Friday, July 31, 2015

Well, Folks, That's It For July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          It seems July just began, and now it's over!  The first full Summer month!

                          Seeing "Fun Home" was certainly the highlight of the month!  But so was my vacation during mid-July, when I saw "Do I Sound Gay," the several dinners we had people over for, dressing Baby Gojira in his new Summer outfit, reading the new Harper Lee book, spending time, as always, with my beloved, and, of course Cujo and the all seems a wonderful blur!  Which is why July has always been one of my favorite months!

                            Followed by a month I never liked....August.  As a child, I hated it for being the month before September, which meant Back To School.  As an adult, I hate it for being the last full month of Summer, signaling its end, and for being one of the worst movie going months of all!!!!  But that could change, with "The Gift," and MERYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             So, don't write August off, yet, girls!!!!!!!!!!  July was fabulous, and I will be with you all through the next coming month!!!!!!!!!!!

                              See you then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's Give Judy Kuhn Her Due!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          When I saw "Fun Home" almost two weeks ago, I knew I would come back and write some more about it.  Judy Kuhn plays Helen Bechdel, housewife, teacher, actress, and mother, and, as I watched the show, I thought, "When are they going to give Judy a song?  When you have Judy in a musical, you have GOT to give her a song!"

                            Well, in Act Two, Judy gets my favorite song in the show, "Days And Days."  This song answers a lot of questions audience members may have about why she stayed in the marriage she is in...and the price it took.  Of course, Judy nails it perfectly, projecting every color of the emotional spectrum, educating us and breaking our hearts at the same time. As well as winning the audience's admiration for her strength.

                                 You have GOT to hear this song!  Here it is!  Just listen!

                                  Judy got her fourth TONY nomination for this show!  It is about time she got a TONY!!!!!!!!!

                                   How about it, guys????????????????

Dr. Walter Palmer's Head Should Be Severed, And Mounted On A Wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              I am sorry, girls, but you know I loathe dentists.  They cause you physical and financial pain, but Dr Walter. Palmer goes beyond any dentist I have dealt with!  And he is about to lose his client base, now!  And he deserves to!!!!!!!!!!

                               What kind of sick bastard is he?  That he hunts is reason enough to question him--hunting, killing animals, guns; there is a whole plethora of issues, right there!

                                  Basically, on a hunting permitted site in Zimbabwe, this sadist went after, and killed a beloved lion there, named Cecil.  From what I have gathered.  The site was the Hwange National Park, in Matabeleland in North Zimbabwe.  Apparently, Palmer did not care this was a protected site, or, one of the guides made an error, which should be looked into a a cover up, and Palmer shot an arrow, wounding Cecil seriously, but who did not succumb till two days later, after much suffering.

                                  The shooting took place on July 1, and now Dr. Palmer, who is from Minnesota, is blaming the incident on the guides, as he thought everything was above board.  Meanwhile, a patient is now coming forward to accuse him of sexual harassment!  You reap what you sow, darlings!!!!!!!!!!

                                    It sounds like Dr. Palmer is a real sleaze, who was due for a good slap in the face for a  long time.  Well, now he is going to get it!  But why did Cecil have to die??????????

                                    I say public performances, concerts, plays; even Broadway shows dedicating one performance to Cecil, should be done!!!!!!!!!!  Get all the animal rights activists on this guy!  Come on, 'Tippi'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      The Lion is King of the Beasts, and Cecil was the King attraction at the park.  He was much loved, and deserved far better than this!  Animal killers, beware my wrath!  Dr. Palmer, you have only a glimmer of an idea of what you are about to face!  And deservedly so!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Rest In Peace, Cecil!!!!!!!!!!!   May you get a better deal in Heaven (yes, animals DO have souls!!!!!!!) than you got on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Cannot WAIT To See This Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    I first saw the trailer for this, walking down the street, the other day, and I thought,"Oh, fun!  Another nutso horror movie!"  Except, when I dug deeper, I found this could be much more.  Remember, I haven't seen the film yet.  It opens a week from today.

                                    "The Gift" has already been compared to "Fatal Attraction," and "Single White Female."  But I think the issues here dig deeper than those films.  This seems to be a high school revenge story--and you know how much we ALL love those, darlings!  And those who have been with me on here awhile know I have dealt with some of my own issues, regarding that, on here!

                                     Not that we all don't have our fantasies.  And regrets.  But most of us are not irrational; even I, whose reality is often  not that of other people's, have never been compelled to cross these lines.

                                       From what I have seen (trailers, of course) the story seems to go something like this.--Jason Bateman plays a guy named Simon, a real corporate type, who has it all, a wife  named Robyn, played by Rebecca Hall, and from whose viewpoint most of the story is told, and an old high school acquaintance of Simon's named Gordon, played by the writer-director, Joel Edgerton.  His directorial debut has been compared to that of Ben Affleck's with "Gone, Baby Gone," so....oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Apparently, back in their high school days, Gordon was not popular.  People wrote "Gordo The Weirdo" on his locker.  The film was originally to be titled "Weirdo."  But I don't think that is enough to trigger high school revenge.  While no one ever posted or wrote things on my locker--maybe I was luckier than I thought!!!!!--I don't think that is enough to trigger high school revenge.  Something happened between Simon and Gordon back then, and the online populace, including ME, is ablaze trying to find out what.  I have heard charges of homophobia, a video rumor, so I wonder if this is somehow going to tie in with the Tyler Clement tragedy?  Or did Simon rape Gordon's sister (if, indeed he had one)????  Now, those are things someone could be seen retaliating for, decades later.

                                       The secret of what Simon did to Gordon is being kept tighter than Price-Waterhouse keep the Oscar results!!!!!!!!!!  But, I am telling you, I am rooting for Gordo already, because I would cheer on anyone who evens out past misdeeds.  The scuttlebutt is the publicity implies that the audience will be rooting for Gordo, because Simon IS such a scum!  But, then, so was Michael Douglas in "Fatal Attraction."

