Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Most Famous Murder Of A Homosexual Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With Homosexuality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 I did not learn Kitty Genovese had been a lesbian, till ten years ago, on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of one of New York's most famous crimes.  This may have shocked some viewers of "A Crime To Remember" last night, but it did not shock me.  Big deal!  It just sort of added to the tragedy; Kitty never got to experience the gay rights movement, and she seemed forward thinking, so who knows what contributions she might have made?

                                  OK, so no one saw the murder, technically speaking.  But I am still not ready to dismiss Kew Gardens, or the borough of Queens.  The guy who hollered "Leave that girl alone!" was one of the heroes of the case.  The Saint was neighbor Sophie Farrar, who was not only good friends with Kitty, but knew of the true nature of her relationship with Mary Ann Zielonko, and did not judge.   You have to give her credit for that--especially back in 1964!!!!!!!!  Her son, Mike, who spoke on camera as an older man, was friends with Kitty, testifying to what a good person she was.

                                    How multiply sad that opportunity was the only reason for her termination.  She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when that scum, Winston Moseley, came upon her. He is still alive, but the Hell awaiting him will be worse than that which he put Kitty through.

                                      As I said, Sophie was the Saint, running to Kitty in the stairwell, not knowing  or caring if the murderer was still on the premises.  She held the bleeding woman in her arms; hers was the last loving presence Kitty experienced on this Earth, before being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where she died en route.

                                        The actual scum in the case were Joseph Fink--ironic name; perfect, isn't it?--the doorman of the Mowbray Apartments across the street from where the first attack took place, on Austin Street, which Joseph witnessed and did nothing about.  If Joseph is still alive, I say to him, how do you live with yourself, you filthy pig????????   Bet you never got out of Queens, did you?  Even Ellen Barkin did, though her whole acting career has been one step removed from being a prostitute.

                                           Even worse than Fink was Karl Ross. Now, he did eventually call the cops, but not without much equivocating. Played by an actor decked out to look like a combination of  Truman Capote, and Wallace Shawn with hair, it was clear he was gay. He was a poodle trimmer, by profession!!!!!!!  Uh!!!!!!!!! Huh!!!!!!!!!!  It was also clear he was closeted.  Now, I know it was 1964, but I find it inexcusable then, and I do now!  Kick you harassers in the teeth.  He should have helped Kitty.  Well, if he is alive, he too, stews in his own Hell On Earth!!!!!! And I hope that hell is compounded by his living in Queens, which is a bit of Hell on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           I would like to credit Karl for doing even something, but his whole tenuousness is inexcusable.  The real heroine of the Kitty Genovese case, whom I never knew about till last night, was Sophie Farrar.  We need more citizens like her.

                                            Bet she got the hell outta Queens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HarlowFan said...

Lol, what is your problem with Queens? I've lived here for years and always found it very friendly and forward thinking! I believe you used to live in Woodside?

The Raving Queen said...

OK, you have to understand. I lived in Bay Ridge from 1993 to 1997. It broke my heart when I had to move, and I was afraid, at the time, to move into another bldg out there, because of an evil landlord--that said individual might own the property I moved into! So, I ended up Woodside, but always pined, and sometimes cried, about going back to Bay Ridge. Which I am glad I did, but won't look back.

Though, who can say, if I had remained in the Ridge, things might not have turned out as they have; ie my being with someone rather than alone!

The one thing that CAN get me back to Queens for a visit--though I have not yet--is Manducati's Restaurant in Long Island City!

The Raving Queen said...

Pardon me, in my longer comment, I meant from 1983 till 1997!

HarlowFan said...

I've never been to Manducati's; Ill have to check it out. And no worries, I was just busting your chops!

Guyfranke !! said...

Cool post except the use of all those exclamation marks!!!!!!!!...hehehe...some sort of attention seeking neurosis? Miss Genovese reminds me of audrey hepburn , so damn cute.
ANyway, you're a ranting raving individual who needs to get her or his? point across
with more tact and less righteousness. You gay? Take it easy dude or dudette.
CHeers !!

The Raving Queen said...

You're right on all counts! The !!!!!!! are an attention getting device, though I have toned them diwn somewhat in recent posts. I am definitely gay, and proud of it!
Sometimes my passion may seem like righteousness; again, it's my gimmick. And, yes, though I never gave it much thought, Kitty did have that Hepburn thing going. She had the classic 60's look. She was a very attractive woman!