Friday, September 30, 2016

Nine Months Down, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Can you believe that is it for September, darlings??????????????  Three quarters of 2016, down the drain!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Where has the time gone?

                                Autumn is getting underway, with chilly nights, and reduced air conditioner use.  Time to cuddle up with mulled cider, autumn leaves, like the ones trickling into the house in "Written On The Wind," and the Theater Season heating up.  I am anxiously awaiting Celia and Mary-Louise, but where are the musicals????  Just like where is the excitement on "American Horror Story?????????"

                                 So, September was a kind of quiet, settling down month for all of us here.  Now, we go into October, which should bring--oh, my God, the dentist!!!!!!!--and ghosties and ghoulies.  October is generally a fun month, so I thank all readers for a settled September, and look forward to fun and sharing with you all, in October!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Toodles, kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Simone Marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               When it came to dealing with adults who were Parents From Hell, "Cold Case" was not afraid to pull any punches.  You have heard me go on  about Charlotte Bayes, and then there was her male counterpart, Roger Mulvaney, featured in "A Perfect Day."  Now, meet Simone Marks, played by Karina Logue in "The Woods" episode.  Her son, George, evolved into a serial killer, and when I say serial killers are not born, but made,  Simone is as good an example as any of how.

                                The Marks were low class, Goat Alley-ish.  Which made Simone, unlike Charlotte, low class and some kind of tramp.  Either George was illegitimate, or the guy took off when he realized how nuts Simone was.  If the latter is the case, he was smarter than Mitch Bayes.

                                 Simone was hardly the maternal type.  She provided George with the basics, but, emotionally, it was all about her.  And she treated George as though she hated having given birth to him.  I am certain he was told that constantly.  What is known is Simone's disorder was a condition called hysterical blindness, where she thought she was blind, but really was not.  And she blamed George to his face for her condition, saying he was darkness and evil.

                                   George was a problem child, and eventually was turned over to a social worker named Lee, and placed in a group home.  George ran away; he still cared for his mother, carving braille in places so she would know how to maneuver in the house.  But all this came to a crashing halt in 1972.

                                    Social worker Lee was a scumbag who robbed on the side.  He and his partner, Jacob, went to rob the Marks' house, but were prevented.  The neighborhood was said to fear both George and Simone.  George feared her worse, and then some.  Because, later that night in 1972, Jacob, a serial rapist, returned to rape Simone, whose blindness he saw as an easy opportunity.

                                   Something happened in "The Woods," and Simone knew because she was not really blind, which George came to realize.  But not before this despicable mother, with George hiding in the closet, where he was usually locked when bad, was sold out by Mother Simone.  She begged Jacob not to rape her, saying George was hiding in the closet and....get this, rape George instead!  That's right!  Her own son!  Witch from Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Jacob did just that, while Simone watched.  When it was done, Jacob took off, and, unlike Charlotte, Simone got hers.  Young George took a gun, pointed it at her, with Simone begging forgiveness--yeah, too little, too late!!!!!--and George shot and killed her.  This is what turned him into a serial killer.

                                   I am not saying George was right, but Simone deserved it!  If anyone had ever done that to me, I would have done the same!  Simone must be walking over some pretty hot coals right now, being driven crazy by having to listen to Charlotte's litany, and Roger's ranting.  Call it "Cold Case" Hell; there is a special place for each one of these parental figures.

                                  But Simone takes the cake!  Bartering your son for rape???????????????

                                   Some women should never have children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Oh, My God, Girls, I Still Choke Up, When The Ghost Of Mitchell Bayes Appears To His Adult Daughter, Tina, With A Chocolate Milkshake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Why am I so obsessed with "Churchgoing People?"  My family, thank God, was nothing like the Bayes.  My mother and I might have had issues, but not like those with Charlotte.  No wonder Tina was so glad to get a chocolate milkshake from her father, with him calling her "my best gal."  It was the only love she got, what with Charlotte's incestuous fixation on Ryan, and her temperament so fierce Mitch could not sleep in the same room with her. He had to sleep alone, and lock his door with bolts, for fear his wife would attack him.

                           Why does someone live with someone like this?  What transitioned Charlotte into what she is when we see her?  How did she become that?  Why did Mitch marry her, and how long till he discovered something was very wrong with her?  And, most importantly, how is it possible for the adult Ryan and Tina to put their lives back together?  Or can they?

                              These questions go through my mind each time I watch the episode.  If any of you have ideas, feel free to comment?  Have you ever known a family like the Bayes?  Were the police ever called?   How did neighbors nearby react?

                                I agree with an onliner that what we see is an early foreshadowing of Charlotte's Alzheimer's.  If I had been Ryan, and seen her murder my dad, I would have grabbed the poker, smashed her face in, and knocked her down the stairs.  Then get on with my life.

                                   Easy for me to say.  I never lived under such a situation. Which is why I want to hear from those who have, or know of others who have.  There is a need for me to understand all this.

                                    Like Tina, I loved milkshakes. But, with me, they were always black and white!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Week's Bitch Is Sally Lung, The Murderous, Leprous, Eurasian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     I have never seen the 1923 version of Cecil B. DeMille's  "The Ten Commandments," but I am sure it is more interesting than the 1956 version, which drags the Moses story out interminably, while the silent film is two stories in one.

