Monday, February 13, 2017

Are Meat Loaf And Bonnie Tyler The Same Person??????????????????

                                You wouldn't think so, darlings.  I mean, one is as homely as sin, while the other is a sultry siren.  But, recently, while a watching a car commercial using Tyler's classic, "I Need A Hero," Meat Loaf passed through my mind, because the music, in accordance with the rhythm of the speeding car on film, reminded me of Meat Loaf's classic song, "All Revved Up, With No Place To Go.  So much so, that song kept superimposing into my head, as I watched the commercial.  Then I came up with the idea of them being the same.

                               But demonstration is the best teacher, dears.  So, here are the two songs placed side by side. 

                               Enjoy!  And be startled by the similarities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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