Monday, May 22, 2017

This Is What Pre-Pubescent Spinsterhood Looks Like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                            Now, for some fun, darlings!  The other day I unearthed this minor gem from my childhood, "Our Gang Follies Of 1935."  This was one of Darla Hood's earliest film appearances, and is the one where the little monkey puts out all the stage lights, on Porky, and later chases Buckwheat all about!  You just gotta love that monkey.  The same one who threw ice cream on a woman's back at a female luncheon, in an earlier short.

                             This number, where the Spinster Sisters sing "How Ya Gonna Keep Him Down On The Farm," is priceless!  It is brilliantly staged and sung, and, as I have said, with some girls, spinsterhood shows early--as it does here!  These are actually the Brian Sisters--Betty, Doris, and Gwen!  I do not know if they are alive today, but I am telling you, if this were a yearbook activity photo, it would be called FSLA--Future Spinster Librarians Of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                              These girls, by their looks, are not cut out for anything else!  No hanging out in round heels, on street corners, for these dolls!  They would not even pass muster within a convent!

                                I wonder how they actually did turn out?

                               But they CAN sing.  The sequence is brilliant, and just look at this trio of spinsters!

                               BLT's, with coffee or tea, and a secretarial pool, in the future, for these ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

                                 Hilarious, girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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