                                      The first is the Moses story.  When that is done with the movie moves to the tale of the McTavish family.  Now, Mrs. McTavish has two sons, John and Dan, who travel different paths.  John follows his mother's teachings, and decides to follow the ten commandments.  Dan, on the other hand, does not, because he wants to rise to the top.  You know, like Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!

                                         The story is set in San Francisco, after the earthquake, and before MGM recreated it, but there is plenty of crash and burn here, girls!  Dan builds a cathedral with defective material to cut cost, and the whole thing comes crashing down, just happening to kill his mother!
As if things could not get worse--and they do--for distraction, he has succumbed to sexual addiction and enslavement with a drug ridden mistress named Sally Lung who is, of all things, a Eurasian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Her character here was self prophesy; years later, she herself would die of a heroin overdose, in 1961!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         This was a time when the only work Asians could get were as coolie extras in movies like "The Good Earth."  Consider the two leads were played, in that, by Paul Muni and Luise Rainer.  And Charley Grapewin--Uncle Henry in "The Wizard Of Oz"--played a China man.  And how about the brilliance of Myrna Loy, as the malevolent daughter, in "The Mask Of Fu Manchu??????????"  As for Charles Middleton, as Ming, The Merciless, in "Flash Gordon," he looks like he just walked off the set of an Oriental spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

                                            It wasn't till the Civil Rights movement of the Sixties, that Chinese were elevated to servants, while Blacks were recognized as genuine actors. Ah, the political evolution of Hollywood.

                                             Sally Lung was played by Nita Naldi.  Not since Zasu Pitts have I heard such names!  This slant eyed Miss was a real piece, seducing the bad son, then , at the climactic  moment, chortling to him, "I've got leprosy!," meaning he is going to get it, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              What a bitch!  Don't you just love her? Despite being fictional, she makes a perfect Bitch Of The Week for this week! So, here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                  She was beyond help. This was a good twenty years before "The Song Of Bernadette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last Night Was The REAL "American Horror Story!!!!!!!!!"

                         Did you see the debate last night, girls?  Oh, my God, it was not a political event; it was a social travesty.

                           Someone in Hillary's camp had the good sense to fly in some fags from New York or Los Angeles--where else?--to gussie up her make-up, hair and wardrobe, to look presentable enough on camera.  I mean, let's face it, she is not Blythe Danner. But she almost pulled it off last night.  I wonder if ANNA had something to do with it?

                             In contrast, there was the Donald.  He looked sub-human at the start, but, as time went on, he seemed to evolve into some sort of disgusting animal.  Like in Orwell's "Animal Farm." At his age, and drinking so much water, he must have had a catheter inserted up his urethra, so he could piss whenever he pleased. And I bet he was wearing Depends.  Good thing Hillary kept their distance.

                                Her composure in the face of idiocy was remarkable. And, unlike the other one, she talked about issues, and answered Lester's questions directly.  The other merely repeated ad nauseum his evasive rhetoric.  Though his message came through--if you are not WASP and well off, you do not belong in this country. Yeah, Trump??????????  Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Even Hillary lost her composure by the end of the evening. Remember the Little Rascals segment, where they are putting on "Quo Vadis," with that spinster looking drama teacher, and Chubby ends up hitting his mother in the face with a pie?  I thought it was going to come to that, before things ended!!!!!!! And the sad thing is, it would have been a fitting end.

                                     That episode has one of my favorite lines, "You shall die on the horns of the Sacred Bull!  Then bring on the Sacred Bull!"  To call Trump bovine is to insult cows everywhere; I don't know what species he is evolving into, but it it is not human.  The man cannot comb his hair, is ugly, always looks rumpled--thank God Hillary kept her distance.

                                       And what is wrong with Hofstra?  Doesn't anyone in the tickets office know that the name Hillary has two L's????????????????    The whole thing was an embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        My beloved said he dreads watching the second debate.  I told him to save himself the time and trouble!  It will only be more of the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Trump was a chump, and Hillary shone!!!!!!!!!!!  Need I say more????????

This Book Just Whisks You Off To Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Imagine flying to Naples, or staying in Venice, at the Albergo Caldo, Numero Cinqua Cinqua!  Not since Donna Leon's mysteries has anyone evoked the romance--visually, poetically and cuisine-wise, like Elena Ferrante.  Her novel is almost Proustian in scope, the first of a quartet, with characters galore, but the language is more accessible to Proust. And this is someone here who HAS read Proust, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        It starts out with the earliest of life stages, childhood, ending at the point of young adulthood, when Lila gets married, and Elena (could this be a thinly disguised autobiography) decides to pursue an academic path.  Nothing wrong with that, but her family, being provincial, has other ideas.

                                          Don't let these covers fool you, as I did. These are not "chick" novels, but seriously thought out literary constructs.  I loved the continuous reference here to education, especially the study of Greek and Latin. Makes me want to study the Classics, one of my few regrets.

                                             I had no regrets reading this book, darlings!  The only one I have now is I have some stuff to get through, until I tackle the second  volume!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               Until then.....arrivederci!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2016

What Has Happend To Casting Directors???????????? Why Can't They Cast Golde In 'Fiddler???????????????'

                          When I heard Jessica Hecht was initially cast in the now current revival of "Fiddler On The Roof"--due to close on December 31-- I could sort of see it.  I mean, in the Delacorte's "King Lear," her Regan was practically Borscht Belt, which really did not make sense for the most dangerous of Lear's daughters.

