Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Don't Let This Scum Out Of Jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  As some of you may know, Paula Zahn is back on the air, and while her hair, attire and delivery have not improved, her material has.  The portrait of Christopher Righetti, who, as a stocky, rather homely teen, trolled malls in Washington Township, New Jersey, until he succeeded in murdering and raping Kim Montelaro on August 31, 1976, speaks of a serial killer in the making.

                                  That he had been seen on other occasions by women fortunate enough to have escaped him, trolling, stalking, going so far as to say to older women, "Want to get together?," speaks of trouble.

                                   What's the matter, you dick, too ugly to get a date?  You look even worse forty years later.

                                     And you know something?  I have a hunch Kim may not have been the first.  If an investigation is done, going back to Righetti's earliest trolling days, and missing girls turn up, chances are they ran into him.

                                      I would never recommend this slime for parole.  Having tasted the fruits of serial killer-dom, he is just salivating, and, should he go free, you can bet it will happen again.

                                       Jersey has enough problems!  It does not need this guy added to the mix!

                                       Keep him locked up, dolls, so you can all stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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