Saturday, February 4, 2017

What Sickos Go To This Sleaze Joint????????????????????

                                I can tell you one, for sure, darlings--our upstairs neighbor, Big Boy!  This is where he goes to do his "Big Boy" things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 But, I am telling you, I was so frightened the other day, I had a bad dream that night.  I dreamt someone was attacking me.  And it was because I was forced out of my comfort zone!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  You see, down in the Thirties, by the river, in Brooklyn, industrialized areas are being gentrified.  Huge factories are being turned into either residences or shopping malls.  We visited one such mall on Monday, and, to get there we had to pass through the most Godforsaken neighborhood; one that not only made Goat Alley seem classy, but was one  long strip of sleaze joints, like this.

                                   Now, I have to confess to a bit of naivete.  Good to know I still have some left.

                                   When I walked passed the above store, all I took in was the blending of red and yellow, and the words "Candy Love."  I actually, thought, for a brief time, this was an actual candy store, and, as such, I was curious.  When I got up to the door, and realized the type of "candy" being sold, I got away fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    See what happens when I am taken out of my comfort zone???????????

                                     The new mall actually turned out to be OK.  But not enough for me to go through Sleazeville to get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      My virginity ship might have sailed long ago, darlings, but I am still pure, at heart!!!!!!!!!!  That's right!!!!!!!!!!  Pure, at heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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