Saturday, February 4, 2017

Is The Alpine Getting Sleazy?????????????????

                               Ever since I first moved into Bay Ridge, back in December of 1983, the Alpine movie theater was an important part of my life.  For as little as four dollars back then, I could see many first run features, and trashy horror films, for half the price it would cost me to see them, in Manhattan.

                               The charm of the place rested in its almost amusement park seediness.  But, since moving back to Bay Ridge in 2012, and visiting the Alpine many times, while I am happy it is still there, I am not happy with things I keep seeing there.

                                 The half price ratio is still in place, although, with the cost of living having gone up, it is now seven dollars, not four.  Fewer A-list films play there now, though they do pop up.  It is still convenient, if you live in Bay Ridge.  I am beginning to wonder if it is worth it.  But then, for this area, it is the only game in town, so I guess no matter how many complaints are made, management has residents over a barrel.

                                   Yesterday, I went to see "Rings," which I had no expectations for, but wanted to see for two reasons--genre curiosity, and to see if Daveigh Chase (Samara Morgan in the 2002 original) would turn up in a cameo.  More on the film in another post.

                                     As I sat in the auditorium, waiting for my friend, Chris, to arrive, I felt as though the walls were closing in on me, and the space was getting darker, even though the lights had not been let down yet.  To my right, at the front exit, I thought I saw people entering through that door, walking down steps, and into the screening room.  Was I having a paranormal experience?  Then I recalled, as I entered the theater, that one of the workers, presumably having cleaned, was opening the back exit, maybe to let air in, but, I swear, a homeless man walked in, because, during my entire visit, from the center section came intermittent, incoherent cries of complaint and dissatisfaction, on everything from the film itself, to Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    I felt I was in a porno house, rather than a legit one.  Why must the Alpine reduce itself to sleaze???????  Why does management permit whack jobs to be admitted, when all they will do is to disturb customers who are actually there to see a movie, no matter how bad it may turn out to be?

                                   Despite the theater's slightly off kilter look, I never felt unsafe there.  Until yesterday.  If this does not improve, not only will the theater lose me as a customer, but others!!!!!!!!!!

                                    The Alpine may be the only game in town, but NOT in Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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