Saturday, November 30, 2013

We Have Come Through Eleven Months, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Well, now we can say it, girls--25 days till Christmas!  And, actually, the year can begin to be counted down, too!

                                  Yes, November just whirled by, what with all the birthday celebrations, shows, Thanksgiving, and more!  This is the time of year where, as I have always remarked, everything speeds up, like a silent movie, played at the wrong speed!

                                       To think I have made it to 59!!!!!!!  I am still amazed by that!  And to think my father, who will reach 99, come April, made it to New York!!!!  Simply amazing!

                                       I hope your November was as exciting and joyous, as mine!  And that your December will be merry and bright!

                                        Haul Out The Holly, loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And A Much Belated Happy Birthday To Someone Beloved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                If you have been on here, long enough, darlings, you have heard me speak of Sister Camille D'Arienzo, whose Sunday broadcasts on 1010 WINS I never miss.  Did you know that Thanksgiving marked Sister Camille's 40th Anniversary of doing this????  And I wish her many more!!!!

                                But what about Sister Camille herself????  I always wondered when her birthday was, and, poking around,as I do, girls, I sort of found out!  Now, I did not  find out the date and year, but I did find out  it was in October!  So, a very happy belated birthday, to our beloved Sister Camille! A living saint, if there ever was one!  Bernadette would be impressed!

                               Of course, Sister C, as she is affectionately called, goes about her way, not to impress anyone, but to show the importance of forgiveness and mercy in our everyday lives, and how it needs to be spread around, even to people we may not be as fond of.  I try my best, Sister C, but, I am sure you understand how difficult that can be for us mere mortals!!!!!  But I am getting better, at it!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               So, a Happy Belated Birthday to Sister Camille!  For those interested in such things, I believe she is around 76!  Many more, Sister C!  My partner, Monsieur, thinks you are the only non-crazy Catholic that he knows!!!  And that includes yours truly!!!!!!

                                 And I will bet, on Sister Camille's Thanksgiving table, was one hell of a Timpana!!!!  Which she made from scratch!!!!!

                                   Good works, darlings!  Rock on, Sister C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Farewell, Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Jane Kean, that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just think, several months back we lost another Jane--Jane Connell, the one and only Agnes Gooch, and now Jane Kean?????  Who was she, darlings?????  Well, I will tell you!

                               Jane Kean, and her sister Betty, started out as a sister act, like Rosemary Clooney and her sister, who, I believe, was also named Betty.  The Kean Sisters, in the Fifties, starred in a semi-risque Off Broadway musical about the Navy, "Ankles Aweigh," which is lots of fun to listen to!!!!!!!!  Sort of a precursor to "Dames At Sea!"

                                Now, some Baby Boomers will recall Jane for two iconic roles she performed, on TV in the 1960s.  One was Trixie Norton, on Jackie Gleason's hour long version of "The Honeymooners," which was shot in color, and alternated with his Saturday night variety show, on CBS, at 8 PM.  Sheila MacCrae  played Alice here, while Gleason continued as Ralph, and his partner, the one and only Art Carney, played Ed Norton!!!!

                               But, my favorite Jane Kean moment will always be her original rendition of "Winter Was Warm," from "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol."  When Christmas Past is showing Scrooge the error of his ways, he witnesses his breakup with Belle, when he chose money over love.   Then, Belle walks to a snow globe, shakes it, and, in Jane Kean;'s melting, heartrending voice, sings this song, which tore me apart at age 9, and does even more, fifty years later, with the wisdom of age.  I will try to include it on here, darlings!

                               Speaking of age, Jane made it to 90!  I think she outlived all the other "Honeymooners?"  Is Joyce Randolph still alive?  Can any of my girls tell me????  She passed away on Tuesday, of a stroke, resulting from a fall!

                                 You will be missed, but remembered, Jane!  The Raving Queen will always love you!

                                 And speaking of "Winter Was Warm," here it is!

                                Sweet Season memories, to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Another Take On An Annoying Topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Recently, girls, I have seen another Consumer Cellular ad, where it is learned the wife's name is Connie!  She is not as abrasive, as in the first ad, but you can see she still has that snarky quality.  The new ad shows them shopping in the neighborhood, though whether they have returned home, for a time, or are still on the Bonnie And Clyde lam, (which is my guess!!!!!!!) is never made clear.

                              Oh, and you have to see the scene where Connie models this red dress for Jack, in a desperate bid to save their marriage, by trying to keep him from sniffing anything female that walks down the street!!!!!!!!!  Actually, she does not look bad, in the dress, but she still thinks of herself as a high ranking cougar!  Come on, Connie; get real!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Who knows what will be next for these two?  Consume Cellular in prison?????
Actually, I have a better idea.

                                  Have an ad that places them in a theater, where a musical is being performed, amidst an audience of confirmed Theater Queens!  Have their phones go off, during the performance, and the enraged Theater Queens, turn, and look at them.  The show stops, and everyone--including the actors on stage--chase them out of the theater, and into the street!  The ad ends, with them clawing at the TV screen, screaming to get away from the advancing mob, about to descend upon them.  Sort of like Mrs. Hutchinson, in "The Lottery,"  Or, more apt, Kevin McCarthy, at the close of the original "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers!"

                                Splat!  There they go!!!!!!!!  Bye Bye, Connie and Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 What a perfect end to this annoying series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something Else To Wait For, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Along with Christmas Day, and the annual visit to the tree at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, followed by Delemarchier, there is still the New York Times' Ten Best Books Of 2013 List to look forward to.  Now, they have not even published the 100 Most Notable Books Of 2013, from which 90 are eliminated, and ten are left!  The trick is always trying to guess which ten.

                          Now, Jonathan Franzen did not publish a novel this year, but Donna Tartt did!  Even though I enjoyed, but was not blown away, by "The Goldfinch," I think it will be on The List.  Better that than "&  Sons," by David Gilbert; I have been hearing a lot about Philip Meyer's "The Son," so I would not be unhappy, if that made it.  James McBride's book, "Good Lord, Bird," is almost certain to make it, having already won the National Book Award, but how about Jhumpa Lahiri's "The Lowland?"  Great writing, but, I have to say, for a depressing book, it is hard to shake off!  I wouldn't mind its presence on The List!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Of course, as already announced, my choice for Book Of The Year is Marisha Pessl's "Night Film."  It should damn well go on The List, but even if it does not, take my word, honeys, it is the Best Of the Year!!!!!!!!!  Would I steer my girls wrong???????????

