Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two Film Costumes I Have Always Wanted To Wear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darlings, you know how much I love "Mildred Pierce.  I relate to Veda, who was just a poor, misunderstood girl, with goals.  The goal oriented are never understood. Believe me, I know.

There is so much to notice in this film, visually, that the costumes are overlooked.  Since this was filmed at Warner Bros., I thought the costume designer was Orry-Kelly.  It turns out to be someone I never heard of--Milo Anderson.

Even Veda's knockoff dress--the one that she says is "awfully cheap material; I can tell by the smell"--is a work of art.  But the two outfits I want to wear, are Ida's party dress, seen above; I just love those black stripes contrasting with the shimmering fabric.  And, of course, Veda's party dress, with its combined shimmer and tulle look.  Not to mention the huge flower in her hair.  This is the dress she murders Monty in, and the moral here, girls, is if you are hell bent on murdering someone, you have absolutely got to look your best.

Of course, Veda's mistake was not thinking far ahead.  You can't wear such outfits in prison. As for Mildred, I love when she walks past the washer women on the steps in her furs, and does not even notice them.  The rise of American social class in all its glory.

But these two creations are Milo's masterworks.  I have got to have them made.

Don't worry, dears, I have no plans to murder anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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