Sunday, February 26, 2017

"The Lonely Night Discloses......................"

                              This, the final moment, with Lee Remick walking into the night, the bar sign flickering for seeming eternity, was what made "Days Of Wine And Roses" click, for me.  I did not want to end up like that, but, then, there was really no fear, as I did not go near the bottle, that much.  I mean, for my whole adolescence, even childhood, I knew where my parents kept the liquor in the house, but  did I ever go after it?  Not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Scout's honor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                             A terrifying spectacle, which happened last week, made me think back to this moment.  Because of the incident, I saw what happens to people like Lee's character, after the film stops rolling.

                              They continue, enslaved to the bottle, blithely unaware of what is happening to them.  They feel young, they feel eternal, that nothing will stop that ride on the merry-go-round.

                               Until it does.  Until debilitating diseases--like diabetes and depression--set in.  Until the person refuses to eat, take meds, losing hair, teeth, and all sense of reason.

                                 This is happening, right now, to someone I know.  And it is infinitely more painful than the final shot of Lee Remick.  Because that was just a movie.  This is the sad reality.

                                   Which is what I wish the person in question would see.  While he is still alive.
While he can still get help.

                                     Before the time arrives, when he can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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