Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gojira Is Disgusted With Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Even our lovable reptile friend, Gojira, has had it with this year's election campaign, and especially Mr. Trump. He is highly insulted by the media comparing him to the Donald, and he wants it known. He is highly intelligent; I would vote for Gojira before Trump, but Gojira and all his cronies are, like us, voting for Hillary.

                                          Gojira has lived through so many disasters--Germany, Hiroshima--that he does not want a repeat of such, and neither do we.  Forget the fact Trump can't even comb his hair, that he is a sexist and hygenic pig, he just has no business being President.

                                             So, please don't hurt Gojira's feelings! He is very sensitive, and we love him!!!!!!!!!!!

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