                             But for Golde--well, it has been done before, by Maria Karnilova, who was superb. Besides, Golde does not require musical theater chops, as the only major moment she gets is the duet with Tevye, "Do You Love Me?," which is kind of recitative.

                               OK, so now Jessica is parting the show.  To, as I found out, take on a role in the Roundabout revival of Arthur Miller's "The Price."  Sounds perfect for Jessica.

                                  So, who do they get to replace Jessica?  Judy Kuhn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Judy Kuhn, late of "Fun Home?" She, with the gorgeous voice?  Why cast someone with a glorious voice as Golde, unless Judy wants to take on the role. It would kind of book end her role as Bella in "RAGS," which was thirty years ago.

                                    I may even see the show, because of Judy.  I just love her work.  But is this really a good showcase for her?

                                      Only Judy knows, for sure. But what has happened to the art of casting?
Or, more to the point, when did casting become less of an art????????????/

                                        It's a wonder they didn't get Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Now We'll Know," Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              For years, I have been hearing about this "Merrily We Roll Along" documentary.  Now, finally under the title "Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened" ( a paraphrase from the show's song, "Now, You Know!") it is due to premiere at the New York Film Festival, and, rumor has it, in selected theaters, on November 18.  Which just happens to be my birthday.

                                It is my good fortune to be caught in the middle with my relationship to the show. In addition to having sung its songs, and met some of its cast, I was also of an age to view the show as a young enough youngster, and now old enough to be the older characters looking back and reflecting.
My first viewing, of the Original Production blew me away with its score, and some of its engaging performers, chiefly Ann Morrison and Lonny Price.  Lonny, by the way, put this film together.  But, in 1981, the idea of being 43 was alien to me, so when the kids started singing "How did you get there from here, Mr. Shepard?" I completely related.  Seeing the ENCORES presentation, some thirty years later, I understood how he got there, the regrets, the compromises, the choices we are forced to make, and then question which have been the right ones.  In 1981, "Our Time" lifted my spirits.  When it was performed at ENCORES, it broke my heart.

                                Suffice it to say seeing this documentary will be quite an emotional experience for me.  Anyone who was of age to have seen the original production of this musical, cannot help responding viscerally.

                                   I cannot write about 'Merrily' without including another personal aspect of my life.  While picking up my tickets for the initial performance--which I saw on Halloween, which was 1981, and a Saturday night--there was a man in front of me, doing the same, and we struck up a conversation, that turned out to be a friendship lasting 29 years, upon his passing.  This was David Semonin, of New York, by way of Louisville, Kentucky. It is impossible for me to hear or view this show without thinking of him, and I know I will, when I see the documentary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Which I cannot wait for, darlings!  The only thing that could be better than seeing it was having lived it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Or was it?  We will know, in time, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Girls, I Have To Say Something About Brangelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Considering this blog, how could I not?  But, what could I possibly add?  Ah, that's where The Raving Queen comes in.

                                 This feeding frenzy will give the couple headaches a' plenty, yet they will go on working, because now they will have to. Even if their box office appeal fails. There is always cable.

                                   The attorneys will have a feast, because all this will go on for years, so, whomever is assigned to this, will, at the end, be rich, Rich, RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     But what fascinates me more than anything about Brangelina is, of all things, Jennifer Aniston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Jennifer Aniston?????????  That's right, dears, Jennifer Aniston?????????//

                                       The other day, as I made my way through the subway passage getting me to the BMT, I passed a news stand that had a paper--I think it was The Post--featuring nothing but what looked like a drawing of Aniston, beaming her exultation.

                                         For the moment, I forget Jen was now married to Justin Theroux.  I remember how she suffered during the Brad breakup. So, I first thought she was gloating, because now she would get Brad back.  I always thought--and still do--that something stalkerish exists in Jen relating to Brad Pitt. And it has not gone away, so Justin, keep close tabs.

                                         The whole thing is a mess, and who cares?  But I would be derelict in my duties if I did not report on this. Brad and Angelina, go have yourselves a nice, quiet divorce!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            But that would be impossible for two such media ho's!!!!!!!!!  Especially Angelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Belated, But No Surprise, As Bitch Of The Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 As soon as the explosion happened in Chelsea on Saturday night, and I first heard the perp's name--Ahmad Khan Rahami--I knew I had found a possible Bitch Of The Week. But when he was connected to incidents as far away as Seaside Heights and Elizabeth, both in Jersey, where he resides, there was no question who would take the prize this week.

                                   And so, here he is.

                                   He is scum. He wanted to be more. But he is a loser.

                                    The last is our good fortune. Because the devices he put together seemed so amateurish, and luckily did no do much damage, it shows this was a novice just starting out.  And now, fortunately, he will go no further. Whether he was connected to other organizations will be determined, I am sure. My guess is he connects himself, for whatever demented reason, to this political cause, and felt he had to take action.

                                       Well guess what, bitch?????????? The joke is on you!  You are sailing up the river--for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          I am surprised this bitch did not turn up in Queens!!!!!!!!  Just think how many more of his type are out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            You know what I say? Throw him in a cell, and toss a Milton Bradley Time Bomb at his head! Ka-Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

How Far Have We Come In Six Years, Girls???????????????

                                    Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Tyler Clementi tragedy. So, at 8:50 PM, this evening, I am asking the gay community out there for a minute of silence--wherever you are. To remember the alleged time when he took an irrevocable step that ended his life, his family's, and changed the way bullying is looked at in this country.

