Saturday, February 4, 2017

If You See It...........You Could Die Of Boredom, Darlings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Raving Queen to Daveigh Chase!  Raving Queen to Daveigh Chase!  Hey, Daveigh, if you are out there, and see this, tell the truth--did you pass on this movie????????

                                 Too bad if she answers "Yes," dears, because had Daveigh appeared as her present day self, even for a single scene, it would have been worth the rest of the movie.  All we get of Daviegh is stock footage of her from the 2002 original, and those are the film's best seconds--yes seconds!!!!!--of all.

                                 As a creative artist myself, I can understand if Daveigh turned this down, because the film is crap.  While it visually matches the craftsmanship of the first film, though much of its images are repeated, the script is so all over the place, out of time and sequence with the original, as to make no sense whatsoever.

                                   And poor Johnny Galecki and Vincent D'Onofrio.  How low have they sunk that they have to do crap, like this?  D'Onofrio, once considered the "Actor's actor," does the worst enactment of a blind man I have ever seen, and is so massive he could easily play Orson Welles in a biopic!  Which might be a worthwhile project, for him.  Better than this junk!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Yes, because of Daveigh's compelling earlier performance, I did wonder about Samara's origins.  But surely, the scriptwriters could come up with something better than an obese pedophile priest, who kidnapped a local girl, kept her imprisoned in town till she died--and they gave birth to Samara??????????  Come on; Samara is worthy of a more mystical, supernatural origin than this?????????  And how dumb is the police force in this town, that the vanished girl, Evelyn, is right there in town, all the while?  And why bring Samara's body there, to be buried, instead of leaving her in the more prosaic well?  And  is she really free at the end?

                                  More to the point, why should I even care?  Maybe because there are so many missed opportunities.  Perhaps some Samara fan base out there will come up with a more suitable story.  It has to be better than this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Looks like you made the right decision, after all,  Daveigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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