I once said, of Myra, that she needed to coalesce; she would never have acted on her own, and if she had not met Brady, someone else might have come along.  All is equally applicable to Natalie.

                                          Let me state, as soon as I discovered these two, I knew I had found joint winners, this week, for Bitch Of The Week.

                                            I had never heard of the Nicole Lovell murder case, but once I stumbled on it, I knew I had found bitch gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Nicole Lovell, from Blacksburg Virginia, was a 13-year-old, who had already lived a complicated life.  She had survived both childhood cancer, and a liver transplant.  On the threshold of puberty, she had a plainness that indicated she would be a late bloomer.  But no one at this age realizes this, or cares, so Nicole was bullied.  For solace, she turned to social media, where, online she met the charming, good looking David Eisenhauer.  I have seen some good pics of David, and he was a looker.  Natalie was attractive, too.

                                                On a January night, in 2016, Nicole, like Rita Baxter on "Cold Case" sneaked out of her house, to meet up with David.  She had met him, before, at a high school party, where she told him she was 16.  This was her downfall.  When she finally admitted to David she was only 13, this prince could not recall having sex with her, but feared she may be pregnant?  Huh?  How does one not remember having sex with someone?????????  I mean, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 Nevertheless, even if there was no sex, David would face charges for being with someone underage.  And Mr. Entitlement could not have that.

                                                   So, he and his good friend, Natalie Keepers, with whom he had a summer fling, (according to her), met up at a fast food chain near the school, called "Cook Out."  Instead of a study session they plotted Nicole's murder as calmly as though solving a physics problem. They even reviewed options--stabbing, shooting, strangulation.  You know, darlings, the usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    Nicole vanished from her Blacksburg home on January 27.  Her body was found the following Saturday, about eighty miles away, in Surry County, North Carolina, not far from the border.

                                                     Nicole had been stabbed and her throat cut.  David did the deed, but I believe Natalie went along for the ride, to witness it all.  As she later said "David was a sociopath,  and I was a sociopath in training."  She said was she excited to be part of something so secretive and special.  Prison hell is waiting for you, too, Nat, where child killers are the most reviled.  I hope you and David both get a taste of what you did to Nicole.

                                                      That statement of Natalie's sends chills up my spine. And suspicion.
Yes, both had the charm and manipulative skills of the sociopath. But how many are self-aware of what they actually are?  I question that.  If this is self-awareness, it is scary enough.  But I have a suspicion that statement was calculated, and defense attorneys will leap on it.  Which may have been the reason Natalie said it.

                                                         As of today, this case has not gone to trial.  But, rest assured I will follow it, and the fate of these two evil bitches.  If the are not convicted, then the justice system is down the tubes.  If they are, take comfort that a future Brady and Hindley have been stopped at the beginning of their "career."

                                                         Because, trust me, had Eisenhauer and Keepers not been caught, there would have been other killings, other grieving families.

                                                          Nicole's is just one too many.

                                                   Here is Nicole's picture. To think what they did to this sweet child.

                                                   It makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Sense A Series In This One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    My reaction to "Celine" was exactly opposite that of "Elmet."  I practically devoured this one in a single sitting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      My readers know how much I like the TV series, "Cold Case."  Lord knows, it has been written about enough on here.  Well, "Celine" takes a different approach to the "Cold Case" concept.

                                        Where the TV show focused on past homicides, Celine Watkins, the title character specializes in finding missing persons, and uniting them to their birth families.  She has a passion for helping people, and the skill for doing this.  But she is fueled by her own personal torment--finding the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption, back when she was still a teen.

                                          Celine Watkins is sixty-eight years old, so forget Kathryn Morris.  I picture Margo Martindale, in the dramatization.  She is aided by her husband, Pete, himself a senior citizen.

                                           Celine is a professional Private Investigator.

                                             Into their lives come Gabriela, the daughter of a famous photographer, Paul Lamont.  Gabriela has a young son, named Hank, who gets involved in things, too.

                                              Celine comes from a wealthy family, and graduated from Sarah Lawrence, so this is detailed.  That it does not get lost along with the mystery of finding Gabriela's father, Paul Lamont, says much about Heller's narrative skill.  The sad story of Gabriela's childhood is clearly spelled out--her and her father's heartbreak.  Aided by that bitch he remarries, Danette.  At one point, I thought she was behind the whole thing.

                                                Gabriela was told her father was killed, on assignment in Yellowstone National Park, by a bear.  She has never believed that, thinks her father is still alive, and, through the alumni magazine (both Celine and Gabriela are Sarah Lawrence grads) contacts Celine for help.

                                                   The journey takes the reader from bohemian Brooklyn (the DUMBO area) to the mountains of Montana and Wyoming.  The pace is like a non-stop roller coaster ride. Who would have thought a missing person's case could be so exciting.