                                      The Clementis have done more than a crackerjack job with their speeches and the Foundation. But there are still miles to go; look at the recent suicide of Staten Islander, Daniel Fitzpaatrick, or  the overturning of scum Ravi's conviction.  He will get his.

                                        Today, let us focus on Tyler...what he accomplished, has gone on to accomplish, and might have accomplished, had he remained.

                                          And, above all, pray--that such needles tragedies will be stopped!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          That is the legacy of Tyler Clementi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gojira Is Disgusted With Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Even our lovable reptile friend, Gojira, has had it with this year's election campaign, and especially Mr. Trump. He is highly insulted by the media comparing him to the Donald, and he wants it known. He is highly intelligent; I would vote for Gojira before Trump, but Gojira and all his cronies are, like us, voting for Hillary.

                                          Gojira has lived through so many disasters--Germany, Hiroshima--that he does not want a repeat of such, and neither do we.  Forget the fact Trump can't even comb his hair, that he is a sexist and hygenic pig, he just has no business being President.

                                             So, please don't hurt Gojira's feelings! He is very sensitive, and we love him!!!!!!!!!!!

Darlings, It's Crap! What More Can I Say?????????????

                                Really; this could be the shortest post, in this blog's history.

                                 Last Friday, I subjected myself to this film. I felt obligated to, devoted as I am, to the horror genre.

                                   I didn't expect much. But I got worse. Forget this has been done before; the actors were non-descript, the camerawork terrible, the lighting amateurish, the woods were in Canada, not Burkittsville , Maryland, and the tree things were contrived. As was the ending, a redo of the orginal.

                                     When they went into the story of Elly Kedward, the film gained some ground. If only there had been some flashback sequence, where this was dramatized; just like Elizabeth Selwyn, at the start of "Horror Hotel."

                                         Elly Kedward, like Mary Shaw in Dead Silence, got a raw deal. I am with her all the way. And those who fled Burkittsville, or live near, had better research their genealogy.  I hope Elly hunts down all generations, and deals them dirty, just as she was.

                                           Now, doesn't sound exciting, girls?  Much more than the movie!

                                            Skip it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016

This Novel Does NOT Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               One should not judge a book by its cover, but the one of "Smoke" is arresting. It got my attention, because it comes closest to resembling the painting of the burning church in "Rosemary's Baby."

                                As a novel, it starts out on an exciting note. It is sort of "Harry Potter Meets Charles Dickens," with three young people--Thomas, Charlie and Livia--on a series of fantastic adventures that starts at a school. There are nods to Dickens, Rowling, even Aldous Huxley.

                                 But after a time, maybe 250 pages, it bogs down. It is hard to maintain the excitement of the first part, so I was rather anxious to finish the book. The work was readable enough, and I fear a series is going to be tin the works, but am not sure I would read it. I am content to let "Smoke" stand on its own.

                                   It should have pressed my buttons. I think the problem is Dan Vyleta does not know when to let go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Has Happened, Darlings! The First Of The Screen Von Trapp Children To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         It was the gasp of a Generation, darlings!!!!!!!!!--ours--who were first introduced to "The Sound Of Music," through the 1965 film.  We gasped at that distant camera shot of Julie Andrews, as she twirled, the music built, and  she let out that voice to be remembered evermore.

                        This weekend, a gasp of a different kind was uttered from myself and other generation members, when we learned of the death of Charmian Carr. She was the film Liesl--ironically, Lauri Peters, the Broadway original from 1959, is still alive--and passed away Saturday at the relatively young age today of 73,  Imagine, the eldest of the film's children was the first to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Of course to young ones, she is an old lady, but never to us!   She will always be Liesl, and while I always---and still do--want to be Heather Menzies or Angela Cartwright--many more wanted to be Liesl. Or, rather, Charmian, as Liesl.

                            Who could blame them?  I mean, she was stunning!  And a REAL singing voice; if her immortality here is not enough, catch her in the Sondheim tele -musical, "Evening Primrose," where she introduced "I Remember," and "Take Me To The World." That girl could have gone places.

                               Instead, she chose marriage, child rearing, then a career--and a highly successful one--as an interior decorator. Michael Jackson had been one of her clients because he had loved her as Liesl.

                               As shocking as her passing, was its cause; a rare form of dementia.  Now, last year was the film's 50th anniversary, and I know I saw footage of Charmian and the rest talking about it.
To me, she looked fine.  Either she was astute enough to cover it up, or the illness happened quicker than anyone realized.

                                I must see "The Sound Of Music" soon, to honor Charmian. She gave such pleasure on Earth, and she now will elsewhere.

                                  Rest In Peace, Charmian/Liesl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Here she is, where she will always remain "Sixteen Going On Seventeen!"

                                  "Innocent as a rose!"

                                    Just like me, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2016

What A Surprise, Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  This is Mitchell Lichtenstein, son of Roy, and an actor and director of note.  As far as I am concerned, "Teeth" is his best work.  You have to see it, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!  The last scene is a scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Last night, I caught him, 18 years younger, in a "Law And Order" episode called "Castoff."  It took me a few minutes to realize this was based on the Andrew Cunanan case!

                                     Lichtenstein played a psychopath named Eddie Chandler.  Eddie had gotten by  all his life on his looks and arrogance, and now those were beginning to slip.  When they did, the people he thought were his friends, cast him off.  Hence, the title.  But they were not his friends. They were delusions of his own making.