                                        Obviously, "The Gift"--bad title--one suggestion has been "Bygones Be Bygones," which I think is better--presses all my buttons.  Now, I am going to show you the strangest of all the trailers--if I can find it!  The trailer starts off like a documentary, with black and white imagery, citing perpetrators who have taken revenge on high school classmates and teachers, over the years.  It threw me at first;  I thought all the victims were Gordon's; now I get the point that these were other cases, and that the idea of the bullied taking revenge, even decades later, is not so far fetched--especially now.

                                         But are these stories real?  If anyone out there knows, please tell, as I want to write more about them.  And there is one I can't figure out because of verbal distortion; something about a 68-year-old man driving to the home of a former classmate, who....acquitted? accused ?--him???  I can't quite make it out.   Watch the trailer and see what it is--sexual abuse, maybe?  That is enough to trigger revenge!

                                         As for "The Gift," I guess we will all have to wait till August seventh!  I probably will not be seeing it till the next day, but I am sure this will be a hot topic on here!

                                           August may not be so dull, after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

It Takes Determination To Make It In Show Business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Girls, I am telling you, not since the early days of Barbra Streisand--which I did not experience, but, being a confirmed Theater Queen, through reading and osmosis, feel I have-- have I seen such an example of the kind of drive it takes to make it in this business.  This deer is going places!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 On Tuesday morning, as the stage crew at Virginia's Signature Theatre, in Arlington, was assembling, to load in a new production--something called "The Fix"--when the male deer came out of nowhere, walked through the parking lot, somehow found its way onto the loading dock, and pranced out onto the stage!

                                  Give this animal an audition!  He has more determination, guts, ambition and intelligence than some actors I have seen!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Of course, Big Tough Stage Crew--so butch, but they were probably really a bunch of Nelly Queens!!!!!!!--fled in terror from the deer.  But they soon re-assembled, somehow managing to maneuver him onto the loading dock, sending him on his way.

                                      Personally, I think if the deer had the fortitude to wander in, he should be given a job!  Just wandering onto the stage nightly would stop the show!  Hell, it just might save it!

                                       This deer knows well the theatrical adage that actors cannot upstage children or animals.  Though I have tried.  But I wouldn't reckon with this deer!

                                         He may not be from the North Pole, but he is here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does Not Quite Measure Up, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  I won't say that reading "Bradstreet Gate" is a waste of time, but let me say, when I closed the book, upon finishing it, I was disappointed.

                                   This first novel, by Robin Kirman, has been compared, by some, to Donna Tartt's "The Secret History."  Neither the story 'Bradstreet' tells, or the author's prose style, has the distinction and brilliance of Tartt's masterwork.

                                       Most of all, it is not satisfying.  If one is going to even dabble within the realm of the murder  mystery genre, there has to be resolution and conclusion, to bring readers satisfaction. There isn't any here.

                                        If I did not know better, I would compare Kriman less to Donna Tartt, and more to Mary McCarthy. Her chronicling of three undergraduates of Harvard--Georgia, Alice and Charlie--reads more like "The Group" than anything else, though, being so young, I cannot imagine Miss Kirman knowing the existence of McCarthy or her work, let alone anything written before 1985.

                                          Maybe this is why her book ultimately fails. Her literary background is lacking.

                                          Still, the book was engaging enough!  Perhaps her next try will be an improvement!

                                           I will be sure to keep you posted, girls!!!!!!!!

This Week, A Group Of Collective Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             The group that is the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award is headed by Lou Lumenick (whom I dub Lou The Lunkhead!) and John E. Price, both of whom wrote on the same thing, Lou for the NY Post, and John for The Huffington Post.

                                They dared to desecrate the sacredness of "Gone With The Wind!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                 Actually, it is more than that!  They both maintain that the Selznick classic should be removed altogether, from screenings in United States cinemas!  What's more, judging from the accord it was NOT given last year, on its 75th Anniversary, there is a tremendous group out there who would support this.

                                 The name of the group is Those Who Would Dare To Desecrate The Sacredness Of "Gone With The Wind."  Anyone who feels aligned to this group wins the  Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award!

                                    "Gone With The Wind" got me through the tortures of adolescence. That final scene, at the end of Part One, with Scarlett declaring, "As God is my witness........" saw me thorough years of academic and social exclusion.  The glaring looks she gave people taught me to stand up for myself, and not take crap from hypocrites, or people who do not merit my approval.

                                        And no less than ANNA WINTOUR--ANNA, darlings!--declared Scarlett to be the most fashionable woman in history. A drink has even been named after her!

                                          How about the ground breaking, panoramic shots? Like the famous one above, with the Confederate flag flying? Which, by the way, it should still be, in South Carolina!!!!!!!!

                                            The South was, and remains, a place of elegance and gracious living.  White trash like the Slattterys knew their place, then and now!  They don't try to claw their way out of dumps like Goat Alley, the way they do up here!

                                              I am a Plantation Princess!  I love being served my pancakes in my bedroom, by the house servants!  I do not discriminate between house and field servants, though the latter have worse table manners.  Even Mammy said so!!!!!!!!  And they are given hats, fans and cool drinks to ease them, while working in the fields!!!!!!!

                                                 This is a Story Of Survival!  Many draw great inspiration from that message, and not just from the overall artistry of the film!  It would be a shame to relegate this film to the vaults!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                    Lou Lumenick, after reviewing "12 Years A Slave," said he could never look at "GWTW" again!  Get over yourself, Lou!  The recent film was, on its own level as simple minded and campy, as "ROOTS," years before. Sarah Paulson--marvelous actress, I love her!!!!--did a great stand in as the Sandy Duncan character!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                      Ban "GWTW?????????"  Ban my ass!!!!!!!!!!!  What do you ban next???????  "The Godfather," for its ethnic stereotypes?  "My Fair Lady" for its class distinctions??????  Hey, Lou and Jonathan, why don't you admit you are just scapegoating, and using this as an excuse for not  facing real issues--like the shootings in Charleston, and Lafayette, Louisiana!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                       If this goes viral, I don't care!  You two lunkheads are a bunch of PC jerks! And so are your supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                        Let those who want to see "Gone With The Wind" do so, in peace!
And on the big screen, where it belongs!

