Thursday, June 1, 2017

It Was 50 Years Ago, Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I cannot believe a half century has gone by, since this Beatles masterpiece album embedded itself in my consciousness.

                                 But it has.

                                 And I am sticking with 50 years.  Because, technically, if you think back to 1967, and the lyrics starting out, "It was twenty years ago, today," that would mean the band started in 1947.  Which would make it 70 years.

                                   If you go with fantasy--and that is what it is--my belief is while the band may have existed as early as 1947, its existence was not revealed to the world until 1967.  Which is why, today, we celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

                                     I still cannot believe it.  Even though I began the day by playing the title track as loud as legally possible!

                                     It was an album, for those of us who were young, then, that changed our lives!

                                     May it go on to change others!

                                     Here is the title track!  Enjoy!  And remember!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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