                                     What brings him to the intention of law officials was his S and M torture murder of two wealthy people, Jennifer Gaylin, a social worker, and Stu Steiner.  Both were into the S and M scene, knew Chandler, and ended up being murdered by him because he felt they deserved to die for rejecting him socially.

                                       I always thought of Cunanan and Robert Chambers as counterparts.  The difference was the former had a chameleon personality that could turn on a dime, and so could his looks. While he still had them he was able to ingratiate himself into the social whirl.  But by 1997, that ability was coming to an end, when he was beginning to lose those looks.

                                        Now, Chambers had looks, too, but there was always something rough edged about him.  It was obvious he was nothing more than a working class kid trying to rise above himself into a station he could never belong to, especially once it was found out that his mother was some Irish scrubwoman who was scrambling for money to send him to schools that could elevate him.  But he also was not intelligent, which hampered his rise.  He was a loser.  And while he is now free, mark my words, when society hears from Robert Chambers again--and it will--it will not be pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Cunanan had the background and the breeding, and the looks.  But he was psychopathic, lacking feeling and empathy.  He physically attacked and injured his mother, during an argument they had when he was a teenager.  He dropped out of the University of San Diego to begin his poaching off rich gay men.  And it kept him going for awhile, till he was reminded that  the looks were fading, he had nothing else up his sleeve, and went on a killing rampage, culminating in the murder of designer Versace!  A man who, to the gay community, darlings, was practically a saint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          When he ended his life, I was not surprised. He was psycho, but a coward, he had no other way to reinvent himself, so what was the alternative???????????????

                                              Eddie Chandler, brilliantly played by Lichtenstein with the most arrogant gleam in his eye, was a bisexual, who was losing his looks.  In a brilliantly written monologue, he tells of how he romanticized New York from movies, like "On The Town," but all he found here were monsters!  Plus, as his lawyer tries to suggest, TV vuiolence made him do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                              Come on, Eddie!  S and M is n ot taught, during prime time!  The romance of NYC was not there because you could not accept yourself as not being an A-list player.  You couldn't even become a Raving Queen, like me, darling!  Believe me, darlings, the romance of New York is still there!  Some days, I feel like Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               And to think Gene Saks--yes, Bea Arthur's hubby, director of "MAME" and "RAGS"--was the judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                I wish I had caught the beginning of this!  You can be sure I will, next time it airs!

                                               Once again, the moral is--those from Goat Alley cannot climb out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls, Remember When We Were Little, And Wanted To Be Honey Bunch????????? And Then Nancy Drew, As We Got Older??????????

                         I would just love to get my hands on some of the original Honey Bunch books, like the one above.  When I was a child, the "Honey Bunch And Norman" books were popular, and they were my favorites; to me they surpassed "The Bobbsey Twins." Though I always wanted to read The Happy Hollisters," but could never find those, either.

                          It was not till adulthood, when a former coworker informed me that, earlier, Honey Bunch had her own entire series.  That made me anxious to read the series, and if anyone knows how I can find some of these books, please comment on here.

                           But Honey Bunch was just perfection, which is what I was striving for.  She was perfect looking, a good student, she had these clothes--oh, my God!!!!!!--and her father was a lawyer!
I just knew, even back then, that Honey Bunch would evolve into something like Stephanie March--Ivy League herself, and a brilliant lawyer, like her father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Her cousin Stubb, I sensed, would turn out a lesbian; before I even knew the word's meaning, I sensed something, the way children do.  As for marrying Norman Clark, well, this could go two ways.  They could grow up into sweethearts,, and marry, but Honey Bunch would always be the breadwinner.  Not that he was blue collar; he was just too average to make it as big as Honey Bunch!  Besides, she always got top billing!

                             You know, Honey Bunch, like me was always in her school's highest reading and math groups.  Norman certainly was not, and you know what happens to kids who are NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, would I be seen with one????????????

                               OR Honey Bunch, should Norman turn out to be gay--though the books never drew me to that conclusion--could be his beard,, and she would be a FAG HAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                So many things to ponder, darlings!!!!!!!!!!   I really must revisit Honey Bunch, and see what discoveries I can make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Now, about Nancy Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 " Honey Bunch And Norman" carried me through years six to ten.  By fifth grade, I had latched onto Nancy, and, in retrospect, I can honestly say she helped me discover I was gay.  Her father--always referred to as "handsome lawyer Carson Drew--was in the legal business, same as Honey Bunch's.  When Carolyn Keene described Carson, I always got this nice, warm feeling, which now I understand, but then I did not.  I wanted a rich lawyer, like Carson Drew!!!!!!!!!  I mean, who wouldn't????????

                                   Like Stubb, I sensed her chum (Nancy's friends were always called "chums") was a lesbian; how many girls called themselves George????  But Nancy introduced me to a world of sophistication; my first intro, with her wardrobe, white gloves, roadsters, and  luncheons.  I just could not wait to grow up and be a sophisticate like Nancy Drew.  Of course, this was the 1930s Nancy, the genuine item.  More modern incarnations practically make her into a tramp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  And I certainly did not want to be thought of, as that!  So I practiced what Nancy preached!  I turned out gay, but additional factors made that inevitable!   But, thanks to Nancy, I realized social importance, and how it was important to be seen in the right places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   So, I guess Nancy helped get me to New York, darlings!  I can picture her in some cloistered deco bistro, like in "Carol," having poached eggs and creamed spinach!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Nancy Drew, Honey Bunch and the glamour of the Thirties ruled!  May they return, to guide future generations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Todays' kids have MUCH to learn about sophistication!  I mean, the poor darlings practically don't know anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Is Wrong With This Picture, Girls?????????????????