                        Certainly we will know the results in the next couple--two or three--weeks!!!!!  And you know, I will discuss it all with you, at length!!!!!!!!!!

                           Will "The Luminaries" be there????  We shall see!

                            Happy Reading, to all MY Luminaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Out Of the Stores, Today, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Well, I hope everyone on here had a lovely Thanksgiving.  Mine was fine, though my father's age and equilibrium issues make the New York sojourn even more questionable--he is, after all, 98!!!!--but  we will see.  Nevertheless, that romantic locale, One If By Land, Two If By Sea, did its usual impeccable job.

                             Which leaves us now with today--Black Friday!!!!  The day that has been publicized since the beginning of this month!!!!!!!!  My advice--stay in, rest, and stay the Hell away from the stores today!

                                 If you want to see the definition of White Trash American Vulgarity, this is it!!!!!!!!  My parents shopped for Christmas presents for me, as a child, and, I am telling you, they never went through this!  They would not be seen at such a thing?

                                  Who are these nuts, anyway?  Rejects from "Judge Judy????"   You know something, darlings?  I think the ones who go are those who get off, in some sick way, on the pushing, shoving, potential for violence, and displays of vulgarity, which they know will be publicized by the media!!!!!!!   I have heard of wanting fifteen minutes of FAME but this is not my idea of getting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  As for me, I am taking it easy, with all my loved ones, recovering from the exhaustion of yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Because, now we have Christmas coming up!  And that annual visit to Delemarchier!!!!

                                   Just wait, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

So, Who Is The Thanksgiving Bitch?????????????????

                                     Since this holiday always falls on a Thursday, that means that the winner of Bitch Of The Week this week is the special Thanksgiving Bitch!  Darlings, I have been racking my brains, trying to come up with someone, not realizing that the answer had been in front of me, all the time!

                                      Last night, at the glamorous Ellen's, I attended a Hanukkah party, which you had to be there for, to believe!  What a day!  I began it by watching Jews getting persecuted mercilessly in "Holocaust," only to end it with the same group of people--albeit, generations later--being insulted in "Jewtopia!!!!!!!!"  I mean, it offended me!  And I am not even Jewish.

                                        But, during the evening, while the TV was on, they ran this special about "The Making Of 'The Sound Of Music'."  No, not the 1965 classic, which would have been interesting, but this live action one NBC is planning to show, on December 5, with that disgusting Carrie Underwood, as Maria!

                                         This is a "Sound Of Music" where the actor playing the Captain, Stephen Moyer, is some synthetic thing from "True Blood," who is so young looking in the part, he must have knocked up the first wife, to pop out those seven children, before he hit puberty!  LONG before!

                                          Audra McDonald should be ashamed of herself, for appearing in such crap, which desecrates a classic!  Guess she needed a new car!  However, ever since I heard her rather too strident rendition of "There Won't Be Trumpets, when she played Nurse Fay Apple in "Anyone Can Whistle," at a Summer Ravi Musical Theater Festival, I have discovered some chinks in her vocal armor!  The woman cannot belt!  It may be time to rethink things, Audra, dear!  Especially if you are doing crap, like this!  I know you have a daughter to support, but come on!!!!!!!!!!

                                          But Audra is not the Thanksgiving Bitch!  Carrie Underwood is!!!!!!!!!!

I have just found out Carrie is getting --and deservedly so!!!!!--hateful Twitter tweets from people who are justifiably outraged she is taking on Julie Andrews' iconic role, let alone redoing this film classic!!!!!  Not to mention, no one twirls like Julie; Carrie, I hope, will fall flat, on her face!!!!  She will certainly lay an egg, by doing this role!  

                       As for the Von Trapp Children, , you will never top Heather Menzies and Angela Cartwright!  These Von Trapps look a bit too mature--all of them--for their roles!!!!!  What idiot cast them!!!!!!!!!!

                        So, congrats, Carrie, to being the Thanksgiving Bitch!

                        This could be the first "Sound Of Music," in the history of the show, where the audience actually cheers for the Baroness!


Happy Thanksgiving, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Well, girls, we have made it to another Turkey Day!  Congratulations, to one and all!

                                 Whether you're dining with relatives (the ones still be spoken to, darlings!!!!) or in an elegant restaurant with your family, (which is what I will be doing)  the Raving Queen wishes each and every one of his girls a very Happy Thanksgiving!

                                   I am telling you, what with the MACY'S Thanksgiving Parade about to start shortly, this day always makes me feel like Carol Channing, at the end of Act One, of "Hello, Dolly!"  I just have to sing "Before The Parade Passes By"--imitating Carol!!!!!!!!!!!  Which is easy for an established Theater Queen, such as I, to do!

                                  So, however, and wherever you spend the day, be grateful for what you have, and that we have each other! (Like, how thankful I am I have my beloved Monsieur!!!!)  And don't forget, today marks the unofficial (but getting to be more Official!!!) start of the Holiday Season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Poosey, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Always The Craziest Dreams That I Remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             I don't know what it was, darlings!  Kale is supposed to be healthy for you, but maybe all that I ate, resulted in my two crazy dreams.  The first one started with my all-time favorite movie--which is, as you know, "The Wizard of Oz!"

                             For those on here,of a certain age, the network television showing of this film--usually on CBS--was the Event Of The Year!!!!!!!!  In its early years, while it was evolving to iconic stature, Dick Van Dyke, riding high, then, on his CBS series, would host.  Later, Danny Kaye took over for awhile, and, once the film had been acknowledged as one of the greatest of the last century, maybe around or after the 50th Anniversary, Angela Lansbury hosted!

                             I guess this dream was prompted by the film's having been on, the other night, as I was flipping channels.  I thought about watching, but, since my 'Oz' viewings number at least 75, I am very particular about them.  I no longer want to see the film broken up, into commercials.  I much prefer seeing it on the large screen, as it was intended to be shown, and every time there is a screening in New York, I make sure to go.

