Saturday, May 13, 2017

Short, But Smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     "Ways To Disappear," by Idra Novey, is also a first novel.  It is also proof that brief does not mean lightweight, for within its 258 pages a litany of topics is covered--financial plight, the price of genius, a mystery search for a missing person, and the way words, and how they are perceived form how we think, conceptually.

                                        All this starts when Brazil's foremost authoress, Beatriz Yagoda, vanishes, by climbing into a tree, clutching a suitcase--and vanishing?  Where to?  It becomes the job of her children, Raquel and Marcus, and Emma, her literary translator, to find out.  The journey they embark on reveals facets of an author they thought they knew, as a writer, friend, or mother.

                                        I have been on some kind of reading jag, darlings, and have been lucky enough to make some good discoveries.  Novey's debut is impressively original.  I wonder where she will go from here.

                                        Beatriz Yagoda is a great character.  I, for one, would love more stories about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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