                                The latest revival of "The Cherry Orchard" began performing last night.  Here is a cast photo taken for Playbill, but something is distinctly wrong.  Can anyone tell me what it is??????????

                                  Where is Celia Keenan-Bolger?????????  Why is she not in this shot; in fact, she should be front and center.  Forget Diane; if she is going to play the whole thing like a Grace Kelly wannabe, well that just shows she is not ready to face the classics,  We've loved you since "Runaways," Di, but get with the program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Celia is playing the heart rending role of Varya.   Everyone--and I am telling you, darlings, everyone!!!!!!!!!!--and I mean, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!--is going to see her, as she is this production's drawing card.  I am telling you, right now, if she wasn't in it, I would not be a bit interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     So, why was Celia left out of the shot?  Is there some backstage bitchery going on between she and Di??????????  Di knows Celia will upstage her every time--her technical brilliance makes that inevitable--so is she pulling some kind of Diana Ross on poor Celia????????????

                                     Those of us who are in Celia's corner demand another shot, featuring the extraordinary Miss Keenan-Bolger!!!!!!!!!!!   You better watch it, Diane, because all eyes will be on Celia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Let's see who has the last laugh, when Celia finally gets her TONY Award!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sarah Paulson And Angela Bassett Get "American Horror Story 6 ('My Roanoke Nightmare??????')" To A Lively Start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Girls, I am telling you, I was a little bit confused, as I will get to. But when Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett as two sisters-n-law bitches confronting each other in a kitchen, with Sarah, knife in hand, cheekily saying, "I cook to relax," I knew the new season of AHS was off and running.  I just have no idea where it is going.

                             A little 'Blair Witch' and a little Roanoke colony.  Talking heads Lily Rabe--so she is back, looking stunning and technically brilliant, as always, and Andre Holland, recount their experiences to the camera, while Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding, Jr. reenact them .  So, Lily and Sarah are essentially playing the same role.

                               At least, that is how I understood it.

                               But, there was so much going on, with people running, lights flashing, and grotesque imagery that I am not sure if I saw Kathy Bates or Denis O'Hare. And where was Lady Gaga? She was not even on the credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 And, yes, a little bit of "The Mist" did creep in! How I hope for a visit from Marcia Gay Harden!!!!!!!!!!

                                   As for the Roanoke colony, my theory is the same as "Picnic At Hanging Rock."  The inhabitants were overtaken by their own repressed sexuality, which ran rampant, causing them to devour one another.  In each respect, the final survivor went mad, and consumed their own self.  Anything left the carrion took.

                                     And a final request--bring back Pepper, Ma Petite, and Addiction Demon!

                                      But the season is off and running, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrub Those Convent Floors, You Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Abigail, or Abby, Simon, called herself a "Catholic tutor," but there was nothing Catholic or charitable about the kind of services she was offering, darlings.  Her services earns her the prize as winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Back in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Abby, around 2013, the "tutor" offered her services to a 15-year-old, six foot three, two hundred twenty pound boy.  Sexual services.  She must have liked them big.  Or maybe he was a linebacker, and she was just desperate.

                        This bitch talks and cries out of both sides of her mouth. You can see it in the footage.
Her eyes tear up, as she plays the victim, yet it is so obvious she is calculating as she goes along.
She claims she could not get rid of him; he was obsessed with her. It was the other way around, darlings!!!!!!!!!!

                          She was convicted, getting a sentence of eight to twenty-five. She should have gotten Life Without Parole. She is a sexual predator, she should have to register, and when she gets out, if she does, she should be monitored, and will do this again.

                             Or, by then, she will be doing granny porn, after hours, in nursing homes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               She should be commanded to scrub the convent floors! She is no Bernadette, but maybe she can be taught a lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Who Knows What We Are In For Tonight, Girls????????????

                                    Now, the word is not official, but, as far as I know, girls, they are going to do some kind of homage to or redux of Stephen King's "The Mist."  I am not so sure this is a good idea, because the movie was actually good, with Marcia Gay Harden walking off with the show are the religious fanatic.  Wouldn't it be great if Marcia made a surprise appearance on this show.

                                     Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Denis O'Hare, and, of course that Thing, Lady Gaga, are returning.  I have no idea about Finn Wittrock, or Lily Rabe.

                                       And, of course I would LOVE to see Pepper, Ma Petite and Addiciton Demon!  Now, THEY could liven things up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       As well as Kathy Bates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gojira Is Plenty Outraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                His latest film, from TOHO, has been the Summer hit, in Japan!  All of his American fans want to see it.  He wants to greet those fans, shake hands, hug the children, even let them slide down his tail!  And we want that, too.

                                 So, when I saw the trailer for the film, which looks promising, it looks like it is going to get a very limited release over here, in selected theaters, the week of October 11 to 18 only.

                                   He may look cute here, but he is not happy about this. You can bet he is doing all kinds of phone negotiations to right this wrong.  And he is not above using some muscle to get things done. And when Gojira uses muscle, watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Here is a trailer for "Godzilla Resurgence!"