                           I face a dilemma in 2014!  The film celebrates its 75th Anniversary then, and to honor it, will be given a limited theater release!  Great!!!  Except--now get this!!!--the film will be shown in 3-D!

                             Now, since 3-D did not even exist in 1939, I don't know how they are going to add this to it!  Or where--though I have several ideas there, starting with the cyclone sequence!

                             But--I do NOT want to see "The Wizard of Oz" in 3-D!!!!!!!!!  Don't these idiots get it?  This is why the film has endured--because there is absolutely nothing to be improved upon!  It is perfect, as is!  And there are very few films that can be said about!

                             Now, in this dream, I was asked to host a telecast!  I recall being very excited at
introducing my favorite movie, and the dream stopped just as I was seated on the set, about to go on the air, and talk!

                                             Now, we switch to something altogether different, though still a musical--"The Pajama Game."

                                              This was the big Broadway musical hit, of my birth year, 1954.  It became a film, in 1957, featuring the entire Broadway cast, with Doris Day replacing Janis Paige!  As  a child, when it was shown on TV, I would always get up in front of the set, and try to dance the "Steam Heat" number.  I saw a production of it, on stage, at the New York City Opera, sometime in the 1980s or 90's.  Judy Kaye played Babe, and, I believe Leonora Nemetz played Gladys!!!!!  Then, in 2001, I got a chance to perform in a production of the show, with the Village Light Opera Company.  One of my theatrical triumphs!!!!!!!!

                                              The show has been a part of my life, for a long time.  So, in the dream, I was auditioning for another production--which is not something I would do, in real life!!!!  I walked into the audition room, as having come from a shower, wrapped in nothing, but a pink towel.  It was cold.  One of the male actors became friendly to me, and,as if by magic, produced a shirt and pants for me, to put on.  We went into this dressing room, which amounted to a screened in, Summer back porch!!!!!  Granted, larger than lots of dressing rooms I have been in, but  really.  Then, we marched back into the auditorium , where the director told us this would be a different kind of production--we would do it with no period costumes, sets, rehearsal, blocking, or dialogue or lyric learning!  Thank God, I had done it before; I at least had a knowledge of it!  The score would be no problem for me, but the dialogue???????

                                               So, speaking for my fellow actors, I stood up and confronted the director!!!!!
"What are we supposed to do this show on?" I asked.  "Crack cocaine????"  To which, he replied, "YES!"

                                                 That is when I realized I was done!  I refused, got up, and, before walking out, turned to the director and screamed--"This show is over!  Ring the curtain down, NOW!!!!!!!!!"

                                                   What do you make of that, dolls?  Was it the kale??? Or klonopin?????
Or just issues--artistic or otherwise--subtly manifesting themselves???????

                                                      Stay tuned, on here, to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Commercial That Annoys The Hell Out Of Me, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             "I have a structured settlement, and I need cash now!
                                              Call J.G. Wentworth--877-CASH-NOW!"
                                                     --Commercial Jingle

                                    Now, as you girls know, I am not one of those Vicious Opera Queens!!!!  I have nothing against opera--just those creatures, who go to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    But every time this J.G.Wentworth commercial is aired, I want to scream!  The first thing that bothers me is--if they wanted to spoof opera, why couldn't they get actors, who could actually sing???  Believe me, the level of melodic and vocal range in this spot is not that demanding.  There are plenty
of actors with voices, who could sing it!

                                     My still favorite sequence, in all of "Citizen Kane," is the opera one, where Susan Alexander (the great Dorothy Comingore) is making her debut, in  "Salammbo," with those pigtails, the orchestra warming up, the conductor screaming at her, and finally, her piercing screaming voice, after which the camera pans up to the rafters, where a pair of distinctly knowledgeable stage hands, cover their noses in disgust!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet the sequence is absolutely brilliant.

                                    Next to the Wentworth commercial, "Salammbo" is a masterpiece!  What's more, because the parody of what is being spoofed is so poorly done, it becomes an insult, not only to opera, but to the arts, in general?????

                                      What's that?  I don't have a sense of humor, darlings???? Then you haven't been on here, for long!  J.G. Wentworth needs to stop airing these ridiculous ads; the ones where the opera is used out of context are even worse!

                                        Whomever came up with this campaign must have an ax to grind against opera, and the arts!  They need to come up with a new strategy.  Because, girls, if i were in a position, right now, to go to a financial services company, on the basis of this ad, not to mention the others, I wouldn't go to J.G. Wentworth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         The saying goes, "It isn't over, until the fat lady sings!"  This commercial starts with that fat lady!

                                           Time to ring this show down, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Good Grief, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!! Is It Actually Possible?????????? The Acid Queen Is 74 Years Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                   "I'm the Gypsy--the Acid Queen,
                                                    Pay before we start.
                                                    I'm the Gypsy--I'm guaranteed
                                                    I'll tear your soul apart."
                                                    ----THE WHO, "Tommy"

                                   Darlings, Tina Turner, both with and without Ike, has been tearing souls apart for 74 years.  Today happens to be her birthday, and I wish her the wildest!  How many of us wanted to be the Acid Queen, back in the day, in the 1970's????????  I know I did!   And maybe the fact that I didn't is why I am here now to talk about it, today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Who would think Tina has reached this age?  It boggles the mind of generations everywhere, especially the generation that made Tina a star!!!!!!!!!!!  If she is getting up there, what does that say about the rest of us???????????????

                                       But, I am sure Tina is not letting up on energy; oh, no, honeys!!!!!!!! She could go out, and do that whole Acid Queen thing tonight, if she wanted!  I would hate to meet up with that hypodermic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        So, Happy Birthday, Tina!  May you continue to blow our minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Season Coming, Darlings, On "Wives With Knives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                            "Whenever they graced a neighborhood affair,
                                              We girls simply just had to stare.
                                               The most handsome couple, and beautiful wife.
                                               We all simply envied her perfect life.
                                                Everything a cut above the rest......
                                                Until the night Jennifer put a KNIFE in John's
                                                    ----"Wives With Knives" ad slogan

                               Now, tell me, honestly, girls, how many of you have been to functions like this?  If I had a dollar bill for every one I have been at, not only would I not have to work, I could be doing this, full time.
And maybe from more exciting places than where I am right now, like at a table, down at SPQR!!!!!!

