Friday, September 23, 2016

Girls, I Have To Say Something About Brangelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              Considering this blog, how could I not?  But, what could I possibly add?  Ah, that's where The Raving Queen comes in.

                                 This feeding frenzy will give the couple headaches a' plenty, yet they will go on working, because now they will have to. Even if their box office appeal fails. There is always cable.

                                   The attorneys will have a feast, because all this will go on for years, so, whomever is assigned to this, will, at the end, be rich, Rich, RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     But what fascinates me more than anything about Brangelina is, of all things, Jennifer Aniston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Jennifer Aniston?????????  That's right, dears, Jennifer Aniston?????????//

                                       The other day, as I made my way through the subway passage getting me to the BMT, I passed a news stand that had a paper--I think it was The Post--featuring nothing but what looked like a drawing of Aniston, beaming her exultation.

                                         For the moment, I forget Jen was now married to Justin Theroux.  I remember how she suffered during the Brad breakup. So, I first thought she was gloating, because now she would get Brad back.  I always thought--and still do--that something stalkerish exists in Jen relating to Brad Pitt. And it has not gone away, so Justin, keep close tabs.

                                         The whole thing is a mess, and who cares?  But I would be derelict in my duties if I did not report on this. Brad and Angelina, go have yourselves a nice, quiet divorce!!!!!!!!!!!

                                            But that would be impossible for two such media ho's!!!!!!!!!  Especially Angelina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Videolaman said...

Jennifer is gloating privately, not publicly: she's too classy for that (unlike the two idiots that screwed her over, who had the gall to criticize her for being "boring" after destroying her marriage). The Post cover used an old unrelated photo of her laughing hysterically, to reflect the unexpected explosion of internet memes that day, featuring every imaginable old film clip of Aniston laughing or being snarky. The most popular by far on Twitter is a scene from "Friends" where she berates someone saying "THAT, my friend, is called CLOSURE!"

Jennifer has terrible luck with men, but has many other successes to compensate. She's good handling her money, and she makes a lot of it from Friends residuals, endorsements, and her inexplicable ability to land movie roles year after year despite her rep as box office poison. Her marriage to Justin Theroux has reputedly been crumbling since the minute they left the altar, but so what? Justin is way WAY hotter and younger than Brad, and attends to his hygiene (unlike Brad ArmPitt), so at least Jen can say "yep, I bagged that!" however briefly. If I had a tiny fraction of her money, could count Lisa Kudrow as a buddy,and have one weekend in bed with Theroux, I'd be ecstatically happy.

The Raving Queen said...

I had no idea Brad had hygenie issues. Send him to Miss Porter's immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Videolaman said...

Oh, he stinks all right: in more ways than one. Back in the old days before publicists muzzled everyone, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon told a running joke about Pitt's stench nearly turning them into an actual lesbian couple while making "Thelma & Louise". Gwyneth Paltrow explicitly cited his revolting lack of hygiene as the reason she dumped him, prior to his taking up with Aniston who he figured for a doormat. Between her atrocious tats, drugging, and slutting around, Jolie clearly had as little interest in hygiene as he does: one big reason they hit it off famously when they met (she was the only one on the set without a clothespin on her nose anytime they got near him).

The Raving Queen said...

You know who else was known for bad hygenie? Of all people.
Maureen Stapleton!