Thursday, June 29, 2017

This Is The Face Of A Genuine Psycho Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Those out there who so look forward to my Bitch Of The Week posts, may wonder why Diane Zamora has not turned up yet.  I agree it is about time, so now Diane gets her due.

                                   Once upon a time, Diane was a United States Naval Academy midshipman.  Thank God, she is not serving our country!  She had a fiancé, David Graham, who definitely allowed himself to be pussy whipped by Di, but, as things turned out, was it really worth it????????????

                                    Obviously, Diane had her security issues.  On the night of November 4, 1995, David gave an acquaintance, Adrianne Jessica Jones, a ride home, and--get this--had sex with her.  Real dumb, guy.  Because he had no idea Diane was a psycho.

                                      When Di found out about this, she demanded, enraged that David get rid of Adrianne by killing her.

                                       Now, Diane did her part, too.  David lured Adrianne out, saying they were going for a ride to a quiet place, so they could talk.  What the girl did not know was what was in store for her, and that Diane was hiding in the back.

                                        At the location, Diane popped up, hitting Adriane on the head with some weights.  The dazed Adrianne had sense enough to realize she was in danger, and ran for her life.  But Diane, screaming like a banshee Medea, egged David on to kill her, until he did, shooting her twice, and he did.

                                        It is believed the combination of Diane and David was a lethal mix, not unlike Brady and Hindley.  If they had not met, Adrianne might be alive.  However, at some point one of these sickos would have crossed paths with the right lethal person to create this psychotic cocktail.

                                       Both are now imprisoned, and hopefully will stay there for the rest of their lives.  If that bitch, Diane, gets up for parole, I hope Adrianne's supporters do something to stop it.

                                         Not only is Diane this week's winner of The Raving Queen Bitch Of The Week Award, her story has been referenced and dramatized countless times on such programs as "The X-Files," "Cold Case," not to mention a 1987 TV movie, "Love's Deadly Triangle--The Texas Cadet Murder."  An actress who went nowhere, Holly Marie Combs, played Diane.

                                         Bitches are out there, darlings, and sooner or later, I catch up with them!

                                          Welcome, Diane, to my special Rogue's Gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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