                                We have all seen those picture perfect couples saunter into the room, like two cats who ate cream, licking their lips in contentment, a sure sign that things are not right at their own home, where they must be continuously going at each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   So, I cannot wait for the Friday season premiere of "Wives With Knives!"  Manhandled women doing dirt to the spouses that did them dirt, first.  But, I have to ask--isn't this just a little bit a form of reverse sexism??? I mean, if you had "Husbands With Knives," (and it happens, darlings!!) every feminist organization in the country would be down ID's throat!  So, why don't men counter react????
Is it that they just don't care?   Or aren't aware?  All of the above???????????

                                    I say equal rights for everyone.  If the hubbies can be offed, so can the wives!  I am not advocating this, mind, but come on, it has made for good drama, ever since "Gaslight."  Though Ingrid did show Charles a thing or two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Or how about "Gays With Knives," which mixes cutlery with murder?  Sure to be highly sophisticated, I can tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       But don't push me too far, loves!  I am not going anywhere near "Killer Lesbians!!!!!!!!"

Monday, November 25, 2013

After Too Long A Wait, Jessie Mueller Finally Has A Show To Call Her Own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                As you know, darlings, I have been singing the praises of Miss Mueller for the past two years.  So, mark my words, when she took center stage at the start of "Beautiful--The Carole King Musical," and began to sing the classic (and my favorite) "So Far Away," the tears were cascading down my cheeks.  I am telling you, not since BARBRA stepped onto the Winter Garden stage fifty years ago this Spring have I seen anyone, till Jessie, give a comparable performance, in a biographical musical.  Like I said, darlings, mark my words.

                                "Beautiful--The Carole King Musical," uses influences from such past shows as "Funny Girl," "Dreamgirls," and "Jersey Boys," both in drama and staging.  But the resulting blend stands on its own, not only because of its leading lady, but because of the talent she is wisely surrounded with.

                                     When Jessie is on stage, who wants anyone else?  But, when she is not, that does not mean the show is lacking.  Anika Larsen and Jarrod Spector, playing Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann, hold the stage during their moments, and when they do one of my childhood faves, "Walking In The Rain," the tears poured forth again.  And Jake Epstein is equally compelling as King's charismatic, talented, but deeply disturbed husband, Gerry Goffin.

                                        The ensemble singers who impersonate The Shirelles, The Drifters, and other groups of that era, are terrific.  It was great to hear songs like "Up On The Roof," and "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," the latter sung poignantly, later on, by Jessie.  Who also delivers on "One Fine Day."

                                          But when "Beautiful" gets to the "Tapestry" stage, all hell breaks lose!  I had heard in advance that Jessie's rendition of "It's Too Late," used to dramatize King's evolving from a songwriter to solo artist, was show stopping, and it is, but, I have to say, her rendition of the title song is what blew me away the most; it is to this show what "The Music That Made Me Dance," or "My Man" were to "Funny Girl."

                                      Would "Beautiful" work without Jessie Mueller? Absolutely not. Good as everyone else and the material is, the show needs her warmth, vocal technique and special brand of musical passion--the kind seen in the early days of Streisand and Garland--to pull off the enterprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          According to sources, the show is in two months of previews, which seems long for me, because things looked pretty set yesterday, as far as I was concerned. Audience members entered the theater, many not knowing who Jessie Mueller was, but, by curtain down time, they knew!  Did they KNOW!!!!!!!  And they showed it, by rising collectively to their feet!

                                           Somehow it makes me feel vindicated! I know talent when I see it, darling!  Jessie had better not only be a TONY contender--she had better win the damn award!!!!!!!!!

                                              She and Celia Keenan-Bolger are the two best things I have seen on stage, this season. You have heard me on Celia, so get over to the Sondheim Theatre,  to catch Jessie and Company!  I cannot wait to hear the CD of this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Maybe on it Jessie will sing the one King song she didn't (besides, it was post-"Tapestry") which I would have loved to hear her sing--"Jazzman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                                  When Jessie sings, darlings, you know that the faithless do believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


These Two Annoy The Hell Out Of Me, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I know they are just commercial actors, girls, and, as one immersed in the arts world, I should be happy they are raking in such money, with this gig.  But I hate their personae, and their delivery.

                                 The husband's name, we learn, is Jack.  The wife's name is never learned, and I think there is a reason for that, because the actress is sharp looking and abrasive, like a shrewish bitch.  The first words out of her mouth are "The kids are on their own," which, from her delivery, means they tossed them out the door, to fend for themselves, once reaching the age of 18, so they could go on the road as some sort of Senior Citizen Bonnie And Clyde wannabes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   It wouldn't surprised me, if you followed this couple's cross country trailer spree, they ended up as perpetrators on Investigation Discovery. You can see  Jack is just an old horndog codger,so I could see him going on the road, luring young girls, while his wife, who, obviously thinks highly of herself as some cougar (but, come on!!!!!) is going to try and hunt down unsuspecting innocent, but hormonal, boys!!!!!!!!!

                                   Mark my words, darlings, these two are not to be trusted!!!!!!!  Which is why I am sick and tired of seeing this commercial aired!!!!!!  What kind of precedent does it set for this product? And what idiot cast these two, anyway?????  They are hardly the warm, elderly types needed, they are a couple of narcissists!!!!!!!!!

                                      Of course the actors are laughing all the way to the bank!  Well, enjoy it while you can, dolls!   Because the only work you will get after this are as selfish, shrewish, types!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Lately, when their commercial is aired, I hang up on them immediately--I switch channels, until it is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Piece Of Work!!!!!!!!!!!! What Is It With This Week, Girls?????????????

                               Even in this photo, Larry Shandola looks like a smug, arrogant prick.