                                                         Here, for example, is the iconic railroad station scene. Note the look on Vivien Leigh's face, the horror of all these bodies, the Confederate flag, and Max Steiner's music. Those who would ban this are the REAL discriminators!!!!!!!!!

                                                           And blow up your screen for full effect, when you watch it!

                                                         Fiddle Dee Dee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Remember When We All Once Wanted To Be Angela Cartwright????????????????

                         A little childhood perfection, for a change, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        Oh, my God, when "The Sound Of Music" was first released, in 1965, when I first saw it, I SO wanted to be Angela Cartwright, and Heather Menzies!!!!!!!  Just look at this picture of Angela!!!!!!  Have you ever seen a more perfect looking child????????????

                          No wonder we all wanted to look that way! However,  life offers some lessons, because Angela, wonderful always, did not last this way forever. By the time she was playing Penny Robinson on "Lost In Space," she had grown taller, chunkier, had bangs, and while still Angela, was not the image of perfection as she was as Brigitta Von Trapp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           When it comes to childhood perfection, Angela still raises the bar high. I cannot think of any young performer who comes near her radiance.  Just the memory of having once looked this way, let alone worked on one of the most classic films of all time.....oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               So, a salute to the still wonderful Angela Cartwright!

                                We can still look in the mirror, and fantasize, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Castor, In A Chilling, And Brilliant, Performance, Enlivens An Otherwise Pallid Season 6 On Last Night's "Rizzoli And Isles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                            I am telling you, girls, much as I like Jane and Maura, (Angie and Sasha) I was ready to write off the show, after the doggie downer segment that resulted in the killing of Susie.  I can never forgive the writers for that.

                              It was not until about halfway through last night's episode, entitled "A Bad Seed Grows," that I realized what was being done.  The writers were sort of charting area similar in theme to Law And Order's 1999 episode, "Killerz," in which a young Hallie Hirsch played Jenny Brandt, and viewers saw the evolution of a serial killer.

                                The title says it all "A Bad Seed Grows."  The phrase "Bad Seed" has become code for a homicidal child, as all my girls know. This was not so much about his work, as catching him early, before he can do anything further.

                                 The body of a sixteen-year-old girl, Sheila McIntyre, is found, hidden behind leaves, in a park. She is in an animal cage, and has been drugged.  No sexual assault.  Red herrings, such as an old medical school chum of Maura's, Dr. Coe, who also ends up being murdered, points to one of his patients, Daniel O'Neill, as having disturbances that would house the capacity to commit a killing like this.  Things get even more revealing when it is discovered Daniel does volunteer work at an animal shelter, less out of humanistic purposes, and more out of a way of gaining access to drugs, and euthanizing the animals, to practice his killing skills.  Serial killers always start on animals first.

                                 Like true sociopaths, Daniel is a manipulator.  In a scene between Jane and his mother, (Elise Robertson) it is clear Daniel has been feigning innocence all through childhood till now--"Please; I'm just a kid," he piteously says when confronted with the truth. His mother is the Nancy Kelly/Christine Penmark figure, who sees right through him, while his father is clearly taken in.  And would soon be a victim, if it weren't for Jane cornering Daniel, and putting him in a psych facility, where he belongs. Which did not happen with Jenny Brandt!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  This episode bears watching again, so tune in next Tuesday at 8PM, when it will be aired again. Savor Justin's chilling brilliance, as he transitions seamlessly from innocent child, who is not so, to dangerous serial killer!

                                      You can't go wrong with serial killers, when it comes to crime drama, and this episode is one of the best in the series!

                                         And Justin's performance as Daniel, should get him noticed, career wise!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Now, if only I could get some career notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Just Simply LOVE Karen Cooper, In "Night Of The Living Dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                          Who could forget Karen Cooper, in "Night Of The Living Dead?"  I was reminded of her, because of the upcoming sequel to 2012's "Sinister," entitled, with such originality, "Sinister 2."  Uh huh. But the trailer offered some promise.  A mother wants her two pre-
pubescent boys to go to bed, and stop watching the gory film they are viewing on TV.  Not only does it turn out to be the George Romero, 1968, classic, "Night Of The Living Dead," it also turns out to be the pivotal scene, featuring Kyra Schon, in her signature performance, as Karen, which she did around the age of ten and eleven!  Just the sort of role I would love to do.

                            And, to be sure, I can tell you right now, without having seen "Sinister 2," this will be the best part of the film!

                            Karen and her parents somehow turn up at the farmhouse, where all the still alive are hiding. Something happens to Karen--an injury, illness--and she dies, in a poignant scene, with her mother lovingly touching her. But not for long. Because soon those Goth eyes pop open, and Karen goes straight for Daddy, where she not only murders him, but nibbles on one of his arms like it is Kentucky Fried Chicken!  Then, her mother, Helen, whose get-up is hilarious, a pants, striped T-shirt and flat heels combo that reminds one of Kerouac's beatniks, and a hair style to remind one of Faith Domergue.  She can't believe her sweet baby is a ghoul, even with that make-up, and when she cowers and Karen stabs her mother repeatedly, you just gotta love it!  Let's see if I can find it for you!  Here it is, pictured above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Karen is my favorite in the film.  In fact, do you know she has become a cottage industry? There are Karen T-shirts and dolls!  Take a look, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                    Here is Mrs. Cooper, after Karen stabbed her with the trowel!!!!!!  Think about this, next time you are gardening, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Aren't the doll, and T-Shirt just fabulous!  I would LOVE to have a Karen Cooper doll and T-Shirt.  I have even seen a doll that carries its own trowel, and a T-Shirt, with Karen's iconic picture on it, that says, "Wish you were dead!  Love, Karen!"

