Friday, June 16, 2017

Look Who's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                           Darlings, I am all for colonoscopies and screenings and such, but I have to admit I never took this ad seriously.  Especially, when the really gross part--collecting the stool sample--is just glossed over, by being mentioned so fast, it is almost censored.

                             This ad was in vogue awhile ago, then it seemed to disappear.  Now, it is back, and I find it odd and creepy.  The voice over is cute, but when you grasp the excremental purpose of the ad, it is downright sickening.  Now, I get it, when Baby Jane Hudson said she only wanted to talk about the "nice things."

                              Can't we all just agree to get our colonoscopies, and stop airing this creepy ad?????????

                                 Really, girls, it, literally is full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


adrienne0914 said...

I think that this ad tries to lighten up the need for colonoscopies. It takes the stigma out of it. Even though it may be something that no one wants to talk about or have done, it's more important that people get them done than it to make sure no one is offended. :-)

The Raving Queen said...

My distaste is purely subjective.
Having had the procedure three times,
what I object to is people using this
as a substitute for the actual procedure,
when the latter can do much more. Sure,
the prep is awful, but I can tell you,
it gets easier each time. I would rather
go through it all than rely on something
like this, which is risky.

That said, would I like to see an improvement
in the standard test? The procedure made easier?
Of course!

So many people I know refuse to have any kind
of testing in this area. They are sadly fooling