Saturday, February 4, 2017

What A Nasty Piece Of Work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Ever since Gillian Flynn broke through with "Gone Girl," so many authors out there have been trying to outdo, or at least equal her.  Paula Hawkins came closest with her success, "The Girl On The Train."  The operative word in the cases of both these novels was originality.  Each had something of their own authors' stamp on them.

                                          Too bad the same cannot be said of Matt Marinovich's "The Winter Girl," which starts out with promise, but degenerates into a sludge of despicability with each character more dislikable than the other, so that there is no hope.  Yes, I can see the comparison to "Rear Window," and the bleak nihilism of Patricia Highsmith, especially, but Highsmith had her own imprimatur.  Marinovich, probably cut from the same cloth as the characters, offers up a tale of Yuppie scum who deserve everything they get.  Elise is Miss Entitlement Bitch, hubby Scott is Useless Straight Man, and don't get me started on her father and brother, named Ryder.  By the climax of the novel, I had not only figured out what was going on, but who was coming to shoot Scott.  So much for surprises.

                                            If Marinovich had submitted this in some writing class, it might have passed muster.  That it got published is incredible.  Should he write another book, there had better be improvement, or Marinovich will not see the literary light of day.

                                            Think about it, Matt, tomorrow, on Super Bowl Sunday, as you and your cronies jerk off, in front of the TV, with your tube socks, as you drink beer, and yell  like apes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                               No disrespect to apes, dears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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