                              Of course, those I would send only to my enemies, not my loved ones!  But I would love to wear a shirt like the one above!

                                Oh, and that Judith O'Dea, as Barbara!

                                 But that is for another post, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Darlings, You Know There Is Something Wrong When I Agree With A Piece On FOX News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 To think that the supreme example of Christianity masquerading as evil--or is it vice versa?--the Westoboro Baptist Community Church, is centered in Topeka, Kansas!  What an insult to both L. Frank Baum and Dorothy of Oz!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   I caught this segment from FOX on YouTube, and even the right wing journalists are disgusted.  I happen to agree this group's protesting and carrying on at military funerals is  outrageous!  I would extend that to any funeral!!!!!!!!!!   I hope at one of these, the corpse arises, gets out of the coffin, and smacks those members across the face!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Never did I expect to see the day when I would agree with anything on FOX News.  Just watch this interview with member Shirley Phelps.  The reporter is so outraged, I think even he is going to lose it! And I do not blame him!

                                    These people are evil!  They claim to be a "family based business," but let me tell you something, they are the anti-Von Trapps!!!!!!!!!  If this family ever put on a community theater production of "The Sound Of Music," it would be the first time in the history of the show that the audience cheered for the Nazis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      It just goes to show even FOX has its limits, and there ARE some it WILL NOT hire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Go back to Kansas, Shirl, and stay there!

Dear God, Please Keep Me From Being Such A Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               I am lost, without my hot, morning cup of coffee in hand, as our air conditioners sound away.  If I did not have my coffee, immediately, I would be some fucking bitch, let me tell you.  I remember I was visiting friends--in Bloomfield, if I recall--and did not get coffee until 11 am!!!!!!!!  Let me assure you, it never happened again!  What a bitch I was!

                               It's not always fun being a bitch. Especially when it is over something simple, like coffee. A wardrobe malfunction; now, that is something else.  But coffee?  It should not matter--except when it does.

                                That first cup has got to be HOT!  I can do Iced Coffee the rest of a Summer's day, but I need the heat and caffeine to wake me up, dolls!!!!!!!!  You never see ANNA without her Starbucks, do you???????  It is sort of the same thing.

                                  So, as the heat runs up my bitch meter, thank god for coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Without it, there could be a psychological apocalypse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together.....In Prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            How much cultural blight can New Jersey take?  Thank God for MERYL, and yours truly, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              When it comes to families, the Dorsetts, of Neptune, New Jersey outdo Ma Barker and her gang.  The collateral damage was daughter Kathleen's hubby, Steven Moore, who was murdered, and Elizabeth, Steve and Kathleen's daughter, and the center of all this animosity, who, now barely has no one.

                                Here is what happened.  Kathleen Dorsett, who taught kindergarten and third grade, and Steven Moore, a retail worker, who had a brief brush with fame as a speed skater. They married in June, 2007.  A year later, daughter Elizabeth was born, whom both parents and grandparents doted on.  But then the marriage began to go sour.  The divorce came through in 2007, with Kathleen getting custody. But Steven wanted his share of time to, and Kathleen was not willing to share.  In fact, they all felt it would be better to have Steven out of the way.  They planned to move to Florida.  When Steve found out, he made it a condition he go with them, and that the Dorests find him an apartment, and support him for six months, until he found a job!  Hmmmmmmm!

                                 Well, the Florida thing never happened.  And if there was a Ma Barker figure in this family, it was daughter Kathleen, who was running the show. She must have been some spoiled brat!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Eventually, the family came to a decision, that, in order to keep Elizabeth, it would be better to get rid of Steven altogether.  In other words, take his life.  This was a conspiracy between daughter Kathleen and father Thomas, who arranged this.  Mama Lesley was not in on this, exactly, though I am certain she was aware of it, and wait till you hear what she did, later!

                                    On August 16 2010,, Steven, not knowing what to expect, dropped off Elizabeth, at the home of ex-n-laws, in Oakhurst, New Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!  While Kathleen was changing her daughter's diaper, she asked Steven to fetch some tools for the shed. He went, but waiting in ambush was father Thomas, who hit him in the face, and beat him to death, with a shovel.  When Steven failed to show up for work at his Honda dealership, he was listed as a Missing Person. Two days later, on August 18, 2010, Steven's body had been moved, by Thomas, taken to his (Steven's)
mother's home in Long Branch, New Jersey, tossed into the trunk of her 2001 Nissa Altima, and burned.  Talk about getting rid of evidence  But there was enough found, then to identify Steven.

                                    What family trash!  But, then wait!  From prison--Kathleen--who eventually got fifty eight years, virtually the rest of her life--told her to scrape up a thousand dollars to hire a hit man, to kill Steven's mother, then taking care of Elizabeth, so  the Dorsetts would have control  of her. But Lesley Dorsett botched things up, handing money over to an undercover agent posing as a hit man..

                                        Lesley got seven years for conspiracy to commit murder, while Thomas got thirty years for murder and fifteen more for conspiracy to commit arson.  He won't see outside for the rest of his life. Kathleen got fifty eight years.  They all got what they deserved.

                                          Steven's mother, Evlyn Moore, who is no spring chicken, herself, and who was the target of a hit, continues to raise Elizabeth, There is a  stipulation that the Dorsetts are not to come near her in any way, unless, when of age, Elizabeth so desires to, on her own.  Hopefully, darlings, she will socially eradicate herself from the trash she was born into!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            Some families are so hospitable, they tell you to drop in anytime.  As far as I am concerned, I would not set one foot near the Dorsetts!!!!!!!!!!

                                              And neither should you, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Gojira Supports Gay Marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Isn't he cute, girls?  Our lovable, good hearted reptile friend, Gojira, makes it clear here that he supports Gay Marriage.  He has been on the forefront of social activism since those words were formed to describe it.  And we are proud to have him on our side.

