Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Set At Woodstock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               This is getting to be an annual thing, girls!  Last Memorial Day weekend, David and I traipsed up to the Catskills, where I performed "White Rabbit," on approximately the spot you are seeing, and from this vantage point.

                                 This year, we were up there again, visiting our friends Eddie and Brian, their lovable little boo-boo-boo, Yoffie (a shiatsu; the cutest thing!!!!!!!!!), and those two crazy girls-about-town, Bonnie and Linda!  They just love Home Depot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  Of course we made a pilgrimage to Woodstock.  And this time I did a set--I sang four songs.  Now, I cannot sing every song that was sung at Woodstock, because not only don't I know them, girls, in most cases I don't have the voice for them.  So what I did was go on the basis of what might have been sung, or what was appropriate.

                                   I opened with Leonard Cohen's "Sisters Of Mercy."  A nice, soft. easy song that warms up the voice, and fits the setting.  I don't think Leonard Cohen performed at Woodstock, but I think he should have!

                                    Joan Baez did, and while I probably should have done "Joe Hill," which she did sing, I opted for one of my favorites of Joan, which I do rather well--"Geordie."  This is Child Ballad No. 209!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                      Arlo Guthrie was at Woodstock, so, in his honor, I did his classic "City of New Orleans."  Singing outdoors is a different vocal dynamic; I discovered I cannot belt as hard outdoors, as I can inside.  I almost lost a couple of notes on this one, but I made it.

                                       Keeping that last point in mind, I closed with a poignant rendition of "500 Miles."  There wasn't a dry eye on the grounds, and it calmed my voice down.

                                        Maybe next year I will brings amps and a mike!

                                         We stayed at the cozy, Catskills cottage of Eddie and Brian.  Co-hosted by Yoffie!  I found a cache of Taylor Caldwell books, for my collection, at the store where I found "Steamboat Gothic," by Frances Parkinson Keyes!  Wish I could find more of her!

                                         And we managed to avoid, hidden among those rural regions, inbred incestuous hillbillies.  You know, the kind who make furniture out of human flesh!  If they don't eat it, first!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                         Fun was had by all. But we suffered allergies, David has something, and I am telling you, we are both glad to be home, with Baby Gojira, and everyone!

                                          Don't worry, dolls!  I am already planning next year's set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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