Monday, February 27, 2017

When The Oscars Screw Up, They Do It BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                I know all my readers out there expect me to talk about "it."  But, before I do, let me talk about some other aspects of the Oscar show, good and bad.

                                 Jimmy Kimmel self-prophesied.  He screwed up, and is never coming back.  There was never a moment, when he was good!

                                  MERYL, of course, had the best gown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Viola Davis' was not bad either, and her deserved win--such a fine actress!!!!!!--and speech-- were glorious!

                                     Emma Stone--how could that Miss Thing win an Oscar?  How can she be called an actress!  She can't be camouflaged; underneath all that make-up was still the face of a low
class Woolworth's waitress!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       That fine young actor, Lucas Hedges, wuz robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Nice the Best Director set a precedent as the youngest winner, in that category!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       Now--let me set the scene for the end.

                                       David and I rested in a half stupor, our minds reeling with boredom over another overlong--can they ever get it in under three-and-a half-hours?????????--Oscars show.  We knew it was time for Best Picture, so I sat up.  Out marched Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway.  All us queens wanted to see what Faye looked like--why the hell doesn't she do "Sunset Boulevard????"--and I correctly guessed why they were chosen--the 50th Anniversary of "Bonnie And Clyde."

                                      So, Faye and Warren chit and chat, read off the nominees, and then Warren struggles to open the envelope, and looks at it nervously.  I just thought he was prolonging the suspense.  When Faye jumped in, and said "La La Land," I arose from the bed, and went to the kitchen to take my medicine, thinking that was that.  The expected had happened.

                                      Except it had not.  While I was taking my medicine, David calls, from the bedroom, "Oh, my God!  Come here!"  Thinking something had happened with him, I rushed in there, only to be told that "Moonlight," not "La La Land," had won Best Picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                       I couldn't believe it!  An on air mistake???????????  And in THE major category!!!!!!!!!!!!   I still could not process, not even after seeing it for myself, on the post-Oscar newscast.  It is only after this morning that I have processed it.
 Never , in the Academy's eighty-nine years has there been such a goof!   Who knew when this show started, we would be witnessing history?????

                                         Whose head is rolling?  Not Faye's or Warren's, because, I am telling you, this happened before they walked out on stage.  I felt happy for the "Moonlight" crew, and sad for those working for "La La Land!"  To have something given and snatched in front of rapid succession in front of hundreds of million people around the world will not be soon forgotten, and hard to live down!

                                             Mother of Mercy!  Is this the end of Oscar???????????????

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