                                This folk hero is at the forefront of a lot of thins, and also supports Sister Camille D'Arienzo, and the Sisters Of Mercy!  They just love him!

                                  The Gay Community is lucky to have such an enormous--both in size and celebrity--supporter as Gojira! He even saw "Fun Home" with us!

                                   You are loved very much, Gojira!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could This Be Lily Rabe's Next Role??????????????

                          Myra Hindley's iconic mug shot has to be one of the scariest images ever seen. Nothing but evil, lurks beneath that face.  When she died, in 2002, at age 60, from a combination of pneumonia and heart failure, she was designated "the most evil woman in  Britain, and was far from recognizable as on her famous photo.

                            What earned Myra this rep was her participation, with partner and instigator Ian Brady, in The Moors Murders.  These were a series of killings done by this couple, between July 12, 1963, and October 6, 1965. Their victims--Pauline Reade, John Kilbride, Keith Bennett, Lesley Ann Downey,  and Edward Evans--were all between the ages of 10 and 17!!!!!  Before snuff became a must in the sicko world, Hindley and Brady pioneered it, by tape recording, on reel tape, many of the murders,  or the victims' torturous suffering.  What a piece of work.  Good riddance, Myra!  Though she appealed her conviction over the years, saying she was a "reformed woman," and no longer a danger to society, who the hell would believe it?

                                 Now, we get to Lily Rabe.  Lily is in town, right now, doing "Cymbeline" in the park, and I have got to have lunch with her. We have all sorts of things to discuss--clothes, hair, shopping; you know, all the important stuff!

                                  However, the word on the street is that Lily is going to return to "American Horror Story--Hotel," Season 6. It is said she is going to play a world famous serial killer.  Now, I do not know if that means a fictitious serial  killer, or a real one.  If the latter, my guess is she could be playing Myra Hindley, who is probably the most famous of all female serial killers, and an embodiment still of evil.

                                    There would have to be quite a bit of work done of the beautiful Lily to make her look as scary as Myra, above. But make-up artists can do wonders.  You wouldn't believe what mine has to go through with me, dears!  Especially after I get up, in the morning.

                                     So, Lily, I am telling you, inquiring minds want to know.  We have GOT to have that lunch--how about at Cipriani's?--and get all this out in the open!

                                      Time to dish, girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Girls, Let's Take A Tour Of America's Sleazy Motels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                It all started with South Of The Border, located in Dillon, South Carolina!  When I was a child, and we would make our Florida trips in the Sixties, this place fascinated me, and, of course, I wanted to stay there.  I was easily taken in, then, by crass commercialism, which should have told me, then, I ought to have gone into advertising.  Alas, I did not, and of course, my parents wouldn't hear of staying there!  My mother was appalled.

                                At least 200 miles before cars pulled up to this place, there would be billboards proclaiming it!  Like the one, pictured below!

Now follow my train of thought, darlings.  This led me next to thinking about  Hitchcock's "Psycho!  It opens in a sleazy hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, where Janet Leigh, and John Gavin, when he was hot, weer having a tryst.  He tells Janet, "A lot of couples spend an occasional night, at a cheap motel," which leads Janet to respond, "When you're married, you can do lots of things!"   Remember, this was 1960, 55 years ago.  Today, no one would even give this a thought!

Which does not mean there are not plenty of sleazy motels still out there.  You wouldn't believe what New Jersey has, dolls, but don't get me started.  Instead, let's focus on the sleaziness, not the locale!

                     How about the above?  This may look like a cartoon drawing, so I do not know if it is real or fictional, but it certainly spells out its intentions, loud and clear.  And notice there is "No Vacancy!!!!!!!"
Look at the Lorraine Hotel, located in Los Angeles, a city not lacking in sleaziness!  Wonder how many cheap tramps step out of there in the morning?   And what in the world are they wearing?  Probably falsies and Dolly Parton hair styles!   This is REAL trash, darlings, so if you want to experience the low life, come here!  It's probably run by Melissa Leo, and or, better, Maria Bello, whose career is pretty much washed up, anyway!

If one goes to Las Vegas, it is hard to resist the Fun City Motel!!!!!!!  I mean,  the world famous Chapel Of The Bells is a MUST!!!!!!!  I wonder how many of those weddings were shotgun, or post menopausal???????  And I would love to get a look at some of the cheap, tacky bridal gowns trash who would get married here, would wear!!!!!!!!!  When it comes to sleaze, I think Las Vegas even outdoes New York and Jersey!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Jersey, I am going to end our tour, there.  Though, I am sure, if some couple wanted to, they could do a fifty state tour, and chronicle, of motel sleaze!  Which is how, and wear, lots of porn gets made!  Not, at MY apartment, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, you know which couple would be perfect for this?  Jack and Connie!  It would be more interesting than their Consumer Cellular commercials!!!!!!!!

And finally, a tribute to Sleazville!  The sign below says it all!

    Happy Sleaze, darlings!  Hope you enjoyed the tour!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

This Is The Most Serious Casting Error, Since The Decision To Remake "Rosemary's Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                 ......And look how that turned out, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 The first thing I want o say is to alert Baayork Lee and John Breglio. They are the only ones who can stop the lunacy of Hunter Agnew!  Not Hunter Foster, girls; Hunter Agnew!

                                  Is Hunter related to Spiro Agnew (or "Spy-row," as we used to call him!!!!!!!!)???????????  I have not heard the name "Agnew" in connection with any idiocy since the Sixties...until now.

                                  Spiro committed political idiocy, back then.  Hunter is creating theatrical idiocy now.

                                   Are you ready for this???????????

                                   Last night, in Canada, the curtain went up on Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions presentation of "A Chorus Line."  This was done in Kingston.  Now, I am a purist when it comes to this show, which is sacred to me, and many.  So I cannot abide what Hunter, aided and abetted by his director, whose name I cannot find, so he is likely hiding from me, as he knew I would eventually report this, is stepping into the role of....Cassie, in the show!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   That is right, girls; Cassie!!!!!!!!!!!  Only, now he is going to be called "Casey?"