                                      We love you, Gojira!  You rate more than a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Let's get going! Or maybe you can campaign for Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

I Still Cannot Shake This, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            The other day, darlings, I watched the first "If These Walls Could Talk" in all three installments.  The fist story, Demi's is, as one critic described it, "a gynecological horror show."  What interested me, cumulatively, is that two of the stories ended in death--Demi in the first, Cher in the third.  She is shot by a pro-lifer who, with a girl, pose as a couple, and infiltrate the clinic, under the pretext she is going to have an abortion.  What is interesting, and I had forgotten, is that only Cher is shot and killed.  Diana Scarwid and Anne Heche are left alive.  He only kills the one who performs the abortions, not the assistant, or the patient having it.  Interesting logic.  I mean, if the perp is playing the blame game, why not shoot them all?  The protesters try to stop Anne from going in,  so they see her as culpable.  Why not the perp?

                              I am not advocating murder here, by any means; I mean, I am pro-choice, darlings!!!!!!!!!   The dramatic impact is stronger, with Cher being killed, but, when such things happen in real life--as they have, and will continue to; indeed increase if Trump is elected--it seems more than one person is taken out.

                               But let's get back to "1952."   I just cannot let go of the horror of it.  That was the year my maternal grandfather died; I never  knew him.  One of my cousins was born that year.  I came along, two years later.  There was just my sister and I, with a 14 year age difference, so I grew up, as an only child.  Friends of mine up the street turned out to be a family which grew larger over the years.  What is funny is while I should have picked up on things, I did not.  Many times I must have seen their mother pregnant.  But I never noticed anything different.  Wonder what that says about me?

                             I keep coming back to the first segment.  What's overwhelming about the tragedy is Claire, being a nurse, goes into her horror full well knowing what she is in for.  Had Claire been a secretary, or school teacher, she would have had that biological awareness of her body that all women have, but Claire, because of her profession, is more aware of the risk.  And yet she takes it.

                             I read an article online, written by a woman of that generation, who was in Claire's situation, did pretty much what she did--and survived.  When she went for an exam, the doctor told her she was one of "the lucky ones."  Indeed, she was. More were unlucky, like Claire.

                             The sad thing about Claire is she blames herself, when who she should be blaming is that beast of a family she married into.  What a time and a way to find out you married into the wrong family.  Baby Machine Becky (Catherine Keener, who, thanks to this performance, I will always think of as a Fifties bitch), is toting two babies, while a maternity dress reveals she is expecting another.  And she smokes, too.  Watch out, Becky, you might be in for birth defects, or cancer, down the road.  While her children are innocent of Becky's shortcomings, Becky is not; where is her compassion, and sense of charity and kindness toward Claire?  Out the window; because, when it comes down to it, Claire is still an outsider; it is all about Becky and the Donnellys.

                            Then, there is Kevin, the brother-in-law, and the one responsible for Claire's situation.  How easily this so-called "good Catholic boy" forgets the Ninth Commandment, "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife."  He did more than covet; he took advantage. And not just his neighbor's wife; his brother's.  Granted, the brother is deceased, but I still see his deed as moral wrongdoing.  No, it was not rape, but Kevin was sober, Claire wasn't.  He should have been the one to back off and stop.  But he did not.  Hypocrite.

                          As for the parents, well, you can tell by the cowed way in which Shirley Knight plays her role, that she is an abused wife, and her husband beats her.  And daughter Becky is every inch her father.  I pity the husband and children.  Just like some relations I know.  Now, I keep saying how Claire should have just said "Fuck you!" to them all!  I would have!  But the reality is, they would toss her into the street, faster than Fantine!!!!!!!!  The father would be furious with Kevin, might knock him around, but would never renounce his progeny; he would just go on hating hin to his face, while the two pretend to have a relationship.  I have seen this behavior myself, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!

                         Maybe that is why this tale keeps haunting me.  Claire is a modern day Fantine.   For having a child out of wedlock, she faces being tossed out by society.  I don't know if abortion was available in Fantine's time, but she did have Cosette, and did the right thing, by leaving her care to someone else.  She just did not know  she left Cosettte with two top flight grifters.  And by having this child, look where and how Fantine ended!!!!!!!!!!!   Not much different from Claire, though over a slower period of time.

                        Yes, Claire was in the wrong time, which is the story's point.  I would still like a follow-up, on what happens when Claire's body is found, as it eventually will be.  How will Becky and Kevin react, then????????  They are the real ones to blame!!!!!!! Jenny Ford (C.C.H. Pounder) will know for sure what happened, if the story leaks out. As will the abortionist Tom, who will be relieved that her death saves him from being caught. At least this time.  And how about Audrey Hill, who set Claire up. with Tom?  I think she and Jenny will be the only ones to mourn Claire.

                         It is suggested in this story that Jenny is sort of a Vera Drake, if you recall the Imelda Staunton film.  There must have been others; why couldn't Claire have found one of those?
                                 Take a good look, darlings!!!!!  This is Claire, in her dying throes.  She was one of many.  And with Trump elected, they may return!  No more Claires, please!  Those days must NEVER return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It's families like the Donnellys who should stop breeding!

                                  I just might write a story, where I give it to the Donnellys.  If so, I will post it on here.

