Friday, September 30, 2016

Meet Simone Marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               When it came to dealing with adults who were Parents From Hell, "Cold Case" was not afraid to pull any punches.  You have heard me go on  about Charlotte Bayes, and then there was her male counterpart, Roger Mulvaney, featured in "A Perfect Day."  Now, meet Simone Marks, played by Karina Logue in "The Woods" episode.  Her son, George, evolved into a serial killer, and when I say serial killers are not born, but made,  Simone is as good an example as any of how.

                                The Marks were low class, Goat Alley-ish.  Which made Simone, unlike Charlotte, low class and some kind of tramp.  Either George was illegitimate, or the guy took off when he realized how nuts Simone was.  If the latter is the case, he was smarter than Mitch Bayes.

                                 Simone was hardly the maternal type.  She provided George with the basics, but, emotionally, it was all about her.  And she treated George as though she hated having given birth to him.  I am certain he was told that constantly.  What is known is Simone's disorder was a condition called hysterical blindness, where she thought she was blind, but really was not.  And she blamed George to his face for her condition, saying he was darkness and evil.

                                   George was a problem child, and eventually was turned over to a social worker named Lee, and placed in a group home.  George ran away; he still cared for his mother, carving braille in places so she would know how to maneuver in the house.  But all this came to a crashing halt in 1972.

                                    Social worker Lee was a scumbag who robbed on the side.  He and his partner, Jacob, went to rob the Marks' house, but were prevented.  The neighborhood was said to fear both George and Simone.  George feared her worse, and then some.  Because, later that night in 1972, Jacob, a serial rapist, returned to rape Simone, whose blindness he saw as an easy opportunity.

                                   Something happened in "The Woods," and Simone knew because she was not really blind, which George came to realize.  But not before this despicable mother, with George hiding in the closet, where he was usually locked when bad, was sold out by Mother Simone.  She begged Jacob not to rape her, saying George was hiding in the closet and....get this, rape George instead!  That's right!  Her own son!  Witch from Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Jacob did just that, while Simone watched.  When it was done, Jacob took off, and, unlike Charlotte, Simone got hers.  Young George took a gun, pointed it at her, with Simone begging forgiveness--yeah, too little, too late!!!!!--and George shot and killed her.  This is what turned him into a serial killer.

                                   I am not saying George was right, but Simone deserved it!  If anyone had ever done that to me, I would have done the same!  Simone must be walking over some pretty hot coals right now, being driven crazy by having to listen to Charlotte's litany, and Roger's ranting.  Call it "Cold Case" Hell; there is a special place for each one of these parental figures.

                                  But Simone takes the cake!  Bartering your son for rape???????????????

                                   Some women should never have children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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