                                    Like Casey Anthony???????????????

                                     What the hell are they thinking?  How do they expect this to work?

                                      For starters, what is he going to wear?  He can't wear the skirt.  And a red leotard, with his nuts showing, will make him look like The Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      I mean, this dance was written specifically for Donna McKechnie.  Now, every one of us gay men who saw and loved the show have stood in the mirror, in our rooms, and tried to do the dance.  Come on; it is every male dancer's or "Chorus Line" groupie's fantasy.  But in reality, it would mot work!  A muscular guy doing Donna's moves?????????  You have got to be kidding.

                                        I am almost tempted to see this, but then I don't like watching train wrecks.  So, I am calling on Baayork and John to shut this thing down, before it becomes standard practice.  When I go to see this show, I expect to see it in its purest form!  And what must Donna think?????????????

                                          I mean, yes, I COULD play Val, I suppose, but where are my tits???????????

Friday, July 24, 2015

The More I Read 'Alice,' The More I Feel A Need To Understand It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     To think it was originally called "Alice's Adventures Underground."   "Wonderland" certainly has a nicer ring.  to it, and sounds a much more desirable location.  To think this book is now 150 years old, having been published in 1865.  Then, six years later, in 1871, Lewis Carroll wrote, "Through The Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There)."  Now it is officially titled "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass," with the two works incorporated into one volume, just as they are in adaptations, most notably Disney's animated cartoon (my favorite!) in 1951.

                                       It is a most deceptive book.  Children, or one with a child's perspective, can read it for the simple enjoyment of reading about a little girl, and her strange experiences in a unique place.  Wonderland is not threatening, like Oz, or the world of Harry Potter; it is just deceptive.

                                         The use of language is brilliant, and those of us who appreciate literature regard it as one of the greatest novels in the English language. And I concur. But to understand Lewis Carroll's work fully, you have to be also mathematically oriented, for Carroll himself was also a mathematician, and his books are made up also of mathematical constructs.  I recognize the set up, each time I read it, but, like a puzzle impossible to put together, I never quite get it.

                                         I wonder what a math major's take on the book would be.  I surely was not one.  And it is just that knowledge that I lack which makes this book elusive to me--the only work of fiction read thus far in my life that does so, in this manner.

                                           So, if there are any math geniuses out there, let me hear from you.

                                            Still, on a Summer afternoon, there is no place better to visit than Wonderland!

                                             Here is the "Jabberwocky Sequence" from the Disney film!  Enjoy!

                                              And how about "The Unbirthday Song?"

                                               Don't forget "The Walrus And The Carpenter!!!!!!!"

                                 And, finally, a Thomas Kinkade painting, celebrating Alice and her 
adventures!  Wouldn't we all like to be where she is, darlings????????????

                                   You know I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock It, Meryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         It is common knowledge on here, between my girls and I that the DIVINE MERYL can do anything.  I will repeat--if a director were to stipulate that one of the requirements of her role was to grow a penis, she would be able to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I am not surprised a bit by the idea of MERYL playing a rocker, or a former rocker.  I do wonder what drew her to the role--its unconventionality, Jonathan Demme, or what???????  In any case, you know I will be lining up to see MERYL, who may or may not get an Oscar nomination for this, but, then MERYL is not through!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            And daughter Mamie is in this with her, playing--guess who?--the rocker's daughter!  Isn't MERYL a good mother?   Her daughter's marriage fails, the best she can do on her own is a bit gig as Lizard Girl on "American Horror Story," so she puts her in a film with her.  Wish my parents could have done that!  Hell, I wish they could have gotten me into the The Business!  Or someone!  Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Just look how good MERYL looks in leather!

                                      I bet all the Leather Queens are going to line up, just to see this! They may make MERYL their icon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Let's face it, dolls, she would knock the block off every pussy at The Eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Something to look forward in August, darlings!  Can't wait to see what MERYL has in store for us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            May we all look this good, at 66!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actor Rescued From Streets By Landing Lead In Broadway's "American Psycho" Musical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Let's face it, girls--in 2013, when, like Nora in "A Doll's House," Mamie Gummer, with Mama MERYL standing right behind her, slammed the door, in Park Slope, on ex-hubby Benjamin Walker, that was pretty much it for this actor's career, at that point.  Now he could no longer ride the gravy train of STREEP to his career, for this pig was through!  He was tossed out onto the street, where he belonged, and was last seen on Sunset Strip in LA, picking spuds out of ash cans, sucking nutrition from discarded cigarette butts.

                                       Well, now he has been rescued.  And it figures the one who did so was composer Duncan Sheik, responsible for that piece of Musical Theater Dreck called "Spring Awakening"--which I could not stand, and which, even being performed by the deaf, will be intolerable.  His next project, with Walker, however, may prove even worse--a musical adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' hard to take novel--but I did get through it, darlings!!!!!!!--"American Psycho."  Maybe the fact that he treated Mamie so shabbily--the marriage lasted a scant eighteen months, which is nothing, but which, at least is better than Ethel Merman and Ernest Borgnine!!!!!---helped him land the role.  But don't count those chickens, Ben!  You think this show is going anywhere???????  You will be back on those streets in no time!

                                        I did not see Sheik's last work--I could barely make it through the Original Cast Recording--so I do not plan on seeing this thing.

                                          I mean, isn't there enough psychosis on Broadway, already??????????????

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Did You See The "Vicious" Wedding??????????? It Was So Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            It really was, darlings!  Freddie Thornhill and Stuart Bixby, superbly played by Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, who Grand Marshaled this past NYC Gay Pride Parade, tied the knot at the end of Season 2, which we watched last night.  Derek was SO cute, but, then, isn't he just??????  You just want to cuddle him!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            But the evening belonged last night to really two people.  Marcia Warren as Penelope Thornhill, who is married to Freddie's stuffy, straight, mainstream brother, Mason, played by Philip Voss.  Their routine with the wedding cake, though straight out of "I Love Lucy," was brilliantly executed, and Warren, as Penelope can do more with just one line than many actors I have seen.  Her comic timing is impeccable. She needs to show up more!