                               Bob Henry and Larry Shandola started out as friends, and business partners.  But I think Shandola nursed envy and jealousy over Henry, who had a lovely wife, Paula, a spot on marriage, and was a better businessman than he.  He even had the nerve to come on to Paula Henry, at a party, asking her to go into another room with him, and remove her top.

                                 Huh??????  Of course, Paula refused!  And Bob, who was Mr.Nice Guy, just let it slide!  You can bet I wouldn't have, dolls!  Belt him, right in the kisser!

                                  Then, in 1995, someone in a masked, militia like outfit, gunned down Henry, execution style, in a Tacoma, Washington parking lot!  I am telling you, darlings, from what I have been seeing, it looks like Washington is as much a state to stay out of, as Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Paula did not have to be told twice who killed her husband. She knew it was Larry Shandola!!!!!!!!!!

                                    So, this piece of filth was arrested, tried, found guilty, and sentenced to 31 years in prison, without the possibility of parole. Now, he is embarking on a lawsuit, harassing the widow, claiming his privacy was violated and he underwent emotional distress--Awwwww, poor baby! How about Bob Henry, losing his life?  And Paula her beloved husband?  I think that is the greater crime, Larry!!!!!!!!!!  So, why should you, as you want, be extradited to your native Canada, where you are likely to be set free, and set about really going after Paula and the Henry family??????????????

                                       I think this guy fancies himself as Robert Mitchum, in "The Night Of The Hunter."  But he is not smart enough for that! He is just a dumb a-hole braggart, who needs a good going over, by his fellow inmates!

                                         Which he is likely to get, if he continues to behave so arrogantly!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Hey, guys, what the hell?  I mean, you are behind bars already!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I say--Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Imagine, Darlings! Being Murdered, By Some White Trash, Killer Clown Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Al Haney had to be the dumbest guy in the world!  Granted, the Viet Nam war, for which he had done honored work, had left its scars on him, emotionally, which is enough to feel sorry for him, but when he took up with, then married, Lynn Haney, someone should have reeled him in, but good.

                                    Al had this friend in college, named John Aggregator.  The spelling is, honestly, an approximation, as I could not find much beyond what I saw on ID, to provide information.

                                     John was something of a sad case, himself.  He and Al had been friends in college, but never kept in touch.  John became something of a success, building up his own company, and a suburban house, all his own.  For reasons left unexplained, he did not quite fit in with his family, so there was not much social contact.  His work was his Life, and the most people to see him at any one time were those who worked for him.

                                      John did have one outside interest, and eccentricity.  He loved collecting things having to do with old radios and recording devices.   And he was a hoarder.

                                      Unbeknownst to John, Lynn and Al were living nearby, down and out, in a struggling neighborhood. With Lynn goading him, Al went to John, asking him for a job. Al was glad to help his old friend, but he did not like Lynn, who was clearly trash from the start--fat, ugly, going for that long haired, Judy Collins look, when she was not physically or chronologically suited to it. She also drank, did drugs, and had a manipulation over men that is incomprehensible to me, as there was nothing the least bit attractive, visually or personally, about her. Oh, and she was loud mouthed, having ideas of being a clown, having gone to clown school, and, like serial killer John Gacy, often earning some money, by doing gigs at children's parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          But this is one clown you do NOT want in your house! No, sir, darlings!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Lynn, her boyfriend Mark (who worked for the police!) and Tommy Oubilette, another piece of trash she was stringing along, concocted a way to murder John and get his money and house.  It was supposed to happen on July 4th, but it happened the week before.  They killed John, but bungled the whole thing, leaving his tied up body wrapped in his garage, where his beeper going off, gave him away!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                             Would you believe, after all this, after knowing about Lynn's men, Al went, and hired a defense lawyer for her?????   Someone needs to give him a reality check!!!!!  That Lynn and Tommy were locked up, but good!  I am not sure if Mark was, but he should have been!

                                               But Lynn as a female clown killer!  What a scary, and ugly, sight!

                                                Just look here, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                Baby Lynn saw them pull that Big Top down, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm All For Getting Rid Of Fast Food, Girls!!!!!!!!! But Not This Guy's Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Paul Reid was your garden variety serial killer.  A bad home, but with the kind of looks that made him the target of ridicule, when young.  So, when he was able, Paul had plastic surgery, (just like the killer, Victor Di Morta, in Tom Savage's wonderful novel, "Valentine!  I wonder if Savage was influenced by Reid????) but it was never able to cover up the soulless look that resided in his eyes.

                                     A key clue, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Reid also suffered from delusions of grandeur.  Not that everyone who does is a serial killer, but what happens, when those delusions are shattered?  Paul moved to Music City, U.S.A.--Nashville, Tennessee-- sometime after 1990, after having been paroled from an armed robbery conviction, and imprisoned, nearby Huston, Texas!

                                      When he got to Nashville, Paul worked in fast food places.  He also made a demo tape in a studio, and, darlings, I saw it, and, let me tell you, it was terrible!  It would have been great on "The GONG Show!!!!!!!!"

                                        But that's not what made Paul snap!  Oh, no; he probably thought his tape was great., and he would be the next shining rhinestone of Opryland!!!!!!!!!!

                                          On February 15. 1997. Reid had been working as a dishwasher at a Shoney's, but that day, was dismissed, for losing his temper, and throwing a dish at a coworker!  The evening of June 25, , he went to the home of Shoney manager, Mitchell Lynn Roberts,  He was armed with a gun and knife.  Roberts actually let him into the house--his wife and son were there, and the son videoed part of the encounter!!!!

                                            Reid first pleaded with Roberts to get his job back.  Realizing the guy was mentally unstable, Roberts gently talked him out of the house, to get him  to leave, but Reid pulled a gun and handcuffs on him, demanding Roberts put on the cuffs, and get into the car.  That is when Roberts realized he was dealing with the Fast Food Killer, whose reign of terror began on February 16, 1997, the day after his firing, when he robbed a Captain D's, in Doneslon, Tennessee, where he stole money,  then gunned down the manger, Steve Hampton, 28, and his 16-year-old employee, Sarah Jackson!

