Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last Night Was The REAL "American Horror Story!!!!!!!!!"

                         Did you see the debate last night, girls?  Oh, my God, it was not a political event; it was a social travesty.

                           Someone in Hillary's camp had the good sense to fly in some fags from New York or Los Angeles--where else?--to gussie up her make-up, hair and wardrobe, to look presentable enough on camera.  I mean, let's face it, she is not Blythe Danner. But she almost pulled it off last night.  I wonder if ANNA had something to do with it?

                             In contrast, there was the Donald.  He looked sub-human at the start, but, as time went on, he seemed to evolve into some sort of disgusting animal.  Like in Orwell's "Animal Farm." At his age, and drinking so much water, he must have had a catheter inserted up his urethra, so he could piss whenever he pleased. And I bet he was wearing Depends.  Good thing Hillary kept their distance.

                                Her composure in the face of idiocy was remarkable. And, unlike the other one, she talked about issues, and answered Lester's questions directly.  The other merely repeated ad nauseum his evasive rhetoric.  Though his message came through--if you are not WASP and well off, you do not belong in this country. Yeah, Trump??????????  Fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Even Hillary lost her composure by the end of the evening. Remember the Little Rascals segment, where they are putting on "Quo Vadis," with that spinster looking drama teacher, and Chubby ends up hitting his mother in the face with a pie?  I thought it was going to come to that, before things ended!!!!!!! And the sad thing is, it would have been a fitting end.

                                     That episode has one of my favorite lines, "You shall die on the horns of the Sacred Bull!  Then bring on the Sacred Bull!"  To call Trump bovine is to insult cows everywhere; I don't know what species he is evolving into, but it it is not human.  The man cannot comb his hair, is ugly, always looks rumpled--thank God Hillary kept her distance.

                                       And what is wrong with Hofstra?  Doesn't anyone in the tickets office know that the name Hillary has two L's????????????????    The whole thing was an embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        My beloved said he dreads watching the second debate.  I told him to save himself the time and trouble!  It will only be more of the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Trump was a chump, and Hillary shone!!!!!!!!!!!  Need I say more????????


Videolaman said...

Hillary's moment should have been 2008: had she won then, she could have been truly splendid. But after 8 years of her unhinged egomaniac usurper, the ground lies scorched and fallow, and there is virtually nothing left for her to work with. The next occupant of the Oval Office will spend their entire term cleaning up after SIXTEEN years of sheer ineptitude (had she won in 2008, it would only have been eight). She knows this, but is plodding ahead nonetheless: after 20 years grasping and clawing for the grail, she wants to drink from it despite the wine has turned and will surely poison her. She's the embodiment of Shakespearean tragedy: "I am in blood steeped so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er"

It is too late. The mess is too large, the body politic too utterly polarized: she is going to be made miserable and rendered ineffective. Her past will come back to crucify her. This is the woman who promoted nationwide "stop, frisk, and incarcerate" leading directly to the rap wars and "fk the police" mentality that completely destabilized urban communities. This is the woman whose policies (with Bill) led directly to the housing crash and worldwide recession of 2008. The same media and liberal troops that have rallied around her and dismissed this to get her elected will eat her up alive after she wins. The tidal wave of support for Hillary isn't motivated by faith in her, but by hatred for Trump: not a good way to win. Once he's out of the picture, she'll become target of the right *and* left, resulting in paralysis.

The joke is, neither candidate actually even wants the Presidency: for him it was a prank that blew up out of his control, for her its the bitterly disappointing delayed end to a lifelong dream turned nightmare. We are in big trouble either way, unless it perversely works out as our Founding Fathers intended: that the country be run by people with better things to do. Since neither of these candidates has any real appetite for the job anymore, they may just do it well in spite of themselves. We can only pray.

The Raving Queen said...

The nation is going to Hell in a hand basket.
Listen to "The Flesh Failures" from the Original Cast of "HAIR."
Very representative of today!

Ava Addams said...

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The Raving Queen said...

Thanks, Ava. I try not
to get political, as so much more
out there interests me. But this
was one time I just had to say