                              Now, Stuart is, like Derek, in his Seventies, and has a mother, named Mildred, (as mine was!) who is still alive. She is played by Joan Linder, and is hilarious. As I mentioned, because of the whole death thing surrounding "Beaches," I am finding it difficult to just watch it. But death can be played for laughs, as last night demonstrated, when Stuart's mother, just before being pronounced "Husband and Husband," collapses in her church seat and dies, with Violet (the brilliant Frances de la Tour) and others having to prop her up, to make Stuart think she is alive!!!!!!!!!  It is hilarious!  By the way, did you know Stuart is a retired bar manager?  No wonder he is so organized.

                                I loved the gym episode, when Ash told Theo to "keep away from my gays!"  Wasn't that sweet????????????????  And how about Violet and Penelope (whom Stuart had sex with over fifty years ago!!!!!!!!!!) living it up in the men's flat?  Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 The actors are so good.  If only the writing would equal that of Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders. Then it would become to what it aspires--a gay male 'Ab Fab.'

                                  But the mother dying was the highlight!  Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Isn't it hilarious, darlings????????????????????

This Is The Movie Antidote For Summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Girls, I have to confess, I just cannot bring myself to watch "Beaches."  I know I will, at some point, and I am looking forward to seeing the childhood scenes with Mayim, Marcy, and Lainie Kazan, but the whole Barbara Hershey death thing has me in a state of anxiety, even though I know that it happens, and how.  It is not like it will come as a surprise. But the fact that I know it is lurking in the background of the plot makes me afraid to watch.

                                    Until I thought of "Summer Magic." that sprightly 1963 Disney movie  I saw 52 years ago, and have not seen since, with the enchanting Hayley Mills, breezing through her sixteenth Summer.  Save for "Pollyanna," there is nothing like a Hayley Mills movie to cheer one up, so I think the way to wash away the sadness of "Beaches" may be to watch this.

                                      This is the one where Hayley wears the best dresses she wore in any of her
films!  Just take a look!

                                        How about Hayley in the green dress below?  The blouse and hair are perfect, and the little bit of red is scrumptious!  Who wouldn't want to look like this, this Summer?

                                        And here she is, above, arriving from the Big City to the Summer suburbs! Just love the  blue. with the white trim collars, and the hat!  Every young lady--or Raving Queen--should look as fashionable as Hayley!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          The most scrumptious thing is right below, what with Hayley in that yellow dress, complete with accompanying hair ribbon!!!!!!!!  Oh, girls, how I would love to look that way!  Like a virginal glissandi of lemon sorbet!  Hayley can still do this!  I cannot!

And don't forget, Hayley has been through her own "Beaches" experience, what with her bout of breast cancer! Yes, darlings, Hayley Mills!  So perhaps, Hayley, both in this film and in life, can inspire me and get me through a viewing of "Beaches."  I will be sure to tell you all about it, when it happens!


And what would "Summer Magic" be, without "The Ugly Bug Ball?"  So, here it is!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Gonna Wash That Bitch Right Outta My Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             This week's winner of The Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award has got to take the prize for cruelty, and being just plain dumb. This sicko put here 2- year- old boy, who, by the way, has Down's Syndrome, in a washing machine, and photographed it, then posted on Facebook.  For laughs.

                               The woman, Courtney Stewart, and she lives in Erskine, Scotland.  She is only 21, which means she had this sweet thing at the age of 19.  I will say it again--White Trash!  As Joan Rivers would have said, "What I want to know is--what was she wearing; the tramp?"

                                 This is another reason why I do not do Facebook. And why I think it is harmful.

                                  But that is me, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  People have reacted properly to Stewart's behavior.  She has had comments of outrage directed at her, deservedly so, and a 42-year-old woman was arrested for assaulting her on the street, by throwing stones.  I might have joined in, if I had been there.

                                    She was reported to police, who came to investigate.  The dumb thing could not understand why.  The child seems to be in her custody, still, which I strongly question, and urge Child Services there, to keep an eye on her. The assault took place on the front steps of her house.

                                      Have you ever heard of anything so sick and stupid, darlings???????

                                       Mark my words, Miss Stewart has the potential to follow in the footsteps of Casey Anthony. Time will tell.

                                         But remember, if so, you heard it first here, loves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Farewell, Also, To Theodore Bikel!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 I am sorry, darlings, but I have to talk about the photograph first.  Look at that superb coloring and visual composition.  This is as much a tribute to Theodore Bikel, as to the kind of things Broadway did in the 1950s, and does not do anymore.

                                  This is the last moment from the original, 1959, Broadway production of "The Sound Of Music," which opened on November 16, 1959.  Mary Martin is front, to the photo's left, while Bikel heads up the end, to the right.  In between are the Children--Kathy Dunn,  the late Marilyn Rogers, Joseph Stewart, Mary Susan Locke, William Snowden, Lauri Peters, and, carrying Evanna Lien on his shoulders, at the rear, is Bikel, as Captain Von Trapp!  Oh, my GOD, isn't this visually scrumptious, darlings????????  And look at that fabricated Austrian-ism!!!!!!!!!!!!  And those nuns!!!!!!!!  I am getting excited, just right now!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Christopher Plummer may have become an icon as a result of playing Captain Von Trapp on film, but it was Theodore Bikel who originated it, and for whom the song, "Edelweiss" was said to have been expressly written, to showcase his folksinging voice.

                                     It is the Cast Album of this musical, plus his appearance in the film version of "My Fair Lady" (1964) as Zoltan Karpathy, for which I remember Theodore Bikel. But he was a social activist, as well.

                                     And so, at 91, he passed away, yesterday.  His contributions were many, memorable, and are saluted here.