                                  Don't turn the clock backward, dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Finished "The Ibis Trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                    It began with "Sea Of Poppies."  Then continued with "River Of Smoke."  Now, Amitav Ghosh brings things to a conclusion with "Flood Of Fire."  The titular phrase if part of a n almost hundred page climax. culminating in deals, extortions, storms at sea, death, two suicides, until the Ibis sails smoothly out to sea.  All in the most exotic of locales--the Far East of the 19th Century, as romantic a time as any!!!!!!!!!  Which gives one an idea of how this 600 plus novel moves; it is sweeping, epic in scope, but better written than chroniclers of this sort from an earlier day.  Ghosh matches his meticulously crafted descriptions with carefully drawn out characters, whose destinies, are, of course, all inter twined, and whom the reader cannot get enough of.

                                     Indeed, when I reached the end, part of me wanted more.  Or, at least more Amitav Ghosh.  Where can he go from here?????????? 

                                       I don't know, but I am willing to find out.  If Ghosh can be this engaging and compelling in three volumes, how will he do with just one?  I wait to see.

                                        Besides, I am not quite sure he is willing to let the Ibis go, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Bitch Is Named "Whomever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                             Consider this a belated Bitch Of The Week column, girls!!!!!!!!

                             Now, you all know I have written on here about Daniel Fitzpatrick, that poor innocent child who was so overwhelmed by the bullying he received, and the help he did not, he made the irrevocable decision to end his life!  Like the song says, "Who's sorry now?

                              To honor Daniel, his sister Shannon created the movement "Paint The World Blue," to honor him on what would have been his 14th birthday.  I complied by a blog post, with a picture of a blue balloon.  But who could expect that this event, which practically happened in my own back yard--Staten Island is not far from Bay Ridge, and the church and school are blocks away from us--just as Tyler Clementi's tale did, since I grew up in Highland Park, right across the Raritan from Rutgers, would turn personal, for my beloved and I?????????????

                               Shortly after the announced date, we put up on our apartment door, for all to see, a blue ribbon, with the words "Stop Bullying!," and a photo of Daniel in the center.  We thought nothing of it, having put up Gay Pride decorations, and apropos ones for the Holidays--Halloween, Easter, and Christmas.

                               Well, one evening, we came home, and noticed the picture was somewhat smudged.  Not obliterated or destroyed, but smudged.  There was some dark, thick substance on it, like some kind of grease.  We both thought it odd.

                                 We went out and bought the same ribbon, downloaded the pic, and put it in a plastic holder.  It went outside the door again, and stayed there.

                                   Last week, one morning as we left for work, we suddenly noticed the entire decoration, which cost us some, was gone.  I mean, jut taken away!!!!!!!!!!  It was there the night before, so who did this?

                                      The name of this bitch,  I am pretty sure, "Whomever" is a man!  Well. "Whomever," I am here to tell you to stop violating personal property.  If you don't advocate support for Daniel Fitzpatrick, go volunteer for the Trump campaign.  Or maybe you already have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Can you imagine the nerve of this guy?  And, no I do not think it was children!  It was an adult!  Maybe someone hired by OLA, or the Diocese, who just wants the whole thing to blow away.

                                          Well, I have news for you--it's not!  If I ever find out who "Whomever" is, I will kick him in the ass!  I will have Cujo come, and take a bite!  He's a sweetie, but don't cross him!  And Cujo support us, too!  And Hillary!

                                             So, the winner of Bitch Of The Week is "Whomever."  Until he is found out, and exposed!

                                             Who would have ever thought Monica Lewinsky and I would be on the same page??????????????

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Why Is All The Entertainment Evaporating On Broadway????????????????

                         "Fun Home" has checked out.  So has "Les Miz," though give it another five or so years, and it will be back.  On January 1, "Matilda" plays its final performance.

                            And two weeks later, on the 15th, "Jersey Boys" will be closing.

                            Can you believe it?  This week, "The Humans" has the distinction of being the ONLY play on Broadway.  By the time we get to 2017, that could be reversed.

                               Why are all the musicals going?  What is going to replace them?  And if we're cleaning out yesterday's news, why doesn't "The Phantom Of The Opera close up shop?  That chandelier needs to come crashing down?

                                   "Holiday Inn?"  A revival of "Miss Saigon?"  "Cats" being back?

                                      Is this all Musical Theater Queens have to look forward to?

                                       "Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of musical theater on Broadway????????"

Oh, My God, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celia Keenan-Bolger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            If you are like me, girls, you just cannot get enough of Celia. With her dazzling actor technique, and killer hair, it is no wonder.  Now, take a good look at her husband, John Ellison Conlee.  No wonder he fits so well into the Keenan-Bolger clan.  He has killer hair, too.

                              It all comes down to hair, I am telling you. Where did I go wrong?

                               All this is to remind everyone out there of one of the upcoming theater season's most anticipated events.  Beginning September 15, the revival of "The Cherry Orchard" is previewing, and Celia, who will revolutionize Chekhov, is going to take on the heart rending role of Varya.

                                Poor Varya.  She carries the weight of the estate on her shoulders, no one calls her pretty, and she wants to escape from the world in a convent.  Now, when it comes to personal vibrancy, no one beats Celia, and when it comes to on stage heartbreak--oh, my God, girls, did you her Laura????? Even when she said nothing, and was in the background, I could not keep my eyes off Celia; I learned so much from watching her, and the choices she made, with Laura.

                                  I know she will define Varya for this generation. And, hopefully, win a TONY Award. This woman is long overdue, TONY Committee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   But, Celia, what is the secret of your hair????????????????????????