Friday, August 26, 2016

Not The Stunner I Expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                There were surprises, to be sure, but "All The Missing Girls" did not turn out to be the stunner I had expected.

                                  The gimmick, which had the author been consisted, might have worked, was to tell the story in reverse. The problem is that within certain chapters the reader goes back and forth in time simultaneously, and this makes for a lot of confusion.

                                      The premise is all very simple.  Ten years before, when the narrator and her friends were still in high school, a girl named Corinne Prescott vanished, never to be seen again.  What happened to Corinne?

                                         Ten years later, another girl, Analiese Carter, who was the same personality type as Corinne, also goes missing?  What happened to her?  And are the two disappearances connected.

                                           There is one revelation I did not see coming, but it makes sense, in retrospect.  You read to get answers, and you get the answers you want.

                                            Unfortunately, the gimmick of going backwards makes what should be a fast moving mystery rather plodding.

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