Wednesday, May 24, 2017

That Tommy DiCenzio Was REAL Scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  "Frank's Best" was certainly not one of "Cold Case's" best, but its perpetrator, Tommy DiCenzio, was as low as they come.

                                    Frank was a widower, a deli owner, trying to hold his life, and his troubled teenage son together.  The kid was very close to his mother, and he took it hard.  Nothing the matter there; mine passed when I was not much older than Tommy, and while I may have done some things I now regret, they did not include murder.

                                      Not only did Tommy murder his father, he--now get this; this is LOW--he almost beat to death their pet dog, King, for whom the father had affection.

                                      Tommy could not stand not being the focus of love and affection.  His mother, evidently kept him in check with plenty, so his violent tendencies, always lurking, were not fully released, till after her death.

                                        Frank only wanted the best for his son.  He just was not emotionally expressive.  Tommy wanted more from his father, and killed him for it.  And when the father discovered what he had done to King, he offered to get Tommy help.  But psycho sicko did not want to be bothered.

                                          I felt sorry for Frank.  He did not deserve this; he was a good guy.  The minute I discovered what had been done to King, I would have called the cops, and had the kid sent to a reformatory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Next to Rita Baxter, King was the saddest and sweetest of "Cold Case" victims.  The good news is King survives.

                                            But both Tommy DiCenzio and Ariel Shuman were real scum, and they got theirs!

                                            In the end, they always do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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