Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tom And Lois Rabinski Are Worse Than Minnie And Roman Castevet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Minnie and Roman never tampered with dead children, like these two did, on the "Cold Case" episode, "Ghost Of My Child."  But, before I go further, let me say that this episode, while not great, is worth it for a performance that is--Nicholle Tom, in the role of Priscilla Chapin, an ex junkie with a baby, desperately trying to stay clean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                The minute I saw her name on the guest roster, I knew it.  But where?  Well, girls, believe it or not, this was the actress who, much younger, and for several years back, played oldest daughter Maggie Sheffield on "The Nanny," with Fran Drescher!  Nicholle's performance here completely obliterates that role; she blew me away as much as did Jennifer Lawrence in "A Dollar, A Dream."

                                  Priscilla starts thinking she sees Max, supposedly dead in a fire she was accused of setting, in the park.  Lily and Company get involved, and it turns out she is right.

                                    The Rabinskis are despicable people masquerading as do gooders--the worst kind of despicability out there.  Lois is a drug addiction counselor, and Tom a surgeon.

                                       It turns out, once Lois met Priscilla, she hatched a plot to get her baby.  When a dead, abused, unidentified infant turns up in the hospital morgue, Tom Rabinski, told where Priscilla lives, goes to the apartment, swaps babies, and commits arson.  A real do-gooder, this one!
Naming the child Isaac, they raise him for four years.  Until Lily hauls both of their sorry asses into jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Not even the Castevets were this diabolical!  And their excuse was poor Lois had recently had five out of five miscarriages the day she met Priscilla.  Couldn't they have just gone through the legal channels of adoption?  And five miscarriages!  I would have quit trying if  I had had a second!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maybe three!  But no more than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Come on; the Rabinskis were affluent enough for adoption.  For them to resort to what they did shows how greedy and venal they are!

                                         Take the key, and lock them up!  And kudos to Nicholle as Priscilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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