Thursday, May 25, 2017

Let's Talk About The 'SVU' Season Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                               Poor Baby Gojira; he was so disappointed.  The two hour, much ballyhooed 'SVU' season finale turned out to be one big fizzle.

                               What a compendium of clichés--Muslim hate, homophobia, and Jersey white trash, all in one two hour segment.  The whole thing could have been done in an hour.

                                 Let me tell you, when the actor playing Yoseff, the material witness, vanished into the protest crowd, only to be seized by the cops, the terror on his face was so genuine it went beyond mere acting.  It amounted to "Why did I take this role?"

                                  The mother and daughter who survived the horrid restaurant massacre did more to promote Muslim hate than dispel it, when the mother perjured herself on the stand by lying about having seen the faces of the White supremacist conspirators.  They should have kept quiet, and let the justice system work.  What are the priorities here?  Do the writers even know, anymore?

                                   What is Hector Rodriguez, the slain star witness, doing hanging out with people who regard him as no less than "a stupid beaner?"  And one of these scumbags live in get this--New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Let me tell you, I knew folks like this, when I lived near there, growing up.
Some were even relations!

                                    Those two had no future but the Joyce Kilmer Service Area, where, I am sure,
the Brunswick guy's white trash wife was hanging out.  At least she came to her senses, and turned the tables on he and his friend.  Of course, there was a courtroom attack by him.  Of course, it ended with the question of whether the violence will ever stop.  A question worth asking, but in the hands of this show, it was so humdrum, it lacked the impact they were going for. At least Olivia did not get the final shot!

                                      Even Noah was disgusted!  When Peter Gallagher came to visit Olivia, he did not even bat an eye!

                                        That was the wrap up!  And now, with the series having been renewed, a new season will emerge, in the Fall!  Why do people keep watching.  Probably for the same reason I do--hope that things will change for the better.

                                         But will they?  I doubt it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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