Monday, June 5, 2017

This Is The Greatest Mother And Daughter Long Island Act I Have Seen Recently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Has anyone out there seen this recent ad for the Huntington Learning Center?  It is priceless, because of the actresses in it, and the psychological subtext.

                                It starts with them looking, via laptop, at older 'Huntington' commercials.  The mother forcefully shows this to the daughter, saying, "Look at this.  This was us twenty years ago."  The daughter agrees, and the mother asks, "Do you remember the fights?"  Only it comes out, more like, "Looka  dis.  Dis wuz us twenny yeahs ago.  Do yuh remembuh duh fights,?" because the mother looks and sounds like a Long Island version of Anita Gillette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Meanwhile, the pinched look on the daughter's face clearly indicates she is just going along with this to placate Mom.  Then, Mom steps in and interferes, like any first rate Jewish Long Island mom, and hands her daughter an application, saying how the daughter's son now needs the same help she once needed from Huntington.

                                  The daughter is clearly not pleased.  "You're right, Mom," she says, as the viewer can see she is swallowing the last of her dignity and resentment.

                                    What I want to know is, what is wrong with the gene pool in this family?  Too bad daughter and grandson did not inherit Granny's savvy!!!!!!!!!!!!  At least, daughter did not inherit Mom's faux Long Island accent!

                                       I just LOVE this ad!  I have to wonder, for as much as it airs, is it helping or hindering the Huntington Learning Center?????????????????

                                         Because the whole thing is like a mini-sitcom!

                                         Honestly, Long Island has not been this entertaining in recent times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Here it is, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See for yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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