Monday, February 27, 2017

Maybe Charles Isherwood And Ben Brantley Should Be The New Bette And Joan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 I am telling you, darlings, not since the days of Hedda and Louella--which were WELL before my time!!!!!!!!!--has their been such a journalistic ruckus as that over Charles Isherwood, at The New York Times.

                                  I have to side with Charles.  Not that I always agreed with him--he did "discover" and laud that overrated piece of trash called "Spring Awakening," which sought to be the "HAIR" of its day, but will never mark the same passage of time as that older, classic musical.

                                    Charles Isherwood wrote better than Brantley.  His reviews, especially the praiseworthy ones, read like plain, old fashioned ass kissing.  And you can tell just by looking at him that he is intellectually lacking, a big bottom feeder, a brown noser, and a star fucker!  Oh, my God, Ben, you saw the original "Chorus Line" as a college student?  Honey, get over it!  A lot of us your age--as am I--out there, did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Isherwood's writing was less pithy.  Less politically correct, and more what he really thought.  As The Times keeps saying, "The truth is hard."  They certainly can't have that, can they?  Not in their Arts department!  They want to give readers what they want to hear.

                                       Isherwood realized the sometime value of controversy, of not taking the popular stand.  Just like yours truly.  He should not be fired.  He should be lauded.

                                        The Times should hire Isherwood back, and slap that dizzy queen, Brantley!

                                         Hang it up, Ben!  You're through!

                                         Honey, as far as I am concerned, you were never there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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