Monday, February 13, 2017

Before Your Day Goes Any Further, Dolls, Watch This Film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                Girls, you have to see "Love Is All You Need."  I could not believe this film has been floating around since 2011, since I only heard about it, yesterday!!!!!!!!!!  Teachers have been criticized, some even suspended, for showing this film, and I can understand why.  It easily makes straight administrators squeamish and uncomfortable.

                                 Almost every gay youth, or those of us who recall our youth, have had some form of this fantasy going at one point in our lives--what if the world was one where gay was the majority, and straight the minority?  What would happen?  I can tell you, I certainly had this fantasy from time to time, and it went something like this--my gay friends and I cross a magical red carpet, crossing into a world where we are invited to hang out with  Liza in the days of Studio 54, or chow down with Beyoncé!  But, remember, this was My fantasy, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                The actual film runs 19 minutes, and 13 seconds, but covers a lot of space.  Ashley is a girl raised by two mommies--like Heather.  One mother is more understanding, while the butcher one comes off like the straight homophobic father.  Ashley's world is gay accessible, only she discovers she is outside of that, cannot fathom why, and thinks there is something wrong with her. As this discovery goes on, her peers catch on--and turn on her.  Ending in tragedy.

                                 It is the gay template turned upside down.  Straight leaders are upset, because they feel the film overly criticizes or attacks them, or will incite gay students to turn on their straight peers.  Actually, it is a chance for straights to examine the situation, which is really William Golding's "Lord Of the Flies" premise that whomever is the strongest culture will inevitably prey upon the weak.  The distinctions don't matter.  But the trouble and tragedy that result do.

                               I think this film should be seen.  Of course, the ones who would most benefit would either not get it, or deny it has anything to do with them.  And that is the problem.  Until society gets beyond an "Us" or "Them" trope, the need for film like this will always exist.

                              Here is an edited, shortened version of the film.  Don't start your day, without it!

                              The message still needs to be repeated, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Videolaman said...

There was an animated take on this concept, done way back in 2004 when the Jim McGreevey scandal was big news. Its from the "adult" toon series "Tripping The Rift", episode title "You Wanna Put That Where?". The plot has the crew of a space salvage company trying to unload two tons of surplus K-Y. The Captain hears of a planet with dominant gay culture, and figures it might be a good prospect. When they arrive, they discover the King (explicitly meant to parody McGreevey) is a secretly-hetero hypocrite. Hijinks ensue.

Not a work of art by any means, but for 2004 a daring experiment by the hetero-centric Cartoon Network and Sci Fi channel. There are worse ways to spend 20 mins, so if you feel like watching a subversive cartoon you can find the episode on youTube at this link:

The Raving Queen said...

I have never seen this cartoon, but will give
it a look. I am not surprised; as I said, the idea
is something many of us played around with in our heads!