Thursday, February 2, 2017

This Mother Was No "Anna Karenina!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She Should Have Been!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             Aberrant subway stories are so common in New York, you don't think of them happening anyplace else.  Those, such as I, who are so New York City-centric forget other cities actually do have subway systems.

                             Which is why Valentina Belousov, the winner of this week's Raving Queen Bitch Of the Week Award, is Russian.  The incident earning her this honor occurred in the Leninsky area near Yekaterinburg, which borders Europe and Asia, and is the Soviet's fourth largest city.

                                What matters is what this 29-year-old bitch did.  While in a heated argument with her child's father, on the subway platform--NOT a good idea, arguing on a subway platform, with the baby--the enraged shrew pushed the baby carriage, child inside, toward the train tracks, to hurt the father! 

                                   Holy "Potemkin!!!!!!!!!!"  This is one baby that could have been killed!!!!!!!!!

                                   Not only was the tram pushed, the two month old boy's parents were so busy arguing, they did nothing to stop it.

                                     Quick police action saved the day.  Amazingly, even though the carriage fell onto the tracks, the child was not harmed.

                                        The father is just stupid; he did not push the vehicle.  The mother did, which is why she is Bitch Of The Week.

                                         Even though the child was, mercifully unharmed, both are also contenders, if there such a prize, for the Susan Smith-Casey Anthony Worst Parent Of the Year Award!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          And it is only February, darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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