Monday, May 22, 2017

It Is About Time I Read It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                    "True Grit," by Charles Portis, was first published, back in 1968.  Next year marks its 50th Anniversary--imagine that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Back in 1968, though, I was straddling both seventh and eighth grades.  I first came upon the novel in eighth grade English, upon discovering that my late classmate, Marta Michelli, who sat alongside me, was reading it.  Eighth grade was a really fucked up year.  I had Mrs. Debra Clifford, who had been so for less than a year--before that, she was Miss Debra Solomon.  But she had no wisdom; she was some big bosomed bitch with attitude.  I did not even belong in that class, as I was too smart.  I should have been in Mrs. Farley's class.  But the years 1967-73 in school really did a number on me!  And I will never hesitate to mouth off.

                                      Marta's reading of it put it on my mental reading list, where it stayed for decades.  Of course, a year later, my late, deceased friend, Doug (more on he will be forthcoming) and I saw the 1969 movie version with an Oscar winning performance by John Wayne, a good one by singer Glenn Campbell, and impressive work by a then up-and-comer named Kim Darby.  And I loved the title song.

                                     Coming to "True Grit," the novel, ages later, was a revelation.  How come Mattie Ross is not as revered a child as Scout Finch?  She should be!  How has the novel managed to go out of print, or lose favor?  Because it is a classic adventure book, almost a female "Treasure Island," endorsed, no less, in an Afterword, by esteemed author, Donna Tartt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                        Old fashioned suspense and adventure are on every page.  The last 30 pages or so are cliff hangers, and who knew the book was laced with such humor?  Mattie Ross out-butches every male literary child out there!   I just LOVED her!  As I did Portiss' style, which is like Cormac McCarthy, but with heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           If you are as old as I am, and have not read this, then what are you waiting for???????????????

                                          It makes me long for the days of "Boots N' Saddle!!!!!!!!!!!!"

                                          Wink, wink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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