                                             He repeated the pattern, on March 23, 1997, at a McDonald's, in Hermitage, Tennessee. Reid's victims there were Andrea Brown, 17,  Robert Santiago, 27, and the Manager, and Robert A, Sewell, Jr., 23.  Another worker, Jose Ramirez  Gonzalez, 30, survived, and testified against Reid!!!!  Good for you, Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Reid's last attack was at a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream place in Clarksville, Tennessee, the evening of April 23, 1997! As at the other places, it was robbed and the workers executed--but with a difference.  Angela Holmes, 21, and Michelle Mace, 16, were abducted by Reid.  He drove them into Dunbar Cave State park, where he killed both.  Apparently, Michelle had a friend who lived near there, because she tried to make a run for it, which is why her body was found about one hundred feet away from Angela's.

                                               Then came the night of June 25.  When Reid left the Roberts' residence, he later called, pleading for a chance to clear things up.  Roberts agreed--but not before he had the called the cops, so that the place was surrounded, when Reid arrived.  And they got him!

                                                   Reid was tried, and sentenced to death by lethal injection.  But he died, just 24 days ago, this past November 1, after two weeks in Vanderbilt Hospital.  The death is being looked into, but the sicko is gone!!!!!  And the victims' families can possibly have some surcease.

                                                     I always knew fast food places were bad for me, darlings!!!!  Back when I was growing up, in the heart of Highland Park, New Jersey, I was always forbidden to go near, or eat, at what was referred to as "that cheap White Rose."  Besides, it was in the heart of Goat Alley, and, my God, the characters that hung out there!

                                                    Anyone ever get botulism there?  I wouldn't be surprised!  But no one was gunned down, execution style!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     Hot enough for you, where you are, now, Reid????????????????


Can It Get Any Worse, Darlings?????????? Now, Scumbag Skakel Is Getting Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 I never realized it, before, girls, but doesn't Skakel somewhat resemble James Gandolfini?????  Too bad James did not stick around, because he missed a great career opportunity.  If a movie had been made about Skakel--and it would not surprise me, if, eventually, it is!!!!--James would have been perfect casting!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Michael Skakel was convicted, and imprisoned, in 2002, for a crime he committed at the age of 15, back on the night of October 30, 1975--the murder of his neighbor, Martha Moxley, also Skakel's age.  This was big mews back then, girls; I was in college, then, and even I remember it.

                                  The Skakel brothers, Michael or Tommy, were always suspected.  But, though they lived in the wealthy Belle Haven section of wealthy Greenwich, Connecticut, they were the white trash relations of the Kennedys.  There was no adult supervision over there; the parents marriage was a mess; had broken up, I think, the father was an alcoholic,  and the Skakels, despite their fancy digs, were living hand to mouth, especially the children--just like their distant kin, the Beales of Grey Gardens.  And from reports of things, the inside of the Skakel home was a pig sty, to rival Grey Gardens!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 If Martha Moxley had not been murdered, she would not have been anything special, but she wasn't anything special, anyway--just your average, blonde, wholesome looking, pretty 15-year-old girl.  A dime a dozen, darlings!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, the Skakel boys had the hots for her, but Martha rebuffed them both.  Good for you, Martha!!!!  She had taste, honeys!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Tommy moved on, but Michael didn't. He was a troubled kid from the word go.  And in the 27 years since Moxley's death, and prior to his conviction, what has he done with his life?????  Nothing!!!!!!!!

                                Michael Skakel murdere3d Martha Moxley out of spiteful, teen jealousy.  He saw her flirting with his brother, Tommy, the better looking of the two, and bludgeoned her from behind with a golf club.  Then he pulled her pants down, but she was not sexually assaulted.  It was all about humiliation.  Because he  masturbated, to ejaculation, over her body!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    This was some sick fuck, loves, and he was only 15!!!!!!!!!!   Everyone, especially Skakel, thought that, because of the Kennedy connection, he would escape.  But, in 2002, it all caught up with him.

                                     And that should have been that!

                                     But now, Skakel has been set free, on a $1.2 million bond, pending a new trial, because a judge ruled the original trial was not a fair one!  Huh???  And Skakel is oinking proudly, just like the fat pig he has turned into, thinking he will get off this time, too!  The sad thing is, he might.  We will just have to wait and see!

                                    As some poster said, for someone like this, with the Kennedy connection, to do even this much time, is pretty good.  I suppose that is true; the time done cannot be restored, and we all know who killed Martha.  But I am thinking more of the survivors of the Moxley tragedy--her mother, and older brother, both still alive!!!!!!!!  How must they feel about all this?

                                      I say scum is scum, no matter the age!  I demand utter and complete justice for  Martha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

                                      And listen to me, Skakel, you supposed Catholic, (though you make me look like Bernadette of Lourdes!!!!) though you may escape conviction here on Earth, you will still have to answer to a Higher Authority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       What goes around, comes around, Skakel!!!!  Your Time will come!!!!!!!!!!!!                        

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Charges Dropped Against These Bitches, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Can you believe it, darlings?????  Is there no Justice?

                                      Wait--let me amend that.  There IS justice, dolls, but two kinds--the rest of the country--and then Florida!

                                        So--at least in the Sunshine State--it is OK to kill a Black kid in the guise of self-defense (George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin), murder your infant daughter because the child is cramping your style (Casey Anthony), and  now, in the case of Katelyn Roman,12, and Guadalupe Shaw, 14, it is OK to harass and bully a child to the point where she decides suicide is a better alternative!!!!!!

                                        Stay out of Florida, dolls!  No one gets fair justice, there!

                                         These two really deserve to have the book thrown at them. Oh, and by the way, one of them, Katelyn, I think, had, as her attorney, Jose Baez, who was Casey Anthony's lawyer!!!! Uhmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmm!  Even though sentencing was  much too lenient, those bullies par excellence, Dahrun Ravi and Molly Wei, were at least held accountable for their part in the death of Tyler Clementi.  If that incident had happened in Florida, Ravi and Wei might have been given the keys to the city!!!!!

                                           Where has compassion, empathy, and concern for this nation's growing population of children in trouble by harassment, gone?  Why are their lives shuffled aside and dismissed, while those that caused their ruination are allowed to move on??????????????

