Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sarah Paulson And Angela Bassett Get "American Horror Story 6 ('My Roanoke Nightmare??????')" To A Lively Start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Girls, I am telling you, I was a little bit confused, as I will get to. But when Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett as two sisters-n-law bitches confronting each other in a kitchen, with Sarah, knife in hand, cheekily saying, "I cook to relax," I knew the new season of AHS was off and running.  I just have no idea where it is going.

                             A little 'Blair Witch' and a little Roanoke colony.  Talking heads Lily Rabe--so she is back, looking stunning and technically brilliant, as always, and Andre Holland, recount their experiences to the camera, while Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding, Jr. reenact them .  So, Lily and Sarah are essentially playing the same role.

                               At least, that is how I understood it.

                               But, there was so much going on, with people running, lights flashing, and grotesque imagery that I am not sure if I saw Kathy Bates or Denis O'Hare. And where was Lady Gaga? She was not even on the credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 And, yes, a little bit of "The Mist" did creep in! How I hope for a visit from Marcia Gay Harden!!!!!!!!!!

                                   As for the Roanoke colony, my theory is the same as "Picnic At Hanging Rock."  The inhabitants were overtaken by their own repressed sexuality, which ran rampant, causing them to devour one another.  In each respect, the final survivor went mad, and consumed their own self.  Anything left the carrion took.

                                     And a final request--bring back Pepper, Ma Petite, and Addiction Demon!

                                      But the season is off and running, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Videolaman said...

Ha! Love your pic from the supermarket scene in "The Mist"! Never have I wanted a character to die as badly as Marcia Gay Harden in that movie- I was actually praying for the pterodactyls to devour her in the Maybelline aisle!

The Mist has the best ending EVER to a Stephen King movie: most Frank Darabont fans love him for Shawshank Redemption or Green Mile, neither of which interest me at all, but I will forever ADORE him for how he changed King's original Mist book ending for the movie. I know most people who saw it HATED that ending, but I was deliriously thrilled with it. I had no intention of even seeing The Mist, but it came on HBO one night and I got pulled in by the cast and atmosphere. It finished at one am, and I had all the lights off, so the impact of that ending really gutted me. I was so gobsmacked that anyone would have the balls to film such a thing that I stayed up for hours ruminating on it.

The Raving Queen said...

I read "The Mist," and then saw the film for free,
when a friend who works for one of those annual Halloween
attractions got free tickets. Marcia walked off with
the film; when she went, a lot of juice was lost. I too
liked the ending, and I thought it better than the
usual mediocre King adaptations. Today, it remains one
of the best!