Saturday, September 10, 2016

This Bitch Is Named "Whomever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                             Consider this a belated Bitch Of The Week column, girls!!!!!!!!

                             Now, you all know I have written on here about Daniel Fitzpatrick, that poor innocent child who was so overwhelmed by the bullying he received, and the help he did not, he made the irrevocable decision to end his life!  Like the song says, "Who's sorry now?

                              To honor Daniel, his sister Shannon created the movement "Paint The World Blue," to honor him on what would have been his 14th birthday.  I complied by a blog post, with a picture of a blue balloon.  But who could expect that this event, which practically happened in my own back yard--Staten Island is not far from Bay Ridge, and the church and school are blocks away from us--just as Tyler Clementi's tale did, since I grew up in Highland Park, right across the Raritan from Rutgers, would turn personal, for my beloved and I?????????????

                               Shortly after the announced date, we put up on our apartment door, for all to see, a blue ribbon, with the words "Stop Bullying!," and a photo of Daniel in the center.  We thought nothing of it, having put up Gay Pride decorations, and apropos ones for the Holidays--Halloween, Easter, and Christmas.

                               Well, one evening, we came home, and noticed the picture was somewhat smudged.  Not obliterated or destroyed, but smudged.  There was some dark, thick substance on it, like some kind of grease.  We both thought it odd.

                                 We went out and bought the same ribbon, downloaded the pic, and put it in a plastic holder.  It went outside the door again, and stayed there.

                                   Last week, one morning as we left for work, we suddenly noticed the entire decoration, which cost us some, was gone.  I mean, jut taken away!!!!!!!!!!  It was there the night before, so who did this?

                                      The name of this bitch,  I am pretty sure, "Whomever" is a man!  Well. "Whomever," I am here to tell you to stop violating personal property.  If you don't advocate support for Daniel Fitzpatrick, go volunteer for the Trump campaign.  Or maybe you already have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Can you imagine the nerve of this guy?  And, no I do not think it was children!  It was an adult!  Maybe someone hired by OLA, or the Diocese, who just wants the whole thing to blow away.

                                          Well, I have news for you--it's not!  If I ever find out who "Whomever" is, I will kick him in the ass!  I will have Cujo come, and take a bite!  He's a sweetie, but don't cross him!  And Cujo support us, too!  And Hillary!

                                             So, the winner of Bitch Of The Week is "Whomever."  Until he is found out, and exposed!

                                             Who would have ever thought Monica Lewinsky and I would be on the same page??????????????

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