                                               How many times do I have to say it!  These bitches, and their parents, should ALL be charged, and smacked across their faces!!! I will do the last thing, myself!!!!!!!

                                                 With this kind of behavior tolerated, what is next, another Holocaust???? Is America turning into the Berlin of the early 30's?????????????????

                                                    I greatly fear it is!  And if that be the case, I have a message for all you f-ing authority figures.  If so, you are going to have to mess with ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     And, as my girls can  tell you, you are not going to like THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Rapist Anonymous" Was Crap, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               You would think any 'SVU' episode showcasing Kelli Giddish, as Amanda Rollins, would be something to watch.  So my expectations were high for "Rapist Anonymous."  And, with that good actor, Thomas Sadoski, as a guest star, I had hoped this would be something special.

                               Alas, it was not.  It was a confusing mess.

                              Regular viewers, like us, darlings, know about Rollins' gambling addiction, and her attendance  at GA (Gamblers Anonymous) meetings.  So, when the scene opens with Amanda at a meeting, it made sense, but it turned out to be an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous ) meeting, which, though inappropriate, made sense--when an addict needs a meeting, I mean REALLY needs one-- they go to the first available spot.

                             OK, so Amanda is at AA. Fine.  But the behavior of two members, Nate Davis (Sadoski) and Lena Olson (Amy Seimetz) made me think they should be in a sex addiction program.  I got that right away.  Then, there is Gene Feinstein (Geoffrey Cantor) a real sleaze, you know, the kind who wears a rain coat, but jerks off into glory holes, at peep shows, and who has been giving it to Lena in alleyways, on rooftops...these two have the city covered!!!!!!!!!!.  They are not addressing their sexual addiction.

                             Then, Amy accuses Gene of rape.  And later, Gene is murdered, falling off the ledge of  a building rooftop, after being fellated by Lena.  Yeah, right!  This addict bitch, pushed him off, but good!  He was a thrill seeker, she said!  Yeah, right!

                            This Lena sure knows how to play the game.   She shows up at meetings looking slutty and slovenly, so all the drooling male addicts will get a jolt at her appearance, and need a fix, which she is happy to provide  Then she shows up in court, looking like Agnes Gooch!!!!.  And how about Nate Davis, a sponsor type, who talks the talk, but does  not walk the walk?????  The way I see it, he and Lena conspired to murder Gene, even though Lena pushed him off.  And how about Melissa Blume, (Jennifer Restivo) Gene's dumber-than-shit fiance???  Is this love, or codependency????  I think Melissa needs a program or two, herself, though that issue was never addressed.

                           Meanwhile, Captain Cragen (yes!!!!!!!!!) is getting some of his own, with a sophisticated older woman named Eileen Switzer (played by "thirtysomething's" Mel Harris)!!!!!!  Now, Captain Cragen is supposed to be, like, the nun of the place!  I guess the writers have decided, what with so many gone, to liven things up, by livening him up!!!!  And, after having him waking up with a dead hooker in his bed, I can sympathize!!!!!!!!!!!!  Let's hope his Senior Hormones work!

                            That sanctimonious Olivia!!!  When she and Rollins went at it, I was glad when Amanda said, "I don't have to PAY someone to listen to my problems!"  And that self righteous Amaro.  I have said,  from Day One, they should get rid of Danny Pino, but they still keep that ass on.  Amanda should have smacked both he and Olivia across their faces!!!!

                          Oh, and Sadoski.  Like I said, he talks the talk, but he is out for himself, like a true addict, preying upon, and sleeping with, every new and young woman that comes into the room, including Rollins.  He preys on their neediness, because he is certainly no prize!  When Lena was convicted, I thought he should have been, too!  And with his condescension to Amanda at the elevator, she should have smacked him, too!

                         Amanda is an interesting character.  A White Trash Georgia cracker, who pulled herself out of her environment, and made it to New York.  She deserves credit.  And with that trashy troublemaker, sister Kim, who, I am sure Sadoski would have gone for, and who livened things up as bit, when she was featured, awhile  back .  Amanda has overcome a lot.  She is due for a visit, from Sis, soon!

                          But what was this episode about?  Amanda's addiction????  Sex addiction?????????
Insulting the entire 12 Step community, by making those who do the work look like everyone in those rooms is bad?

                           I think the whole thing was about Writer's Block.  This season started out so strong; now, it has suddenly tanked!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Things had better improve, or it's "bye bye, 'SVU'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Saturday, November 23, 2013

50 Years Ago......Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Can you believe it, darlings?????????????

                                   I meant to write this, yesterday, of course, but so much got in the way!  Besides, I just had to write about the Career Girls!  Which was 50 years ago, just last  Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    So, where was I, on November 22, 1963?  You know I know this one, dolls!!!!!!!!!!

                                    I was in third grade, (Mrs. Bergen; you have heard enough about her, loves!!!!!!!) and, just four days before, I had  turned 9-years-old!!!!!!!!!  My mother had scheduled me for a doctor's appointment, after school, to get my Measles inoculation, which I was none too thrilled about, as I hated, and feared, getting injections at the time.  Now, at this stage of my life, they are a dime a dozen!!!!!!!!

                                    So, I was fraught with anxiety, over this.  Also, because, as I kept urging my mother, I had to be back home, by a certain time, because CBS, Channel 2, on its Early Show, which used "Syncopated Clocks," as its theme, was going to broadcast the movie, "The Snow Creature," about an Abominable Snowman type monster, (I had a fascination with this legend, at that time!!!) and I just had to see it.

                                     We got to the doctor's office, I put up my usual fuss, but I got the shot, and we were on our way.  As consolation, my mother and I stopped off at some coffee shop, so I could have a Coke, when one of the waitresses said to my mother, "Did you hear, President Kennedy was shot?"  This was the first either of us heard about it.  Soon, news began to spread throughout the place, people were upset.  We got home and turned on the TV, which meant all programming (including "The Snow Creature," much to my consternation, then) was cancelled!!!!!!!!!  I still recall the headline of our local paper, The Daily Home News--ASSASSIN KILLS KENNEDY--yes, in caps!  That was the day, and how, I learned the meaning of the word assassin.

