Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girls, You Cannot Underestimate The Importane Of Proper Eye Shadow Applique'!!!!!

Girls, what a March it has been--from Lion to Lamb and back crammed with Lent, St Pat's, Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter! Tomorrow, girls, is Spy Wednesday (so spy on someone) St. Jospeh's Day, and of course the day the Swallows come back to Capistrano!!!!!!

More than anything it is important for us girls to keep going, and one way to do so is by proper eye shadow application. I just read that the widely anticipated April release of the "Prom Night" remake (yes , they are redoing the Jamie Lee Curtis) will focus on the killer's motivation as NOT being childhood trauma and a sibling's death by an bunch of suburban brats, but on the telling fact that years before, in childhood, Wendy, who grew up to be the town bitch/whore, would not instruct the killer in proper eye shadow application. What a fucking bitch! Darlings, it is enough to kill anyone, because let me tell you you do not go anywhere outdoors without your eye liner!!!
How you do your eyes can make or break a girl in this world, and "Prom Night 2008" will make it clear to all how this cannot be undervalued.

Meantime, girls, just remember what our doyenne of dance, Miss Donna McKechnie says:
"Get up every morning at eight,
Do your hair, do your face,
Sing your scales,
Limber up at the barre!"

See you at your places, girls!!!!!!