Friday, September 16, 2016

Girls, Remember When We Were Little, And Wanted To Be Honey Bunch????????? And Then Nancy Drew, As We Got Older??????????

                         I would just love to get my hands on some of the original Honey Bunch books, like the one above.  When I was a child, the "Honey Bunch And Norman" books were popular, and they were my favorites; to me they surpassed "The Bobbsey Twins." Though I always wanted to read The Happy Hollisters," but could never find those, either.

                          It was not till adulthood, when a former coworker informed me that, earlier, Honey Bunch had her own entire series.  That made me anxious to read the series, and if anyone knows how I can find some of these books, please comment on here.

                           But Honey Bunch was just perfection, which is what I was striving for.  She was perfect looking, a good student, she had these clothes--oh, my God!!!!!!--and her father was a lawyer!
I just knew, even back then, that Honey Bunch would evolve into something like Stephanie March--Ivy League herself, and a brilliant lawyer, like her father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Her cousin Stubb, I sensed, would turn out a lesbian; before I even knew the word's meaning, I sensed something, the way children do.  As for marrying Norman Clark, well, this could go two ways.  They could grow up into sweethearts,, and marry, but Honey Bunch would always be the breadwinner.  Not that he was blue collar; he was just too average to make it as big as Honey Bunch!  Besides, she always got top billing!

                             You know, Honey Bunch, like me was always in her school's highest reading and math groups.  Norman certainly was not, and you know what happens to kids who are NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, would I be seen with one????????????

                               OR Honey Bunch, should Norman turn out to be gay--though the books never drew me to that conclusion--could be his beard,, and she would be a FAG HAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                So many things to ponder, darlings!!!!!!!!!!   I really must revisit Honey Bunch, and see what discoveries I can make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Now, about Nancy Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 " Honey Bunch And Norman" carried me through years six to ten.  By fifth grade, I had latched onto Nancy, and, in retrospect, I can honestly say she helped me discover I was gay.  Her father--always referred to as "handsome lawyer Carson Drew--was in the legal business, same as Honey Bunch's.  When Carolyn Keene described Carson, I always got this nice, warm feeling, which now I understand, but then I did not.  I wanted a rich lawyer, like Carson Drew!!!!!!!!!  I mean, who wouldn't????????

                                   Like Stubb, I sensed her chum (Nancy's friends were always called "chums") was a lesbian; how many girls called themselves George????  But Nancy introduced me to a world of sophistication; my first intro, with her wardrobe, white gloves, roadsters, and  luncheons.  I just could not wait to grow up and be a sophisticate like Nancy Drew.  Of course, this was the 1930s Nancy, the genuine item.  More modern incarnations practically make her into a tramp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  And I certainly did not want to be thought of, as that!  So I practiced what Nancy preached!  I turned out gay, but additional factors made that inevitable!   But, thanks to Nancy, I realized social importance, and how it was important to be seen in the right places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   So, I guess Nancy helped get me to New York, darlings!  I can picture her in some cloistered deco bistro, like in "Carol," having poached eggs and creamed spinach!!!!!!!!!!!

                                   Nancy Drew, Honey Bunch and the glamour of the Thirties ruled!  May they return, to guide future generations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    Todays' kids have MUCH to learn about sophistication!  I mean, the poor darlings practically don't know anything!!!!!!!!!!!!

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