Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Was Miss Almira Gulch A Represssed Lesbian????????????????????????????

                             Oh, darlings, come on; of course, she was!

                              It is amazing how, no matter your age, "The Wizard Of Oz" stays in viewers' minds, poking at them insistently, analyzing the most detailed minutiae.

                               I have wondered about Miss Gulch for a long time, and have come to a conclusion no one has thought of.

                                 She is blood kin--I don't know how, or by whom--to Lizzie Borden!!!!!!!!!

                                  Think about it; her dress is and bearing are more New England than Midwestern, though she is a witch.  She has a cat--the one Toto chases--and that is a classic lesbian trait. She has no aura of sexuality about her, which can be alluring to certain types of woman, and enable her to go about the county as an unassuming spinster.  She hates Dorothy, because she knows she is too pretty and talented for this burg, and that as soon as school is done, she will on a bus off to somewhere.

                                     Miss Gulch probably lives in a narrow, two floor wooden house, which is spinsterish looking from the word go. This butch bitch built it herself, so raising a farm is nothing for her.  She thinks of herself as a Christian, but pay attention to what Aunt Em says.

                                       Almira Gulch gives lesbians a bad name. She has quality book visible in the house, but you better believe that, hidden somewhere inside there, is "The Well Of Loneliness," by Radclyffe Hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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