                                                    Not only do I want to read some of Heller's other books, I have a feeling he is not yet done with Celine Watkins.

                                                    If a series is in the works, I am on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                   With storms raging, I have been reading.  What better time than a storm for doing so?

                                     "Elmet" had been recommended to me by one whose opinion I take, and still take, seriously.  I had picked it up, and read the front and back of the jacket, where I was promised a story that mixed feral living with folklore.

                                         Here is the problem.  The feral living is given clearly, and it is more humane, and loving, than in "My Absolute Darling," which, again, I would advise anyone on here not to go near,

                                           "Elmet" tells the story of Daniel and Cathy Oliver, living with their father, in Elmet, a corner of Yorkshire they come to see, and honestly, believe is their own.  Italicized passages, in Daniel's voice, suggest flashbacks, leading up to some crucial event.  Answers are given, but there is absolutely no folklore in this.  In  fact, Fiona goes in for a little Carson McCullers, as the oversized Cathy seems a combination of Miss Amelia in "The Ballad Of The Sad CafĂ©," and Frankie Adams in "The Member Of The Wedding."  Oh, and Josie Hogan, in O'Neill's "A Moon For The Misbegotten."

                                             The novel has a potential it does not live up to. The narrative seems protracted, and I wanted to know more about the children, especially Cathy, who emerges as the most interesting.

                                              Like Hansel and Gretel, I think Miss Mozley got lost along the way. She has talent enough, but lacks direction.

                                               What I missed very much in "Elmet" was a sense of where Miss Mozley thought she was going.

                                                  It was not a completely satisfying journey.

More About Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I told you I would get back to this, as soon as I found out something.

                                According to Brandee Barnaby, a friend and family spokeswoman, Sammy died last Saturday of cancer.  I do not know what kind, but, as it took him out, does it really matter?  It is sad enough that he is gone, with so many of his cast members still living, and he was someone who should have had a good twenty or more years.

                                 Speaking of "A Chorus Line," in just seven years, the show will celebrate its 50th Anniversary.  Back in 1975, and anticipating this event, I said the entire cast would perform the entire show--on walkers!

                                  How wrong I was!  Because those cast members still alive could do this show full out tonight!  I mean, Donna, Kelly, Priscilla, Baayork.....all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                     My second error was thinking every Original Cast member would still be
alive,  Michel Stuart, the original Greg, died in 1997. He was only 54.  Hey, that's over twenty years ago!!!!!!!!  And Cameron Mason, the original Mark, died in 2007, at the age of 68.  And now, Sammy, this past Saturday, at the age of 69.

                                 Sammy was taken too soon.  But he is on that plaque, at the Shubert Theatre, so go visit it.

                                  Do it all for love, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where, Indeed, Is Spring?????????????????????

                            According to what I was taught, Spring begins on March 21.  According to the legend I was raised on, Proserpina, daughter of Ceres, spends six months in Hell, and six on Earth.
Those months in Hell are spent with Pluto, God of the Underworld.  When she is there, Ceres is sad, which is why the leaves and snow fall, in Autumn and Winter.  When she is happy, having her daughter with her, buds burst and the sun shines bright, during Spring and Summer.

                            So, what is going on?  Ceres and Pluto must be having some great big tug of war, and, girls, I am telling you, she is one mad motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!  But why?????????  Is Pluto trying to get her time extended.  And why now?  Is he somehow involved with Trump and Putin???????????

                            Proserpina, you need to come back from Hell, right away!  Each time you don't makes your mother's mourning period longer, and while I am sorry for her, I am sorry for my fellow citizens, having to endure her wrath.  For Nor'easters in one month???????  Come on, now!

                              We just got Baby Gojira in his Spring outfit, and while he looks so fetching, even he shivers, a little!  Poor Baby Gojira!   And I cannot even plan my designers for the Spring, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Have a heart, Ceres!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cut this crap, instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I could have made you Bitch Of The Week!  Keep it up, and it could happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018

On A Happier Note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Let's get happy about something, girls!!!!!!!!!!  Well, today is March 19, which means not only that it is St. Joseph's Day, but is the day, according to legend, that the swallows return to Capistrano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I know we are supposed to get another some kind of Winter storm, here, dears, but enough is enough, already!!!!!!!!!   The swallows is a sure sign of Spring, and, while Mother Nature may be fooled, one cannot stop, or turn back, Time!  Just ask Cher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                There was even a song written about the swallows, which I will try and post on here.

                                Here is Pat Boone's romantic rendition!

                                 Spring is here, girls, no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Cautionary Tale For All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            I was also saddened by the suicide of 17-year-old Eric Verbeeck, from Tampa, Florida.  Eric was at his high school peak, an honor student, and, according to reports not bullied.  He was uncomfortable with being male, felt he would be more comfortable as a female.  His parents were supportive, sent him to a psychologist to talk it over.  He had even started hormone therapy.