                                       Rest In Peace, Theodore Bikel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        But, oh, my GOD, that photograph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farewell To One Of America's Great Writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Great writers sometimes are, but not always, great humanitarians.  This was true of E.L. Doctorow, who had a reputation, based on people I knew who had met him, of being curmudgeonly, homophobic, and egotistical.  In nowhere of his tremendous body of work--much of which I have read--is there even a minor character who is gay, or lesbian. What does that say about a writer who is being acclaimed for having fictionally recounted, with no intention on his part, the last 150 years of life in America?

                              It doesn't say much, but to dwell on this would deny his deserved status as a great writer.  I have read ten of his books;  some were better or worse than others. But two of them, "The Book Of Daniel" (1971) and "Ragtime" (1975) remain two of my all-time favorites.  "Ragtime," which has been adapted as a film and a Broadway musical, is undeniably, Doctorow's masterpiece.  Had he only written this, it would have consolidated the same amount of status and acclaim as does all his work together.

                              He died yesterday, at the age of 84. Considering how much he had written, and the span of time over which he had done so, I thought he would have been older.

                               For omnivorous readers, such as I, it is going to seem strange, knowing there will be no more Doctorow novels.  One could always count on one every several years.

                                 Now, he will have to go on and chronicle his experiences and observations in the Great Beyond.  Think of all the characters who could appear in THAT magnum opus.

                                  But can galley proofs be sent from Heaven???????????????????????

                                   Rest In Peace, Mr. Doctorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why In The World Did They Have To Kill Susie???????????????

                          As if there was not enough drama in the last two season of "Rizzoli And Isles."  The suicide of actor Lee Thompson Young, mid season of the fourth which meant writing around the absence of Barry Frost, and then having to explain it in the fifth, left both cast members and audience emotionally drained.

                          Three weeks ago, the Sixth Season of the series emerged, seemingly from nowhere, and with very little publicity.  I had been so unaware I missed the first episode. I did not know the new season had begun till after it was aired.  I could not watch the first episode, but I watched the second, leading into the third, and, girls, I am glad I did, or else I would have missed something very pivotal.

                            The writers, in the second episode, have killed off the character of Susie Chang, medical assistant to Dr. Maura Isles, played by Sasha Alexander with a slight hair change, suggesting she is trying to duplicate the Julie Christie look from "Doctor Zhivago."

                              Kill Susie?  Why?  After dispensing with Frost, and the men in both women's lives, not to mention Paddy Doyle and Maura's two moms, (Sharon Lawrence--real, Jacqueline Bisset--adoptive) I felt Susie was ready to step up to a more involved role in the series.  And Tina Huang was actress enough for the assignment.

                                I am so upset by Susie's death, I am tempted to make the writers collectively this week's Bitch Of The Week.  But maybe Tina wanted out, or to go on to something else.  Until that is established, I blame the writers for making a foolish decision.  Why not get rid of that moronic Jordan Bridges, who only use is his looks, which only qualify him for a quick fuck in the back of a gay bar?????? Frankie is so annoying! Even Tommy was more tolerable!
                                The writers better get their act together, if they want to make it to Season Seven!

                                 We loved Tina as Susie!  Whatever triumphs you go on to, you will always be remembered by some of us for this character!

                                    A fond, and sad, farewell, to Susie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How Do You Get To Wonderland?????????????????

                          When I went to Disneyland, in CA, the first time, back in 1964, at the tender age of 9, the Alice In Wonderland Ride was my favorite. I could not stop going on it, because I was so dazzled by it visually, and it gave me the Wonderland experience I wanted.

                              When Disney World, opened, years later, on my initial visit to Fantasyland, I was devastated to see they had no included this attraction.  It made me less interested in going there, and I don't know, decades later, if they have added it. If any of you know, tell me on here, because I will make a mad dash for it.

                                 Which brings me back to the question
. How do you get to Wonderland?  It used to be so much easier.

                                   For one thing, you have to be child sized. As an adult, your imagination can take you any place you want to go--and yes, one can still ride the Alice In Wonderland ride

                                    But I can remember when Wonderland was all over the place. It ran alongside the brook, in  a field across from my house, where, as children, we enacted all sorts of things. There was a spot I used to call "Frankenstein's Island," after the opening scene in the 1958 film, "Frankenstein-1970!," when that year seemed forever off!  Further down was a drainage pipe which one could monitor, like Alice in the rabbit hole, or sit scrunched up, talking with friends for hours. The water--or its quality--that we used to wade in--well, it is a wonder any of us are still alive now. But we are.

                                     Wonderland was also in the park, where, while still small enough I would spin the merry-go-round to maximum speed, then stride it, with my head underneath, so the world would be topsy turvy.  I loved that feeling.

                                        Of course, before Disneyland, and its franchises, became conglomerates, before the arrival of Great Adventure and Six Flags, there was an abundance of fantasy themed parks throughout many states, including my home one of New Jersey.
                                    Like the Land Of Make Believe, in Hope, New Jersey, with its Peppermint Stick Forest; my favorite!

                                  Or Storybook Land, in Egg Harbor, Township, NJ, where Wonderland fantasies became real for a day!

                                 Then, there was Story Land, the one I went to, off the Asbury Circle, not far from Freehold!  I went there several times, and a day there was like entry to another world!  Just like Alice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  And, of course, there was the famous Gingerbread Castle, in Hamburg, NJ, which, at Halloween time, became the Ginger Dead Castle.  Another bit of Wonderland!

                                 I had wondered, aside from the Disney ride, if there had ever been an Alice In Wonderland Theme Park.  It turns out there had been; an English theme park, so titled, set by the Yangjae Stream in South Korea, in a park called Culture And Arts.  It was open as far back as ten years ago, but somewhere before 2013, it was demolished.  Now, it is an abandoned setting, not unlike "Follies."

                                 So, how does one get to Wonderland?  "Over the hills, or under land, or just behind the trees."  As children, all of the above, as adults only in the heart and mind.

                                  Wonderland is where you feel happiest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!