Monday, May 8, 2017

Do NOT Fire Stephen Colbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                  It is no secret on here, darlings, that I am hot for Stephen Colbert!  That hair, those glasses, that smile, his wit, talent, not to mention his freshly pressed suits!  I bet his underwear is freshly pressed, too!  Not a hair out of place when he steps on stage!  You just gotta love him, dolls!

                                  OK!  I listened to his Trump monologue!  And you know what I say--Right On!  No one batted an eye when Nixon was called "Tricky Dick," so why get in a snit about the Putin remark??????????  Stephen is right; Mr. T 's qualifications for anything go as far as that.  He deserves all the razzing he gets!

                                   Not to mention freedom of speech.  To deny that would shut down the arts permanently!  Which is what some idiots out there want!  But we will not be silenced!

                                    The only reason to stay up late is Stephen Colbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                     Don't force him into martyrdom, like Saint Stephen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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