                              So, what went wrong?????????

                              Well, for starters, Eric lived in Florida.  If one has these kinds of issues, hon, the first thing to do is get the hell outta there. Even if it is the more citified Tampa, than the rural swamp regions.

                                 Eric's parents, Patricia and Peter Verbeeck, said they were accepting.  So, what is this about Patricia eventually moving to South Carolina with him, where a house with a pink bedroom--go, Eric!!!!!!!!!--was waiting.  But nothing about dad Peter moving.  What is that all about, hmmmmmm?????????  I have to ask, and wonder.

                                   On March 6, almost a month before his 18th birthday on April 14, Eric penned a sucide note to his parents, which began--"Dear Mommy and Papa, I am so sorry to do this to you."

                                    On March 6, Eric took his life.  How is not known.  But it almost does not matter.  Because the reason is the most tragic thing.

                                     Eric, who planned on changing his name to Hope--great symbol, and hey, Hope Lange!!!!!!!!!--lost faith in the process.  He was still a teenager, and I am sure he was told this process would take time.  But he was still a teenager, and that meant he was impatient.  He wanted things to happen NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I am sad this seems to be the reason Eric took his life.  I have been in that place, wanting things to happen, when I want them to.

                                        But often the waiting is well worth the want, when it comes.

                                         I wish Eric could have realized this.  I wish it for his family.

                                         And I hope future struggling teens out there do realize it.

                                         May you find peace on the other side, Eric/Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Here is Sarah McLachlan's heart rending song, "In The Arms Of An Angel."  My wish to Eric, and his family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What A Sad Day For The Theater, And For Me, Personally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            And to think this happens, barely a month after my father's passing, which has some bearing on the story I am about to tell.

                             Because of my father's death, I have been hesitant about seeing the forthcoming revival of "Carousel."  Not because it lacks quality, but because, I know myself well--there are individual moments, even phrases and melodies, throughout this show, where I know I will lose it, and weep copiously.  And that is on a good day. It can only be worse, in the face of my father's passing.

                               Still, I do want to see it.  I mean, there is that score, and the fabulous Jessie Mueller, whom I had seen do Carrie a few years back at the NY Philharmonic, is now doing Julie Jordan!  Oh, my God!  She is following in the career steps of Barbara Cook, who did the same thing.

                               I went to Broadway World, looking for articles, and especially, maybe, a video, which I hoped would entice me into summoning up the courage to see "Carousel."

                               But I saw something else that floored me.

                               On the morning of March 17, Sammy Williams, one of the Big Six in the Original Cast of "A Chorus Line," passed away, at the age of 69.  He is the fifth member of that cast to pass on--all of them men--and the first of the famous Big Six.

                                 What worries me is no cause of death was given, and that always saddens me.  If the reason is familial privacy, I can respect that, but  when this is done, my mind goes to some of the darkest places, which I hope was not the case with Sammy.

                                   My father and I are connected by this show.  We saw the Original Cast at a Saturday matinee, on October 25, 1975, a date I treasure forever.  I was enraptured by the whole show, but Sammy's Paul monologue was not only brilliantly written, and performed, but telling.  I had a secret of my own, at the time, and, during the monologue, I kept looking over at my father to see if he had any idea. I don't think he did.

                                     Earlier that week, at college (I was 20, then) I had had my very first sexual experience. Of course, it was gay, darlings.  What else would you expect?????????????

                                     "A Chorus Line" has seeped into my bloodstream.  I have seen close to 40 performances of it, and will be seeing another a week from Wednesday, which I regard as a tribute to my father, and now Sammy.

                                        I can do some of the steps.  But not that opening "step-kick-switch" thing.

                                        But I am sad about Sammy's passing.  First, because it was too soon. Second, because he was one of the best male dancers in the cast, and a hell of an actor.  I am sad, again, the cause of death was not given.

                                          Mostly, I am sad it has been given very little coverage.  Not in The New York Times, not anywhere but lower end and social media.

                                            If you visit the lobby of the Shubert Theatre, currently housing Bernadette Peters and Company, in "Hello, Dolly!," turn around and looked behind you.  There is a gold embossed plaque honoring "A Chorus Line's" original Broadway run at the Shubert, with the line assembled.  And Sammy is there, near the end, on the right, before Priscilla Lopez.

                                              Go and visit this plaque this week, and think about Sammy's historic contribution.

                                                And to those who make the decision, I think Broadway's  lights should be dimmed, in honor of Sammy.

                                                 He was an actor, a TONY winner (for Paul) and helped make "A Chorus Line" the iconic theater work it is.

                                                  That's enough for many lifetimes.

                                                    Rest In Peace, Sammy.   I will always remember you, for your performance in the show, and every November 13, your birthday, when Musical Theater Week rolls around.

                                                     Like all of us, he "did what he had to do."