                                 After this point, things get foggy.  It is my recollection we had days off from school, though I cannot be sure.  But I do know that the TV set was on for days, tuned in to all the events.  I also recall, vividly, witnessing Oswald's on camera murder, by Jack Ruby.  I still recall my reaction.  I reacted as though it were the most natural thing in the world.   Was I a sociopath?  Hardly; I did not even know the word, then!  But, having witnessed what had   gone before, over the past several days, as surreal as it all seemed, by the point of Ruby's murdering Oswald, it all, somehow, seemed natural.

                                  Of course this date was THE benchmark one for my generation--the Baby Boomers.
And while Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were gunned down, equally tragic, they were somehow, not as impacting.  Maybe because I was older.

                                   I never thought, in terms of the future, there would be another devastating day, which would globally unite all generations!

                                   I had not counted on September 11, 2001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

I Finally Saw "The Career Girls," Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           What with all the celebrating going on, this past week, last night was the first relaxing night at home Monsieur and I had had, all week!  I had been anxious to see the "A Crime To Remember's" program on The Career Girls Murders, because I have known about the case for years.  Back in the late 80's, or the early 90's, when I was still living in Bay Ridge the first time, I came across, in a used books wagon, a Dell paperback book about the case.  It was called "The Victims," and it was by Bernard Lefkowitz, and Kenneth Gross.

                              When I saw the early previews for the above program, I knew immediately what the case was, and, as we were out Tuesday evening, when it was broadcast, Monsieur kindly taped it for me!

                                But first, some basic info.  Like I wrote earlier, about November 9, on which both Kristallnacht and the John List Murders occurred, something must have been in the stars, on August 28, 1963. Because, while the Career Girls Murders were taking place in New York, in Washington D.C., Martin Luther King was leading a Freedom March, and delivering his famous "I Have A Dream" speech!!!!!!!!!

                                   Can you imagine, darlings?????????????????????

                                    As long as New York has existed, career girls have been flocking to it, long before yours truly got here!  When this crime happened, the question of single women living on their own was questioned in a way that would be eerily mirrored ten years later, with the Roseann Quinn Murder, immortalized in fiction by novelist Judith Rosner, as "Looking For Mr. Goodbar!!!!!!!!!!"

                                      The Career Girls were, actually, three young women--Patricia Tolles, 23, Janice Wylie, 21 and Emily Hoffert, 23, who were, at the time sharing apartment 3C, located at 57 East 88th Street, on Manhattan's even then fashionable Upper East Side.  All of us wanted to be career girls, darlings; my Aunt Kathleen, who lived with her parents, was one, and I thought it was the most glamorous thing, working only from 9 to 5, (as opposed from, say 7am, till 11PM at night, especially with work and extracurriculars, which my upper school days consisted of; compared to this, careerism was easy!!!!!!) and then going out to dinner on Saturdays, with the Girls!  How exciting!  And by the time Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie and Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards came along,  I was champing at the bit to be a breezy Career Girl!!!!!!!!!!

                                       But the era of the murders was the one where all career girls of the day wanted to be Audrey Hepburn, as Holly Golightly, in "Breakfast At Tiffany's.!!!!!!!!"  Not a bad thing to be, even in this day and age, loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        The program was done with a voiceover narrating the story, someone enacting verbally, I think, the role of Patricia Tolles, who was the luckiest of the three--she survived, and only by the most fortuitous of circumstances.  She was never home.  Interestingly, one thing I learned, which I never knew (or recalled) was that on the day, one of the girls, Emily Hoffert, was planning to move out, to a place of her own, in nearby Murray Hill!!!!!!!!!  Emily was a spinster schoolteacher type, who probably just wanted a quiet place to pursue her educational and literary pursuits; she is shown, when alive, often reading.

                                          Janice Wylie and Emily Hoffert were the ones murdered. Janice, the daughter of writers Max and Phyllis Wylie, was a Child of Manhattan; the girls had known each other through jobs--both Janice and Patricia were magazine research clippers, and Emily had known Janice, I think, in college, and went on to become a teacher.

                                           The way things went down was Emily was out of the house, moving stuff between her old and new places.  Patricia was at work, where Janice actually should have been, but Janice, being a privileged Manhattan Child, and a party girl, was not one to go by any clock other than her own.
She was home, had just stepped out of the shower, and discovered some man had broken into the apartment!  He spied Janice, tied her up, and raped her.  Sometime, amidst or after all this, Emily walks into this horror, and he ties them up together. Emily then utters a phrase that many thought sealed their fate, though I think, without it, they would have been killed, anyway. Emily said to the perp, "I recognize your face, and I am going to tell the police."  Whereupon, the girls were not just killed, but eviscerated; Janice's intestines were said to be strewn about the room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               When the story broke, career girls all over were terrified!  And mothers in the suburbs clung more steadfastly to their daughters, urging them to stay home, and remain virgins!!!!!!!!!  My parents even tried, with me, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 Eventually, George Whitmore Jr. was fingered as the perp, due more to a Brooklyn detective's racism than first rate police work.  It looked like he was going to do time for this, and he ultimately did time for a crime committed around the same time--the attempted rape and murder of Elba Borrero.    On October 9, 1964, Nathan Delaney, a drug dealer, arrested for killing his competitor, Roberto Cruz Del Valle, pointed the finger at Ricky Robles, a friend of his. He recalled Robles showed up at his place on that day, covered in blood, saying how he had "killed some girls."  He was eventually collared, and is in prison to this day.

                                                    Even more astounding is how he got into the apartment--though on the third floor, thirty feet up, he was able to scale the wall, the window was open, and in he went.

                                                       A set of circumstances that never should have been. Two girls murdered for  drug money. One survivor, probably traumatized for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                        This is why, girls, it pays to lock up everything! I mean, in this day and age, I know there are people out there, like my struggling homosexual upstairs neighbor, Big Boy, who would love to steal my designer wardrobe!  Which is why I keep a padlock on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                            The program was a fascinating mixture of the murder, and the era of heady career girls, in those days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                We still just wanna have fun  today, honeys!!!!!!! Only now, we are a bit more careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!