Monday, October 17, 2016

"He Was Innocent. Not A Charge Was True. But The World Will Never Know!!!!!!!!!!"

                                Well, darlings, I am here to say the world will know!

                                 I know how I have written about the Sixties TV show, "Branded," starring Chuck Connors.  I was never allowed to stay up on Sunday nights to watch it--that's how young I was, but I always loved its haunting opening and theme.

                                     These days, I feel I am living it, and have much to prove.  Not nearly as much as Chuck, but soon I will be turning my back on an important part of my present, which will slowly ebb into an important part of my past.  The transition is the hard part.

                                        Not to fear, it's not love, darlings.  I am the wealthiest and luckiest person in the world, when it comes to that. Keep tuned, and soon all will be made known.

                                           Meanwhile, here is the "Branded" opening and theme to ponder!!!!!!!!

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