Friday, September 14, 2007

Girls, When You Are So Fabulous.....

.....I'm telling you I just don't know what to do. You think it is easy being this brilliant? I mean I cannot wait to see Jodie kick ass in "The Brave One," and guys had better steer clear of lesbian neighborhoods this weekend!!!! I should have read "Women In Love" for my book group last night, but, honey, I read it last year and life is too short to reread every single book. So I will make a consolidated effort to read the books from now on. I still love the group even if some of the selections, like this graphic novel "FunHouse" are too well not de rigeur.

Darlings, the world has to conform to my tastes or I cannot be bothered. And if you can't well then fuck it!!!! Or more politely stated, go take a hike. Imagine the fun I would have if I were a serial killer. Now who or what would I go after, that would be the interesting part.

Sure wish I could do "Chorus Line." I am determined to dance Cassie! Darlings, we all want to be Cassie!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend girls. Dinner and drinks and a bridge club. Just like what we were raised too. Kisses darlings!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Girls, Is The World Ready For A Concept Musical....

......about Moors murderess Myra Hindley???? Imagine "Myra!" A Magical Musical!
We began with a bare set simulating the deserted Moors, backed up by stage size blow ups of the famous Brady-Hindley mug shots. Myra appears stage center, dressed like the shot but from the waist down as a Nazi domantrix. She introduces her opening number, "Hello, Loves!" and sings about what we are in for. Aftewards her partner, Ian Brady is introduced and they address the audience in a chillingly Burns and Allen manner, as they segue into their number, "We'd Like To Talk To You." From this point time goes back and things drop from above, simulating the atmosphere of a Sixties mod club and recreating their first meeting, with another lovely duet, "What Do I See In You?" Some book scenes show how the relationship evolves and then they take to the road to committ their first dastardly deed in the musical number "Hey, Pauline!"

The show owes a debt to "West Side Story" and "A Chorus Line" as things are enacted representationally via music and dance, with no blood or gore or chilling screams.

Darlings, this could be Broadway's next Tony winner, with the right cast and staging.

See you on the Great White Way, darlings!

Is the world ready to see it? Well, there was "Thrill Me!" As a colleague of mine said, "The world NEEDS to see it!"